2002 E Dixon Blvd, Shelby, NC 28152, United States

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Overall a good theater with a nice layout and very clean. There are for sure better ones around, but not without driving.

Review №2

Nice theater. I have been going for years and some of the reviews you read about this movie theater are false.Very intimate, never really “crowded” and if you learn when to go, you can practically have one of the 10 cinemas to yourself.Staff is friendly, and very respectful. The bathrooms and facilities are clean.’ll see an occasional wrapper or straw paper lying around, but, nothing excessive. No foul smells that I have ever encountered in the years I’ve attended.Always feel safe and secure! Prices are typical for a movie concession (not $16 for popcorn and an up charge for a lid as I have read)Definitely look into the stubs program they offer and download the AMC app on your mobile device.This is a nice place, and is ALWAYS our first choice. Amazing stadium seating, comfortable and a perfect setting for the amazing effects and quality screen with DdS.

Review №3

Love Five Dollar Tuesdays they have five dollar movies

Review №4

Clean nice place. Great staff. I wish the prices wasnt as high as they are, but that is all theaters. You can thank piracy and corporate greed both screwing you on that. Still over all the place is fun. Again the staff was excellent, they even answered my questions i had about a film playing in the theater.

Review №5

This is a nice intimate and spacious small theater in the town of Shelby. The seating is new and clean and rarely crowded because Cleveland County is so localized. If you are looking for inexpensive tickets, low traffic and a nice movie off the beaten path, this location might be perfect for you. It is also located near the Cleveland Mall and many restaurants on Dixon Boulevard/ 74.

Review №6

I always enjoy this cinema. I drive about 45 minutes or so to see movies here. It’s always clean, the floors are not sticky, bathrooms are clean! They now have self service drinks, so the snack line is faster!!

Review №7

The special effects were great. However, weve all known pretty much how the end would play surprises there.

Review №8

Absolute worst theater in the western hemisphere. In an economically repressed town like Shelby this theater has roughly the same prices as theaters in New York City. For this you you dont get rockers or recliners, you get the same uncomfortable seats that were installed 20 years ago.

Review №9

I am sitting in the theatre right now and my boyfriend and I have moved seats three times now because all of the seats are nasty. They look like someone had sex in them and left nasty stains. There are crumbs in the seats and all over the floor. Not to mention how uncomfortable the chairs are. I won’t be back.

Review №10

Theatre is not very big but is kept clean and staffed well. Ticket price is reasonable. There were 2 guys arguing at the start of the movie and the staff escorted them out and gave everyone in the theatre free passes to another movie. It wasnt a big argument and it was a very nice gesture. The only negative is that the seats dont recline, but they are comfortable. Overall, nice people and good experience.

Review №11

My husband, kids and myself went to watch the new jumanji movie. There were alot of kids in there that wouldnt sit down, kept playing on their phones, switching seats and talking!! It was very annoying. Thankfully a guy that worked there finally kicked them out. Then at the end of the movie they gave us free passes to see another movie!! Thank you!

Review №12

Had my first date with my now wife here. Not really an indication of quality but maybe it’s lucky date spot. Seats are old stadium style but now that it’s an AMC they have the coke freestyle stations which is nice. I hate having to wait for a refill at the movies.

Review №13

Good seating good air conditioning

Review №14

Great place to watch a movieEvery Tuesday if like half price

Review №15

Aside from rude people that cant keep their bright phones in their pockets, it seems the theater doesnt know how to operate lights. Ive been there many times and its just a repetitive problem. Enjoy your movie with all the lights on for a horror movie, dont want anyone to get scared

Review №16

Clean, friendly employees, quiet and not crowded. Offers refills on your drinks (you fill them yourself). Popcorn is tasty.

Review №17

I had a question that the website frequently asked questions couldn’t answer so I called several times throughout the day. No answer either time. I would even try to email my question but there is no email on the contact us page

Review №18

Clean, and a decent theater to go to. Go on the less busy days for a good seat.

Review №19

The theater was clean! Air worked great! They have a fantastic deal going on, on certain days of the week, a movie a snack popcorn, gummies, and a drink for $4. Lots of seats are available.

Review №20

The thing about this theater was it was less crowded and yet just as good in quality

Review №21

I went and watched the newest Avengers movie in this theater with my husband and my two oldest kids. We loved it there and we will definitely be going back.

