AMC Village Crossing 18
7000 Carpenter Rd, Skokie, IL 60077, United States

Review №1

Had the opportunity to go see a movie with the family here.Super friendly staff - even before COVID - and the way that they allowed us to reserve the seating was great. Keeping groups more than 6 feet apart!The floors were super clean and the whole place smelled super clean. They offered cleaning wipes before going into the actual theater.Seeing how they are keeping up with the care of their establishment, I cannot wait to be able to go back!

Review №2

The place is clean friendly staff. Attentive staff to cleanliness. Temperature in the building ie perfect. The mango slushy is delicious .

Review №3

Place is incredible clean & on top with d Covid-19 protocols!It is great to have d movies back!!!Hell yeah!!

Review №4

Amazing precautions taken with the pandemic and still the great movie experience at AMC. Just be warned that there is not a lot of food selections there currently. Otherwise same good experience!!

Review №5

Ive enjoyed this theater for years now and I just visited this place to see the shape of water. The place has been changed several times and has gotten better over the years. There is a bar here to get your favorite drink. Also popcorn of course as well as well as other treats. There is plenty of parking right in front and you can buy the tickets here or ahead online. Overall its clean and good size seats.

Review №6

To expensive, the ticket price, food. I feel for families the experience hits the pocket book. I personally think better prices could bring fantastic movies to people be who would like to see them on the big screen. Probably with the stubs rewards u can achieve some savings. Your employees r very helpful and kind.

Review №7

Great went to covid 19 but the crowd was little bit much because of being newly released movie

Review №8

Good movie experience. We booked the ticket online, which helped in getting inside without any wait time. They have covered parking and open parking available. The best was the Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant, that was right next door. Good movie and Awesome food- the best combination ever. ( p.s make use of AMC Tuesdays- the discounts are really good). Reduced a star, only because the seats were not reclining ones.

Review №9

Its a great place to see a movie. With 18 theaters, and their selection sometimes off the beaten path, you get to see some great movies you wont find anywhere else, while also having all the big Hollywood movies available. They also have a great variety of food and desserts available above and beyond the typical popcorn, pop, and candy available at other theaters.

Review №10

Clean, sanitized and well organized.

Review №11

Great movie theater with a great food and drink selection. Theres a bar here, so youre free to get a drink with your movie if youd like. Seating in the theaters could use an upgrade and the bathrooms could be cleaner, but overall its a solid place.

Review №12

I agree with everyone. This isnt the greatest but it is the most convenient.Easy access anywhere you park is prefect parking. Love that your they are right next door to restaurants where you can eat before your moving starts.

Review №13

Great Theatre! The AMC app was easy to use and walk right in. However, the time I came, the patrons left a trail of popcorn near the entrance. The theater was very clean. Picture quality did not seem to great!

Review №14

The staff was really friendly and accommodating. The theater was well kept and there no signs of it being run down or broken. The food wasnt over priced and compared to other theaters it was cheap. The tickets were the same too.

Review №15

Popcorn not fresh at all!!! Where Im from it comes right out of the popcorn machine, right into the bag, right to our hands. They had at least 20 popcorn buckets and bags just sitting for consumers to grab. Thats gross!! I want my popcorn fresh right out of the popper!! Damn!

Review №16

Weird set up with popcorn being already served and on a shelf for people to take. At busy times the popcorn will move but when we went the popcorn was cool. Temperature control in the theater was inconsistent. Also there was a source of light coming from the second projection window. Fine in light scenes but a distraction in dark scenes.

Review №17

Very nice, rarely overcrowded AMC theater. Has both IMAX and Dolby Cinema so you have the option to always see movies in the best formats. Pricing is average for Chicago, but weve made great use of the AMC A-list membership here.

Review №18

This rating is only for the movie. Wont go there again.

Review №19

Always a favorite place to see a show. Respectful and courteous workers, clean theatre, and a nice mix of movie goers. You can go at anytime of the day and get a mix of couples, singles in a group, singles enjoying a show alone, groups of teenagers (who honestly we have never had any problems with) - all ages!Remodeled food area includes a bar, ice cream, and nicer than normal food fair for consuming while watching the show.I would generally give this place a 5 star rating because its my go to location. However, as time goes on, its hard to give it the full 5 stars when other locations have comfortable RECLINING soft chairs with similar if not better food/drink options. I wouldnt mind this, but the price tag does not meet its disadvantage. I tend to go to other AMC locations or competitor locations that offer reclining seats, because, lets be honest here...its awesome!Wish village crossing AMC, would knock a few dollars off the price tag when it has an obvious disadvantage to other locations or brands. I would probably come more often, just to save a few bucks on date night.I do however appreciate that you could reserve seats like other locations, so that is a plus.Overall, u wont be disappointed.

