Hometown Cinemas King Ranger 9
1373 E Walnut St #5125, Seguin, TX 78155, United States

Review №1

It smells and run down. Sets are very uncomfortable. Food is nasty

Review №2

Nice old time atmosphere. Also a bar in the lobby. Thats kinda cool.

Review №3

Kind of confusing when I walked in the first time. Paid for my tickets at the counter where you purchase the food. Took my twins to see Sonic and they loved it. Clean theater nice and friendly staff.

Review №4

Wonderful family setting!

Review №5

I like it here because of the convenience of being 5 minutes away. And the staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Review №6

I have never had a bad experience here. Nice patrons. Very helpful. Prices are very affordable. By far my favorite place to see movies with my family. Two thumbs up.

Review №7

The best small town theater! Excellent value. Clean, and wonderful, polite staff. The buckaroo box for the little ones is such a great value, and just the right size for kids.It comes with a drink, popcorn and candy, and each kid has their own, so no more fighting over who has the popcorn!Tickets are reasonably priced, making it easy for us to see movies as a family without having to mortgage our home.I love the new Gaslight Saloon addition. On date night we can enjoy a drink while waiting for our feature, or for our friends to arrive.Yes, it is an older place, but it is reliable, comfortable, and enjoyable.King Ranger Patron for Life!

Review №8

Very small town cinema! Staff is super friendly. It is a little run down and small, but if youre looking for small town, big heart...

Review №9

We went to see Avengers End Game. This theater is a hidden gem. The movie was sold out in New Braunfels for days before we tried King Ranger. They had plenty of open seats and very happy patrons. Their staff were polite and helpful. Enjoyed the theater very much.

Review №10

When I want to get away from the big city, I enjoy the cozy atmosphere of this theatre. The walls are adorned with pictures of the King family. There is the common food and drinks in the main lobby, but off to the side was a mini bar where beer and wine were served.

Review №11

The owner manager was very friendly and supportive of the community. He offers free movie tickets on Mondays to Veterans.

Review №12

Went to see a movie yesterday with my daughter and granddaughter. Had to evacuate half way through because of smoke. Received a refund. Went back today and half way through, there is no sound. Offered a pass... really. So I can waste another afternoon not watching the whole movie. Tickets are cheap because the seats are old and dirty.Wonder why people go to New Braunfels. It will be a long time before I go back.

Review №13

Ford vs Ferrari was excellent! If u love a gr8 story & love cars u have 2 see it!

Review №14

Cute little home town theather. Great matinee prices and good snacks.

Review №15

Went to a Tuesday matinee & my husband & I were the only ones in our theater, so that was pretty cool. The lady selling the tickets was also doing the concessions & was very courteous & friendly. Comfortable seating.

Review №16

Nice little family run theatre which if course is a little dated and run down. $4 Tuesdays!

Review №17

Good service, good movie quality. The only problem is sometimes its a bit dirty but most of the time theyve got it covered. The food is also great!

Review №18

I went out to King Ranger for a day out with my little one and was informed that the movie we were about to watch would not have air conditioning. Seriously?? Why would you play a movie in a theatre without air conditioning, especially a Children’s movie ?? So if you are planning on watching a movie here you might want to call ahead and make sure the air conditioning works in that theater .

Review №19

New ownership have no one selling tickets! You buy tickets at food counter no organization long lines! They have a wine and beer bar that a guy cuts in line orders a beer so they shut down tickets purchases to go across lobby and serve him a beer! I left horrible service!!!

Review №20

Its a small town theater and a nice place to watch movies at.

Review №21

Don’t bother with this one. The staff will not help you when people are talking at all. I wouldn’t blame them but my son and I both went up front and asked them to quite the group of 12-14 kids who some how got into an R rated movie with no parent. “We’ll take care of it.” Then nada. I will be making the drive to Alamo Drafthouse or The Spot from now on. Shame this place used to be great.

Review №22

Very cozy spot to catch a movie with the family also its not too expensive either. We will definitely be returning again

Review №23

This is a small local theater with reasonable prices. This movie theater concession stand was one of the best reasonable prices for food. I ordered three candies and a bottle of water and it was under $10.00. The movie theater seats lean back and were not torn. The theater is small compared to the bigger chains, but this is the theater to watch a movie without the higher prices.

Review №24

Great price only 6 Dollars for a new movie. Unbelievable thank you

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Review №26

The theaters are okay, they usually aren’t packed so that’s always a plus for me, and they’re spacious. The theaters do have kind of a funny, musty smell to it like mold which is kinda bothersome but after a while, you start to not notice it. The employees can either be rude or friendly, I guess it just depends on what day you go. They don’t seem very knowledgeable in any specials you guys seem to have. There has been a couple times when I saw a special you guys were advertising on social media, and when I asked about it they said they had no idea what I was talking about. My husband and I usually go here just because it’s conveniently in the same city where we always are for work, otherwise it wouldn’t be my first option. But it isn’t too bad, prices are a little high though.

Review №27

The places is almost perfect just need to update its speaker system

Review №28

Cashier people were courtiest and knowledgeable. The Buckaroo tray was delicious. I go there either Friday or Monday to see the newest movies.

