Sandbox VR
60 E 31st Ave #2044, San Mateo, CA 94403, United States

Review №1

We crushed it today at Sandbox VR! Unbelievable experience! I loved and enjoyed as little kid. Highly recommend, not for kids under 6 though. Worth money spent.

Review №2

I’ve never had such an amazing VR experience. I played the Star Trek game it was fun but not my style and I still enjoyed it. When I played the battle game it was outstanding. It was me and my family we fought with weapons in a boxing like arena while 2 people sat out there were 2 people each team 4 total. I suggest 4 players because this is very tiring and you may think you won’t get tired but you will therefore you need a round to watch and regain your energy. We battled 15 rounds in total me and my brother vs my mom and dad. My mom has never played VR before this experience she ended up rating it 8/10 the rest of us 10/10 We had a amazing time if you’re wondering who won me and my brother lost. Long story short we had an amazing time we ended up drenched in sweat it’s an amazing workout and fun for friends and families. If you were to go here play the battle game you won’t regret it. This place was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I’m now Considering buying VR I would definitely come back. The staff here were amazing and even though there were technical difficulties they fixed them and gave us the full game even though we lost time. Again if you ever want a great time here’s the place please consider going.

Review №3

An Entertaining VR ExperienceMy cousins got together to Sandbox VR for a birthday celebration. There are two rooms in this location. One room has maximum of 6 players, and the other room has maximum of 4 players. You can choose from 3 games. The staff suit you up with sensors, vest, VR lense and guns. I played Amber Sky to kill aliens in order to save the world. Other cousins played Deadwood Mansion to kill zombies. You will get your recording to playback the next day. The cost is between $30-$40 for about 30 minutes. It was a fun experience. Ive heard some friends and one cousin felt nauseated afterward. So do raise your hand if you do not feel you want to play further.

Review №4

This was so much fun! The staff were very helpful and friendly. They were able to help ensure before our arrival that it would be appropriate for kids under 10. They were very patient with the kids with us. Our entire group had a blast and everyone wants to go again.

Review №5

I surprised my boyfriend by taking him on a date to Sandbox. Neither of us were familiar with VR & had no clue what was ahead of us. It was; without a doubt, one of the best times we both have ever experienced. We played “Deadwood Mansion” -It blew our minds just how realistic it was... our adventure was INSANE-FUN & quite a WORKOUT! From the moment we walked in, the staff were great. Our personal favorite is Ron. He was friendly, incredibly helpful & patient to the end! He’s knowledgeable, passionate & obviously loves what he does. He honestly made our time so enjoyable. My boyfriend and I dug it so much that we decided to play “The adventures of Davy Jones” the following week. Again an absolute blast with a few twists- Needless to say, we look forward to trying out the last option currently available “Amber Sky”! Highly recommend EVERYONE try it out. It’s well worth the money, experience & finding out how well you work together for a common goal. The graphics, equipment & setting are AWESOME!

Review №6

I have played a few video games in my time. Mostly Dr. Mario and Tetris. Never really got into RPG. But now Im hooked on VR, thanks to Sandbox. Deadwood mansion was okay, if you like zombies, but it all takes place in one room. Amber Sky was much more fun because youre in this awesome space elevator and it actually feels like you are moving up and down. Plus you get to shoot aliens and save the world. Havent played the other games ... yet ... but I will, and when I do, Ill be back to update this!

Review №7

I came with my work team and had lots of fun playing Amber sky VR game. The equipment was good and the staff were very helpful and patient in resolving our concerns on accommodating my big team. I will visit again. Currently they have battle games, but I hope they add mystery solving kind of games soon.

Review №8

This place is awesome. The VR displays and special effects were so mind blowing. Kudos to the team there. We will return.

Review №9

A pretty cool place overall. I like the idea of it all. Main complaint is that the price is high, and the missions are short. Shoulda been at least 30 mins and 40 mins for a regular person. I also got disconnected once, but it was handled well, and quickly. In Amber Sky (the one I did, the shields were hard to activate easily.