Review №20

Easy parking and love the Dolby Cinema. Esp great if you have a Tesla as there are charging stations right there!

Review №21

Unfortunately this place is being let go a bit. Popcorn all over the ground, lack of cleanliness, smells dirty....half soda dispensers were out of order, almost no ice and poorly carbonated. The staff is nice so no complaints there.

Review №22

We go there regularly as it is nearby and it is decent enough, but the parking garage needs money for repair and the popcorn frequently tastes bad, probably selling yesterdays popcorn in their refill policy. For the money, cheaper theaters offer a competitive experience.I do like the new assigned seating as you but tickets on the app so you know how full the showing will be and that you have seats for everyone together.

Review №23

This theatre has alot to offer and movie goer or film enthusiast. Like a fine wine, the AMC village crossing gets better with age. I cant stress enough how not only the staff, but the facilities exceed my expectations. The only thing Id improve is the slightly outdated lighting within the theatres. Worth an evening, afternoon or morning with your loved ones.

Review №24

A nice place to see a movie. It was clean, the snacks refreshing, and readily available. The only downside was the temperature of the popcorn which tells me that it was made too far in advance of the showtime.

Review №25

Standard movie theatre fair. Some very disinterested staff and other very helpful staff. Standard seating is smallish, but at over six feet I managed to fit - although thankfully not busy so no people had to squeeze past.Expensive drinks and candy, then again that is on par for movie theatres.

Review №26

This is my go-to theatre. Not because its overly nice, but because its the closest AMC to me, and I have an AMC A List membership. The Dolby theatre is incredible with the plush loungers, but the rest of the theater needs serious renovating.

Review №27

My favorite movie theater! The seats are comfortable. The staff are accommodating and courteous. They offer good junk food, ice cream and adult beverages! They also offer Fan Events and nice giveaways. I always have a great time here.

Review №28

As always nice and clean. Lots fresh snacks and popcorn. Good security and people. Love bringing the family here.

Review №29

This movie theater is convenient and shows lots of movies. It has plenty of free parking nearby. However, I want to warn you everything is overpriced. Everyone knows that movie theater snacks are overpriced, but I advise you not to grab the grab and go popcorn. A medium was almost $10. A bottle of water is $5. Its not worth it! ...unless youre rich I guess.

Review №30

The theaters are always clean and the food is mostly decent. Of course its the theater, so expect to pay more for concessions. They have the awesome Dolby theater with plush seats, and Macguffins bar for adult drinks.Staff is friendly.

Review №31

Always clean, always have helpful staff and they continue to adapt to the everyday world to help their revenue. They have more than just popcorn and a movie, this theatre is upscale and the price is just right.

Review №32

Easily accessable, broad selection of current films except little in the way of art films. Special low prices on different days. Clean and kept that way. Seems bigger than is needed and some of the screens seem unused. Lots of free parking. Some chain restaurants nearby, nothing beyond some bar food.

Review №33

Reliable movie theater. They could use some improvements on the concession. There is ALWAYS quite a line within 15 mins of movie time. They are the reason the previews need to last 10 mins. Better process and improved service could go a long way!

Review №34

The Dolby theater seats and picture quality are first rate. However the sound volume was way louder than it needed to be. I observed my family and some audience members putting their hands over their ears due to the volume level.

Review №35

Too expensive, it was dirty outdated. The reserved seating is complicating for many of the patrons because the seats are not lush and extravagant. $30 for two seats is unreal, and having to smell fried chicken tenders, all around poor experience. This space has needed to be remodeled for years. Aside from the money they put into their food remodel, I am sure not much has been done with seats or customer value in a long time. Totally not worth going to. Try Rosemont....

Review №36

Its winter, I think they should turn up the heating a little bit. It was almost freezing in there. But in all I enjoyed watching the new Bad Boys.

Review №37

Best movie theater place in all of Illinois. Been going here for such a long time. They re- vamped the place and looks great.

