CMX Cinemas Wellington
10312 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414, United States

Review №1

I’ll start with saying this was our first time here. Bathrooms were absolutely gross. One line open for popcorn while 6 men stood around. Popcorn in the seats when we walked into theater and the screen was def the smallest movie theater screen I have ever seen. We won’t be back. Terrible first impression to a new theater

Review №2

This is a very nice theater. They have recliners which I find uncomfortable, but most peoplewould like. They’re not the super luxurious type, they’re pretty firm. They have an excellent assort of food and drinks, wine and beer, champagne, coke products including Hi C, Pibb Xtra (my favorite) and Icee. Staff is helpful. Bathrooms are modern and clean. You can watch previews on the mirrors in the bathroom. Seriously. You can fill up your water bottle in a station near the ladies room. They also have colored lines in the carpet that you follow to the right theater. Tuesday is half price.

Review №3

The large bag of popcorn we got to go 2was not fresh tasting nor hot I would not recommend it to anyone

Review №4

Good place to watch a movie

Review №5

Top notch. Fresh popcorn. Had issue with gift card and they gave me all concessions free! What great service. Love this theater

Review №6

This is so far my favorite movie theater. The staff is always kind and very friendly. Their customer service is the best. And the seats are very comfortable. Fully recommended!!

Review №7

The worse customer service and really bad rude and mean by phone!!!! I tried to got information and I couldnt!!!

Review №8

Been going to this theater for 3yrs now, my husband & I really enjoy it. I purchase my tickets in advance & just get in line for drinks, candy & popcorn (You can also purchase wine). The seats recline & are very comfortable. We went to see Star Wars on Christmas Day & were a little surprised that they had a security person checking handbags, I say surprised because I have never experienced this at a movie theater, not sure if there was a specific reason for this or this is something we should expect going forward- times have changed! Other than that, weve seen countless movies here, always a good experience. Great picture and sound. Theater & restrooms are clean. Keep it up CMX!

Review №9

So Im still trying to figure this place out... Run by teens never see ANY adult employees. Theater tends to leave house lights on while the movie starts.. Seats are comfortable and recline but the audio in the theaters sounds like the speakers are blown.. Free refills but be prepared to spend $20 plus for popcorn and a drink...

Review №10

Nice recliner seats. Invisible Man was Very Good. After having a hearty lunch....I thought I was gonna fall asleep in the seats, but I didnt. Im sure Ill return.

Review №11

Great theatres and awesome sounds in all theatres. The CMX theatre is another beast. Best place to watch high action movies. The sound here will blow you away. My complaint......I would advise managment here to focus on keeping the lobby clean and paper products stocked as opposed to searching little kids bags for candy or other snacks. If this continues, I would warn that you will certainly see a drop in your attendance. Nobody goes to the theater to be searched or embarrassed. Focus your energy on keeping the lines shorter at the concessions and the popcorn butter dispenser working properly. Keep your staff efficient and friendly. Thats what will keep people coming back.....not treating your customers suspiciously.

Review №12

Nice theater, $5 Tuesdays are worth it. The only downside is that some of the rooms are really small, not the staffs fault obviously.

Review №13

CMX Wellington has easy check in for movies either online or at the theater. Clean and helpful staff. The reclining seats in the theater are amazing. Relax and enjoy a great experience!

Review №14

I love this theater! The reclining seats are super comfy. Its always clean, & the ticket prices are reasonable.

Review №15

Prices are good on Tuesdays and seats recline and feel spacious. Staff is always very nice here. Very comfortable.

Review №16

This is a great movie theater! Just watched the new spider man movie and the seats and the food are amazing. Anyone who has a little bit of spare money to come here I would recommend it. The only bad thing is that it costs more than a regular movie theater. But everything else is perfect.

Review №17

Love the big chairs ! It made date night feel a little fancy

Review №18

Located in the mall so its a little hard to get to with parking and having to walk through the mall, but the seats are comfortable since they are recliners. They have some food options, the chicken tenders and fries are good. Its a small theater overall, so expect some screens to be fairly small.

