Touchstar Cinemas - Spring Hill 8
2955 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States

Review №1

Keep up the great work!!I felt safe & welcome. Truly appreciate your Covid protocol. Have always enjoyed this theater - super seating, pricing, & snacks.

Review №2

This place has had extensive remodeling. The seats are now huge recliners with a table to hold your drink and popcorn. Very clean in the theatre and lobby both. It is hard to find as it is in the very back of an old Walmart shopping plaza. The ticket prices are cheap. We paid $5 a ticket for reserved seats.

Review №3

After staying cloistered for 8 months because of COVID, it was so refreshing to head to the theatre tonight to see War with Grandpa. I am a healthcare professional, and i was impressed with the precautions the theatre is taking to protect patrons. They took my temperature, and i passed, and we got to choose our seats as far away from others who are not using masks. I hope to return soon for another movie. Thanks to all the staff who continue to make this theatre a great place for low cost quality entertainment.

Review №4

First time at this theater. Very comfy reclining seats. Nice tray to hold food and drinks. Wonderful way to unwind and watch a movie.

Review №5

A very out of the way place. The staff were friendly, but young. The place needs a facelift bad, it looked closed when we pulled up. Hardly anyone there to watch anything. The theater seating was awesome. When we sat to watch the movie there was sound but no picture, after they fixed that the lights came on when the movie started. The staff seemed clueless. But they were all very polite and nice.

Review №6

I love this theater. They have amazing recliner seats for everyone, yet the price is still amazing. They have all the newest movies. This is a wonderful pearl in the city. Dont miss your chance to come here!

Review №7

My boyfriend and I went here for the first time tonight. We were pleasantly surprised! Its truly a hidden gem. Ticket prices were very inexpensive. Food and alcohol was consistent with other alike establishments, but $5.25 for a bottle of beer is quite high. Their popcorn and soda deals are less than the average movie theater prices. We got the trio appetizer, which consists of 4 mozzarella sticks, about 8 boneless wings, and crispy french fries. They delivered it to our seats and we were pleasantly surprised of how good it was. It didnt taste like frozen apps from the freezer. It had a nice flavor and the mild wings had a nice kick. It came with ranch, ketchup and marinara, however, they forgot the biggie. We had a white claw and a wine. Total without tickets was $22.50. Not bad and we were full. Since there were two of us, an extra plate, plasticware, and napkins would have been nice. The seats were huge, leather, comfy, and reclining. Each chair has a swivel table with a built in cup holder. Theater was very clean, well lit, and inviting. Its a shame theyre not busier, Id hate to lose this place. We will definitely be back to see many more movies. We had the entire theater to ourselves, so it felt huge. The sound system is top notch! Nice surround and perfect level. Check this place out!

Review №8

So thankful you guys have reopened. The kids are happy to get back to doing normal teen things again.Good prices and good selection of movies to watch.

Review №9

This theater is nicely retooled for the Covid threat. They take your temperature via your hand as you enter. Plexiglass shields are set up between yourself & theater staff. Employees wear masks. The theatre was spotlessly clean. The downside; theyve eliminated free refill perks so that food/drink containers arent reused. Overall the experience was fun & safe.

Review №10

This theatre has new reclining seating and they have social distancing protocals in place. Everything was extra clean. Great theatre to watch any movie.

Review №11

Fantastic service here! Staff was pleasant. Theatres are super clean. Covid precautions followed and great prices ! Joe was amazing and went above and beyond for us.

Review №12

Felt safe going temps were checked, very clean bought are tickets online and had no one else in our row. Nice to enjoy gping to the Movies again!!

Review №13

Very clean they have undergone some renovations and offer food now

Review №14

Awsome movie theater! Great seats, and good snack foods served in your seat! A hidden gem.

Review №15

Staff is friendly. The manager Joe is a great guy will return to see more movies. The best part about this place are the reclining seats and how clean they keep it

Review №16

Really clean, super comfortable reclining seats, Covid friendly and affordable. Staff were so friendly and professional.