Review №38

Dolby theater is awesome, the leather seats are super cushioned. We sat farther up but still had a great view, it was hard to tell there were other people in the theater besides the occasional cough or scared yell during jumpscares. The seats were a bit dirty when we arrived. There was popcorn still on numerous seats in the aisle. The staff though is very friendly and courteous. Would recommend especially if youre watching something in theater 1 the Dolby theater.

Review №39

They charge full price for a half price experience. Uncomfortable and dirty seats that dont recline, filthy bathrooms, theater was freezing, entry and ticket area too small and crowded. Have to wait outisde. Definitely going to Old Orchard from now on.

Review №40

Very nice staff ..there understanding and patient with people with disabilities

Review №41

Nice that they decorate seasonally. Nice staff during every experience. Pretty clean

Review №42

Love, love love this theater midweek. They have a bar in the cool is that? Bathrooms are large and clean. Seats are comfy. And joining their rewards program is worth it. They arent afraid to show art flicks and theyve got a deal to show concerts and special events on their screens. Clientele are middle and upper class. Awesome. There are a bunch of restaurants less than a mile away. Their parking is huge and FREE. So shut off Netflix, get some fresh air and see a new release on a really big screen. They also have IMAX & 3D capability.

Review №43

Clean theater with reserved seating,standard theater food selection,ample parking and close proximity to several restaurants. May need to update to recliners to stay competitive with other theaters offering the same amenities.

Review №44

This used to be one of the best theaters. The seats in some of the theaters are not very comfortable, the theater we were in was cold we walked out with a chill. We dont care for the way you have to choose your seating. Every row has a letter and every seat has a number. You are not able to seat where ever you choose anymore. The popcorn is pre bagged so you do not know how old it is. Overall three is a decent number to rate this theater.

Review №45

My favorite place to see a movie and attend Fan Events. Great location with plenty of parking. Excellent drink, ice cream and concessions offerings that include a fully stocked bar for adult beverages. The popcorn is always fresh. The friendliness of the staff is hit or miss. My last visit, I was waited on by a snooty kid who I am guessing is probably the owners son or something. He needs retraining. Most times the staff is at least not belligerent. Still, this is my favorite place to see a movie.

Review №46

Overall IMAX is great but DONT EAT that popcorn ... i recently went to see Star wars and i tasted something weird when i bought it. eventually i spend 3 days with stomach pain .... they use some old oil or not good quality corn to do it.

Review №47

This is the theater that I usually go to see a movie I want to see. I went to see Overcomer and it was excellent. This theater also gives you a discount on Tuesdays if you are a member and that always helps. They keep the place clean and the employees are very helpful.

Review №48

Great atmosphere. Very clean and nice staff. When you walk into the theater you will almost immediately smell the popcorn and butter. Great experience and would definitely go back!

Review №49

Love AMC theaters. Assigned seating to know where you are in the theater. People just need to follow the seating, not the theaters fault

Review №50

Always a perfect alternative to a Chicago theatre. I like the self serve. Just wished there was more leg room for some of the seat sections.

Review №51

Other than the Dolby Cinema room which is great, the seats aren’t that comfortable and you get less space for leg room. I’m a tall guy so I had to stretch my legs out to my left side where other seats were placed during my last visit. Good thing no one was stitting in my row. Restrooms need a bit of improvement on cleanliness. Although, everything else is pretty good

Review №52

Nice dolby sound, but dirty place on a Sunday. If I pay $30 for a popcorn and 2 Icees can you please clean the floors at least? I think you could afford to have an employee go around with a dustpan and a broom picking up the big trash from the floors

Review №53

Went and saw 1917 last night, this place looks like its left over from the 90s. Ive read some comments that they have recliners, not in the theater i was in. Ive been on airplanes with more comfortable seats and leg room. Go to the norridge or rosemont locations instead.

Review №54

Great theater but the prices are the same as other AMC theaters where you get recliner seats. Other than the price if tickets the staff is nice and the screen quality is great

Review №55

Love this plave

Review №56

A nice theater with good parking. I dont go to the movies very often but when I do this is one of my choices.

Review №57

I like there is a great variety of movies. Parking is always available and there are good restaurants around AMC

Review №58

Worst seats of any AMC Ive been to. Youre going to pay the same price as every other amc and end up with old beat up seats that probably havent been changed in 25 years. The AMC I go to normally, costs the same and the seats are clean and I grew up at that location. They do upgrade the auditoriums. This one just didnt, for some reasons.

