Regal Edwards Canyon Country
18800 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91351, United States

Review №1

Possibly the best cinema in XX. Their micro screens allow larger more comfortable seating with more legroom and offers a niche cinema experience you cant get anywhere else. They have the largest selection of foreign, arthouse and indie films available in the state from what Ive seen. Having so many screens means that theres always something to see. Highly recommend

Review №2

My first time here, the auditorium was nice and clean, customer service was great, watched endgame for the first time it looked awesome on the big screen no technical problems whatsoever would deffinetly recommend this movie theatre.

Review №3

I love that you can order food and drinks from your seat. The theatres are very spacious and clean. I enjoyed every bit of my visit.

Review №4

Niche movies and a well stocked snacks and drink bar. The cine. As themselves are intimate and comfy.

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Review №6

Hard to get handicap parking and not enough seats for handicap patrons and their companions. There are 3 seats in a row and if you have 2 people, you cannot reserve 2 of those seats. Which means 1 person has to sit by themselves. Ive driven to other cities just to gain a better wheelchair-accessible experience.Otherwise, the theater is average and I chose it as a last resort.

Review №7

I love that you can order food and drinks from your seat. The theatres are very spacious and clean. I enjoyed every bit of my visit.

Review №8

Ive been going to this theater for over 20 years. Definitely a cornerstone of the community. My son likes to play in the arcade before a movie and I think they have a great staff here. Always seems well taken care of and well managed. They have plenty of screens inside, play all the popular movies in 3D or standard. The movies themselves look and sound great. I do wish they would update the seating inside. There is not much space between aisles and the seats do not recline at all, which can get a bit uncomfortable. Especially for longer movies.

Review №9

Stale popcorn. Cinema itself is okay, if not a bit cramped.

Review №10

Niche movies and a well stocked snacks and drink bar. The cine. As themselves are intimate and comfy.

Review №11

Always liked Regal. And if you want to watch a fun movie, might be best to get here on the early hours. I always come here during the day to get the best experience.

Review №12

Its always awesome. Regal treats my service dog with the utmost respect. Love going there.

Review №13

My favorite theater in SCV. Concession stand is a little slow but ok overall. Seats are good.

Review №14

Only reason I didnt give it five stars. Is because they didnt clean the theater between movie showings so when I went in there it was messy.

Review №15

Its a nice theater and great when you dont wanna deal with mall crowds

Review №16

Watched Ad Astra here. Great movie but I not here to review that. The theater is clean and concessions were fine. Tix and food were expensive but that’s the norm. The frustration lies in the fact that the box office wasn’t selling tickets so tickets were sold at the concession stand. There was no queuing line like EVERY OTHER THEATER EVER, and we got into a line behind a woman who was buying dinner and tickets for 12 people. All the other lines were moving but there were lots of people. The manager and 2 other employees could have opened other registers but they stood off to the side and chatted.A good manager should see the customer experience dwindling and act fast to correct it. Didn’t happen here.

Review №17

Regal bought Edwards Theatres, and they have done a great job maintaining this location.The seats are ample and usually clean. Decor is a bit nostalgic, with an art deco, car theme reminiscent of the 1950s. The kids always have a good time. Bathrooms are updated, and usually clean.Great for date night or the whole family.

Review №18

Ive been a fan of this Edwards Theater for a long time. Aside from it being closer to home, I find that it is far more quiet than its counterpart at the Westside Town Plaza in Valencia. Even though there are 10 (right?) screens, it is never too busy. The employees are always hustling and the theaters, snack bar and bathrooms are clean. I like the smaller size of this theater versus many of the other behemoth theaters Ive been to around So Cal. Its easier to park, get to and into the theater, get a snack and enjoy a movie.

Review №19

They now have reserved seating and sell wine. Openings are not as packed as town center

Review №20

Great old school looking theater that is out of the way. Always love coming here.

Review №21

I love this theater. Its very quaint and never seems to be lots of lines or anything. I go here often and have enjoyed all of the movies Ive seen here. Restrooms are extremely cold but very clean and the food is super tasty!!

Review №22

I love the doing everything in one line tickets choosing a seat popcorn!

Review №23

Great service, love this place every time I come here

Review №24

Very convenient to buy the tickets before you arrive,very good idea

Review №25

The theater was overall good. It was kinda annoying to buy the movie ticket at the food stand.

Review №26

The movie was great I love musical all the songs was fabulous

Review №27

Good place to see a movie. The theatres are clean and well kept. The seats are comfortable and well maintained. The concession stand is relatively quick and the popcorn is fresh. This theatre does not have the big chairs that recline but they do lean back slightly, making getting in and out of them more comfortable. The best part, kids are not running around unattended and most people are good about putting their phones away.

