Regal Brass Mill
495 Union St, Waterbury, CT 06706, United States

Review №1

Mall is extremely boring as for store shopping; Ive worked there for various years and major stores and restaurants have closed due to high rent stores owners told me such as taco bell, subway, dairy queen, sears, and Hallmark. The mall management has to change their strategy on how this mall invites business to save our brass mill mall to boom.

Review №2

Saw the Joker! Popcorn was fresh! Service was amazing. Young woman at the front counter was a bit stiff but kept her composure. Young man in theater was pleasant and even showed us to our seats. #thekingjoshuaaa

Review №3

Great hidden cinema, yeaArea is depressed and Mall lacks good stores, but its changing slowly, cinema has recliners great seats and great showings!Regal has the best crunchy popcorn popcorn period!Will say I’ve seen a couple of movies, for a room with 100 seats theres probably 3 people at most, ticket prices are $12 per person, may be economics but rather odd why seats aren’t more filled.Staff if real cool here, they’re just bored- no customers.Concession prices are kinda high in my opinion, they should have lrg soda and popcorn $10 and $2 hotdogs, attract people.Felt safe throughout the entire experience, no complaints!

Review №4

This is a very nice and clean theater, Ive been here several times and Ive never had a bad experience. My family often celebrate birthdays. The Sunday price is great, its 13 in total and we save and we are able to dine at one of the restaurants in Mall. One more thing, the Manager was so nice, I needed to take my medicine and he actually had me to wait and he went and got a cup of water for me, I thought that was extremely nice for him.The Seats are super comfortable. Great job guys.Mrs. Natalie Holden

Review №5

Not alot of stores

Review №6

Good choice of first run movies. Often hosts the fathom events, which I love. Comfortable lounge chairs, good reward program that sometimes offers free screenings, and in a mall where you can shop before or after a movie. The mall has a food court, and a few different restaurants so dinner and a movie are a convenient thing

Review №7

Customer service was very rude. Having side conversations with friends while trying to take our order. The popcorn was stale and cold so I asked for the fresh popcorn that was currently popping. The worker had an attitude from me asking for the fresh batch. Once movie was over, I asked for a bag to pour some of my popcorn in because I had the large bucket; and the worker told me he will have to charge me the price of the popcorn bag size. I asked him since when and he stated he GUESS its cooperate decision. The bathrooms was disgusting, in which I went to a worker and told him. His response was IT IS WHAT IT IS. The theater was hot and smelled like feet. The only reason why I took my family to this location is because North Haven/Milford was sold out and my boys really wanted to see Lion King. You guys dont even deserve one star and I will NEVER SUPPORT THIS DISGUSTING/RUDE CINEMA AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT.

Review №8

Burlington good store

Review №9

2.5 stars is more accurate, infrastructure is great, food and prices are decent, but the staff seriously need to show some empathy with costumers

Review №10

It is always clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly, and helpful.

Review №11

The reclining seats here are so comfortable. I liked them better than the ones at Bowtie Cinemas in Trumbull.

Review №12

Sunday all movies $5.64 each all day..Awesome!! Clean and not busy and affordable date night or with the family.

Review №13

I really enjoyed this movie theater. They have awesome seats very very comfortable and they recline. Prices of the average the snacks I find a little too pricey but competitive with other theaters.If you have a larger family or are on a budget if you go on Sunday I think till 6 p.m. you can get tickets for $5 per person. So its a good way to take the family out for the day and not go broke. I recommend this theater highly.

Review №14

The new seats are luxurious and lovely. Of course the concessions are overpriced, but the movie tickets themselves are very cheap compared to other theaters in the area.

Review №15

I love it there

Review №16

They have some cute teen stores. But they also have alot of cheap stores. But they have a JCPenney and IHOP that is one of the good ones. They have a nice big Burlington Coat Factory, and a movie theater with those reclining cushy comfy seats But someone hit my car n drove away in the parking lot so only 3 stars!

Review №17

Very good

Review №18

I enjoy going on Sundays, not as crowded and good seat selection.

