Hometown Cinemas Terrell
301 Tanger Dr #206, Terrell, TX 75160, United States

Review №1

I am glad its open again and I enjoyed 2 movies, one by myself and the other with just one person

Review №2

Nice a little on the old side but I love it

Review №3

Had a great time! Movie quality & sound was excellent. The seats are unbelievably comfortable . The young people taking food & drink orders at our seats were very friendly & knowledgeable. Popcorn was good too!

Review №4

I enjoy driving down from Dallas to watch a movie here in Terrell. Not so much the price but I like the theater, the snack prices are better and even include a refill, not that I use it but certainly a plus. Movie picture and sound are good and just a good trip to make.

Review №5

Good ticket prices (although concessions are always crazy high except for hot dogs).

Review №6

This movie theater is great! You can dine in and get a good meal at decent price. You can also bowl and have the kids play in the arcade! We visit this location quite often!

Review №7

Love this movie theater! Its never really busy. The seats are comfortable, and the price is not bad as far as the movie goes.

Review №8

Even with smaller crowds due to the virus we got exceptional service. The theater was clean and the movie was excellent.

Review №9

Its clean, audio perfect not too loud or too quiet. The person at the front is kind. I really like this place. I reccomend!

Review №10

I love this place because it provides that home feeling without over crowding. The prices are great and the refill popcorn is amazing.

Review №11

My favorite theater. No catered food, just the usual snack stuff. Great popcorn. New Movies come out on Thursday for preview. Just a great small place to go. Enjoy the popcorn while youre there. Happy viewing!

Review №12

Great price great food friendly service

Review №13

My family has gone here for years. Good prices. Great employees. Current movies. The seats could use a deep cleaning. I give them ten stars for the kids Summer Movie program. They show FREE movies at 10:00 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the summer. Each week is a different movie.

Review №14

Love the small hometown movie theater experience. The great staff kept it pretty clean and made for a great time for my kids and I on a rainy day.

Review №15

O love it no line good prices for the movies just so great

Review №16

Admission price is good but concession prices are high. The seating is great but there is mildew floating in the area around the bathroom faucets. Staff is friendly. Overall, its a pleasant experience worth the price.

Review №17

Good price for matinee. Good sound and picture quality. Older theater but in good shape.

Review №18

Nice place, good prices, nice people, high recommendations

Review №19

Priced soo low they cant keep the place clean. Broken items abound. Wouldnt be surprised if its out of business within a year.

Review №20

For a cheap or on a budget date this is your spot. When we went we got two tickets to a marvel movie, a medium drink, a pickle, two hot dogs and a churro for all under $20. The theater is very small, it’s inside an outlet shopping center but they still manage to show a variety of movies. It’s kept fairly clean from my own experiences. The staff that day were very nice and polite. Overall it’s an inexpensive place it does need some minor updates here and there but for an average of $4 a tickets you really can’t complain.

Review №21

One of the cheaper hotels vs other places like AMC, SMG, and Alamo Drafthouse $6.50 per adult. Plus its usually never packed even when movies come out.

Review №22

Overall a small cinema. Great to take kids as long as other parents watch and keep small children quite. This particular visit was the best experience Ive had. A couple had a small child and didnt keep the child quite during movie and also let her run around the theater. Very disrespectful to other people trying to watch and enjoy the movie.

Review №23

Overall this has been an amazing place to go see the latest movies. Despite this cinema being smaller than others, each room provides you with comfortable seats to relax and enjoy your movie on big screens. Concession stays at reasonable prices and workers are very friendly. In addition to buying your tickets there, you can also buy tickets online. I definitely recommend this cinema to those wanting the most of their movie theater experience!

Review №24

It is a smaller theater and older, however its hard to beat the matinee deals and Tuesday deals. Enjoy taking our family there.

Review №25

This is the best cute cinema . They are nice and friendly . They have good prices

Review №26

Great, small town vibe here. Cheap tickets and reasonably priced snacks. Free refills on large popcorn!

Review №27

Friendly people, decent price. Small theater for a good $

Review №28

Nice theatre. Right in the middle of Tanger Outlet Mall.

Review №29

The ticket prices are good. The seating is quite uncomfortable. The $1 hot dogs are good but they were out of chili. Popcorn is a little pricey.

Review №30

The concessions and employees were great but the theater was TERRIBLE! Most chairs were broken, so we had to hunt around for enough functioning seats in a row for our family to sit. Employees were friendly and professional.

Review №31

We had a great time we went to see Dora the Explorer it is nice and clean the workers are really nice and

Review №32

First Run movies. Reasonable seat pricing. Friendly staff that work as a team to serve customers.

