AMC CLASSIC Sunnyland 10
40 Sunnyland Plaza, Washington, IL 61571, United States

Review №1

Trust me. You DONT want to drink any soda from here or Icee. And lord only knows when the popcorn machine lines were last replaced or even flushed. Im glad I was let go from a team of failures and uneducated people that really have 0 clue to what they are doing anymore.

Review №2

This is an AMC Classic theatre which means regular seating. No recliners. Being an older theatre as well, it does not have any stadium seating which is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. They cant handle it so dont hold it against them. The concession prices are fair by todays standards and the facilities clean. The bathrooms could use a facelift but that would be a corporate level decision. Compared to some other AMC Classics Ive been too, it looks like they actually got newer seating as I didnt see any broken, stained, or worn/torn seats. Ticket prices are unbeatable for first runs as well. Definitely a good choice for a family outing or to catch a cheap film. Staff was also quite friendly on my visit.

Review №3

Cant beat the price. Nicer theaters and seating at other places... But this place is kept nice for an older venue and great employees and value.

Review №4

Great theater! Great service! Great prices! This is by far my favorite place to come watch a movie, especially with my family. Are the seats super luxurious? No...but I am not the type that wants to be falling asleep because I am overly comfortable either so they are perfect for me. Other than that there is nothing that should deter anyone from coming to this theater. My family of 4 can go to a movie and get popcorn and candy AND drinks and still have money left to get an icee or go get ice cream after! And the staff is incredible! One of the managers, Tim, will literally go out of his way to go above and beyond for every single person that walks through the doors.

Review №5

Just a nice little theatre with friendly staff

Review №6

Busy today. Lines took awhile. Need to have the ticket booth open

Review №7

Awesome staff and a great prices very affordable and not swamped with people

Review №8

Great place to see a movie it has the small town feel but its kept up not run down... the manager is very friendly and so is the staff

Review №9

Used to love this theater years ago. :( Now, all their movies are after 4, so if you take the bus, youre SOOL!!! Although the young lady cashier was very nice 2 my questions&concerns, the Manager seemed to think it was more important to be in the back until after the movie started and was NON-EXISTENT!!! :( Bottom Line: Cheapskate Management hiring only teenyboppers who have cars!!! My point with this is we shouldnt be expecting them to HAVE 2 always have cars when they should be saving for college or their 1st apartment deposit. Also the fact that it leaves out a lot of older people, senior citizens & disabled people from watching a movie at a comfortable, quaint little theater rather than having to take the bus all across town just to find a midday matinee. And what about those seniors/low-income/disabled who could use a job like that, in the daytime? Bum-Rap!!! :(

Review №10

Of all the cinemas that are located in Central Illinois, this is by far the best value for your money. If you are looking for state of the art equipment, stadium seating, or IMAX then this probably isnt the place for you.But, if youre looking to check out a moving picture with your family or friends, at a reasonable price with a warm, friendly and inviting environment, then you will enjoy this place without a doubt!

Review №11

We got lucky and got to watch IT with only 3 other people in the room since we hit the early show. Very clean, employee was nice. Enjoy shows there

Review №12

Theater price is reasonable but it could be updated. Overall its a good place to visit.

Review №13

My favorite theater for weekday afternoon movies! Not as crowded as the others. Good sound and screen, cleaner than the other theaters 9 times out of 10. Staff is much friendlier than all the others combined! Bathrooms could use an update!

Review №14

Its alright. Popcorn tasted kinda old. Seats are snug. It does not have that nasty smell Landmark has so thats a big plus.

Review №15

Very good theater. Great daytime prices too.

Review №16

My husband uses a portable oxygen machine and the outlet was so unreachable he cut his arm getting to it behind the non moveable seats. Also the hallway stunk. Think they need to shampoo the carpet.

Review №17

While the service was great, the theater itself has not aged well. There is definitely an odd odor, its not very clean, and the projection and audio equipment is struggling to perform. Everything from the parking lot to the seats are in terrible shape. Im not sure I will return for future movies.

