Get Air Trampoline Park
26201 Ynez Rd #101, Temecula, CA 92591, United States

Review №1

Good customer service. We liked how the littles ones had their designated area for themselves.

Review №2

I love this park! Met one of the owners of Get Air there and he made the park feel so welcoming. If I can give this park more than 5 stars, I would!!! Definitely gonna go back! Highly, HIGHLY, recommended to go there

Review №3

Great value. 4 hours for 20.00. 2 hrs of jump and almost 2hrs of free VR in the new gaming area next door. Admission is included in jump fee. For now.

Review №4

Its a wonderful place for the whole family. Enjoyed every minute i was there with my nieces. We all played hard and long. Make sure to keep your socks for the next time!

Review №5

I have a 3 year old and 9 year old they couldnt jump together had to leave .. even with covid restrictions ... zero stars

Review №6

There was too much joy and children and I hate both of those things

Review №7

Had a ball for veterans Day kids enjoyed themselves

Review №8

Why is their gaming area so hidden? You have to KNOW its there. Well equipped with luxurious seating (unless your at there benches), countless, yes countless high quality computers, huge projector monitors for critical game viewing (although there a likewise huge lag), and finally a pro streaming capable area. Oh and a well designated reporting station to inform of wins. Pro gaming arena on the rise. If you didnt have to go through a childrens bday party area to get to it, itd be literally perfect. Seriously, please work on that customer experience getting to the space. Seriously.

Review №9

Awesome, I had a lot of fun with my friends good for kids and teens, especially if you know how to do things such as flips. Dont recommend buying 2 hour only one hour is more than enough. It is very easy to get tired. And after playing in the trampoline really cool to go to the building next to it play some video games, loved it. Recommend it.

Review №10

This place is fun if you go early when it opens and get to bounce around pretty freely. Otherwise its total mayhem and taking out peoples children, I mean hey man whatever youre into. The first time you go you have to buy special socks for the equipment but you can use them again and again so it isnt too bad.

Review №11

We hosted a Variety Show event at Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools, and Get Air was very generous and donated some free passes for a raffle basket. We really appreciated their generosity!

Review №12

It was pretty good and fun but I think it could use some more things to do. Its obviously easy to get hurt but thats your problem. I think sometimes people leave reviews that are based on something THEY did wrong not the place and that makes me a big annoyed. Just says and Im not really trying to offend anyone and if I am well you probably deserve it.

Review №13

My kids have fun here. Wish there was a bit more to do, as it only occupies about an hour of time. Clean facility and nice staff

Review №14

Good place for exercise but it is sometimes humid inside like the AC isnt running.

Review №15

Nicely set up. Friendly staff, and clean bathrooms. Only downside is its not cool enough inside. They have fans setup around the place but the AC could be lower. We will definitely be back! Bring your own water bottle.

Review №16

The foam pit smells like what Agent Smith complains about in Matrix Reloaded. Outside of that its a great place to have family fun for non-alcoholic parents. If youre a parent that dont workout, chug a Monster and jump up and down at hard as you can for 30 seconds and youll find the energy source that gives crackheads their superspeed, oneness.

Review №17

I like all trampoline parks, this one is fun but needs some improvement. First there is no A/C, that’s not very fun for someone that gets tried easily. I feel like it’s a bit to small and staff is rude. But on the other hand it doesn’t smell bad, good prices (for a trampoline park) and is fun for kids. I personally think aero sports is better but Get air is definitely cleaner and a bit more safety friendly. Thank you

Review №18

You should open soon since esports stadium is open. Right next door which is connected to get air.

Review №19

It was really fun. First time here and my kids had such a blast. It was hot and muggy. I was not jumping so its not like I was working up a sweat. If the air conditioning was a bit higher this place would be perfect

Review №20

It’s a trampoline park. Not a very big place but there is still a lot of things for the kiddos to do. We had a our daughters bday party there and everyone had a great time. The staff was very helpful and friendly.

Review №21

Get Air is a fun place to go for kids and teenagers. If you have kids, they can jump on the trampolines, play in the dodgeball arena, run through the ninja course, and dive into the foam pit. If you have older kids who are “too old” for that, then they can play in defcon. In defcon, there are computers for playing on and virtual reality sets. This place is fun for kids of all ages!

Review №22

They dont have a food area to buy food and drinks like aeroports in murrieta. The only way to eat there is to buy a birthday party package.

Review №23

Get Air Temecula demonstrated their generosity and investment in the community by donating 4 jumper passes to the Temecula Valley High School Baseball program. We held our annual golf tournament on Nov 11, 2019 and their donation was part of a Family Time Raffle Basket. We raised $1500 in raffle ticket sales and we are so appreciative of their support!