Review №19

Havent been to this theater in yearssss but recently went to see a screening and I must say the seats were definitely comfortable :) The concession prices were absolutely ridiculous but not any different from other theaters so whatcha gonna do? Besides, I am a Regal Crown Club Member and with that I get credits for every dollar spent.The only two cons that I could think of....1. I probably wouldnt want to see a new movie on the weekend it just came out. God forbid I try to watch a movie while the people next to me are having a conversation the entire time. Cell phones going off constantly and people yelling profanities.... Not my kinda thing but some people enjoy packed theaters. By the way it isnt the theaters fault whatsoever. And...2. The arcade area has looked the same since the mall opened and is no fun to look at. There are only a few games there and its a $1.00 for each game so there isnt any action whatsoever. Maybe if they added more games, some bright paint, and a few other creative ideas they would gain more guests...

Review №20

Has everything you need for shopping. I saw a movie, ate a cinnamon roll. What an inside adventure in discovering new places to shop. I never saw all the stores its huge, and totally awesome.

Review №21

Comfortable lounge chairs. Theater shows a lot of fathom events, which I love. Plenty of dining options in the mall the theater is in so great for dinner and a movie

Review №22

Sometime its good, sometimes its bad. Depends on how many locals are in the theater. The last few times Ive gone to earlier shows and it seems less crowded. The food and drinks are too expensive but thats really all theaters. The seats are recliners thats are comfy. The sound and picture quality are bot very good, but not the best.

Review №23

Nice multiplex. Upgraded last year with recliners which are very comfortable. No big crowd, so easy to get tickets and no long lines. Well lit parking, food court nearby in the brass mill mall. We have seen regular movies and Real 3D movies with great experience.

Review №24

Nice and clean over priced cinema. The biggest flaw is ... It takes the movie foreverrrr to start.I raced to the cinema time see Dr. Sleep which was suppose to start at 9:25pm. The movie started at 10pm and end a little after 12am. A complete waste of time.

Review №25

Theatre was pretty empty. Snacks were good. Movie night was fun.

Review №26

Im using cane due having had knee surgery staff accommodated me to take short cut to get to the theater room. I really appreciated that this was my first fun activity out since having surgery. Very comfortable chair I was able to recline my leg.

Review №27

Big and clean theater. Its in the mall so you have plenty of eating and shopping options before and after your show so you can make a day of it.

Review №28

Its so fun to go and watch a movie with friends. Anytime I go is hardly anyone there if that good or bad its your choice.

Review №29

I have never gone there before but i recognize most reviewers speak good about this place, so it look to me is somewhere someone can go and enjoy themself with their families and love ones. Want to go myself soon

Review №30

Loving the new reclining chairs! Very comfortable!

Review №31

Love this theater, we go whenever we are passing through as we are from Maine! Great friendly staff and CLEAN! Thank you Regal!

Review №32

Good price on movies Sunday and Tuesday 3D movies

Review №33

Had not been there in a long time and was pleasantly surprised that operations and this installations themselves have greatly improved. There was security in the form of police officers and did not encounter unruly unsupervised kids roaming around like there used to.The cinema rooms are CLEAN, the recliners are super comfortable, almost sleep inducing. Theres enough personal space to make you feel at home.I am big into audio, so i was positively impressed by the quality of their audio system. I have been to other movie theaters where the audio is simply obnoxious, either too loud and distorted overall, to too bassy, etc. Not here. The audio was excellent, from the previous to the main movie itself.I could see myself going back!

Review №34

Great matinee movie prices. Very comfortable reclining chairs. Concessions are over priced, but what movie theater isnt? Usually not too busy, so its nice not to have to sit in a packed theater if thats not your thing. Would recommend.

Review №35

Good movie theater. Can’t honestly find anything to say bad about the place been going there for the past 4 years when the opportunity arises and the only thing that changed was they added recliner chairs. Other than that still same service not even improvement.

Review №36

Good place to watch movies. Rates are reasonable

Review №37

Comfortable seating. Always s great selection of the newest movies.