Review №59

Typical movie theater chain. Tickets are way overpriced as are the refreshments. Sneak in your own refreshments & save a ton of money.

Review №60

Had a great time, I highly recommend Dolby cinema Experience. Movie looks 10 times better than the standard version. Definitely will be coming back for more movies.

Review №61

Nasty seats.Auditorium 7 J11, 12,Auditorium 16 G8,Auditorium 8 L9, Auditorium 16 G8,7,11, 10

Review №62

Always gives me a great experience and I was glad to have a nother one tonightWhat A Night!

Review №63

Great place for family and friends to hang, free parking, a bar and snacks you have everything in one place

Review №64

Loved watching Little Women. Comfortable seats and very clean.

Review №65

Its not my favorite go to movie spot, but for me it beats the Galewood location cinema. I go here from time to time with family and friends. I will say it also does depend on the movies and expected crowds. I have been here where at times the younger kids are just being obnoxious and kinding of dampening the atmosphere. Though this scenario isnt always the case.

Review №66

Great theater to watch a movie. The staff is always friendly. I wish they would make the food purchases much more straightforward, but that is personal preference.

Review №67

Staff is friendly and courteous, theater experience is good. Cleanliness is about a B.

Review №68

Went to watch avengers endgame in 3D, the seats were horrible, not that much leg space either. Not a good theatre for the price you pay

Review №69

So, I will start with the positive feedback on this theater. The staff is very friendly and helpful. And theater 1 is awesome, because it has the comfy recliners and we didnt feel like there would be a bad seat in the house. Thats about it for the positive, unfortunately. There is no management over theater-jumpers and as such, we saw 3 parties who obviously fit this bill. A total of 10 people could easily be defined as people who paid for one movie and came to our theater without paying for it. One groups also left all of their trash and left their seats reclined, so everyone leaving our row at the end of the movie had to crawl over the footrests. All of this was a big distraction from the WWI epic movie that we were trying to watch. We have been to other theaters in the area where they have staff checking tickets as youre going from concessions to the theater. I know that wont stop ALL of this, but it would certainly help, because one group did get up to get food/beverages during the hour they were in our theater. The fact that 10 people total were able to see a movie that we paid $41.76 total (as a party of 2) to see is outrageous! To put icing on the top, the bathroom was in disgusting shape. The 2 stalls I went into were dirty, with paper products all over and neither of them had a hook on the door, so I had to try and manage my purse, while wearing my winter coat as I used the bathroom. And, in closing, the remaining theaters that dont have the recliners like theater 1 should be converted to stay competitive to nearby theaters that have them. At the end of the day, this theater will be a last resort for us, if we cant get the movie we want at the time we need.

Review №70

Lately AMC Village 18 has been subpar. A couple of weeks ago we waited 15 minutes for popcorn on a Sunday. Apparently, they were only using 1 popcorn machine. Tonight, the bathrooms were filthy. No toilet paper and very dirty. When I mentioned it to the customer service desk she had a rude attitude and said, Yeah I know. Someone already told me.Seriously?! Well be going to another theater from now on.

Review №71

Staff was very friendly and did her best to resolve my issue !!

Review №72

Good movie theatre with ample parking spaceHowever the seats are not as good.Could be better.They are mediocre at best.

Review №73

This is a perfectly serviceable movie theater. I use descriptive video services through headsets that they provide. of the three movies that I have seen there, the descriptive video has only function correctly once. This is the reason for my lower rating

Review №74

Have been going to this theater since I was in high school in early 2000s, but not worth the drive into Skokie anymore. Popcorn sits pre-served on non heated shelves. Getting tickets and paying for popcorn took forever. Granted it was Sunday night, but movies and the popcorn are EXPENSIVE- do better.

Review №75

Movie started 10 minutes after the show time.Other than that, nice spot for movies.

Review №76

Great location, comfortable movie theater with the now usual plethora of movie snacks and then some.

Review №77

Ive been here, somehow

Review №78

Good prices fairly clean and workers are friendly

Review №79

Had a great time with friends, has been a while since I been here. Has been kept up to date. And its clean

Review №80

The go to place for a good movie, great seats, good food, polite staff and convenient parking.

