Marquee Cinemas - Orchard 10
1311 NJ-37 W, Toms River, NJ 08755, United States

Review №1

I love this theater! Staff is pleasant and seats are very comfortable! I also love discount Tuesdays, but Popcorn etc are very expensive.

Review №2

This theater keeps these lights on (pic attached) throughout the whole movie that are too bright to keep on during a film. It really did affect the quality of what we were viewing. I asked about it afterward and they said its something they have to keep on because people could trip as they go down the stairs, but every other theater everywhere else has some sort of lightning that is low at foot level to help you find your step, and this theater had those as well, but they just also had these annoying lights that were high up. I understand the need for safety, but it should not be at the expense of the quality of your viewing experience.Update: I have seen another movie in this theater since the time that I posted this, and those lights up above were turned off. So the experience was better

Review №3

Great theater but it was a $50 night. The chairs are like livingroom recliners. The chairs are covered in a vinyl material. When I sat down I was thinking do they ever wipe these things down? We had fun; the movie was good and the popcorn buttery.

Review №4

Horrible experience! My grandson got bedbug bites sitting in the movie theater. We discovered it after the movie was over and we returned home. Called the theater and informed them of the situation, and they told me they would get an exterminating service to take care of the problem. Will never return to this theater again!

Review №5

Very comfortable..clean.. good price

Review №6

Very nice theater. Good selection of films. Reasonable prices. Friendly staff.

Review №7

Very good movie spot to hang with friends and family

Review №8

Since they upgraded and put those comfy recliners in i love it! Dont go if your tired you will definitely fall asleep and miss your movie.

Review №9

Wonderful place for $8.75 on senior day which is Tuesday, they have the reclining chairs. It was wonderful

Review №10

Awesome. Great customer service, candy and movie selection. The chairs are awesome, reclining is a breeze. Love the great sound in the theaters.

Review №11

Best movie theater in Ocean County ... Place is well run, seats are comfortable, screens, projectors, and sound systems are all too notch

Review №12

Really great with stadium seating, havent stayed awake since they were installed (just kidding)!. Easy to get to and plenty of parking!

Review №13

Seating is great, atmosphere is fantastic, most of the help are nice, service could be a little faster but that may because of not enough help on busy nights- I say that because sometimes Ill come out in the middle of a movie and the line is way too long to wait without missing too much of the movie, lastly, the food choices could be a little better especially without the microwave but I guess thats the only way to be quick enough.All in all, you wont be disappointed.

Review №14

Lucky to have a nice theatre close-by but they just need to better maintain their restrooms!!

Review №15

Always packed, good luck finding a parking space. Very nice stadium seating auditoriums. Theres a slamming pizzaria I go to next store (Joey Ds) before my movies so I dont buy the movie theaters super over priced food.

Review №16

Love it here!!! Clean, friendly staff, comfy chairs. Great place to relax.

Review №17

Centrally located in Toms River and easy to get to. Saw Spider man Far from Home. When we got there we printed out our tickets which we ordered on the Fandango App. The tickets stated our movie screening time was canceled so we were quite annoyed since we received no notification before that point. Not sure whose fault that was. Had to track down an employee whom was taking tickets, which we learned was the manager. He explained there were technical problems with the theater our movie was playing in but that we could see the movie in a different unadvertised theater door number. So to recap, there was a lot of chaos at the theater but it all worked out in the end. Theater number 3 was nice with fully reclining seats. Sound quality was fine but not a Regal Experience. Hopefully this was a one time issue at this theater and not something that happens there too frequently. They could use a couple more staff members working. There was no one at the ticket help counter and the popcorn line was long.

Review №18

Just yesterday saw, Pokemon, Detective Pikachu. My family love Pokemon .Saved money by going in the afternoon rather than @ night. Like $4 or $5 per ticket x3.Movie theater has awesome lounge seats.Very friendly Service. Clean.

Review №19

A wonderful theater. Comfy reclining seats with good views. I havent used the refreshment counter. The bathrooms are nice & clean.

Review №20

Kinda disappointed for my first time here, everything was disorganized and not enough machines to buy tickets. Second we asked the ticket person if there was any seats left for a movie, but showed us seats for another movie and failed to tell us after we already bought the tickets. Third the snack concession stand barely had any options to choose from, and lastly the floor inside the theater after we handed our tickets were slippery causing an accident to happen. All this happened on December 28th at 6:25pm, learn from AMC please and get better

Review №21

Hate this theater now, the reserve seating always ends up making it difficult to get seats together with friends family. It also makes it impossible to decide to see a movie an hour or two before hand without being locked out of pretty much all of the seats but the front row.Also they have really let the theater go considering how new it is, not worth the aggravation, I will be going somewhere else.

