The Majestic 7
81 Arsenal Yards Blvd Tenant 100, Watertown, MA 02472, United States

Review №1

Had a blast!David is Super Super Super Duper Excellent!!!The place to be for the movies Got a recommendation from friends and everything checked out.️️️David is a warm welcoming good hearted soul.Treated us like guests in his magnificent kingdom like a page out of the Great Gatsby!We were blown away!Such a surreal experience.Would of paid extra for it.The seats and screens are high tech it was a good choice coming to Majestic 7 Watertown.Happy Happy Happy-Megan

Review №2

Brand new and close to home makes this a big Win.

Review №3

Been hearing from the grapevine you have a great movie theater with 5 star management.The whispers were correct!!!David is the epitome of real professionalism.Kind,funny,helpful,and very customer happiness driven.He knew exactly what we needed to feel safe and content with our movie going experience.Everything was amazing.He opens doors and cleaned seats again without question.We will definitely tell our friends and co workers and we will be back!!!David 6 stars!

Review №4

Very happy with the showing!Your General Manager David was Great!Cleaned the seats with covid protector, opened doors, and helped us with anything/everything we needed.A very nice and informative guy he is.Good business ethics keep businesses alive!Thanks again for keeping us safe David!!!100% Satisfaction.

Review №5

Book the room rental was amazing.I was reading past reviews and they are on point.David is the best of the best!Everything was clean and fresh.He was on constant stand-by with a pep in his step.He went above and beyond for our group.Very very smart and witty.Handsome as well lolThe man is the host with the most.The whole9 yards.Yes David!5 Bright Stars-Gina

Review №6

I’m posting for a group of us as my sister in laws review wasn’t going through yesterday(website issue?)or (maybe they couldn’t figure it out).Us golden girls are not very computer savvy.We all basically feel the same way and each of us been in different combos to your theater.I’ve been up and down with my rating, read some other reviews and they are spot on!David (manager) is phenomenal.This is the reason I give 5 stars ‘cause I give 8 with him and 2 without..So cut 10 in half and you still got 5 stars.I say that to say this.”The place is night and day with and without him”2 occasions we walked in and the employees were lackluster, paying really no mind to any guest and the place wasn’t up to par; bathrooms dirty etc..With him is a whole different atmosphere.You get greeted soon as you walk in.He is full of life and spirit.Anything you need or questions you have he is right there to accommodate.Walked us to the theater and opened the doors for us! Constantly cleaning(door handles etc..)His service, attitude, and overall professionalism is presidential resort level!!!$$$$$I don’t like to give bad reviews so because of David I wont but he’s playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers(at best).David keep up the Good work you are what all businesses need to survive.We will be back again as we own a couple properties close by but maybe only when David is in.Rant over..Just Glad the other 2 days we walked in we got to experience the first class service everybody is raving about when David is present.Thank You David!!!!-Ruth,Sam,Ellen,Jack,and Gwyneth

Review №7

Visited in March and Again last week.. Both occasions I had the pleasure to meet with David the manager! Professional,caring,knowledgeable, and just down to earth a great person.He made my partners and I feel like telling everybody we know about this place!(And we know many)We will go to only this theater from now on.David is amazing and he represented your establishment in a way all owners should be very proud of. Great work choosing this Gentleman. Beautiful theater. See you again soon! 5 Stars

Review №8

Got the Grand Tour from a really great manager named David.He was majestically polite and in tune with everything going on with the operations of the theater along with safety protocols; with the covid situation.Made all of us feel very comfortable and safe!All and All we had a nice visit and enjoyed the movie in CWX 7.Thanks again David for being so kind and passionate about your roll with the theater and the City of Boston!!!

Review №9

My wife and I watched a movie and when I was halfway home I could not find my wallet.As we were returning I got a call from your manager Dave. He called the “Call if found number” and informed me my wallet was found.Thank You Thank You Thank You Dave!I had everything in there included 500$.I offered him 250$ for a finder fee as my ids and credentials etc etc was what was most important and of high value.He declined my offer respectfully and said “I’m Happy You are Happy Sir!”Wow!!! What a guy!!!We were having a great night and that could have ruined our year losing that wallet.Military IDs, Social,Credit,Title to my car,Pictures,Lucky coins you name it was in there.I really have to be more careful but Dave you saved our day!From the very seconds we walked in he was polite and attentive.Opened the door for us when we arrived and left.(Twice)People helping people = Great things!I Salute You Sir!