Review №29

Love the atmosphere, small theater local feel. Food and bar drinks good and cheapIm 56 yrso and looking to settle down here in sequin TX and surrounding areas

Review №30

They have the best ticket prices Ive ever found. Food is always expensive, but not as bad as most places. There is also a bar which has a small, but very good selection and great prices. The staff there is also very nice, especially the girl that works at the bar.

Review №31

My husband and I just move to Seguin and we saw our very first movie at King Ranger today, Captain Marvel, and we totally loved it! Comfortable chairs, friendly staff and great confessions! I love the small town feel of this movie theater! Were coming back...soon!

Review №32

New ownership or management, higher prices, and the cleanliness is now non existent. Also according to the staff, the new owners, refuse to buy trays for people to carry their concessions? I felt icky just being there.

Review №33

Second time back and Ive missed coming here! Definetly worth traveling for. Nice theatre and cheap concession stand prices compared to many others Ive been to in the past.

Review №34

Concessions are fair priced. The theater smelled a little stale. But enjoyed the movie

Review №35

Everything was great except the womens restroom. No soap and no paper towels. The hand dryer was not adequate in blowing hands dry.

Review №36

This is really an awesome place to have a date night or just enjoy a movie with your family! The only dilemma I have is, when you purchase the big ol bucket of popcorn you get 1free refill of popcorn, but if you watch a late show they know theyre going to be closing soon but they dont offer you a refill or an extra box at the time of purchase.

Review №37

Theater was nice and cool on a hot summer day! Popcorn was fresh, drink was cool and candy was fresh too! The deal I got for the popcorn, drink and candy was 8 bucks and change. Good deal! Enjoyed the theater and will be back!

Review №38

The movie theater was clean, the workers were polite. The seats were comfortable. The small beer and wine bar was quaint and the bartender was good. We will certainly go back!

Review №39

Hate the new set up where you have to purchase tickets at the concession stand. Makes you late to a movie if the line is long. Also they dont offer trays anymore if you have more than 1 food item to purchase. The theatre smells of mold.

Review №40

This is an older theater, but, it makes up with a good (not very pricey) concession stand goodies! Also they have better ticket prices, specials, very comfortable seats and very friendly staff. The times I have gone, it has not been packed at all.

Review №41

Its very nice for a small town theater

Review №42

I like how cheap it is and friendly, the seats was definitely dirty and it smelled, so if they can clean the seats or get new ones that would be great!

Review №43

Been going to king ranger for years and they always have nice staff and very courteous. Seats are comfortable as well and its much cleaner than before with the new management. Only thing I dont like but its not a major issue is that Im a big nacho lover when I go see a movie. They used to stand the chips upright and pour the cheese over them and put some in the small cup area. Now we go in and they lay them down and pour the cheese over them and put the cheese in the little cup. Its a little messy and they are using the single bag chips which are sometimes stale. I like the other way they did it with them stacked side by side and put under the heat lamp. For the price of nachos I feel theres not enough chips in those single bags. I do still order them when I go but just dont like the way they do it now. All in all its a good place to go for a movie night.

Review №44

Couldve had reclining seats for a more comfortable experience

Review №45

Great service even with construction...good movie

Review №46

Small Theatere, not to crowded, reasonably priced, popular movies, we saw lion king. Also has a bar.

Review №47

The movievwas great. I saw ROCKETMAN.However, the buttered popcorn left me with stained pants and they are my favorite pants. I was not happy and am still unhappy with my experience.Ill never go again.Stop putting so much butter or at least offer more napkins at the counter....

Review №48

The snacks are poor quality and very over priced and theater smells like a convalescent home . sellouts need to get real miss the 5 $ buckaroo. and a decent hot dog .

Review №49

Freezing! Room 6 was so cold that all of the people rushed out of the theater to warm up. The staff however was very friendly & courteous

Review №50

Went to see Jurassic World on Friday June 22nd and theater#7 was unpleasantly warm. We usually enjoy our outings to King Ranger. Its an older and smaller theater but clean and well kept. Im not going to say this will stop us from going here but it was not a good time tonight. Thus my 3 rating. Hope they fix this issue.

Review №51

I love this place. I go here from san antonio to see a movie. Its quiet, off the beaten path, affordable and very mom & pop feeling. Get out of town away from the hustle and bustle and visit this little theatre.

Review №52

A little older theater, very good price. Could be a little cleaner. But overall not to bad.

Review №53

Never had a bad experience there good prices all around.

Review №54

My family loves going to this place. Nice staff and the teenagers love it

Review №55

Great prices for the movies i feel . Something should be done about the smell of the theater for sure . Seems like an odour of wet/old something lingers thru the a/c im assuming . That or the old carpet .

Review №56

Its a theater, nothing special or particularly bad about it either way

Review №57

Nice little theater. Very clean, nice experience!

Review №58

Bathrooms need to be addressed, other than that...wonderful experience.

Review №59

It was clean, its nice to be able to see a movie that s good. I just like it.

Review №60

Good price and quick service at counter.