Review №22

Love the place. Good service,comfortable seating

Review №23

I havent been to the Marquee Cinema in about 2 years. We were impressed with new recliner seating. Pricing is also more now for a matinee 2 tickets about $18.50. I guess we have to pay for the comfortable recliners. Overall nice experience today. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody. Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon.

Review №24

Such a comfortable place to see a movie. The best sests around. Great sound system.

Review №25

Love that you can select your own seat! The Marquee has been totally redone. The seats all recline and are extremely comfortable. Dont forget to check for their Tuesday and Wednesday specials sll summer long.

Review №26

The theaters no longer darken to an acceptable level during the movie, for the safety of their large elderly clientele. So bad the side lights light up the screen.

Review №27

Comfortable chairs, clean restrooms - we miss the movies!!

Review №28

Reserved seats, plush, tiered, modern theater.

Review №29

Excellent movie theater. It has those big comfy electric reclining seats and stadium seating.

Review №30

Employees were nice and the theater is a nice. Id go again to enjoy the classic flims they screen. But i am not a fan of the food they serve. Food is microwaved and to me personally was no good. I had a hot dog and pretzel bits with cheese. Popcorn was okay, but next time i go and get something itll be a soft drink and candy.

Review №31

Amazing the place is clean and the reclining seats are very comfortable! Would recommend to everyone who likes the movies!

Review №32

Prices are so ridiculous here and most places. Where my sister lives in Illinois, there is a beautiful 12 movie theatre that charges $5 all day on Tuesday for every movie AND gives you a free small popcorn. The place is packed every week. They are thinking of adding an additional day since they make more money on Tuesdays than the entire rest of the week. Wish our local theatres would do something like that!

Review №33

Theyve got restrictions on drink and popcorn refills that feel are just to save a few bucks instead of putting the customer first. Great service professionals. Movie experience was great.

Review №34

Seating is so comfortable. Theater was clean. Popcorn delicious!

Review №35

Seats are crazy comfortable. They recline very spa is as well.

Review №36

First time ever been to this theater. But once I got everything figured out it was simple. Theater was clean attendances very polite

Review №37

Great theatre with stadium seating, for a better view than traditional theatres. They also offer some theaters with recliners.

Review №38

Just came here to see a movie with the kids. I had not been in a while. I did not realize that they converted the theater to those reclining seats. So pre ordering the tickets seems like a must. But you can do that online with their website. Although we definitely had issues doing it from our phones. Was better but still had some problems when doing it on a regular computer.

Review №39

I love this movie theature comfortable seats great movie

Review №40

Its an overpriced movie theatre with comfy seats and good staff that keep it clean. Go go so you can tell your grandkids what a movie theatre was like back in the old days.

Review №41

Very nice smaller theater with a older demographic.Reclining leather seated and very competitively priced tickets.

Review №42

Comfortable seats, good food, friendly service! But if you get cold easily I’d bring a sweater or blanket, it gets a little chilly!

Review №43

Beautiful movie theater and great recliner seats but it was hot, humid and smelled a bit like mold in theatre number 8 last night at 8:00 pm. They really need to turn on the air conditioning in this place. It made for an uncomfortable 3 hour plus movie.

Review №44

Will never go to another theater. So nice, so clean. The new seating are reclining and there is NO seat in the theater that gives you a terrible view. 100% awesome!

Review №45

First time at this theater. not bad at all/comfortable/got free poster and enjoyed some family time

Review №46

Small theater with great chairs. Prices are on the high side.

Review №47

Good place had lots of fun its a special memori Ill never forget

Review №48

Best seating anywhere and best prices. Love the stadium reclining seats!

Review №49

Had a bday party here and it was affordable and fantastic!

Review №50

Its good good place me and mom LOVED IT

Review №51

First time attending and will definitely be a return customer. Seating was comfortable and theater was clean. I would have given 5 stars but my husband asked for help finding our seats since lights had already gone down and we didnt know the layout and the person said you will be fine and walked away.

Review №52

Lights in theater are way too bright. Ruins contrast on the screen.

Review №53

Great seats. Just alittle loud for sensitive ears. Everyone is very nice.