Review №10

Was a guest at a Book the Room event a few weeks back.David the Majestic 7 manager was Brilliant!!!Treated us like family and was there for every question and need.He really made our day(everyone collectively) as we were nervous about how it would turn out or the safety aspect.He sanitized the whole theater right in front of us even though it was said to be sanitized already.No problem no excuses was just happy to make us happy and comfortable.He was really great and we will def pass on the feedback to our colleagues and friends.

Review №11

I just want to inform you that your place is high grade.Any great new business starts with a foundation.You certainly have one as I talked with Manager David and he is quite the Golden Ticket.His kindness and eagerness to make our visit magical was extraordinary.A great manager you have! He was disinfecting the doors as we arrived and the entire place as we left..Like he never stops.All the while being polite and informative.He really knows the City of Boston.He kept us smiling with pleasant and easy to talk to communication.A Natural!I will say only this.This movie palace is superb!6 ️ s

Review №12

Glad I stumbled upon Your Webpage!That being said I am going to piggy back off the last review.Your Manager David is Top Notch!!!I do not know him personally but was a frequent when he ran the front end of The Home Depot.Hardest worker I have ever seen. I would walk in that store which was poorly understaffed and he would be doing a million jobs at once, all the while smiling and helping everybody else along the way.Not sure if 10 workers together could of got done the stuff he did constantly.He was there everyday it seemed.Never missed.I thought he was the Regional Manager or some higher echelon of status. He was majorly underpaid.My Buddies and I at the Law Firm used to call him Franchise.Type a guy you’d want to build a team around.I Never got to write a review before he left but I seen him when my wife and I seen Tenet the other night.We kept quiet but said to each other when we were far enough past “hey look that’s Franchise”...We weren’t sure if he got swooped up by a Major and was getting the monies he deserved.He was just as great and greeted us as soon as we walked in and answered all our questions and gave us a quick history lesson on why this is and will be the best,safest,cleanest,accommodating movie experience in all the land.I hope your paying this man.He is All TimeLook for your establishment to reach new heights soon.We’re very happy we can see movies close by with someone we trust!

Review №13

Awesome day at The Majestic 7 Watertown.Place was very clean and new.Got the V I P treatment from the manager David.He is such a breath of fresh air in these uptight and dark days in Boston.David is so so nice, informative, and makes a gal from Texas feel right at home.The group of us had a magnificent evening and was very happy we came by.Thank you again David!Satisfaction achieved️️️Will be back again!!!-Karen

Review №14

(Manager)David is fabulous!!!Professional and a true gentleman.Cwx theater was futuristic.Really enjoyed the movie.

Review №15

Beautiful new movie theater! Manager David is a rockstar! I spontaneously walked in and asked for a tour mid-morning and David couldn’t have been nicer and gave me a full tour of the theater, as I am planning a big family night out and wanted to see what family would experience as they are coming in from out of town. David educated me very well on every amenity they offered, and his well informed and positive energy will be a great asset for Majestic as he leads his team to drive an A++ overall experience for movie goers. Prices across the board are very reasonable and everything is state of the art beautiful.Thank you, David!

Review №16

This is a fantastic theater, from the screens to the seats everything is first class

Review №17

Great and clean place, will definitely keep coming back.

Review №18

Great movie theater! Food, a bar, everything you need. Friendly staff, and enjoyable conversations. Highly recommend for a happy memory

Review №19

Beautiful Leather recliners, very spacious theatres. CWX screen is amazing and the sound too. Bar prices very reasonable for a movie theater.

Review №20

Nice place, NEW, and polite staff. Can’t wait to make this my new movie night place.

Review №21

Nice movie theater the ushers are great nice environment they have nice relaxing seats

Review №22

Excellent First Day.. Affordable pricing on concessions. Stadium Seating.

Review №23

Awesome, clean theater with great sound, comfortable reclining seats, and widescreens!

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  • Address:81 Arsenal Yards Blvd Tenant 100, Watertown, MA 02472, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 617-744-0460
  • Movie theater
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
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