Review №28

Good service. Happy environment

Review №29

WAAAAAAY understaffed, ticket buying procedure is a joke. Show up way early if you want to see your movie on time or get any concessions.

Review №30

The place is very quiet and peaceful.We had a great time!

Review №31

A fine theater, no major complaints, but starting to show its age inside. Would benefit from some updating.

Review №32

I always enjoy my neighborhood movie theater! Edwards shows the newest movies, it’s always clean, tasty treats, and I can get my ticket(s) in advance. Come and enjoy the experience.

Review №33

This theatre needs some serious TLC. The inside smelled as bad as a gym locker room. It needs some serious cleaning. Suggestion is to shampoo the carpets and clean the chairs. I was in theatre 2 and just walking thru the lobby all the way into the theatre was a terrible smell. The bathroom was much cleaner than the theatre.

Review №34

Just saw Lego Movie 2 a couple nights ago with my kids at this location and they were clean, fully stocked at the concession counter, movie started on time, the picture and audio quality top notch and quick at the front box office window. What more could you ask for at a movie theater!? Still a great experience. One of our staple movie theaters here in Santa Clarita.

Review №35

I love the fact that you can now choose your seats at time of purchase of your movie tickets! Also loving the new regal club!

Review №36

Love the movies. However Ive try to become a member and Im having a hard time.. Plz help

Review №37

Fun theater with much easier parking than Valencia

Review №38

Short lines, dont hassel you about bringing own food, clean, and they have assigned seating (first movie theatre Ive seen with this and it worked well for star wars, super full theatre)

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Review №40

I wish the bathroom stalls had more space to close the door. space between the door and toilet sucks. I have to step on the side (which is space is minimum) to be able to close door when I get in and open door to get out....

Review №41

I like this theater, it has been around for years. It is in the same parking lot as Oggis (pizza, brewed beer and many other good dishes), Route 66 which always has seating and fast service with food that comes out fast and hot. Disneys now for some good BBQ. poke for some sushi along with another great sushi place next to Oggis (sorry forgot name!). Win win for dinner and a movie night!

Review №42

The theatre is a nice one, clean, friendly employees. Could have better seats at the prices they charge for everything. Movie was great and so was the screen.

Review №43

Very nice, clean and good service, good popcorn and comfortable seats.

Review №44

Decent theater. Nothing special.

Review №45

I really enjoy going to this location never overly crowded, even on busy weekends.

Review №46

The Theater is large enough, usually clean, and relatively safe feeling. The chairs however are quite uncomfortable. They do not recline neither are they large enough to be sitting in for a two hour movie. Security is present, which indicates previous issues, and womens purses are searched like going into the Staples Center, but men are not searched at all.

Review №47

The service was great the theater was clean and service people were never far away, great place.

Review №48

I like this theater. Comfortable seats and roomy. Plenty of parking too. I wish they would offer some specials but I never can find any. They tend to run films which have been out for a while too, rare these days. Concessions are pricey but typical for a movie theater. Staff always seems friendly enough.

Review №49

Good place for all the latest pics.Like all theatres the concessions take forever.

Review №50

Great clean place to go for movies

Review №51

Our family enjoys this theater because its never packed, parking is easy and plentiful and the employees are friendly.

Review №52

Needs a little bit of upgrading. The seats are very old and most of the theaters and uncomfortable. The sound is outdated it is time to install state-of-the-art sound equipment.

Review №53

Very very expensive. Uncomfortable seats. Very disappointed

Review №54

It was quite tasty if I do say so myself

Review №55

We went to a 12:30 show. No line and I gave them my AAA card and saved $$$. Comfy seats which was good cause it was about a 3 hour movie.

Review №56

Closest toy house.. clean and nice..Food is a bit expensive like in any other theaters..

Review №57

The new way of theaters making you get your own butter for your popcorn you can have, but at least they get your drink for you unlike AMC

Review №58

I love the theater there so beautiful and people who work there are so polite, I will be coming back again

Review №59

Always have a wonderful time everyone very friendly and helpful. Popcorn is great! Admission very high so dont go as often as we would like.

Review №60

Close to home clean and comfortable

Review №61

Great movie theater, love the staff, cant do wrong with this place!

Review №62

Easiest place to use multiple forms of payment ever. Used a gift card first Walmart MoneyCard and an edd card. Was simple and quick. Everyone was friendly and was clean inside.

Review №63

Very clean theater. The bathrooms smell good and not dirty. Take into consideration we went on a busy night. They offer a snack pack which is the perfect size for our little one. Very friendly staff.