Review №61

Hit matinee and drink for 2 is $13. All digital and 3d as well

Review №62

We go here all the time with the kids. Never a dull moment. Friendly staff, clean theater with lots of roomy seating. Even the bathrooms are clean. The old posters along the halls bring a nostalic feel to the theater, but the movies are first run. They now serve beer and other adult beverages, which I think is a move in the right direction for the crowds that go here. A very nice theater that I highly recommend.

Review №63

Its very small older theater not many choices at the register before the movie. But its in Seguin Texas so you can expect a whole lot and a small town.

Review №64

They added a bar!! The drinks there are so good. And so is the food. Nice comfortable seating and bathrooms are clean.

Review №65

Super clean and decent snack prices

Review №66

Excellent place to go good food & friendly workers

Review №67

Clean and great staff. Very comfortable!

Review №68

We love King Ranger Cinema! The kids who work the concession stand are always polite, the snacks are good, and the price is right. King Ranger is not the closest cinema to our home but its worth a 15 minute drive for the difference. If you drink, theres a bar too.

Review №69

Not a horrible little theatre noting that it’s in Seguin, could definitely use some updating and possibly some new carpeting and shampooing of the seats or something. Place kinda had a faint musky smell to it for some reason. Tickets were cheap here and the food wasn’t as ridiculous as the theaters in San Antonio but the popcorn wasn’t very fresh. Pretty cool how there was a bar in the lobby and they had a decent little selection but no actual mixed drinks, only wine based mixed drinks. Would go back only for the fact that the video quality and sound was surprisingly good for a small theatre and it wasn’t crowded.

Review №70

great clean theater and the frozen mix drinks are so good

Review №71

Best Theatre to go beside the Old Alameda in San Antonio Tx.Love all your family HISTORY! Classic and Respected.

Review №72

The seats were comfortable the screens had good quality

Review №73

I dont like to post negativity. I really dont. However..... I saw Avengers Infinity War recently at this place. The moment you step inside, it smells of mustiness and mildew. But. I decided to stay and watch the movie here. The concessions prices are the cheapest Ive seen....the biggest tub of popcorn is only $5.50. The viewing room smelled as well. The bathrooms... Wont talk about it. Dirty and no soap.

Review №74

I love this movie theater. Its nice and small, but still comfortable. The prices on food are actually reasonable, and you never feel stuffed in there. They now serve alcohol, which is great for having to sit thru a 2hr kids movie.

Review №75

Love this place for movies. Great ticket prices. Always friendly staff.

Review №76

Cheap tickets pretty good theater.

Review №77

Friendly service, great prices, and nice facility. Me and my family cant wait to come back.

Review №78

Theatre had no ac. Took our 2 year old to her first movie for us all to sweat and be miserable the whole time. If the ac doesnt work in the room then maybe they should close that one until they get it fixed.

Review №79

Not very clean up in the front where straws and condiments are. Not very many people there so no reason for the way it looked.

Review №80

I dont understand why they do not have persons to sell tickets at the register. Why do you have to wait in a long line of the concession stand when you do not want any concessions. That makes no sense.

Review №81

The popcorn and drinks were pretty pricey and I went to the matinee. Also they need security because at the end of the movie two people came in wearing black and was kind of worried about them.

Review №82

Nice small town theater. I never have a problem with the shows. I love that you can now get drinks. The one draw back is their popcorn and other hot snacks are not the best.

Review №83

Its dirty lately, I wish they had more staff to clean it.

Review №84

Bring a sweater! Otherwise, very clean and comfortable. Friendly staff.

Review №85

Comfortable seats.. clean auditorium..friendly staff.. very reasonable concession prices

Review №86

Awesome specials on snacks. Great affordable prices. Cheapest Ive seen anywhere!

Review №87

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody here. Great movie. Comfortable theatre.

Review №88

This place is a classic. They may not have the most up to date chairs... but whatever. They dont charge you an arm and a leg either. Online ticketing doesnt always work, but maybe somebody can help them through their tech woes. I love this place.

Review №89

Great price and nice staff andcomfy

Review №90

Good theater experience, no lounge reclining seats but overall good experience.

Review №91

Good for small town action. Some seats were torn but it was clean.

Review №92

Nice theater with great screens and sound. Seats were very comfortable and they have adult beverages. Bathrooms need updating.

Review №93

Great staff and even better prices

Review №94

Good place to go to the movie

Review №95

Service was not good, cashiers unhappy to work or greeted no Smiles no thank yous

Review №96

King ranger is in dire need of an update to their seats, carpet, etc. It smells in the auditoriums they need to redo the floors that can be easy to clean and sanitize. The cost for concessions is expensive. They need to check out Creekside Cinemas in New Braunfels that a nice movie theater.

Review №97

Always clean. The lobby, auditorium and bathrooms. Seats are comfortable.

Review №98

Because I have the best movie showing

Review №99

Thank King Ranger Theatres for showing us a great time!!

Review №100

Very nice, clean theater. Freaking 5.41 for a water? Seriously?

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  • Address:1373 E Walnut St #5125, Seguin, TX 78155, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 830-379-8425
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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