Review №24

The kids really enjoyed this place, customer service awesome. On Saturday if you have special needs child between 8am to 10am, its just for them and the adult is free. The music but its played softly for autistic children. Highly recommend

Review №25

Fun for everyone, fair price, and clean.

Review №26

I have been to this facility several times over the years. A friend called and asked if I wanted to keep her company why her child and her friend played. Of course I went. I had so many great memories of taking my boys there with there friend. We walk in and the SMELL HITS YOU IN THE FACE. we thought it was because we were near the door and the air was stagnant. We pay put the socks on and start to walk in it seemed to get hotter.... we look around at the kids and they are dripping with sweat there faces flush red. And we realize that there is NO Air conditioning AT ALL IN THIS PLACE. While we kep our kids hydrated most others looked as if they were about to have heat stoke. There were fans yes fans that were places in some spots with extension cord being plugged into other extension cord to be able to reach the fans. To my knowledge is a fire hazard. It was 95 degrees today. Just imagine how hot it was in there. Someone is going to have a heat stroke and then the fire department will see what kind of things they are doing and this place will be shut down.. I hope you take what I am saying seriously Before someone does get hurt.Thank you,Barbara Walker

Review №27

My kids miss this place, I think parents miss it more lol! Please reopen soon

Review №28

Never coming back. its so small and then to have a group of GROWNUPS and im not talking about a small group im talking about 20 ppl playing in a kids area just to have my son get hurt by one them.

Review №29

We are new in town from the OC enjoying on the weekends Sky Zone and we stop at this place to check it out and Customer service was terrible, we were all disappointed...

Review №30

Great place for the little ones to burn off some excess energy.

Review №31

I jumped WITH my sons this time (Ive been wanting to jump for some time now) it was worth it. I got a work out, we had a blast and my sons loved the fact that I was jumping with them. They have a foam pit you can jump into, dodgeball, trampolines, little air trampoline area for toddlers 46 and under... Locker rooms are huge, locking lockers, bathrooms, and plenty of room to get the kids energy out(and yours if you like to have fun while adulting)...

Review №32

First impression its very small came for first time for my sons birthday we usually go to aero sports trampoline park but decided to try a new place. aerosports is much bigger with more to do. Get air is perfect for small kids but I brought a group of 8 kids ranging in age from 13-16. Another thing they dont have a snack bar they have drinks in machines and ice cream but thats it, very little sitting for the adults a few benches here and there. The trampoline area is very clean and looks well taken care of, the bathrooms were dirty and in ruff shape, the parking lot is dirty littered with trash. Its not a bad place just not what we are used to they need to ad more to do and definitely a sitting area for the parents

Review №33

Great place to take the kids. Air conditioned for lots of active play during the hot weather. The kids get to play hard with others or bounce independently. Kids coming home tired is a bonus for mon and dad.

Review №34

I was invited to a birthday party there and the AC wasnt working in the building. The thermostat said it was over 90 degrees in the kids room alone. Way too hot and not enough fans.

Review №35

Fun for the kids, prices are reasonable, but they lack any areas to really sit while the kids play, no sitting areas with outlets to charge your devices like Aerosports in Murrieta has.

Review №36

We visited your location in Temecula, California today. We are from the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. We entered the park at 118 (stamp in receipt) and paid for four children for 2 hours of jump time. At 3 PM my kids were all told they needed to get off the trampoline as their time was up. This was addressed with the clerk and she disagreed. Our kids removed their socks and put on their shoes only to have the same clerk say I gave them the wrong band color, Ill give them a new one and they can jump til 330.This is poor service in my opinion. My kids wouldve had to remove jackets and shoes, get new bands, etc. We paid $67 or so for the visit and honestly were cut short by 80 minutes because FOUR kids were jumping.POOR business practice! Staff need to regulate the flow of customers better and I can definitely tell you it was NOT busy!! Very poor impression of this establishment and I have one within 45 minutes of my home.Itd be nice if Get Air would take ownership of their staffs mistake.

Review №37

Fun place! Will definitely be returning soon.

Review №38

Air conditioner was not working and they did not inform us before paying and wouldn’t give us a refund. It was hotter inside then it was outside and I almost passed out because it was so hot. Staff said it was too expensive to run the air because it was such a big area to cool down...

Review №39

Good place to take the kids and have fun

Review №40

I don’t recommend anyone to go to this place, they don’t have any experience and they are not nice with kids. It was the worst experience for my nephews, they hated the place and the staff

Review №41

Had a blast with my daughter today. Very fun place

Review №42

Fun place, nice kids working there. 9 year old daughter had a blast.

Review №43

Poor experience and bad management and customer service teenagers are watching the kids with no experience and so rude to everyone! It’s my first and last time going there. Don’t recommend it to any family or friends

Review №44

Would be five stars if Defcon was still there. Otherwise, its just another trampoline park.