Review №19

CMX Wellington is easily the best movie theater to which I have ever been. The staff was very friendly and the concessions werent absurdly priced. The seats, however, made the experience completely different from any other movie theater, especially the Cobb 16 that I usually go to. These massive, comfortable, reclined seats with the tray holders should be in every theater. CMX really outdid themselves. I live forty minutes away, but sometimes I will drive all the way to Wellington just to see a movie at CMX.

Review №20

Very nice movie theater. Been here several times and its my go to. Comfortable recliner seats are awesome.

Review №21

#Thebestkeptsecret is #WellingtonMall you can enjoy a organic smoothie at @Flamangos

Review №22

I was at this CMX Location the other night to see star wars and it was a wonderful experience. The seats were very comfortable, friendly staff and, it was actually clean inside. I am very impressed and will definitely be coming back for my next movie experience.

Review №23

Wanted to update my review!This theater is definitely one of the best and most convenient in Wellington, not to mention cleanest.The staff is always smiling and welcoming!The manager Ben is fantastic. Goes above and beyond, definitely an asset to CMX. Will definitely be coming here for many more years!

Review №24

Comfy theater experience with big recliner seats and lots of space between rows. I just wasnt very impressed by the entry - it looks old and dirty and I didnt see a concession area. It was nice, but nothing special.

Review №25

One of the nicest theaters weve been to in a long time! Super comfortable power recliners. Will be back here.

Review №26

Spacious and relaxing seats. If they had blankets, I would be passed out. Definitely worth it.

Review №27

They let you bring in food from the restaurant next door so if you want to eat like cine bistro or I pick I advice you to get there at least 25-30 minutes early to order pick up and go in to see your movie food looked very good we got to the movie right on time so we couldnt go and order but definitely next time

Review №28

My favorite movie theater in plan Beach county. Its always clean and the seating in theaters is comfortable because of the recliner chairs with foot rest and each chair has a build in tray for your food.

Review №29

Love Love Love this theater. Very comfortable seats, and great popcorn with all the special seasonings that another popular theater got rid of.

Review №30

Great theater! Love coming here, especially on Tuesdays. All the day $6 movies on Tuesday. Great leather seats that recline. Clean and friendly service. Definitely recommend!

Review №31

The seats are extremely comfortable (recliner style) and auditoriums are clean and spacious (3x visiting). Our only complaint: Auditorium 210.1. Apparently, the staff uses the Exit door in that theater to enter for work. Every 15-20mins the side door would open causing not only a distraction but a bright light illuminating a dark auditorium...annoying!

Review №32

Great seats, sound & perfect picture. Loved it grab a beer and enjoy the show, favorite place to catch a movie!

Review №33

Its an okay theater. Food is overpriced and lackluster. Would definitely chose Regal or AMC Rosemary instead.

Review №34

Ok lets cut to the chasePros: chairs are comfortable, tickets are $11.50, staff is friendly. Thats about it.Cons : popcorn is average and normal priced, small movie selection compared to other theaters, sound is average, no matter where you sit you have to look up at the screen, bathroom was dirty, there are advertisements in the mirrors in the bathrooms and I didnt notice a video game section.So yeah, not great, not bad. Just an average theatre.

Review №35

Incredible theater! The food at the Caster + Shaker was delicious, service was excellent.

Review №36

Prices are just right for matinee but, the seats need an upgrade. In a few days well be in the new 2020 year. Wellington CMX needs reclined stadium seats.If youve never been to this theater before but have been to other theaters with reclining seats, youll be disappointed...

Review №37

Great movie theater and the fact you can butter your own popcorn is really exciting. They have a good kids meal program and see more economical than regal. Some of their theaters are better than others, has to do with the incline in some versus others.

Review №38

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Paragon (CMX???) offered so much promise when it popped up. Its still a nice spot, but suffers from a constant mess (present at multiple visits), and amenities that are already falling apart. That said, the seats are AMAZING, and its in a good location.

Review №39

Movie was good. Seats not as comfortable as the nearby Regal. The bathrooms were a disaster. Never taking my family back there again.