Review №18

Great experience over the movie actually started. It was messed up in the beginning so we had to watch double there trailers

Review №19

Took my daughter to see Bohemian Rhapsody, and had a great time. Easy to park, paid for tickets before I got there, employees were nice, clean environment, and good quality audio and video. The cheap tickets made up for the outrageous, but expected drinks and popcorn at concessions. $22 for 2 large drinks and a large popcorn. Free refills. Well, sorta. For some reason they apparently close the popcorn machine at like 7:30PM. If you go to a 7pm movie, eat fast or you wont get a refill. Just in case this is not an AMC authorized practice, Im going to write them directly as well.

Review №20

Customer service is always good and the deals you get on tickets you just cant beat. A family of 6 can actually have a great time without going broke. Just wish they would update the bathroom stalls and have the door pull open going in and push open when leaving.

Review №21

Lots of good.movies

Review №22

I dont think Ive ever waited more than 3 minutes in a line at this theater. They offer the annual discount popcorn bucket, which is a nice value if you go to movies regularly. I guess some people might want more glitz and flash at the theater, but this one suits my family perfectly.

Review №23

Good place good employees very respectful

Review №24

I appreciate this theater because they are so nice. The manager is so accommodating to the handicapped. My children go chart for movies with their special ed class. The confessions at pricy bit arent most theatres. This theater had discount movie times so that helps.

Review №25

I used to go to this theatre as a kid and it has never been a nice theatre. The roof was leaking in our theatre and caused my wife and I to ask for a refund. Apparently multiple other showings had to be closed because their rooms were worse. It would have been nice to know their was a problem before purchasing a ticket, but they were awesome about the refund.

Review №26

Good sound. Fair seats. Great prices. Enjoyed.

Review №27

This is not a huge movie theater. Its just a nice local place to see a movie. Its clean, the seats arent great but they work. They have good prices and the movie is clear. No frills

Review №28

Really nice clean theater! Will definitely go to again

Review №29

Nice small town theater.

Review №30

Small-town AMC location with cheaper prices. Doesnt have the premium picture or sound youd find at a more modern theater but the smaller capacity seating makes the screen seem bigger. Definitely worth a try!

Review №31

Its not the cleanest/top notch theatre in the world. But its cheap, and the screens are great for the price! Its a great place if you want to take the family on a movie night!

Review №32

I took my girls to see Hotel Transylvania about a week and a half ago, I believe it was in theater 8 or 9. We spent about $50.00 between snacks and drinks and tickets. The popcorn was stale and we were told (even though our movie was at 4:20). Basically they werent going to make any fresh til the 7pm movies. We walked into the entrance and there were 2 or 3 young employees behind the snack counter. Nobody else in the whole entrance area. We hadnt been there in a very long time and so I stood at the ticket counter for a good 10 min waiting for someone to come up and let me purchase tickets. They saw me standing there, but not one of them bothered to tell me that I needed to come to the snack counter to get my tickets. It was also wet and damp and musty while we were there... So much so that 2/3 children with special medical issues ended up needing breathing treatments b4 bed... Which usually only happens when theyve been exposed to mold. I didnt ask for our money back, but will definitely choose a different theater next time. Was overall disappointed.

Review №33

Love getting stub rewards. Love the $3.99 deals. Love $5 Tuesdays. Wish the prices were better, I eat before I go as I cant afford a $15 popcorn & soda, .

Review №34

Decent place to take the kids. Reasonable prices for tickets. The seats were the most uncomfortable Ive ever sat in, though. Im not a big person and I felt like I had no elbow room at all. I was shifting in my seat the entire time.

Review №35

A longtime standing movie theater that, even though it hasnt seen the most modern updates, has never really disappointed me. Screens could stand to be a bit wider as newer movies sometimes have to be punched in a bit.

Review №36

Needs a good deep clean

Review №37

Didnt buy tickets because the show we were going to see want running due to leaky roof during rain storm. Usually nice place but that screwed up our family afternoon plans. Cant imagine too many people were going to see the horror movie in another room at 1:30 on a Saturday. Should have switched rooms for the Lego Movie 2.