Review №17

They have first run movies and plexiglass at the counter and plenty of hand sanitizer stationed around the bldg. The seats are very comfortable!

Review №18

Their pricing was really affordable for both food drink and tickets. The theater was nice and clean and the seats were comfortable and had plenty of room and cupholders where I sat.

Review №19

Really nice in there now. And not crowded at all.

Review №20

Always cold so wear warm clothes

Review №21

Great chairs. Nice and clean. Good prices.

Review №22

The reclining seats are pretty cool. My daughter loved this movie theater and I like how cheap it is. Definitely a hidden Gem kind of a locals only type of place cause it sits so far back off the road. Ticket prices are cheap but the concessions can really add up quick. 3d movies are good quality and the sound is also great.

Review №23

So comfortable I fell asleep, love those recliners

Review №24

Went to see onward and some people were in our seats I use to right a good review but this movie started early they moved people from another theater to our seats bought the tickets online and everything spoke to a service specialist and then he called a manager stated nothing can be done very dissatisfied unfortunately if nothing can be done will as in family of 4 currently will not be back or recommend. We are loyal movie watchers here we frequent here for the last 4 years. Not Happy at all and paid for our tickets 3 days in advance have receipts to prove it. Very dissatisfied

Review №25

Good prices. Good seats. Pleasant people. I hear there is free popcorn on Wednesdays if you take your own bucket. What more could you ask for?

Review №26

I had a good experience at this location, until I came across a female named Elizabeth. She was incredibly apathetic to my concerns, as I must have interrupted her conversation. Incredibly disappointing, I will not be returning. Spend the extra dollar and visit the Beacon in Brooksville.Update: I contacted the owner after the response to this review and they still have not gotten back to me, seems like a dead end in communication. Absolutely ludicrous especially regarding the nature of my complaint.

Review №27

Loved this theater, the service was awesome, everybody there was friendly and helpful!! The theater was very clean, we loved the reclining chairs. When they brought our food, it was hot and delicious. $3 matinee was a plus!

Review №28

This theatre is so amazing! Friendly workers, really clean, great prices. The seats are roomy and comfy, and they recline.. ! Great for family trips. I almost didnt want to leave a review because I didnt want it to get so crazy busy... but its such a cool place that I had to. I mean a movie theatre that delivers a hot dog to you? ! Good job guys !

Review №29

We went today to check this place out. We spent $30 for 2 movie tickets, 2 drinks, 2 hot dogs and fries that were delivered to our seats! The food was delicious and a good size portion. The seats are awesome! Power recliners that are clean, roomy, super comfortable, have attached swivel trays makes it feel like you are home watching a movie! Where else can 2 people go and get all of this? What a great afternoon we had, really enjoyed ourselves. Will definitely return and highly recommend visiting here! One more thing, the Staff was super pleasant and professional!

Review №30

I love going to the movies and this place is my most favorite theater to go!! The service is fantastic and its always clean and the seats are so comfy!!

Review №31

Great prices on everything. Movies are $6.00 adults and dont rip you off at the concession. No bad seats in the theater with power recliners and food trays. They bring your food order to you too. Will be coming back many more times.

Review №32

Definitely a hidden gem. The road getting there is full of potholes and cracked pavement. The sign leading to the cinema was mostly concealed in the shrubbery. That being said, ticket prices were cheap, the beer and wine prices reasonable, the employees were efficient and friendly, and the theater seating was fabulous.

Review №33

Clean following safety guide lines.

Review №34

Hidden gem. I worry giving them to good a post and I wont be able to get in the time I want to. Prices cant be beat. The recliner seats are awesome. Its always clean, unlike others. I just hate walking on popcorn and throwing others junk away. I live by NPR and both theaters cost to much and are filthy.

Review №35

Clean theater. good prices. reclining seats. the last time i went the movie was playing (like you could hear the sound) but you couldnt see anything. it was in the beginning in they ended up restarting it which only took a few minutes. :)

Review №36

This theater is awesome. Great seatings great concession stand wonderful staff and the price is right. Spring hills hidden gem

Review №37

Awesome low price! Reclining seats! Easy ticket kiosks! Clean theatre. The only thing is that apparently the projector lens was not clean enough. Not such a big deal. Well be back. Im sure it was a little oversight today.

