Air U Trampoline Park
424 Ashley Ridge Blvd, Shreveport, LA 71106, United States

Review №1

The experience was fun but the trampoline park made no attempt to limit social distancing or enforce the wearing of masks, even on those who were not using the trampolines. I also noticed that staff were allowing children to do things they probably shouldnt have such as lay in the middle of the trampolines or lounge in the jumping pit. I reccomend that those who visit closely watch their children and abide by COVID restrictions to avoid COVID contamination or child injury.

Review №2

This was great for the kids, they loved their time (3hrs) there.

Review №3

Kids had a great time.. Clean... They had hand sanitizer available when entering..

Review №4

The employees are friendly and the kids enjoy it, however the facility is in need of some attention. The blocks in the foam pits need replacing and some of the outer edging needs a good cleaning.

Review №5

Fun place for children and active adults.

Review №6

Great place to take the kids and have fun

Review №7

Awesome place for birthday parties and just to bring the kids to have fun. We did my 10 yr old a birthday party back in Aug and it was a total success then for my 13 yr olds after party (in Nov) I brought him and a few friends and they had a blast! Staff is amazing and helpful with parties shirts and concessions. Highly recommend them for party and just to have fun!!

Review №8

This place was nice and clean, it is smaller than other jump parks weve been to, but the kids still had a blast, and the slides are an added touch... lady at the front was really nice as well. Would definitely go again

Review №9

The people were fairly friendly and kept everything under control. I never saw one kid get hurt. Every worker seemed very lively and the service workers were helpful as well.

Review №10

You get like an hour to jump for $14, which is a little high! But my children enjoyed themselves! A great way for children to release all their energy!

Review №11

Great Place to have kids birthday. Between the traditional trampoline park stuff, the ninja warrior for kids lanes and the huge play gym in the back part (I believe it is the largest in the area), this is a great time for kids.

Review №12

Great place for kids parties. I always enjoy jumping through out the place. I havent been to the jump park in bossier city yet names Altitude but I have visited here over 10 times so far.

Review №13

Was there for a friends grandsons b.d party. It was ok. I dont have little kids anymore and my grandbabies are too little right now so I didnt pay much attention

Review №14

Great place for birthday parties for kids of various ages. Theyll be definitely tired afterwards lol.

Review №15

Really like this place! Kids have a blast everytime we come. Staff is friendly and professional. Only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because the place needs a good scrubbing!

Review №16

To all parents, this a great place to take your kids and wear them My 2 boys love this place!

Review №17

My kids had fun @ their cousin birthday party

Review №18

We had a blast!!

Review №19

Extremely fun had I not sprained my ankle within 2 minutes... THAT IS WHY YOU SIGN A WAIVER! So be mindful out there. Its obviously great exercise and fun for all ages. They have a dodge ball area, foam pits and basketball hoops as well. Also bring clean socks or they have some for sale

Review №20

We had our 3 year old son birthday party there and it went off PERFECTLY!!! The staff was super attentive and the member assigned to help us ( Jay) was VERY helpful as well as respectful. Thanks for everything guys!

Review №21

It was great and my daughter enjoyed it. Was a little confused that they dont serve food and you cant bring food unless you book a party

Review №22

Horrible place, always unclean including the gross bathrooms, roaches and other vermin, staff and employees are always rude, equipment is always broken and dangerous, wouldnt send my worst enemy here, gotta unmask this dangerous place.

Review №23

My daughter loves it here, first time going and she didnt want to leave.

Review №24

Had the best time ever today! My son had a blast! Never ending fun. An hour and a half was not long enough! Thanks guys for a great day. Everyone there is nice, respectful, and very helpful. Your team does a great job of keeping everyone safe! We can’t wait to go back for more fun! Thanks again!

Review №25

BEWARE!!!! I was ripped off by some thieving staff. I was over charged for the second hour. Was supposed to have been $8 per child. I was charged $27 for 2 children plus she stole my car keys when I turned my back. She hid rhem under some shirts at the end of the counter!! BEWARE!!!!

Review №26

The trampoline park itself is great fun for the kids. We just left there after a birthday party and our daughter had a blast. The employees are a different matter altogether. Ive never seen a collection of people that looked so miserable at work. Not a smile was present in the 2 hours that we were there. That includes the people at the front counter who should at least pretend you are not inconveniencing them.