Review №10

About 19 years ago I worked for a company named Ligos which had developed a very cool virtual reality product. When I first joined, I was told every ten or so years, corresponding with each new wave of technological advancement, virtual reality becomes a big thing, and then it’s gone for another ten. At the time I joined Ligos, it was on the way out and our business focus was elsewhere.Right now it’s back in, for better or worse, and as long as the economy can continue to support its chosen manifestation, in this case leisure games, it isn’t going anywhere soon.If you are an experienced VR veteran, or if you are anywhere in the current VR development space, which many locals are, you will unquestionably have a high standard for your VR experience. And so you should. But for the other 99% of us I offer my experience.By way of background our only significant interactive VR experience to date was the Jedi Challenges game - which came out about a year ago and has delivered many hours of fun.We drove down for my daughter’s eleventh birthday from Marin after hearing about it from a friend and confirming everyone in our group satisfied the 1.2m height requirement. When we arrived we were strapped to wireless portable individual tracking modules attached to our wrists and ankles to map the CG, ushered into a green room, and given what is undoubtedly some expensive equipment, including headgear. Then we were told the parameters of the game play and the technology.If you’ve ever seen the making of your favorite sci fi movie, this is the same deal except the director and audience aren’t the only ones who can see the CG, so can the actors (in this case us), realtime. Then they turned everything on and suddenly we found ourselves aboard a pirate ship on a mission to recover a treasure chest of gold, each of us replaced by our chosen virtual characters, having grabbed weapons from the many floating in the air around us. We had just jacked into the Matrix.They carefully monitored the green room and each of our perceptions to ensure that everything was safe and that each of us was enjoying our individual experience. When someone in our party got a tad too engrossed and fell out of the game mid-play, and nearly broke the equipment, they handled the situation gracefully, minimizing the impact on the rest of our experiences, and making it a nonissue as quickly and invisibly as they could. Before a few minutes had passed, we were all back in the game together as if it never happened.After 30 minutes of interactive gameplay involving recovery of a treasure of gold from a haunted wreckage and disposing of, on average, 70 bad guys each (which was a satisfying amount of time and a healthy complement to my day job), we were done.Having traveled a fair amount and been to different amusement parks, I braced myself for the post-experience photo/video upsell. By the time our gear was off, a short animated video sequence with each of our scores, game stats, and customized character names was done rendering. And the resulting product was unquestionably cool. Then came a surprise: When they airdropped the materials they recorded and produced to my phone, the extra cost came to exactly $00.00.The experience left us feeling like their guests and that they took pride in ensuring that they hosted a first class experience, caring about us far more than nickel and diming us. No the technology isn’t invisible, small, or perfect, but it was impossible not to completely immerse ourselves and get lost in the game. As I understand it, that’s the whole idea. And when it was presented with both class and integrity, SandboxVR delivered a home run.Everyone in our party had an excellent time and everyone was safe and happy throughout, the kids couldn’t stop talking about it for the entire ride back, and the birthday girl was elated leaving me feeling like (in best Batman voice) “my work here is done.”SandboxVR comes with my high recommendation. And we will likely be heading back again soon.

Review №11

Awesome experience we played the Star Trak Discovery game. Cant wait to play the other games.

Review №12

Amber Sky was great. You can really get into the game and feel the experience as you move around. Cant wait for the next gen headsets for the graphics. Will have to try the other games with different friends. Considering the room sizes, I would recommend small-medium size groups for experienced gamers who like to move around.

Review №13

Great fun. Good times. Professional and clean.

Review №14

Went there in a squad, the effect is far below my expectation. The whole experience felt like you are watching a 240P movie, the resolution is just too low so you won’t feel it is true. Also the heavy VR glass is always reminding you that everything around you is faked.The worst thing is the sensor in my arm. We hide theme Amber Sky, I can control a shield to protect my teammate by holding up my forearm. However, during the game, the shield disappears by itself always even though I didn’t move my arm at all. I have to shake my arm several times to get it back in hand. The whole rhythm of attacking and defending is ruined by this bug.The game may worth a first time trial, but definitely will not come back and will not recommend to friends.

Review №15

Awesome activity and way to play with new technology. I came with a group from work, and we had an absolute blast. We didnt know what to expect, but it was so entertaining and exciting.I definitely hope to go again and try a different room.

Review №16

The support people and staff here are super friendly and accommodating! We made several changes to our reservation, and each time they responded in a timely manner and addressed all our concerns. Would definitely come again!

Review №17

Concept is great. They are still working on delivery to address bugs and lag, but they are presenting a product that is levels above anything someone can currently walk into and play (in terms of interactive play and in-game response). I am very excited to see the Sandbox provide a superior/affordable VR gaming experience.

Review №18

Pleasant first time experience in a VR room. Wonder staff. I saw the staff use febreeze to clean the vest. I urge them to use Lysol because it kills germs and order eliminator. Its not a order masking like febreeze.Deadwood manor has a 30% win rate. My team lost but totally understandable being first timers.Thanks for the fun!Planning to come again in the future

Review №19

It was alright. With 6 people it was a bit laggy and disorienting.