Review №64

I enjoy this theater whenever the Valencia one isnt showing the films im interested in. However, this location needs restroom updating to self flushing toilets OR more attention by their sanitation crew. Perhaps seat updating as well to something more comfy? Other than this, its great!

Review №65

I like our theater I just wish it had reclining seat so theyre more comfortable to watch the movie

Review №66

Nice theater with some nostalgia

Review №67

Great theater to take the whole family. Fast ticket sales, friendly staff, and clean amenities. Great popcorn from the concessions. Comfortable seating! We will definitely return!

Review №68

Way, way, WAY too expensive! Egads! Luckily, Id been generously given a ticket from a very dear friend, but considering the costs of the tickets -- even for seniors -- going to see a movie in a theatre is now going to have to be a thing of the past. Too bad, because the theatre itself was clean, and the personnel there were quite nice.

Review №69

Doesnt have the reclining chairs, which are something I really look for in theaters these days.

Review №70

Plays new movies, the seats are old and not cushioned well.The staff seems under trained as they just let you walk in without checking tickets..

Review №71

Nice little local theater in Canyon Country. We there to see Black Panther. Sound could have been better. I was at Arc Light in Pasadena two days ago to see same movie, much better sound, seats and bathrooms

Review №72

Great theater. Always clean and great staff.

Review №73

Its a movie theater. Has older seating that doesnt recline, and tickets are a bit pricy, at least for someone whos used to only paying $10 a ticket.

Review №74

As an movie buff this theater is always clean and the staff are friendly.

Review №75

They have up-to-date movies playing. A terrific concession stand. I like the Edwards Canyon Cinema

Review №76

Just the right size.

Review №77

Went to see La Llorna, wasnt too crowded in theater, but they were 2 groups of people talking & laughing thru entire movie on/off at times, I went to talk to manager to get my money back, she asked me if i watched ENTIRE movies, i said yes, she said i cant get my money back then because I didnt inform them during the movie, (i was not gonna leave my seat to miss part of the moves for those RUDE PEOPLE. WILL NOT BE BACK!!! WHAT A WASTE OF $43

Review №78

Great place to take out the kids to.

Review №79

Its a nice theatre. Dated but clean and nice. Staff is friendly.

Review №80

Friendly service, but slow service.

Review №81

Its a cool layout and clean theater. The have stadium seating and the theaters are nice and big. They also sell food such burgers and waffle fries. A hip and cool place to hangout.

Review №82

I liked the neon lights. They really bring you in. The concessions go beyond just popcorn. The loaded potato fries.. so good! ( :

Review №83

Movie was great. Nice theater. Monopoly on movie theaters in the area makes very pricey.2 people for 3D Skyfall 37.50. Yikes!!! Low rating because of cost.

Review №84

Watching the movie Glass was good..good service..just not liking to choose a seat on go in find a spot

Review №85

All the employees were very kind and accommodating. Good seating provisions for wheelchair bound guests. Even the other patrons were helpful.

Review №86

Come here often and the staff is always great amd very accomadating.

Review №87

Great! Im excited to go back and see Ma!

Review №88

Decent experiences. Pretty much safe and clean. No thugs.

Review №89

Clean and perfect sound. I reccomend seeing Jojo Rabbit before it leaves theatres!

Review №90

This is the closest movie complex to my house so I make it my first choice when I feel like watching a movie. Because of all the business on this mall, finding parking can be a bit troublesome. The theaters a clean for the most part. The staff is friendly. The concession stand is pricey, but thats true for all theaters. Restrooms are clean. The theater rooms a good sized and Ive never experienced an outage during one of the sessions. I would recommend this teather to others.

Review №91

I love this theater for its spaciousness. The customer service is friendly too.

Review №92

Its always been less busy than the Valencia theater. Every time Ive been its been clean, and the seating and screen sizes have been great. Even though its an extra 15 minute drive to get here its usually worth it. The only drawbacks compared to the Valencia Regal is that they dont sell beer and the surrounding area isnt nice to walk around. But if youre going out just for a movie Id recommend this theater.

Review №93

Great place. 3D, glasses for those who want/need text overlays. Staff friendly.and helpful. Foodstuffs fresh and good quality.

Review №94

Great theater, comfortable, clean, friendly staff and easy access / parking.

Review №95

Short lines, back rows with legroom, and good accessibility options. food and stuff is super overpriced though, but thats with any movie theatre.

Review №96

Love it here and quite a few restaurant choices within walking distance

Review №97

Very nice theater. Very clean and friendly staff. I will be going back soon.

Review №98

Nice place but minimally staffed for a Monday night, so concessions is a bit slow.

Review №99

Great family friendly theater

Review №100

Its a really nice theater. All the food is really good prices. It is very clean and nice.

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  • Address:18800 Soledad Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91351, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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