Review №40

I have never seen a theater so detailed. Every time I go to the theater it is an experience that I love they have recliners in the theater and many movies that have recently come out. I also love that its in a theater so that right after I can visit shops and buy more. Every time I visit I am very comfortable and have a good experience. I recommend is for everyone of all ages. They have drinks and food and the employees are very kind. They also have an app that you can use and it is very useful so that you can book your seats ahead of time. I have gone about five times and every movie I watch at the theater makes me love it even more.

Review №41

Probably the worst theater in the West Palm Beach area. Bought tickets a month in advance for Avengers Endgame and on premier day, we sat in our assigned seats. A couple came up and said they had those seats. Manager was called and turns out they cancelled my tickets that were bought in advance and sold them to someone else the day off the showing. I never received a refund and had to issue a dispute on my CC. The manager on duty was absolutely no help and never issued an apology for what was an embarrassing experience.Every other time Ive gone there, the theater is dirty and its overall a very disappointing experience and not worth the time and money

Review №42

It needs personal that exhibit better attitude towards customers.

Review №43

Awesome Theater love the place and very clean. This is one of the The BEST theater, in my list.

Review №44

It’s ok. Is a decent place to watch a movie. Next time I rather watched at my home. I feel like the screen is to higher from the point in the ground where you at. I like watch the screen without have to be the whole movie looking at the roof. The rest is pretty decent. Good enough.

Review №45

Awesome seats, only your own living room gets more comfortable than this place. Great value on Tuesdays, have to get tickets on line for best options and then you can walk right in and dont have to watch any trailers! Cant miss the hot buttered popcorn.

Review №46

Aside from that one time my mom had her bag searched when we went to watch a movie, Ive never had any trouble here. All the staff are really nice and I love the system of colored trails, it appeals to the little kid in me thats prone to getting lost and confused

Review №47

My place to go see a movie... best comfort in the area, reasonable prices and Awesome concession stand.... The Best !!!

Review №48

Our first time going was great, quick and polite service, comfortable reclining seats, people actually sitting and watching the movie, etc. I have went 3 other times since and was not impressed!! The staff acted put out, our food cold, people constantly getting up out of their seats, texting and actually taking calls during movie, people actually recording the movie from their cell phones. People playing cartoons on cell phones for young children to keep their attention while watching the movie....I was appalled. All of this was rude and distracting not to mention the expense of paying for what we consider a higher quality facility where you would not expect this behavior. It surprises me that people would pay that kind of money for movies and food and be so inconsiderate of their behavior instead of enjoying the movie. We have since went back to our other theatre where its cheaper and people are more considerate of others.

Review №49

Im sorry to say that the quality of the movie-viewing experience has declined in the recent months. Im not sure how often the projectionist (or a qualified employee) is supposed to focus the projector and clean the glass in front of the projector room (see image), but every time Ive been to the CMX Wellington in the last 6 months has always had a soft image. We saw End Game with the more expensive Atmos showing and audibly-speaking that was no better than a standard experience. Additionally the light from the hall beamed right into the theater and washed out the corner of the image on screen. Im writing this review on behalf of myself and 3 other people from my party (one of which is a professional AV engineer). Looks like well be driving to Delray for the up-and-coming Summer block busters until you guys figure out how to regularly maintain image and sound quality. PS — The only reason you guys are getting any stars at all is for decent cleanliness and concessions.

Review №50

When did they start showing previews of movies with the lights on. 720 21 bridges which is why Im able to post at 729 without bothering anyone lol smh

Review №51

Really friendly place. Free refills on soda and popcorn as well as sharing trays. Has reclining seats and has friendly service. Really enjoyed going here on mothers day with my kids.