Review №20

This is a great experience. First two times I went though my equipment malfunctioned but they didnt comp anything. Which could have been better customer service. But besides that, love the quality and games. Super fun and memorable experiences

Review №21

Never been into this didnt want to go, ended up as an experience that I cant stop telling people about, try the zombies

Review №22

So much fun and totally worth doing again. The staff is super nice. Completed the Deadwood Mansion scénario despite it being their toughest scenario with a 30% success rate. It’s basically a castle-defense game. Definitely best to have a team of at least 4 to cover each side of the room. Can’t wait to schedule the next scenario!!!

Review №23

Has potential... our equipment didnt work well, headphones and mouth peices were full of static and communication was hard to do at times. VR headset was slow so when turning your head the game had a lag which made you dizzy and not that fun as the game could not keep up with you. Our video that was sent even had frozen screens and just audio so thanks for a frozen screen pic with audio I guess. Lastly the stink.... yes we all know everyone is sweating playing this stuff but wow the equipment has a strong body odor that sticks to your cloths and follows your home. Kinda gross... not worth the price until they improve in certain areas but there is potential. Oh and one last thing why dual pistols for deadwood mansion?? A shotgun would fit the theme as a tactical squad better not to mention when fighting zombies a shotgun is a preferred choice of weapon in every video game. Just food for thought.

Review №24

Awesome experience! We played Curse of Davy Jones, the graphics and experience was great. The staff were very friendly and explained everything very clearly. Only con would be the room we played in was a little small for 6 people. No complaints other than that.

Review №25

I almost booked a session while I was at their Hong Kong location, until I saw they were opening one in the bay area. Little did I know it was so close to home!Youll spend the first 15 min gearing up, selecting weapons, and watching a tutorial. You can even declare a captain/fearless leader. Then for 30 min you are immersed into a world unlike anything youve seen before.Deadwood Mansion is just as youd imagine it - a dark room surrounded by hordes of zombies and other creatures that may or may not latch onto you. Yes, you CAN feel whats happening in the game! And if you die in game, your teammates can resurrect you.Curse of Davy Jones allows you to choose your own character as you journey through a mini-quest for treasure. I recommend this room because it requires more teamwork and strategy than the former. My team completed this room in 20 minutes, which meant we did not get the full 30 min session. We were completely fine with this though, since we did both rooms back to back and we were starting to get dizzy.Overall it was an awesome experience that Id recommend to everyone. They send you home with 30-second clips of your gameplay so you can laugh at yourself over and over again. Looking forward to their next release!

Review №26

What an AWESOME experience! Our entire team had a blast!Also, the staff was very friendly, knowledgable and took great care of us!

Review №27

Came here with my friends had a blast. The experience was a lot of fun and the technology was really great to use.

Review №28

Such a fun experience. The teens and adults in our group had a lot of fun and cant wait to go back.

Review №29

It was a great experience, I played Amber sky game twice. The graphics were fantastic. This is a must to be visited place.

Review №30

This was a blast and the employees & GM were super kind and enthusiastic. I went on a bit of a whim and video games are not a big part of my life now, but this was so fun that Im absolutely going to go and play the other game (at the time of writing they have two options, we played the Davy Jones one). The difficulty was set just right to make sure we got our moneys worth, there were different types of challenges that made you use the space instead of just being a 360 degree FPS, and (after a restart of my headset) the system responded very very smoothly to my movement so there was no physical discomfort. It was immersive and exciting to the degree that I felt a lingering sense of unreality once the game had ended and I was back in the real world.

Review №31

This was surprisingly really cool, and very fun. Amazing how accurate it is to see and feel the other players in virtual space. Also, no motion sickness, which I usually experience when using the Oculus or Vive. Definitely worth a try.

Review №32

An amazing experience everyone should do once. Went with my family to show them vr and they loved it. Wished they gave us all of the footage of our playthrough though!

Review №33

Good experience of VR game but still a little lagy when looking around to other directions. All three game are basically the same play style, just with different themes.Anyway, definitely a good choice when try to have fun with friends!

Review №34

Super omg SUPER Fun! I am a 49 year old woman who doesnt play video games and I loved it. So immersive, exciting, and suspense filled! Loved loved loved it!

Review №35

I really enjoyed the experience. My group had chosen the Curse of Davy Jones game, and it was very immersive. One of my team members fell down during the game, and only because of that did they take less damage, and hence, win the game. Maybe consider a limited amount of free full-team revives, though? I highly recommend the experience to those who can stand a surprise/scare.