Review №27

This place needs all day passes. Other then that its perfect for toddlers and small kids and big kids and adults.

Review №28

Had my grandsons birthday party here . staff is very friendly and kids had a blast!!!

Review №29

When i was taking my kids here the staff was self absorbed and uncaring which is why I stopped patronizing you all but to desire to place the public at risk for you to make A buck SPEAKS VOLUMES I wish there was a way to give you all 0 stars dont you have insurance to protect your investments jeeze

Review №30

Staff is AMAZING! Im very impressed with the way they interact with the kids. They are upbeat, fun, and engaging. My kids favorite part is the dodgeball pit.

Review №31

Were from Dallas and my kids are having the time of their life!!! They have an indoor playground that parents can join and play with the kids. They have an upper deck for parents to observe, plenty of tables and benches to sit on, and a concession stand. The trampoline area is perfect and they have foam pits. What I like the most is that my 5yr has access to everything!

Review №32

Thank you Joe for being a team player and making sure our adventure boy didnt have to miss out. Personally escorted our two year old down all the big slides

Review №33

Awesome place for birth day partys #fun

Review №34

My son really enjoyed it there and the people was so friendly very good spirit of individuals i would definitely go back because of the wonderful services. One thing that i wish they would do, that is to allow people that do not have a large party to still be allowed to bring in cake but only if there is a party of 5 or less because my son loves to celbrate there but not into parties much. Overall very great place

Review №35

Great place for kids to release some energy.

Review №36

The kids are obsessed with these trampoline parks. This one is pretty good and they have a giant jungle gym.

Review №37

All I can say is WOW. The staff made all the difference, and they were remarkable, in a 10-star type way, the heck with 5 stars. The equipment and facility were good, but service and personnel are what blew my mind. This was our first visit.

Review №38

We went during spring break when they opened. Let me just say thats the best time to go if you have small children. We had fun and jumped for a couple of hours. Well be back again during the summer.

Review №39

Keeps the kid busy for hours fun times

Review №40

Not a bad place to have fun with your kids. The facility is kept clean regularly and is well maintained.

Review №41

My niece loved it great for birthday parties and if you want to tire your kids out so they will go to bed on time

Review №42

My daughter had a few fabulous birthday party experiences here.

Review №43

My baby love this place is safe people are nice and it clean and inexpensive you can be there for hours with your children feeling safe no worries awesome place

Review №44

We love this place! Air U is the best place to bring the whole family! Great for any parties or to just drop in.

Review №45

The workers are rude and ignorant. The foam pit had changed and is more hazardous. The jungle gym had barely anything to do. The trampolines are stiff and hard to jump on. One of the dodgeball areas is gone. A year ago this place was better and it has gone downhill.

Review №46

Great place for birthdays, prices by the hour and half hour. Was well worth the money. Staff was attentive and keep kids safe.

Review №47

Nice place for kids and young adults, friendly staff

Review №48

This is an ok place, except for one thing. It is not ADA qualified. The 2nd level should have an elevator or a ramp that could have some one who has a disability.For someone who is in a Walker or has some disability is a struggle and dangerous to go up steps. . Lets get it together Air U.Now and another note. Wherenis the fire suppression system.Ive locked at the ceiling nothing there.You would think with all birthday parties going on and candles on cakes.. what happen if a candle falls of cake and cat neches carpets on fire or table cloth on fire. How are people gona be warned how is going to be put out.With all the children in this place and adults it would be pure panic and someone could get seriously injured or it be fatal.Something to think about Air U

Review №49

My kid had a blast.

Review №50

Perfect place! Has an area with slides and a jungle gym like Billy Bees. Lots of trampolines and 2 foam pits. My son loved it!

Review №51

Nothing to do, after they remodeled from the long trampolines to the short trampolines made me decide not to go there anymore, even tho it’s close to our house it’s not worth it, I’d rather drive 45 mins to altitude than go here

Review №52

A very nice sized trampoline park, visited on a Saturday for a birthday party during peak, max capacity hours and it didnt feel overcrowded at all. The workers did a great job of monitoring the children and spaces for safety, the bathroom facilities were kept clean . The party hostess and party room experience was not bad either.

Review №53

It was a lot of fun for the kids. They are adding new equipment opening hopefully next Saturday. The little kids will love it. A lot if plans being made to make the parents visit pleasrurabe too.