Review №54

Very comfy chairs ... first class plane style

Review №55

This place has recently turned into a littered dirty pig pen. Went last night to see a movie... Didnt seem quite as bad. At least there wasnt a ton of popcorn and wrappers all over the main area and there actually was someone to take your ticket this time.

Review №56

I have loved this theater for a very long time. It is clean,comfortability and easy access for people with disabilities. The downside to this theater, is the assigned seating. Recently my wife and I went for a date, but couldnt get 2 seats together. We ended up leaving and coming back another day. Today we had a party of 4 and wanted to sit together but couldnt get 4 seats together. We ended up sitting in seats C8 & C9 while our friends were in C1 & C2. Meanwhile the theater was empty until minutes before the movie. They should sell seats first come, first served. Everyone would still have seen the movie but no one would have to split up. The kiosk idea is great, but the execution has failed terribly. This theater was a 5 star theater . Now giving them 3 stars is being extremely generous!

Review №57

Was in watching avengers endgame. Felt my leg hairs moving and thought it was just a fly so I swatted my hand and ignored it. Then I felt it again so I shined my phone light and I noticed there was a huge cockroach on my leg and one on my seat crawling towards my knee I swatted them off me in a panic and got up immediately. Looked at the seat and noticed there was another roach crawling towards my son and we all got up in a panic. My family and the people in my row got up and moved away in disgust. Please hire an exterminator. This is the best movie theater in the Toms River area and my family loves coming here but I’m too scared to come back now if there’s a roach infestation and if they’ll crawl on me again.

Review №58

The new reclining seats are tier grade and perfect. Management has been very helpful with solving many technical issues. The employees are constantly on the move which is awesome, they have no time to waste time! The screen is perfect and the audio is even better no matter where you are in the theater. Even the first few rows are pretty decent with the recliners. The popcorn taste great and even smells great.The only downside I see is how some customers treat the employees at this theater. My only advice to those who are coming into any theater is, dont ruin someone elses day whether they are an employee or just another customer waiting in line because you had one bad day.

Review №59

Great place to watch a movie. Seats are comfortable

Review №60

Really disappointing. Spent over $60 on tickets to go with my Family the Friday after Thanksgiving to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. Arrived 15 minutes early to get popcorn and such. Waited in line at the only kiosk they have to get the tickets I purchased online for 10 minutes. The concession line was very long so I sent my family to wait on that line while I got the tickets. The concession line barely moved which turned out that they only had 3 registers open for. Waited. Waited. Then sent the kids in with my sister in law so they wouldnt miss the beginning of the movie. My brother and I waited for over 30 minutes to get popcorn and missed the first 40 minutes of the movie. Not one person apologized. I asked to speak to the manager but apparently he was too busy. I was fuming. Nice looking Theater but a terrible experience. There is ZERO customer service here. I will not be back.

Review №61

They keep the side lights on and they are so bring. Very distracting and kind of ruins the whole experience.

Review №62

Comfortable theater with stadium seating. Good selection of movies, friendly staff

Review №63

Friendly staff, excellent facility, and wonderful viewing experience.

Review №64

Great place. Go see your movies there!

Review №65

Best theater ever. The seats are so nice. Every seat is a comfy leather power recliner. The staff is friendly and the snacks are good.

Review №66

Always clean, friendly staff, and good snickie snacks.

Review №67

Very comfortable seats, buy tickets in advance, line too long

Review №68

This movie theater used to be okay. Now, ever since the seats and the inside of the theater rooms got redone, this place is immaculate. The food and the prices are typical. The staff is nice and helpful. The overall movie experience is the best in the area. 5/5.

Review №69

The new recliner seating is super cool and comfortable. Pretty clean theater. They do not take American Express card, so be prepared. Overall good experience.

Review №70

Great automatic reclining seats. Popcorn and soda refills. Definitely will come back.

Review №71

Everything about this location makes it an excellent choice. Convenient location, adequate parking, reclining chairs, and everything is overall pretty clean (the lobby, the theaters and the restrooms.) Concessions are much the same as any theater, EXPENSIVE, but our popcorn was hot and fresh. The prices arent a surprise since I anticipate spending more on snacks than the ticket.The website is easy to navigate for movie times, and you can purchase tickets in advance.

Review №72

Found theater to be clean and spacious. Seats are the reclining type and comfortable. Theater staff was friendly and polite.

Review №73

Great place to go see Movies. Its clean and they have the reclining chairs. So as long as you dont fall asleep from being soooooo comfortable, you should have a great time and enjoy the movie.