Review №38

I usually have a fine time at the theater and that is why I gave this visit a 3, but when my movie is scheduled to start at 12 noon, and you are scheduled to be open at 11am, why does the girl at the concession stand tell me at 11:25am, that the concessions wont be available until noon. Definitely losing money with that type of customer service, and does it really take that long to open the concession stand?

Review №39

Love this movie theater and the new recliners they put in.

Review №40

Clean you can bring family & have good time bad thing is snacks are to expensive....

Review №41

Great seating good theatre, but it is in the middle of the dirty water aka Waterbury so you dont have a choice but to deal with the undesirables and such which there are more than enough. My opinion is go through the entrance through the Olive Garden that leads you right to the theater and avoids having deal with the dregs of the Bury. All in all good movie theater.l

Review №42

Best movie theater EVER! The seating is awesome and the place is so comfortable overall. I drive an hour to see movies here as opposed to closer theaters.

Review №43

Fun with the family as always.. The kids have a blast everytime

Review №44

Always clean and they have bargain days on sunday and Tuesdays where all tickets to any show is $6

Review №45

I am already a Crown Club member Ruby to be exact and I just always have a good experience at this clean kept theater

Review №46

Great theater, awesome reclining seats. The problem is that they force you to choose an assigned seat. Sure, they show you a chart with all the seats available and let you choose but there is a huge problem with this. You have no idea who you are sitting next to. I got stuck next to a father watching his 3 kids. 1 child, a baby, had a dirty diaper and cried through 30% of the movie. The time before that I got stuck next to a guy who was drinking a beer. He kept on falling asleep and snoring and when I woke him up he freaked on me.

Review №47

Great theater but Im taking away 2 stars because they have assigned seating. Stop doing that nonsense and Ill rate 5 stars.

Review №48

Great place to catch a movie with friends and family, no complaint on my part, I always have a great time when I go there..

Review №49

Average selection of movies...but its clean and comfortable

Review №50

Grabage app. No one picks up the phone.

Review №51

Very good security for a safe environment and great deals when shopping. Food court is too expensive for fast food.

Review №52

Good theater but theres always a group of immature kids that think they have the theater to themselves and they dont get told to be quiet by any worker unless people watching the movie tell them to. I continue going to this theater hoping it would be better because its close to home but same problem every time

Review №53

Ok. But, dont waste your money going to see Quentins new movie. A long 3 hrs. Once upon a time in Hollywood

Review №54

The theather is nice and the ticket line moves fast. The concessions is always a bummer because there is always 1 person there rather than 2 to help the long line of people. Also the floor is ALWAYS sticky. As soon as you get pass the ticket booth the concession area sticky,the theater sticky. I typically go to early movies so if your floor is sticky before noon its because no one bothered to mom the night before.

Review №55

It was great except for a couple of people that were rude and were talking during the movie

Review №56

Love the reclining seats! My only complaint(a very small one) would be to turn the AC up just a bit. It can get a little warm, especially when the theater is full.

Review №57

Decent place... reclining chairs which were kind of uncomfortable. Popcorn was fresh. Service was good. Clean place.

Review №58

Very friendly staff. Quite clean. Excellent popcorn!

Review №59


Review №60

Great place to shop!

Review №61

Awesome! Comfortable seating not all mushed together. Amazing sound

Review №62

Practice place.

Review №63

This movie theather is the cleanest ive ever seen at reliable prices

Review №64

I love this place!

Review №65

Family friendly with a lot of shop to fill all your needs and wants.

Review №66

Nice up to date movie theater, a bit pricey on the tickets.. .great customer service

Review №67

Great movie theater.Love that they started playing anime specials monthly.Love to come on Tuesday evenings when everything cheaper.

Review №68

Pleasant. Nice carpeting. No water fountains.

Review №69

My advice is sneak in your movie snax.a bottle of water will set you back $5.50. But the reclining seats are killer, like watching the movie in your own living room.

Review №70

Ive been coming here since I was small enough to stand on tip toes to get my popcorn off the counter. The theatres themselves are wonderful and the purple are kind and professional.