Review №33

I usually love this place however the last time I went was not very enjoyable. The ticket prices are great but the staff was pretty terrible that night. Instead of working the counter and paying attention to the customers they were hiding in the back talking and messing around every time a customer left the counter. I could not find the popcorn salt and after asking the ticket taker because I could not get the attention of the concession staff, they said they were sorry they had lost the shaker. The popcorn was stale tasting anyway and at the price for concessions, I felt sort of cheated. I didnt feel like there was a point to ask for some fresh popcorn by then. By the time I got out the movie it looked like they were trying to rush you out, half the lights were out and it was hard to see to walk out through the lobby. The bathrooms were pitch dark so I hoped no one else needed to go. I suppose the night crew didnt care and was in a hurry to go home because it looked like there was just one person left there to hold the door. If it is inconvenient dont show a movie around that time.I may go back during the day, maybe the day shift actually tries to work.

Review №34

This a a must theater if you live close. They are always showing new movies. Buttered popcorn of course. its always good. Clean and super friendly people.

Review №35

Perfect for a great /fantastic price. Big new releases are accessible right away. Kid friendly! One can buy tickets online as well.

Review №36

A PERFECT location for my cousin from Dallas to meet up with me, so we can catch New Releases, and avoid the 1 weekend crowds from Big D or Lil T!

Review №37

Great place to watch a show you want to see.

Review №38

We have gone to the shows there several times & eachtime, didnt have any problems. Treats cost a little more, but they have great new movies. My wife has even gone up there at night to watch a show without being affraid. The biggest problem is trying to decide which show you want to watch.

Review №39

Always good with movies but like why are you so strict on age thing like my mom knows what Im watching comes in and asks can I just give permission and yall are always like no sorry let me go to film ally

Review №40

For the most part, its a good place to go see a movie. Last visit tho the screen had what looks like double exposure. Maybe it cant handle the 4k? Not sure what the problem was but it was not a pleasant experience

Review №41

Loved the shopping center more. crear deals

Review №42

I go here two or three times a month. Its not fancy but the people are friendly and the movies are great!

Review №43

Great place to take the family. Kids loved it

Review №44

Ticket prices are low. Food is typically priced for movie theatres. They have hot dogs, popcorn, pickles, nachos with cheese and various candies.

Review №45

The smaller theaters make for a better movie experience. Love this place.

Review №46

We happy

Review №47

Clean decent movie with friendly people. Seats are nearly worn out which get uncomfortable after an hour. Decent snacks, great kids working there, enjoyable movies for decent prices

Review №48

Cool workers always CLEAN. Good prices . dollar hotdogs alaways got fun movies . staff is friendly .

Review №49

Went to a Sunday matinee. Prices were great, but popcorn was awful, the place was filthy. I saw a few seats that were out of commission and heard others talking about other broken seats. When the movie was supposed to start there was some discussion of whether wed have sound. We did and the sound and picture were great. You do get great seats in a small theater. It makes up for the lack of cleanliness. Im surprised that I read so many other reviews saying it was clean. Maybe today was a bad day,

Review №50

Great prices and seats are comfortable.

Review №51

Clean, first run movies, best ticket prices in a 20 mile radius.

Review №52

Friendly customer service and great tickets prices! Will be coming back for sure

Review №53

Great prices and very friendly service! I have been going to this theatre for over 3 years and have never had a bad thing to say

Review №54

I love the movies. Hometown has all the essentials there on the premises, but I do wish they would start like a rewards program. I would sure join it.

Review №55

Great fun and awesome service.

Review №56

Really nice and clean place

Review №57

Just the regular small town cinema. Staff is very friendly and helpful. If you want good seats during new release make sure to get early. Terrell is small town with few amenities.

Review №58

Holy cow so why on earth would you go to the new theater when this place has tickets for 4 dollars . I paid 4 bucks to watch the avengers endgame today. The drinks and popcorn are just as pricey but it was 10 bucks total.

Review №59

I like the hometown Cinema. They keep their movie prices low and thats a good thing. Then I can afford the popcorn and a drink

Review №60

1st time there. The employees were nice and the place was clean. The prices are great, especially on tickets before 6 and concessions. I saw the bad reviews before and they must have went on an off day.

Review №61

Great prices on tickets & food. Lines move fast. Never so crowded you can’t find a seat.

Review №62

Enjoy supporting local businesses like Hometown Cinema in Terrell. Price is right.