Review №36

Great experience. Played Deadwood Mansion with a friend. The game design is good and well paced. Enemies are genuinely scary and the game promotes cooperative play really well. Story elements work well and make the gameplay easy to understand without being duh obvious. Will go again for sure.

Review №37

This was amazing. Had a total blast. Mikes did not work but still enjoyed. Video was not available but they did not forget and sent a week later. Still would do it again and again.

Review №38

A bit pricy, but the experience was fun

Review №39

A fantastic VR experience! This was my first time ever doing VR and my group chose Deadwood Mansion! The equipment they gave felt lightweight and very immersive, you can actually walk around and shoot with a trigger on the guns. The game was challenging but not impossible to defeat (apparently only 30% of groups defeat it the first time) if youre looking for a fun and intense gaming time with some friends or maybe coworkers, Id highly recommend this!

Review №40

I just went to this place in Hillsdale with some friends and I have to say that it was amazing. It was like being in the Walking Dead. Totally elevates the whole gaming experience. We will definitely go back again. Just need to know that they are disinfecting those equipment.

Review №41

A nice VR experience, we went there as a group and were setup in a virtual scene to save the world from . It was a good experience.

Review №42

My group chose to do The Curse of Davy Jones. I loved the awesome experience, technology and gear. We went there for my birthday, coming from San Rafael it was not convenient, but in my opinion it was totally worth it! I highly recommend sandbox VR!

Review №43

Nice place to do team activity and 3D experience, would be great to have more options and better game designs

Review №44

Its a great experience, but the game becomes a little laggy when plenty of zombies come at you at the same time. Still worth trying.

Review №45

We tried the “Deadwood Mansion” with a party of 3 and had a really good time. Will be definitely going back a few more times with more friends,Staff were very friendly and amenable. Recommend trying the pirate adventure if you dont like horror.

Review №46

We had a great time here. Super immersive experience. I got they get more stuff to choose from soon, though, as there were only two options available at the time of this review. But the price is outstanding for what you get - a fully immersive interactive experience with friends.I did the Deadwood Mansion experience and it was great! The staff was helpful, the prep time involved was super minimal (a real plus when dealing with VR) and the game itself was more of a workout than I had ever expected from a VR experience. Id recommend it to anyone even mildly interested in VR.

Review №47

Games arent too good but the guys hosting this are quite nice need 2 be at least party of 2

Review №48

Alan, Anthony, Martin! The best guy on the JOB!

Review №49

Sandbox VR is truly an unmatched experience. They use the most up to date gear in VR and have clearly spared no expenses in that category. I saw a couple of comments expressing concerns in terms of cleanliness. I can assure you that the gear is cleaned between each session as I have witnessed the employees do so with different sanitation wipes, sprays, etc. DO NOT make the same mistake that a friend of mine made in wearing a hoodie. The employees suggested he take it off but he wanted to be recorded in his fresh new fit. Although the room was air conditioned. When we stepped out, he was DRENCHED in sweat hahaha. It was to be expected though because you are very physically involved throughout the entire experience.10/10 Customer Service10/10 Gaming Experience10/10 Environment10/10 EquipmentIf you research and compare the cost of the experience per person against the cost of the hardware that they use. This is a steal for what youre getting....I WILL BE EXPERIENCING THIS AGAIN!

Review №50

Good place for team offsite.

Review №51

Absolutely awesome!!! Great for company events and team building!!

Review №52

Experience was okay. It seemed like they are still in beta testing and you are paying them to beta test on you. The game was laggy and had to be stopped to really play. The vests and headsets get really sweaty and they dont have any removable or disposable liners to keep them hygienic. The video there send you afterwards is totally amateurish just some clips of the game and your team. They need a video editor to help them create a story.

Review №53

Had so much fun! Great experience, staff was super friendly and accommodating. Will definitely come back again

Review №54

Pretty immersive experience and the staff are solid. You can pick one of two games to play and it lasts about a half hour. Great for a group of people, or work party. I’ve played both games now so I’ve pretty much tapped out the potential at this place though.

Review №55

Really fun and very helpful staff!

Review №56

My gamer partner and my non-gamer self had SO much fun!!!The VR was amazing and the staff was straight up lovely. Not sure why this place isnt packed 24/7 but glad its not cos we will come again

Review №57

Great experience. Awesome for small family or team event

Review №58

Pretty awesome/unique activity for a group of 5 or 6. my first VR experience so cant say how good it is relatively but I was impressed with the level of immersion. had some trouble with the equipment/software to begin with, but the staff does whatever it takes to ensure you have a great game.