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Review №23

As far as AMC CLASSICS go this is one of the better ones. I like the coke flaver machine. Still not as cool as some of the new theaters but it was clean and the employees where nice.

Review №24

Friendly staff. Cleanliness - hoping I do not have to use the bathroom while here because if their theaters are sticky and gross I cant imagine what the bathroom looks like. (Picture of theater floor included) Comfortable? Hell no. Not to be mean if you are plus sized you wont fit in the seats. Im average and I feel squished. And the floor is so sticky Im glad its dim so I dont have to see the seats.

Review №25

The theater was clean and the people were very friendly and helpful... Abominable was such a good movie, my son loved it...

Review №26

Love this theater...and my daughter works there so I am biased about the staff....but I really think all of them are so nice

Review №27

I have never been so embarrassed publicly in my whole life. I used to come here very often and I never had any problems what so ever. Well about 3 months ago I went and I forgot my ID I didnt think it was a problem considering half the staff knows me by name. My boyfriend had an A listers status there we went every weekend. Well the manager there was so rude. My sister was in there with me and she was 21 Im 19 my boyfriend is 18 they all had their IDs and she shouldve let me in anyway due to the fact that my sister is 21 and can act as a legal guardian. We left after waiting over an hour to refund our money. Needless to say they lost 3 regular customers. Ill be just as happy with hulu

Review №28

89.00 for 2 adults and 2 children and 4 regular drinks and a popcorn thire was no heat I know I was there watching frozen2.i didnt expect to freeze watching it come on thats a little much I will not be returning there to watch new movies it over price and unheated

Review №29

Not only do these theaters have first-run movies but is extremely clean and the people are extremely helpful I highly recommend this theater

Review №30

There was no air conditioning on in the theater. It was so hot. But otherwise the facility and restrooms were clean and the staff is friendly.

Review №31

Extremely disappointed. Wanted to see a movie and was told that they were closed. I dont understand how a movie can be close so early. Its sunday I would understand a 10 pm closing but 8pm thats nuts

Review №32

Good clean theatre. Nice staff

Review №33

Picture and sound quality is good. The issue that I have is formatting issues. A film may be projected on screen where part of the frame is cropped out. This was noticeable when I saw black panther and subtitles were partially cropped out. Problems like this take away from the experience and need to be addressed. The theater may be in need of renovation.

Review №34

Seen the movie Halloween, was a great movie. Nice friendly staff, of course concessions are way overpriced no matter what theater you go to. Overall, great place to go see movies.

Review №35

It’s ok. This movie theatre needs to be updated. Recliner seats would be nice.

Review №36

Im new to the Shelby area.. Ive only been here for 8 months. I like the theater they have here. Its very clean and more decent then most theaters ive been to. So im planning on going back for another movie. Its worth the money because the theater is big nd its loud. And the snacks and drinks are inexpensive. And they are not out of date .. Like most. I like Shelby Theater. And enjoy watching the movies there.

Review №37

Lovely! Staff was friendly and didnt harass us about bringing our blanket in because we get chilly

Review №38

Great place to shop and go to the movies

Review №39

Ok. But could do with a better selection of movies.

Review №40

Love it. Clean amazing. Me and my friends love coming here

Review №41

Went an seen IT. place was clean quiet an staff was very polite. Restrooms were also clean.

Review №42

Very reasonable priced, located nearby local Mall recent movies friendly staff

Review №43

Friendly staff just wish the seats we a little more comfortable

Review №44

Awsome movie quality and amazing service from employees everyone was welcoming and nice

Review №45

Theaters smell and are filthy while they charge you the same prices as the nice theaters with recliners.

Review №46

Enjoyed a good movie and popcorn!

Review №47

Lines were to long. Need one open for tickets only.

Review №48

Watched Maleficent. AWESOME Movie.

Review №49

Too cold in the theater. Didnt get to finish watching Avengers because it was that cold. Refund definitely

Review №50

Avoid this theater. Small popcorn and drink was $14.50. Mens restroom urinals would not flush. The screen had lines that disrupted the picture. The lines did not originate from the projector but were obvious throughout the entire movie. The sound was extremely unbalanced and the lights came on with 30 minutes left of the movie. I did not expect this from an AMC theater.

Review №51

I hate giving bad reviews but let me start with what was good. Pros: the theater was clean, and in good repair. Cons: the staff was the worst Id ever experienced. They were rude and hateful and being treated like that made me embarrassed for AMC. I see a lot of movies and this is only one of a couple of times the staff was bad. The trainee that helped me was the only nice one but he got in trouble right in front of me. In my opinion the entire staff needs to be retrained or replaced. What a bad bunch of people.