Review №63

It’s cheap. Decent movies show. Does smell like pee sometimes, spent more on snack than the actual movie tickets, then later on as we were eating the popcorn found a piece of chewed gum. Pretty much gagged at the fact and went and told them. They didn’t even say sorry. They just gave me another refill like nothing happened. Staff needs to be more clean.

Review №64

Low prices and good food!!!! Nice kids that work there too!

Review №65

Great employees and service all around, cheap for everything your getting.

Review №66

I love this theater because ticket prices and snack prices are reasonable and its never overly busy. Great place to see a movie!

Review №67

THEY DO NOT SHOW BLACK CINEMA ! A year ago it was awful it smelled to many loud kids which I don’t really mind . What I really want an answer to is why they do not show current black films ? Last year I couldn’t see Get out there because they never showed it. I honestly figured it was because it was rated r and it’s a family place right ? Well last night the new Halloween was playing but not the hate we give .... hmm wonder why . So it’s obviously not an r rated thing it’s something else . They do not promote Black cinema here the place smells like cats and it’s far to dirty .

Review №68

Love this theater. Its not expensive & usually not crowded. Beats driving to the bigger theaters in Rockwall, Forney or Mesquite.

Review №69

Great price point, and a more intimate viewing, cannot beat the over-all value here.

Review №70

Matinee pricing was reasonable ($4); concessions were about normal.compared to other theaters. The only negative I have, is the seats arent that comfortable & some need repairs.

Review №71

I lile the place but I would suggest some chairs that are more comfy but either way really great just like any other move thyeter

Review №72

This is one of the cleanest movie theaters I have ever been too and the seating is very comfortable for a movie theater. The prices are very good too.

Review №73

I like this cinema not run over by a bunch of teenage thugs. You can sit and enjoy a movie and they give you refills.

Review №74

My dad lives near Terrell and we visit this theater quite often when Im with him. Love it! Small, yet very clean, good ticket prices, and great employee service! Plus, you cant beat $1 hot dogs.

Review №75

$4 matinee for a first run movie and comfortable seats!

Review №76

Had a great time watched Aladdin with my granddaughter

Review №77

Its fun good food not that many people which I like because when theres a lot you can hear them talk and it gets in the way of the movie I like the staff and the seats are good for people who are tall which I appreciate

Review №78

Located in the Tanger Outlet Mall in Terrell Texas, Great Matinee prices. For the past 2 years this Theater has offered a Free Summer Movie Viewing Program, that adds to my list of #ThingsToDo#WithKids#ForTheSummer, and Movie plans for later. Nice, Clean, and the staff is always kind, and very helpful

Review №79

Perfect place to watch a movie when on a budget. The seats are not the most comfortable but they are bearable.

Review №80

Great little place for a movie date with the fam.

Review №81

Great movi3s

Review №82

Best price in 3 countys!

Review №83

Clean and happy people at counter.Bumblebee movie all enjoyed.

Review №84

I drive an hour to get here because its cheap. I mean cheap. 22 bucks two adult tickets gigantic refillable popcorn and two giant sodas with cheap refill costs ( if they even charge you). Not a matinee this is on a Friday night. Sure its not brand new. No its not a giant theater with a million seats. But the movies look and sound good the seats are comfortable the theater is clean and its cheap. I have always disliked going to movie theaters because of large crowds and ridiculously over priced everything. I go here because Ive never experienced either of those things. If you live closer to another movie theater trying to charge you 10 bucks + a ticket take a drive and go here you shouldnt be disappointed. You might be if your all uppity and what not though. If thats the case quit being uppity.

Review №85

I love they are very nice and kind enough to take the time to treat there customers with 100% respect

Review №86

Prices and movie selections are great. Need to upgrade the seats; several are broken.

Review №87

Very clean and workers extremy helpful.

Review №88

Theatre in the half round. Some of the seating needs replaced. But great Senior and student discounts

Review №89

Small place but great movies

Review №90

Expensive drinks, but great theater experience.

Review №91

Best place in Terrell to catch a movie!!

Review №92

Old, but homey feeling. My entire family loves this theater.

Review №93

Enjoy going here to watch movies. Small and customer oriented

Review №94

It was a great experience I enjoyed Aquaman and I think Brooke is beautiful

Review №95

Great place for the family. Low cost and well maintained

Review №96

Good place to watch a movie.

Review №97

My first time coming here was to see Toy Story 4. The theater itself is super out dated, but my movie ticket was only 5 dollars. So You get what you pay for. -Wheezy

Review №98

Good prices but the seats are old and not comfortable

Review №99


Review №100

Went and saw First Man. The movie and the theater are great

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  • Address:301 Tanger Dr #206, Terrell, TX 75160, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 972-563-8606
  • Movie theater
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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