Review №52

We enjoy going here for the movie even though we no longer have Movie pass

Review №53

*** WORST BLACK PANTHER MOVIE PREMIERE EVER ***It was the weekend premiere of the Black Panther movie, and I decided to host a viewing party at this theater. I had never been to Paragon Theaters in Wellington before and figured I would give them a try since all other theaters were pretty much sold out. I went to their website a few days before the premiere night and tried to order 20 tickets, but it would NOT allow me, as ten tickets were the max you could buy. So I got in the car and drove to the theater and purchased 20 tickets. Easy peasy.The night of the Black Panther Premiere finally arrives, and my guests are starting to show up. Some of the guests start making their way to the actual theater and immediately realize that there are no Black Panther imagery, banners, pictures, or anything to take a photo or selfie with. That struck me as odd considering all the hype and media coverage surrounding this movie. Nevertheless, we all proceed to our seats.The seats were comfortable, but the theater was very small. The sound was weak, and the 3D experience wasn’t worth the money.As a good host does, I waited to greet my guests and gave them their 3D tickets. I did not want to miss the movie myself, so I waited out front as long as I could. By the time I got to my seat, 11 of my guests had shown up. As the movie started, more guest started to show up.Fast forward to the end of the movie. I realize I still had 7 tickets remaining. I went to the counter to get a refund for the unused tickets and was told I could not get a refund. Say what now? What kind of policy is this? I ask to speak to the manager. The manager Michelle comes over to explain that they can not issue me a refund because the movie is over. I said, “so what about the unused tickets, what am I supposed to do with these?”I explained to her that I bought 20 tickets($16 each) for a viewing party and that 7 of my guests did not show up. She looked at me as if she was confused and disgusted by my presence. I simply told her, thank you and good night. $112 down the drain!As they say “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”- hence this review.I WILL NEVER RETURN to this theater ever again and suggest you all do the same. 1 star!

Review №54

Some of the really positive things about this movie theatre are its special prices on certain weekdays, and the nice theatre halls. The only points of improvement are the snack pricing and parking. Thats pretty much expected when going to the movies, and its really easy to get past. I highly recommend this movie theatre.

Review №55

The two times I have been to this theatre I had a pleasant experience. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №56

Very nice bathrooms/theaters, it was all clean and in general customer service is great!

Review №57

Tuesdays are the best! We take the family and enjoy a $5 movie deal. Its very clean and a new cinema.

Review №58

Nice movie theater, wish the seats were cleaned a little better.

Review №59

Staff, food selection, and theater were great! Would go back again.

Review №60

Love this place! Great seats, theatre isnt too big so it decreases the noise from other movie goers since each theatre has smaller crowds. Also, you can order alcoholic/ non alcoholic drinks and food from Cask & Shaker right next to the theatre to bring inside with you which is awesome! Their pineapple express drink is strong and comes with a lot so you get a lot for your money! The seats recline, everything is clean, you reserve your seats so theres no searching up and down for seats together if youre with a group. Customer service and security is great if you have a rowdy person or group behind you being too loud/rude. Overall great theatre! Only grievance is if your movie ends after the mall closes and you parked on the other side of the mall, you cant walk through the mall to get to your car. Instead, you have to walk around the ENTIRE parking lot which is much longer (I had to search for 25 mins once). So plan accordingly! If your movie is going to run past 9pm, park close to the theatre!

Review №61

I like this place better than going to the theater in West Palm Beach.

Review №62

I seriously love this theater. Comfortable seats, affordable concessions and alcohol. Whats not to like?

Review №63

The manager was a good guy but the assigned seating is pretty bs. I moved 4 times before I just left and got a refund. Assigned seating is bs. First come first serve just like most movie theatres. Won’t be returning due to that. Manager refunded me my money and was a good guy though. The rules are very stupid.

Review №64

Love it I go almost Every Tuesday. I Really Enjoyed the Recliner Seats.

Review №65

Wow very clean bathrooms great service. The chairs are comfortable and the recline. Good prices

Review №66

Enjoy CMX and there very gracious staff...senior citizenry treated very special....theatres are very clean and he snack bar personnel make CMX at Wellington a 5 star theater...

Review №67

Smaller, modern, more intimate theater with comfortable seats. Concessions are pricey, like most other bigger theater chains. Good place to catch a movie.

Review №68

Although the theaters are smaller than most it has by far become my favorite place to see movies. Small and cozy feels like my own personal place to watch Cinema. Seat reservation and chairs recline what more do you need.

Review №69

Pretty good theater. Super clean, fairly new, and good ticket prices. Its in a convenient spot because its attached to the mall, so hanging out in the mall and catching a movie is a regular opportunity for locals.