Review №38

Best movie place around. Super nice to my Girl Scout troop when we went

Review №39

My favorite theater. Glad its still up a d running after all these years.. not crowded and I can usually find my go to seat. Great prices

Review №40

It was alright price is high as expected. but they need to fix there ceiling in room 6

Review №41

Great seats,workers,even got good food I rather go there than eny other theaters+ its near my town so drivable

Review №42

Nice place with friendly staff

Review №43

So this theater has never been the best but the recent upgrades are a disaster. They now have A, as in one, soda machine in which you have to wait in line to fill your own cup. You can add butter to your popcorn yourself, another line to wait in, and a disaster to get out of line when finished. Not to mention the wait to buy your tickets and pay for your concessions. Prices are outrageous. All this money put needlessly into concessions while their theaters have not been updated, and their bathrooms are still atrocious. Not to mention half a dozen workers all just taking money and filling popcorn buckets. One worker decided to clean in the middle of dozens of people still getting concessions. Not a good time to be doing so. Overall not a great experience for an overpriced theater by any standards.

Review №44

Small great ticket prices.

Review №45

Good prices. Definitely worn down, but the staff is always friendly.

Review №46

Went and saw the movie with my cousin and I the theater was nice and clean and very cozy and very affordable!

Review №47

Could use some improvement.

Review №48

This theatre is perfect when you dont want to fight the massive parking lots and crazy long lines of the Peoria theatres. They have fewer seating options than some theatres but Ive never had to fight for a good seat (except the one time I braved opening night of a movie. But thats expected!)

Review №49

It was pretty clean and prices are pretty fair. The day I went to see a movie there was a sale too so i only paid $4 to see Bohemian Rhapsody.

Review №50

Went to the Sensory Friendly showing of Incredibles 2 today. The manager and staff were amazing. My granddaughter was able to stay through the whole movie! They made a little girl very happy.

Review №51

Always nice & clean. Ticket prices are GREAT. Food prices OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH.

Review №52

Tried to watch a movie that started at 9:50. People had a toddler who very loudly ran up and down the aisles for most of the show. Parents did nothing. Theater did nothing. Whatever happened to ushers? It was ridiculous that they werent asked to leave.

Review №53

The head manager pushed one of my kids and put his finger in my other kids face then proceeded to yell at her. Staff is rude besides a girl with blonde hair, forgot her name. Not coming back. Landmark is the way to go.

Review №54

The movie was good. Paying $6.49 for a 32 oz cup is highway robbery. The staff was not helpful. The drink and condiment counter was dirty. Went on to wacth the movie and the theater was very cold. Had to go to the bathroom 3 times during the movie and miss part of the movie because of being so cold.

Review №55

Very itchy and uncomfortable seats. Felt dirty.

Review №56

My first memories of AMC theatres are much different than the AMC of today. This one in particular takes the cake though. Its very outdated and the dirtiest AMC Ive been to. This one is a very small theatre, but thats just an observation and not a complaint. And a message to all AMC theatres, carpet and cinema seating doesnt last forever. Its time to use some of that money you make from a $20 slushy and upgrade.

Review №57

I had not been to this cinema in years. Good parking and easy access. The movie and sound were good. Clean restrooms. Dress warm. Feet got cold.

Review №58

This place is a great place to see a movie. When I went a few months back the tickets were cheap but the concessions were ridiculous they have since adjusted there prices its still movie theater pricing but not as bad as it was. $5 for a.20 ounce bottle of water. The atmosphere was nice the theater was clean and conducive to relaxation while watching a movie.

Review №59

Gum stuck all over seating.

Review №60

Nice place.

Review №61

Very disappointed with ordering tickets on line. Site does not disclose a fee for ordering the tickets until you have already completed the order and have purchased. Then it broke the totals down and list the almost $4.00 service charge. A real rip off especially for a Senior citizen.

Review №62

Dirty, stinky, and overpriced snacks. No one at the ticket counter ! Good sound quality and screen size is decent.

Review №63

Wont even go in. The sticker on the door violates my values. Thats an honest review not joking.

Review №64

Ridiculous pricesand they brag on savings

Review №65

Great and inexpensive place to take kids to a movie. Popcorn pricey. Theater is always too cold. Try turning up the heat. Other than that, good place close to home.

Review №66

Ok but not great. Older theater. Lacks the modern updating that some of the finer theaters have gone to. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon. Good experience but not high end.

Review №67

Cheap movie theater and good service! Seats are not the best but they are still comfortable!

Review №68

Service is decent but the bathrooms smell awful and parts of the ceiling are missing or falling

Review №69

Now that this place is a AMC their prices are better their service is great they always have a great staff an overall for the money its a decent deal now. I wouldnt have been able to say that before. So hats off to them! Ben and Susan at the counter are always both incredibly nice and deserve special recognition here!