Review №74

Love this theater, clean, and Staff very friendly!

Review №75

I loved the seats and that you have to reserve your seating. Makes it a lot easier. Seats were comfortable and clean. Sound quality was pretty good. However, bathrooms were GROSS. Like Walmart on Black Friday gross. Desperately need an update and someone to clean them regularly. In addition, I felt there were too many lights on during the film. I had a hard time seeing some of the darker scenes because the lights were so bright in the theater. I mean, with all the scary stuff in the world, Im sure this is a security reason, but it really made it hard to see the whole film. I thought maybe it was just me until I just read a few other reviews. Regardless, it wasnt bad (just hold your bladder) and we will go back.

Review №76

Very comfortable. Midway a must see.

Review №77

We saw the first showing of Bohemian Rhapsody this evening. We loved the buy tickets in advance and reserved seating options. It was soooooo easy!The staff, from the young man who gave us our tickets, to the young ladies who served us our soda and popcorn were amazing!The restroom was squeaky clean and well lit! Love that.The theater we saw the movie in was smaller than the ones Ive seen other movies in, cozy, with leather statium/reclining seating.If you want that home theater experience, this is perfect!!!Keep up the good work!!!

Review №78

The service was good. The seating was very comfortable. The theater was very clean. Only issue a man came in after movie started and kept stepping on our feet claiming he couldnt see and dumped my drink and never apologized. But otherwise we had a good experience.

Review №79

We go here frequently! It is always clean and the staff is always courteous and friendly.

Review №80

Always excited the luxury and hospitality is what we love most. Recommendations must visit again.

Review №81

Spotlessy clean theaters and polite and helpful employees.

Review №82

Wow if you want to watch the movie and feel comfortable go to this place, good stuff too

Review №83

New comfortable reclining seats makes all the difference. Its like sitting in your living room relaxing !!!!!

Review №84

Tickets powered by NCR doesnt work. No one answers the phone. Wanted to see a movie but couldnt buy tickets on line. Cant say it is bad service since I couldnt get any service at all.

Review №85

Amazing. excellent atmosphere.. the seats are like couches in theater 7 comfortable and stylish. Sorry no pics.

Review №86

Always go there to see a good movie

Review №87

I saw the Lion King 2019 today it was a movie, but the original is always the best

Review №88

Love this theater! I go out of my way to see movies here!

Review №89

Best Comfortable fully reclining seats!!! We had a hard time staying awake for the whole movie!!! lol

Review №90

Love taking kids here every chance I get very nice clean and the people a great

Review №91

Clean theatre with cozy reclining seats! We saw Bohemian Rhapsody that was awesome! Great sound and viewing!

Review №92

Setting the standard for movie theaters in the area.When Marquee opened a few years ago, they put all other local movie theaters to shame, and still do.Their digital projectors have stunning quality and the sound systems are top notch.A lot of theaters are adopting this trend of eat-in, and selective seating with electric recliners, etc. I dont want to have to reserve my seats for a movie - I just want to watch the movie in considerable comfort! Marquee does that just fine. Marquees seating is spacious and has a good amount of leg room. Im a big guy, and have never felt cramped - even in a sold out showing. The armrests go up, so you could spread out if its not a packed theater, or to hold your honey close without the obstacle.The floors are rarely ever sticky or gross - the theaters are overall very well kept. Bathrooms are clean as well.Recently, they have added flashback movie nights, which I think is an outstanding feature. Being able to watch old movies again on the big screen is a great treat.All in all - you really cant beat Marquee to catch a flick.Pair it with something from one of the adjacent eateries - everything from burgers and pizza to burritos and Chinese - and youve got a great day ahead of you.

Review №93

Great seats, great food, but the snacks could be cheaper

Review №94

Wish movies did intermissions, but it was nice

Review №95

Great movie. A Dogs way home. Best seats around. Just like being at home. Worth the money.

Review №96

Wow!A Very nice movie theater. The legroom is huge. The seatings are extremely comfortable with electric reclining chairs. I will go there again and recommend it to everyone.

Review №97

Great customer service.... Love the seating

Review №98

Very comfortable seating and temperature.Staff was friendly

Review №99

Ice theater very comfortable seats pleasant personal.

Review №100

Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody!! Seats were so comfy ....( If the movie wasnt so incredibly wonderful...could have taken a nap).

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  • Address:1311 NJ-37 W, Toms River, NJ 08755, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 732-341-7469
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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