Review №45

Great place to take the kids; prices stew moderate but staff is super friendly

Review №46

The place wasnt bad but the no ac was horrible at times we had to go outside to cool was not a good first time experience.hope it improves it ac problem..

Review №47

Great place for my nephews pretty good pizza,salads and sticks and great trampolines for kids of all ages.

Review №48

My kids always enjoy an afternoon jumping around here!! Great helpful staff .

Review №49

My son loves this place. Prices are reasonable.

Review №50

We had fun jumping here!

Review №51

My cousins had a great time jumping around and having as well .

Review №52

The same is super professional, we enjoyed our time here

Review №53

Great place for the kids. You can watch them from one spot, you dont have to follow them around to see them. But they want you to so go. The young people that work there are so friendly and are right on the money for working. They keep it a safe environment. Cant wait to go back!

Review №54

1st timers! The facility was clean and offered variety. The staff were very friendly and accessible.

Review №55

Omg I hate the fact that they have to separate the kids.. toddlers on one side. Me as a single parent cant be at 2 places at once and I will not leave my 8 year old alone. Or my under 2 kids under 4 alone. Will not be coming here again

Review №56

Get Air of Temecula has always been supportive of our schools events and offering donations when we have requested them. We are grateful for their generosity. Murrieta Elementary School PTC

Review №57

Take the kids and step back while they expend all their energy and you take a breathe of AIR for the first time all week.Great Place, lots of fun...

Review №58

Cheap! Clean! Easy Breezy, Kids Loved it! Party packs are really reasonable too.

Review №59

This place used to be a lot better when they had the airsoft gun battles. Now.they just have the pure trampoline. So its okay

Review №60

I had a great time watching the grandkids playing and jumping. It was a great time for us

Review №61

This place is fantastic, I took my twin grandkids for toddlers morning (Tuesday and Thursday) they loved it and so did I. The place is so clean and well cared. The staff is super friendly and attentive. We will go back again and again.

Review №62

My grandsons birthday we had a fantastic time the only problem was the massage chairs kept going off every time people sat on

Review №63

This place was cool my sons birthday was a hit!!

Review №64

Very pleasing to the eye however let me say dont waste your money!I spent 54 dollars for 3 people to jump for 2 hours and my son is 3 and under their 48 inch rule of no kids under that height can be in the main section. And my son wanted to jump with his dad and auntie and they wouldnt let him. The place is small to begin with but very clean and nice looking.It was way over crowded and not enough room to jump. I ended up leaving because my son was upset that he couldnt jump with his dad amd it was too crowded. I asked the lady for a refund of the hour that we wouldnt be there and she gave me attitude. At first she wouldnt give it to me and i told her i would give the place a bad review and she said there wasnt anything she could do. After asking for the manager she was like i am the manager! Well she finally refunded me 21 dollars back and i will never go there again!

Review №65

It was fun, the kids had a blast doing something different . Big space cool trampoline layouts made it fun and let you try different things. For example a basketball hoop and a dodgeball room as well as a slackrope . There was a cool obstacle coarse but it was under constriction.It was about $12 per person and you have to watch an instruction video while you fill out a waiver for each person.Dont forget grip socks if you do they have some for sale for about $3. Other than that it was a blast! Stay informed stay in control

Review №66

What a great place to bring the whole family!! My niece and nephew had a blast jumping around and even us adults had a great time trying the slack line and diving into the foam pit!

Review №67

It was so hot in their the temperature reader said that it was 80°F in the room and it sure felt like it.

Review №68

Kids had a ball, I did some jumping around too. In the back was a slackline setup I spent a fair amount of time on

Review №69

Kids had a blast. Will definitely be going back

Review №70

I have hade great experiences every time I have been to Get Air. They have great setups, very big, nice workers and clean bathrooms. I have come here many times with friends and family its a safe place where you can bring little kids, they have their little kids jump area and a bigger area for older kids. They are very nice I had a scout fundraiser for my scout camp and they were very generous to donate baskets to auction off that we may earn our necessary funds so that we may go to our camp. Havent had a bad experience yet!!

Review №71

I love jumping here

Review №72

Great place to hang out with friends and bounce around! I come here all the time and have never been disappointed! I love this place! Also the grip socks they sell are awesome and work very well, they look really cool too!

Review №73

How fun are get air trampoline,I meeted Diego and Justice.

Review №74

Revival Moms loves to come to Get Air in Temecula. When you are a mom of toddlers the best gift you can give your self is good old jumping fun for your kiddo and an amazing nap after. Get Air is clean and so much fun.

Review №75

Attended a birthday, the kids had a blast! Face painting, fresh popped popcorn & balloon animals were all inclusive.. even a comfy room for parents with complementary coffee..

Review №76

Vending machines kept taking my money and it was hot I guess air was broke

Review №77

Our grandson cant wait to go to his next class. They do keep the kids busy and learning new movement skills.