Review №54

My kids go they have so much fun. Staff is great love they have security the offer. Very family fun

Review №55

Its smaller than expected; smaller than Longview for sure. I get that your company doesnt like outside food or drink but when youre attending a party, you should be allowed to bring your own drink. Nearly $300 for a party was NOT worth it. Only an hour of jump and an hour in the room was a bit ridiculous. I figured an hour and a half of jump at the price. This is a good place to go jump just dont do a party here, pricing is ridiculous.

Review №56

Pretty awesome!! Lots of room!! Nice staff!!

Review №57

First time visiting there and we enjoyed it! Everyone is really friendly will be back soon love the new Launchpad as well.

Review №58

This place don’t even let u sit down on the floor and check ur Snapchat lol then u can’t get out of the pit u have to go one specific way!!! The workers are rude!

Review №59

I love this one more than Altitude over by Airline Drive. It was a lot of fun and the staff was super friendly!

Review №60

My son loves this place especially on weekends!

Review №61

I prefer Altitude.

Review №62

Very fun experience always have a good time great atmosphere and positive energy every time we make plans to go the staff was very kind and generous that we enjoy our time there and we frequent visits and its always the same

Review №63

Great place for kids of all ages

Review №64

Great place to take the kids

Review №65

My most favorite party place. Trampolines are great!!

Review №66

So much fun for the kids

Review №67

Great place for kids

Review №68

My son had a great time!

Review №69

This place is awesome great for young and older kids

Review №70

Fun for big crowds and okay concession stand. Bathroom is good shape and size. Theres are 2 dodgeball areas and 2 basketball areas. Only enjoyable with big crowds

Review №71

I love this place we actually had a lot pf fun going again this year

Review №72

Kids had a great time

Review №73

Kids had a blast... the workers booked our room even though we paid for reservations. My 65 year old mom in a walker had to struggle up the stairs b/c they gave someone else our room... Manager didnt charger us for socks b/c of the mistake. It was still embarrassing for my mom.

Review №74

Great place to exercise the kids! And they live it!!!

Review №75

Always fun for the kids!

Review №76

Its was nice had a good time

Review №77

I did not feel welcome

Review №78

Sons 9th birthday party-Makayla was a sweetheart and a HUGE help getting things set up. Kids had a good time!

Review №79

My son had his birthday party here. Everyone was happy. Nice hostess assigned to our party also

Review №80

It was good until they had a 15min blackout

Review №81

Really fun for me and the kids. Concession stand wasnt open but still alot of fun

Review №82

Great place and wonderful stuff!

Review №83

Nice place for the kids

Review №84

Excellent environment for toddlers & kids

Review №85

Great place for kids and the layout is nice for parents with multiple kids. They keep it at 63, so bring a jacket if your not jumping!

Review №86

Dont go of your out of shape

Review №87

Alot of family fun

Review №88

Great place to have a party, but can get really busy.

Review №89

Clean, friendly, and fun!

Review №90

If I could I post negative stars/review, I would do so. We are sad and disgusted by the behavior of the staff and other parents this evening. Our boys (we have 4) have been to several parties and just to “hang out” times at Air U. Tonight was awful, “referees” should not grab our children or be rude or make derogatory comments to children (ages 8 and 13.) Our children have visited this place several times without an incident but tonight sealed the deal-from rude/uncaring staff to aggressive parents-we will NOT allow our children to go there again.

Review №91

Not as many different zones as expected but kids enjoyed.

Review №92

Great !

Review №93

Nice price, kids had a blast

Review №94

So fun for birthdays or just a few hours of fun!

Review №95

Great work

Review №96

Lots of trampolines, lots of fun. Has two foam pits to jump into and two dodgeball courts.

Review №97

Love the new jungle gym they put in!

Review №98

Good price and my kids had a blast

Review №99

I went to air u for my best friend birthday party shes 13 years old her name is Jordan

Review №100

A bit pricey but nice inside and safety employees at every section

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  • Address:424 Ashley Ridge Blvd, Shreveport, LA 71106, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 318-606-2367
  • Amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:1–8pm
  • Tuesday:1–8pm
  • Wednesday:1–8pm
  • Thursday:1–8pm
  • Friday:1–9pm
  • Saturday:10am–9pm
  • Sunday:1–8pm
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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