Review №70

Was nice - I just want to see the movie! It was very adequate! Staff was friendly!

Review №71

Normally its a good experience but last time I went the ceiling was coming down

Review №72

Love it

Review №73

Clean and quick entry

Review №74

Nice place to do your shopping.

Review №75

The help is nice. Facility is mediocre. Sometimes it is chilly in the theater in Winter.

Review №76

Its fine and you do not have to drive into Peoria.

Review №77

Great prices for updated movies but need a facelift as far as new interior done.

Review №78

Love to visit with the grandkids!

Review №79

Very friendly staff, but waaaay understaffed. Waited in line 15 minutes on a Saturday to get tickets & concessions. Staff was doing their best, but there was only 2 ppl.

Review №80

Friendly staff and clean theaters. I like going here to see the big screen.

Review №81

Nice theater with comfy seats & lower prices.

Review №82

We went to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We had a pretty good time. The movie was rated PG and Im not sure they check IDs because the three kids in front of us were definitely not old enough to be there by themselves and they werent by themselves and made quite a mess and racquet during the movie which I told the manager about. She seemed totally disinterested in addressing the situation in any way shape or form. I even showed her the picture of the horrible mess that they left they were throwing popcorn and Candy to each other during the movie. Another instance like this at the movie theater with my family could make me change my mind considerably. I might even look into finding another movie theater that follows the rules about age appropriate movies and checking the ideas and the people going to those movies.

Review №83

Glad I didnt listen to all the negative nancys! Staff was pleasant and helpful. Bathrooms were very clean, just some minor cosmetic things just due to overuse (ie vanity slightly discolored under soap dispenser) Again such super minor things. The only thing I do agree on is the odor of building, like a stuffiness that a ventilation system would help greatly and carpeting is visually super dirty . Will go back.

Review №84

We rarely go out for movies but I have no complaints about this place. Matinee price is $5.75. We did not get popcorn but they sell a bucket for $21 that you can refill all year for $4. The only strange thing is that you buy your tickets at the concession counter.

Review №85

Good place to see a movie at a great price.

Review №86

Nice setting. Great location

Review №87

Review №88

While the prices can be a tad overpriced, the employees are very friendly and helpful. Tim the general manager is very friendly and knowledgeable, and will talk to you about anything. Even though the theaters are not as large, I highly recommend this AMC over the Grand Prairie location due to the customer service.

Review №89

Prices in afternoon are only 3.99 which is fantastic. However concessions are higher.

Review №90

Clean. Good theatres. Good selection for concessions.

Review №91

Service is it nice Inside and cool never hot inside and popcorn great the seat comfortable too.

Review №92

Awesome place to see movies inexpensively!

Review №93

Staff is very friendly. The theater itself seems like it needs some TLC. The seats are uncomfortably low, whether its the seats themselves or the broken down cushions, Im not sure. But to sit through a two+ hour movie really takes a toll on the body. But as I said...The staff is friendly, so that is why I gave 4 stars.

Review №94

Not bad very clean, and the sound system was great. Only thing i would say is the seats are not that comfy. Seems that the seat part had a big gap to where you could not sit staight up into the seat.

Review №95

Came and watched Halloween...Seats are uncomfortable, plus your Staff needs to come in and Stand inside the Door. I had to tell a couple to stop talking. It ruined it for me.

Review №96

Our favorite place for movies! Yes, snack prices are high; however, name me a theater where they arent! Cant wait til they get their new popcorn buckets so we can join the club!

Review №97

This is not a nice cinema. Its ok if you are by yourself or are doing a matinee. 3d really sucks here. Seats suck. Popcorn sucks. But hey if you want cheap seats for your 5 yr old. ..its not that bad.

Review №98

Saw Aladdin here. Always a childhood place to come see movies.

Review №99

Was very enjoying good popcorn

Review №100

Most of the screens have water damage and the seats arent raised to prevent people from blocking the view. The aisles are also in the middle, so when someone leaves, they get in the way of the movie. The positive thing is that usually it is cheaper than other theaters.

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3.9 Rating
  • Address:40 Sunnyland Plaza, Washington, IL 61571, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 309-745-1315
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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