Review №52

Movies are pretty good and matinee prices are fair. Enjoy going when we can.

Review №53

Good movies good popcorn and refillable drinks what else can I say!

Review №54

Nice and quite movie theatre. Could use some upgrades but hey it’s in Shelby NC.

Review №55

$5 on Tuesdays in great movies

Review №56

Love that its never too packed when we go, would give 5 stars but they could definitely use more comfortable chairs especially when there prices are as high as they are!

Review №57

Everyone is well trained due to good management,concession stand clean, restrooms clean and all 10 theaters are immaculate . Thank you Miss Lisa for always making it a very enjoyable experience for us Ray&Shirley Bryson.

Review №58

Fair ticket prices. Extremely nice screens and sound. Theater is kept very cold during the summer. I was surprised because the outside looked like a dump but the inside was very nice and comfortable. Have not tried any of the food yet. A+

Review №59

The staff is great, and the food is good but highly priced.

Review №60

Prices was alittle high, but me and my hubby had a good time.

Review №61

I like this movie theatre because of the stadium seats and surround sound. I saw the movie Breakthrough and it was a great movie.

Review №62

Grwat movies and great prices on Tuesdays. But they could lower some of the snack prices.

Review №63

A good clean place. Movie was good.

Review №64

Good middle end theatre, never packed so can get seats you want.

Review №65

It was okay movie wasnt as good as I thought It would be but it was a good date flick... Popcorn was good theather is not as new as others but still a good place to watch a movie.

Review №66

Nice clean theater with friendly staff, a bit pricey as most theaters are now.

Review №67

Tuesdays are the best. All staff are super nice. Place is usually top notch clean. Prices on Tuesday is the best bargain. Popcorn is awesome and always fresh.

Review №68

Great theatre. Clean throughout. Comfy seats. Great screens and sound. Large variety of snacks (great popcorn). Friendly staff.

Review №69

The people there are always friendly and helpful.

Review №70

Shows popular movies, but expensive

Review №71

The staff was awesome while the movie theater was very clean. I had an amazing time with my boyfriend watching How to Train Your Dragon the Hidden World.

Review №72

Tuesday is a great day to go for 5 dollars! !

Review №73

Staff was friendly and helpful but the restrooms and theater were not very clean. The theater is over due for a remodel.

Review №74

Awesome great place for everyone to come and watch movies.

Review №75

Great theater, first run movies, great prices!

Review №76

Pretty good theater, a little messy at times but good overall

Review №77

Great service, clean environment, and great watching experience.

Review №78

Really Great Place to Go to Catch A Good Movie!!!

Review №79

I have watched some movies there. I like that place.

Review №80

One of the best AMC Theater around.

Review №81

Clean, courteous staff & great snack options

Review №82

Not bad prices until you go buy snacks

Review №83

One of the best places to hang out in Shelby, that’s not a restaurant.

Review №84

Love the movie alddain it was real good

Review №85

Never had a bad time yet.

Review №86

Great place to just relax and watch a movie...

Review №87

Great movies for the price, good fresh popcorn, nice option instead of driving to Gastonia. Thank you!

Review №88

Great theater. Friendly staff. And as a Stubbs Premiere member, excellent discounts. Well worth the drive.

Review №89

Nice seating arrangement

Review №90

The volume was way too high. Hearing damage worthy. No salt on or for the popcorn. Me and my family will seek our entertainment elsewhere

Review №91

Clean theater with good sound and picture.

Review №92

Nice theater, friendly staff.

Review №93

Cool during preshow and break and very hot during movie. Very clean with good sitting.

Review №94

I enjoy watching movies at our Shelby NC theater

Review №95

Wonderful experience and very clean atmosphere

Review №96

Good comfortable theatre to watch great movies. Going back soon!

Review №97

Love the movie and everyone was so friendly

Review №98

Needs better seats but good

Review №99

Great movie theater quality was great movie theater with clean and the customer service was on point. Only thing this movie theaters need to get a little lower with the popcorn prices and cups of soda it is ridiculous other than that everything is a five-star

Review №100

It is the BEST cinema Ive been (apart from hounds drive in)

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  • Address:2002 E Dixon Blvd, Shelby, NC 28152, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 704-482-6305
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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