Review №38

Good movie theater tucked away off of Hwy 19. They have regular and 3D movies here. It is quiet, clean, has friendly staff and is usually not too busy. But the best part is the power recliner seating with trays and cupholders!

Review №39

Pleasant surprise. Diamond in the rough. So many theaters trying to go cheap by sacrificing products and services theaters should not ever and can not actually afford in the long run to chince out on. You dont need extra-service deputies with full gear to guard your non-bank theater. You do need butter for popcorn, all and extra the customers will request. You definitely need clean floors and carpeting that doesnt smell like rancid, old butter. You need a great location but if you cant get a great theater location then the very best parking is a must. This theater is in a great, presently secluded location, and the parking is actually not bad though the parking near the front entry is a bit one-laned. There is massive, additional parking at the side and back of the theater building.I heard this theater had free popcorn on Wednesdays if you bring your own bucket. Not sure how thats possible but thats a great deal and a bargain. They have matinee days for elders who cant afford to pay full price for tickets, too. This theater and its owner probably have a hefty loan for all the new modeling and seating and digitizing theyve done to the place. I mean, I feel like this is a theater the way theaters used to be when I was a kid, fun to go to, entertaining and delightful to look on all the walls and see the newest movie posters and info and more, except this one has a fully digitized theater experience.The food here is great too. My friend and I, and then myself alone, have been to this theater nearly ten times. The junk food is great, tickets and food prices are not extremely high like other theater prices are that weve been to around Hernando County, FL. Full reclining, cushioned seats, very pleasant and a nice difference. Theater also serves alcoholic beer beverages, very nice.One time I went to this theater by myself and didnt stay for a movie. I just sat in the front lobby and ordered french fries. I didnt have to wait at the food counter for my order, I was told to sit and someone would bring it to me. Sure enough, about five minutes later or so, the fries were a very large portion served to me on a b/w checkered patterned plate (made of hefty paper) and served to me with a chefs plate topper. Fries were very fresh and crispy outside and tender inside, a retro delicious eating experience. The fries price was great too..... Ill be going back to this theater.Oh, yeah. Almost forgot because of all the extras and lobby glitz and upgrades this theater provides. The actual in-theater, seating and movie watching experience is also positive. Definitely great and enjoyable. You can pick your own seats on a touch-screen before you get into your theater / movie of choice. Seats include small (but decent size) folding table-tops to place your food and beverage on, w/ cupholder built in. Movie screen size is great and always what you expect from a professional movie theater. Youre not crammed up next to your friends or family or other theater patrons / strangers sitting next to you. There is nice spacing between each recliner chair.

Review №40

This is a hidden gem. Could use a little bit of updating, but it is hard to beat for the price. $5 for most movie tickets, and free popcorn on Wednesdays for members with a ticket purchase. Large reclining seats in every theater! And unlike some other cheaper theaters, they have most of the popular new movies.

Review №41

Awesome seating very comfy and moving trays for goodies

Review №42

I love this place me and my friends go all the time when we can I can’t wait to go again it is nice and fun and you can go and have a great time take picture and be loud and goofy I live it there

Review №43

I love coming here to watch movies! Purchasing tickets and selecting seats in advance is so convenient. Only complaint is the womens bathroom is nasty every time; maybe check in the there a little more often. How is the floor in there so slippery and sticky at the same time?

Review №44

It way very personal wr had a great time

Review №45

Amazing experience! I loved it! The leather felt so real, the food is really great, the sound systems sounds like its happening around me! The screen is really big and has the clearest image ever...Would be my primary movie theater and it deserves the 5 stars.

Review №46

Best movie theater in Spring Hill!! Clean, very well priced awesome food Delivered to you at your very comfy reclining seat! Strongly recommend this theater!!! Staff is very friendly and helpful as well as awesome rewards program!! Best best best!!