Review №70

Modern movie theatre close to home and shopping at the mall. Very busy and loud though. Times Ive gone the place is kept clean. Comfy lounge seating. Alcohol is sold here, a plus!! John Wick 3 a must see.

Review №71

Love the reclining seats and clean place with flavored popcorn station. A great way to watch a movie.

Review №72

Love this theater its clean and has very comfy seats its worth the drive and the customer service is great. Its within a mall so look around while you wait

Review №73

I loooove this theater my kids and I have been enjoying the free movies this summer! The seats are super comfy, bathrooms are always clean staff it’s friendly and welcoming.

Review №74

We have never been to this theatre. As a popcorn lover, I give their popcorn an A+. Service was good, the acoustics inside the theatre were very good and WE LOVED THE ADJUSTABLE RECLINING SEATS!!! The only negative was the bathrooms, the family bathroom looked dirty and was not well stocked. Other than that we will definitely go back to see our next movie.

Review №75

Saw The Lion King it was a great movie. Theater was clean staff friendly great seats and most of all clean bathrooms.

Review №76

Comfortable seats, clean nice atmosphere. I strongly suggest this place.

Review №77

A clean theater with terrific reclining chairs. This is a beautiful place to watch a movie.

Review №78

Great time at this theater easy to get tickets good experience

Review №79

Excellent theater. It was a very relaxed experience

Review №80

Loved the seats!!! Volume a little extreme but nice theater.

Review №81

Best movie theater in town. $5.00 Tuesday with recliner chairs? Oh yeah.

Review №82

I love the seats. Theyre vewy comfy...

Review №83

We love going here! Comfy.

Review №84

Good food and service!

Review №85

Nice environment to enjoy your movie

Review №86

Excellent theater well maintained and great prices on Tuesday.

Review №87

The place has got the best movie theaters I have seen in the entire Palm Beach County. They should make an extra effort on cleanliness tho.

Review №88

Seriously- you cannot make money from beverages and have half the ladies room toilets out of operation. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Review №89

Love the movie theater but food is to damn expensive and they need to cut the air on

Review №90

A little disappointed considering the great reviews. I went to see a movie that I had just seen a few days ago at another theater. Ive never been here and really wanted to go where they had nice comfy adjustable seats. As soon as I entered the room, not what I expected. The room was small, the seats were at floor level, practically no incline at all. Even the lady behind me asked to recline the empty seat next to me because she couldnt see. The picture was not sharp and dark. It took away from the point of even going to the theatre. I was Soooo disappointed. I guess if I had not watched the same movie just days before at a different theater, I would not have noticed the bad quality? I will not be returning

Review №91

Clean and comfortable movie theaters. Friendly staff.

Review №92

Friendly staff. Clean theater. Power recliner chairs with little tables that swing off to the side of the arm rest. Food average. Condiment bar with several flavors to top off your popcorn. Soft drink refills free at time of visit. Sit down type bar (Caster Crate) attached to entrance near concessions as alternative. 5 kiosks for ticket check in. Also a walk up guest service window available.

Review №93

If you have toddlers this place is great. Plenty of room for them to move around and be figity. Be warned they will spend most of the movie in your chair.

Review №94

They dont have the tub popcorn bins

Review №95

Always clean and the seats a super comfy. Box office hits gets the larger room/screens but the smaller theaters are just as good. The staff has always been courteous and friendly. They helped fix an issue with movie tickets/seats in a matter of minutes without any issues. The food is good, expensive but hey its expected from any theater. They allow food from the neighboring restaurant but I havent tried yet.

Review №96

The people are nice and the inside of the theatres are organized and comfortable.

Review №97

I was in and at my theater in minutes. The room wasnt too cold and nothing took me from my experience

Review №98

Very comfortable reclining leather seats! Clean facilities! Clean theaters! Kinda pricey food and drinks but kinda normal for movie theaters. Speakers are very loud so be ready for em!

Review №99

It need to clean up better in the far back rows. There were trash on the floor. Front and back of the seats before a movie started.

Review №100

One of the best movie theater around the town, clean and staff are well mannered. Seats are comfy and sound quality is great :)

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  • Address:10312 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 561-209-1482
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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