Review №59

Everything I dreamed of, and then some

Review №60

We all had a great time. The staff were all friendly and patient. The VR set took a little getting used but once you did the game was a blast. Ill definitely be coming back.

Review №61

Incredible experience! What a blast!

Review №62

Technology doesnt always work, and we understand that. However, customer service really is not on par. We took a $150 uber ride from San Francisco to rush to the location so that wed be there right on time. Guess what? Room one was down all day, and we were told that they would issue a refund. They had all day to call us and would not bother to inform us of the technical issue before arriving onsite? Not to mention this was our team building event and I dragged everyone out of the office for this. After waiting for 45 mins, just when we were ready to give up, they fixed it and let us in to play. I applaud them for the team effort to get it to work. The game was shortened tho so that they could catch up on schedule as there was another group waiting outside so they shortened our time in there. The most miserable part was that they told us the video raw files were all there, and they just needed an hour to edit the video and send to us ... the video never came. After multiple calls and check ins, they said the camera was not working and they didnt capture anything, not even a static image. Throughout the event, there were many versions of the stories given to us, and there was clearly very little empathy for customers who come a long way. Sometimes you cant tell if they are just making up excuses or they really had different versions of the stories internally. Totally bombed that they said all raw video feeds were there and they just needed an hour to edit, and then they tell you there was nothing captured the next couple of days.

Review №63

Me, my best friend and my cousins recently tried out the Sandbox VR experience. We actually went separately which was fine because the staff was very accommodating when it came to planning everyone to come through. My best friend and I went on one day for her birthday, and my cousin and his 9 other friends came in last Sunday. Actually, the day my bestie and I went, birthday girl was running a bit late, but we were told that there were other bookings after us, so they were pretty flexible and gave us the option to rebook or not. But we didn’t mind it was our bad lol (running Filipino time) Anyways, the experience seemed frightening at first because we just didn’t know what to expect!! My bestie was hilarious on video!!! But anyways, we all enjoyed the game and we plan on coming back again! If you have never experienced Virtual reality like myself... I highly recommend trying it!

Review №64

Neat, but latency made me dizzy. Thought VOID was better.

Review №65

Amazing! I really enjoyed the Deadwood Mansion expierience! Best VR out there! Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №66

Sandbox VR:5/5 Customer Service5/5 VR Gaming ExperienceI could not believe my eyes when I saw that a VR experience was opening up in my neighborhood. I thought that VR was still an experience that was limited to just a headset and some remotes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself strapped up with motion detectors on my limbs and a screenless gaming laptop hanging from my back.The gear was enough trigger a nerdgasm, but once placed into the game, it was a completely different story. I was loaded into 1 of their 2 games, Deadwood Mansion. The graphics quality was on a level that surpasses anything that I have done with virtual reality. The framerate was always consistent, even if there was a swarm of zombies coming right for me.The attention to detail by the staff and development team over at Sandbox VR is self evident in their product. Needless to say, I will be a return customer in the near future!

Review №67

Poor management! They are not trustworthy. They delayed our start by 10 minutes because running behind and then explained our adventure would be shortened by 10 to 15 minutes. Who does that? No customer orientation from these people.Interesting that manager Yasir is one of the few positive reviews on this site.

Review №68

It was terrible. The game bugged severely in the middle of the experience. We were offered a refund in form of a gift card. It was bad enough that I won’t be using it.

Review №69

Absolutely amazing experience! The game and the staff were great, and the location is very convenient too.

Review №70

Very cool game! Its fun to play with your friends and run around together!

Review №71

Room was hot, Vive Pro headset had a very thin padding on the headset that made it very uncomfortable, game ran like poop, and frame lagging like no other. Game was mediocre just another Wave shooter... If youre coming as a family of 5 youre better off just buying a PSVR or HTC Vive for your house.

Review №72

Fun experience, the game was great & the staff were amazing. Highly recommended.

Review №73

Do this if you havent. Grab some friends, or family, & just go.

Review №74

The service is terrible, period.Equipment went bad during the game.And no apology from the staff.WILL NEVER COME EVER AGAIN.

Review №75

Super fun experience

Review №76

Surprisingly fun!

Review №77

Tons of lag, bad full body tracking. Guns barely work

Review №78

Loved the experience.

Review №79

Awesome experience.

Review №80

Zombie game was extremely immersive, I was so scared

Review №81

Lots of fun!!

Review №82

Experience VR in full gear!

Review №83

Great fun

Review №84

Very fun!

Review №85


Review №86

Its epic

Review №87

Great experience

Review №88

Super fun VR experience

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