Review №47

Awesome place and clean and o.m.g the seats are recliner

Review №48

Excellent prices. Great remodel too. I had a total knee recently & the recliner chairs were a blessing in my recuperation.

Review №49

They had the volume so loud I had a headache when I left

Review №50

The cheap theaters are the sweet theaters. I just wish everyone would quit telling people about them. Used to be our little secret now you can hardly find a seat. Go home snow birds!!!

Review №51

We love this place. We love the new chairs. The staff is friendly and usually very helpful. Great picture. Good movies, good prices. What’s not to like?

Review №52

Love the reclining seats. Thoroughly enjoyed both movies Ive watched there. Its my go-to theater when I want to see a movie.

Review №53

WISH this place wasnt 45 mins from me. Favorite movie theater. I love that its back hidden in a cut. Ticket price is outstanding, seats are comfy and recline. I was afraid Id fall asleep.

Review №54

Very nice comfortable motorized lounge chairs and great sound from the stage. Its a clean friendly atmosphere and great matinee prices! Well go again!

Review №55

Its been renovated, its clean, has new, comfortable recliners and you cant beat the price. They charge a reasonable price for movie and their selection is up to date.

Review №56

This place is VERY tucked away at the extreme rear of the shopping center where Chili’s is located.... but well worth the search. It’s a great, affordable choice with super comfy reclining chairs (w/ table trays) and your basic movie concessions. The staff was also very nice. Overall I’m glad my wife and I found it. We will definitely be back. They definitely need to put some kind of sign out on 19 so people even know its back there.

Review №57

The drive into their location (the road/parking lots off of 19) made me wonder if going there was a mistake, but I was very pleasantly surprise. Very clean, and fantastically comfortable seating.

Review №58

Went here today for the first time. The parking was bad, but the rest of our experience was so good I am still giving it 5stars. The price was VERY affordable and the theater VERY comfortable. I will visit this location again.

Review №59

Excellent,the movie,Fatima,was wonderful,reclining seats,and pink gregio

Review №60

We drove 15 miles to see a movie here that was not playing at our local theater. Worth the drive. Ticket prices are very reasonable. You purchase your tickets through an automated touchscreen inside the theater, and this was a quick way to confirm tickets and seating.Very comfy chairs. Movie sound was not too loud, and there was a minimal walk from the lobby to our seats, which made my husband quite happy since it is difficult for him to walk very far.Note that the theater is off of Highway 19, and a little tricky to find, since its behind some large trees and bushes, and the signage is minimal. But there is plenty of handicap parking, which was a blessing for us.

Review №61

The price is great, especially for families. The seating is so comfortable....and all chairs recline. Watched Star Wars: Rise of a Skywalker in 3D and it was great! Would definitely recommend this theater!

Review №62

It was a really great experience! The seats were exceptionally comfy, and the workers at the concessions were marvelous! Especially the young man who helped me, Dylan.Thank you

Review №63

Hidden gem off US19 in Spring Hill. The seating is the best, you get your own reclining plush chair and the floor is set up where you won’t have someone’s head in your view. They offer regular and 3D movies, you can order online ahead of time and you get to pick your seats from a chart showing what’s available and what’s taken. Clean and friendly and my kids love the place. They have a reward program and pricing is average. Great place and plenty of parking.

Review №64

It was great enjoyed chairs & theather.

Review №65

Great theatre. Seats are amazing and the price fantastic. Wednesdays bring your own container and the popcorn is FREE! Cant beat that.

Review №66

My favorite local theater!

Review №67

This was,by far, one of the best theatre experiences my wife and I have ever had. Everyone was courteous and friendly.. The facility is very comfortable and the price was unbeatable. We will be back and will be recommending thos theatre to our friends.

Review №68

Hidden away and uncrowded. Some rocking chair theater seating. Recommended.

Review №69

They have some of the most comfortable chairs in any theater Ive been in. Sometimes the screens arent the best, but the sound is nice. I really enjoy watching movies here.