Review №71

Clean and comfortable theatre with decently priced tickets. Concessions are overpriced as usual but the amount of food and drink you get is worth it.

Review №72

Good place to shop and kill some time

Review №73

Fabulous!!! Everyone is so nice

Review №74

This place is great got no words for it

Review №75

The layout falls short. Sinxe we were in Theater 1 the concession stand was all the way toward the other end. The bathrooms were located in the middle which was still to far for a bathroom break. The seats were xomfortable but the location of the reclining button was in a bad place. If my leg rested up against it, the seat would start to position. Failed layout and lack of customer friendly ammenities.

Review №76

Awsome !!! They did there thing....

Review №77

They cracked down a lot, but it is a little difficult to watch a movie here because other people are either on their phones or talking to their friends during the movie. But it isnt as bad as it use to be, so youre taking a chance watching a movie here with interruptions.

Review №78

Great seats! Always pleasant and satisfying when i watch a movie here. Love it

Review №79

I went to watch a movie on a monday night and got old and salty popcorn. Would not recommend. You’re better off driving to southington or plainville.

Review №80

Its a wonderful place to hangout with friends family or just walk around and check put the stores.

Review №81

Very nice theatre.Great prices and location.Downfall is at busy times concession lines can be up to an hour wait.So get there early enough to purchase Tickets and wait in line.Other then that,5 stars.

Review №82

I come here so much love it but they need more people on Sunday. Every time I got on Sunday’s I’m in the snack line for 15 to 20 mins it’s drives me crazy

Review №83

Family and awsome members we have to enjoy

Review №84

Dirty bathrooms! Staff very unfriendly

Review №85

Never going there again. Took my son to the movies on a Tuesday the price was fine for 2 matinee. I paid more for 2 popcorns and 2 drinks than the movie. Seriously that is outrageous. I dont pay for this much anywhere else. Crazy

Review №86

Ample parking lot to park and comfy seating.

Review №87

Bathrooms are clean, there is a large selection of food, the theater seats are super comfy, and theres even an arcade and different game machines throughout the outside of the theater. Right inside the mall so very convenient. Also has rooms available for renting for birthday parties!

Review №88

This place is distguging!! Was watching a movie and out of the corner of my eye I see something move. Looked again 3 mice were just hanging out. Never returning again.

Review №89

Best theater ever. Prices are amazing compared to other theaters and theres no one ever here...recliner seating just great !!

Review №90

Be advised,the seats are so comfortable that one may actually accidentally nap.

Review №91

Great theatre, normal prices and accommodations

Review №92

The tickets, popcorn and sodas are all ridiculously over priced! I wont even consider buying the candy or other items because of the prices.The seats are not very comfortable compared to the ones at another local theater. The only reason I go to the Brass Mills Theater is because theyre the ones who usually show the movies my kids want to see.I gave it two stars because I havent had any trouble with the employees who Ive found to be quite nice, though I admit that I dont usually go on the weekends when I know it will be more crowded and noisy.Lower your prices. Even at half the price youd be making a profit. The high prices are obviously not deterring disruptive patrons. If you have to hire security to remove unruly, obnoxious, loud viewers, then do so.

Review №93

Very comfortable seats.

Review №94

I was there last tues and both the attendant at the ticket counter was courteous and friendly I also ordered a popcorn and the staff there was very helpful, and nice was very pleased with my service

Review №95

The theater was clean and well kept by far better than most other theaters. The staff was helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable from the moment I approached the register.

Review №96

Love the Theater. Recling chairs. Great

Review №97

They always have a good movie to watch

Review №98

Nice place need more store. And the theater Movie. Are nice

Review №99

Love the seats and i can buy my ticket online and choose my seat. I eat their once and they had fajitas. Never have to deal with long lines and wait time.

Review №100

If you go on a Tuesday, the place will be empty and the ticket is only about $5. When you buy your ticket, ask to join the Royal Club for free. The theaters were clean, the people were very nice. I had a really good experience and will return.

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  • Address:495 Union St, Waterbury, CT 06706, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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