Review №78

I love this place! They always have some discounts somewhere online and it gives the kids a place to get rid of some energy and have fun. They have an obstacle course, slack line, dodgeball, free jump areas, foam pit and a good sized toddler area for little ones. This place is a lot of fun!

Review №79

This place is actually a lot of fun for both parents and kids. Its basically a giant trampoline park. They have a little obstacle course and a foam pit. A lot of fun for a reasonable price.

Review №80

It was fun until my son fell through the side of the safety net. We are lucky he was alright.

Review №81

This is the perfect place to get away from screens, and have a blast with your kids

Review №82

Fun one of the more smaller trampoline parks but overall great, fantastic.

Review №83

Great place, better than aero sports. A bit hectic during defcon, but ref defiantly knew what he was doing. The place its self is okay, the 5 stars are really for the workers. If I could give 6 stars, I would.... But I guess 5 could do.Keep up the good work guys.

Review №84

Monte Vista Elementary School PTA asked Get Air if theyd like to make a donation towards an upcoming raffle event that well be hosting at our Monte Fest this October 2017. Get Air Kindly donated a Gift Basket with socks, bottle water, shirt and jumping passes and other goodies.Thank You Very Much Get Air!!- PTA Ways and Means Volunteer.

Review №85

Really fun place To take your kids to get their energy out!!! They have multiple jump areas, dodgeball area, and a jungle gym

Review №86

I only have video... Youll want to video your kids having a blast and getting themselves tired so they go to sleep early... So that way you can enjoy a nice beer or ten... It is clean, and the crowd is welcoming...

Review №87

Good pricing and chill staff. unless u hide in the foam pit lol

Review №88

Its a very fun place, but not enough to do for kids under 46 inches.

Review №89

What a great and inexpensive way to have healthy fun with your kids. 4 stars only because it was a long wait to check in. Approximately 20-25 minute wait. I dont know if that was due to short staffing or an unexpected amount of customers at that moment.The kids had a lot of fun, there were plenty of staff on the floor watching each area. Most of them were warm and kind to speak to, a couple were all business but as long as theyre keeping the kids safe Im ok with a bland personality lol.The place was neat and clean and I routinely saw staff adjusting mats for safety. Attentive to detail. Definitely a great way to kill a couple of hours for a low price.

Review №90

Ok for the price. AeroSports and SkyZone are much better. Kids still had fun. Groupon

Review №91

I had fun there. Dont like being forced to buy socks but I did get military discount. Kid area very small. Overall strict rules.

Review №92

My kids love this place but there are other options in the area and they say theyd rather go to the other parks only cause it is so hot in this place. They never have the a/c on there are a bunch of fans blowing hot air around the whole place other than that the place is good.

Review №93

Fun place! Very clean and friendly. Employees are very kind and helpful. Would come again!

Review №94

Smaller venue, safer for little kids because they are separated from the bigger kids and easier for parents to look after them. The staff is always friendly and professional.

Review №95

Love it here can’t wait to come back

Review №96

Zero star on this place. I highly don’t recommend this location for any family. Very rude staffing and extremely rude manager.

Review №97

Place is okay but the party planning was poor. Long queues to use the waiver computers, after which you queue again to get the wristbands, not that anybody was checking for wristbands at the entrance. In fact they seemed to be very short staffed, with nobody supervising the younger kids area.Pizzas for the party arrived late, in two batches, and no loudspeaker call to the kids and parents so we had to round them up. By the time the pizzas were delivered to the party room we were told we had 18 minutes to eat, do the birthday cake, and get out. Considering we were spending nearly $1000 at this place, this kind of disorganization and rushing was unacceptable.The pizzas themselves cost $18 each, cheese or pepperoni only. Theyre supplied by an external restaurant. The pepperoni ones had just 1-2 thin slices of pepperoni per pizza slice. Edible but the quality was more like the $5-6 pizzas at Little Caesars. You can bring your own food but have to pay $$$ for doing so.The host left 4 boxes of ice cream in the party room. Somewhat confusing as there were nearly 4 times as many as needed. Confusion cleared up when the host complained that wed eaten more than our share, after which she put the half melted cups back in the freezer for the next party. What is their food safety rating, I wonder?When paying we were offered the chance to tip our host. Much hilarity. No.Probably a good enough place to visit for a regular session. Party? Never again.

Review №98

If you have a child that over 46 and a child under 46 there is no way to be able to supervise both of the children at the same time. Seems silly to me...we wont be jumping at get air.

Review №99

Family had alot of fun thats all that matters

Review №100

Most ridiculous place to take my kids. Charge me 3 dollars a piece for a pair of grip socks and then tell me I cant jump with my kids. Very small place. Just go to aerosports in murrieta. Bigger and better same price no grip socks required and you and your kids can jump wherever you want

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