Review №81

It was fine. Im new to the area and was looking for an IMAX. I paid extra to see Star Wars in IMAX and was a bit upset to see this is nothing like a real IMAX theater (like Navy Pier as an example). The screen is likely a fourth the size of that screen. Still a good screen and good theater otherwise, but I feel this should be the base level standard movie experience at this point. IMAX is supposed to be different, their IMAX just looks like any other newly built theaters theater.

Review №82

Theater was great and Alex was outstanding. The popcorn was pre-made. There must have been a hundred buckets just sitting out. You would think for as much as they charge you could get fresh or at least relatively fresh popcorn.

Review №83

AMC Village Crossing in Niles is an excellent movie theater. I like that they have plenty of parking in their parking structure and it has a covered walkway that leads right into the theater. It was easy to buy tickets, it was easy to get popcorn and drinks and snacks. The theater was very clean, and the staff that helped us were friendly and cheerful. We have been to this theater before and I like that they have a large selection of movies not only for children and families, but also for the serious moviegoer.

Review №84

This AMC theater is very clean. It doesnt have the lazy boy style recliner chairs, but regardless the seats are comfortable. You get to select your seats so save your ticket stub just in case someone else is sitting in YOUR reserved seats. Parking is free, and there is enclosed and outdoor parking. Most people like to park in the enclosed parking garage, but there is ample parking outside (not enclosed). Plenty of restaurants nearby and around the corner from the movie theater. Eat something before or after the movie and save your money on their super expensive rip-off prices for popcorn, candy and soda pop. If you dont mind getting ripped off go ahead ahead and spend your hard-earned cash on popcorn, candy, pop and nachos.The employees are always friendly. You can purchase your tickets on-line, at a flat-screen computer at the movie theater or stand in line, the old-fashioned way, and purchase your tickets. Who wants to wait in a long line when you can purchase the tickets yourself (on line or at the flat screen computers at the movie theater)!

Review №85

This theatre is awesome. Clean with friendly staff. My boyfriend and I love coming here for their Dolby showings. Plus, its close to Giordanos.

Review №86

The bartender tonight was amazing, handling a huge rush with a smile on his face and getting everybody’s drinks quickly!

Review №87

Manager is a douchebag, but the theaters and seating are nice. The employees are not helpful at all

Review №88

I usually try to find smaller local theaters to support but this place really is fantastic. I do not know how they clean so quickly in between showings but there is never that sticky feeling like other chain theaters. Very comfy seats too

Review №89

Its nice but I wish it had seats that would go down

Review №90

I just watched the joker there and it was amazing, the popcorn was already in the thing that carrys the popcorn so you dont have to wait so you can get to your seats faster so Ill say the customer service is wonderful. And ill be coming more often even tho I dont live close but its worth the drive.

Review №91

Best theater in town. Is worth the drive. The sound and giant screens are the way to enjoy a movie. And dont forget your popcorn, if you get the tube, you get a free refill. Specially if you take your children and are in a budget. There are small boxes and courtesy cup to share snacks and drinks.

Review №92

The movie we watched was Once upon a Time in hollywood, and my experience was awesome. Worry free. Had a fun time!

Review №93

Nice, clean theater

Review №94

Its seen better days but still a great place

Review №95

This is one of my go to movie places. Staff is nice and theater is good. The chairs could use some updating. And the bathrooms always have something wrong with them so definitely no 5 stars. For how much traffic this place sees, at least when I go theres always people, I think they should put some TLC into the place.

Review №96

Went to see A Star is Born on opening night. One (maybe more) of the rooms have automatic reclining seats. Lobby has a bar and the chips, nacho cheese, and jalapenos were fresh. All ICEE machines working +. Employees are helpful and friendly. Bathrooms were very clean. Will be back.

Review №97

It was fairly clean and the seating in the Dolby theatre was Gr8. $90 for myself, wife, and kid to watch a movie with cold popcorn seems a bit pricey

Review №98

Great theater with excellent concession options. Close, free parking and quiet audiences.

Review №99

Would be better if they upgraded their seats

Review №100

Dolby Digital Theater is the best! Even if youre seated at the very corner you still have a good and comfortable view. The recliner seats add a cherry on top!

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:7000 Carpenter Rd, Skokie, IL 60077, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 847-673-8581
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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