Review №70

Great place but to many trailers not applicable to type of movie Im seeing. Saw 1917 with many retirees & then 3 horror trailers in a row. Know your audience

Review №71

Had a blast at theaters

Review №72

I saw a movie with my grandchildren today, staff was unprofessional and the theater smells like mold. I was given an attitude and told the milkshake machine was broken. RIDICULOUS.

Review №73

Took 4yo grandson to 1st movie Dumbo. Super comfy seating with pullout tables ( excellent for little ones snacks ). Prices to be expected. Amazing sounds system. Will return!

Review №74

Awesome very comfortable seats and popcorn fresh and sody pop crisp... by far one of the best theatres Ive been to. Will make the drive from port richey from now on.

Review №75

Love this place! Just wish the concession stand was more affordable....but that goes for all theaters.

Review №76

Please clean/replace the projection window/lenses! I would like to give 5 stars as we normally love this theater. Ive taken my kids to just about every 3D kids film here over the last 5 years. Great prices and the remodel makes the place look great. We love the reclining seats. However 2 of the last 3 movies weve seen (The Grinch and How to Train Your Dragon) have been very dim and dingy to the point You can barely see the picture. You can see the cloudiness on the projector window. Very disappointing! I would love to continue coming to this theater but am hesitant now. Please fix! Would gladly give 5 stars!

Review №77

Got free 3d ticket and large popcorn... reclining seats... whats not to like?

Review №78

By far the best movie theater around. Prices are reasonable, seats are extremely comfortable, bring a sweater its a bit chilly but it was so much better then being hot. Great experience definitely be a date night go to

Review №79

The seats recline and have a table that swings out in front of you to put your snacks on and the tray has a cup holder. The movie was loud and clear. We didnt order any thing from the concession stand but it was a great family time!!! After 7 years of marriage...i felt like i was on a date

Review №80

Ticket prices werent too bad and definitely worth it for those reclining seats.

Review №81

Signage and roads need work. Theater and staff where awesome and movie was super. We will be back for sure.

Review №82

Seats are very comfortable recliners, clean and reasonably priced. Cheapest theater around. Free popcorn on Wednesday

Review №83

Exceptional. Great experience

Review №84

Clean quiet saw a late movie but was enjoyable due to I dont like crowds so it was perfect..thank you will be back again!!

Review №85

First time there. Will definitely be going back. Clean and friendly atmosphere. Staff was very informative. Loved the reclining seats

Review №86

Seating was wonderful, laid back.. good movie selections . Wed matinee $4.

Review №87

Clean Pleasant theater jet with with generous veterans discount! And the discount was extended to my children go see a movie bring the kids.

Review №88

First visit...weekday afternoon. Very friendly person running the sales. Very comfortable seating. Good quality sound/video. I suggest bringing a light jacket as it is very cool inside.

Review №89

Nicely renovated and clean. Unfortunately it is not easily seen from the main road. Still I recommend it.

Review №90

The most comfortable and affordable theater in Hernando county. Love the reclining chairs.

Review №91

It was very clean had a great time I will definitely come back!

Review №92

Great prices, delicious popcorn, awesome recliner seats with trays! So comfortable

Review №93

Great place to see a movie. The reclining seats are awesome.

Review №94

Best prices and comfy seats, cozy you can literally bring a pillow and blanket lol ppl actually do that when they go there

Review №95

Great movie theater for the prices.. love the chairs

Review №96

Great very comfortable big chairs, you can almost lay down

Review №97

Love this movie mom and my friends love this movie theater its nice well price and amazing seats that recliner

Review №98

Staff is friendly. Ticket prices are low. Comfortable seating.

Review №99

First time visiting this theater and it was a late show so I dont have much to say, it was almost completely empty. Movie appeared to be fine, screen was a little dark though, sound couldve been a better quality. Popcorn was fine.

Review №100

Got my tickets online. Great comfy seats!! Great prices

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  • Address:2955 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 352-666-6656
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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