The Crazy Horse
980 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

Review №1

Went there on Black Friday 2019 around midnight. Place was pretty dead there was one stage that girls would get on eventually to dance and girls would stop by people every now and then asking for private dances. There was a fellow Peruvian on stage so I was hoping it’d be good but she swiped $20 from me while I was trying to take some more money out so that killed my mood a bit. Andrea was great though she put on a good show and gave really good dances! Will probably try to stop by again to see her again tomorrow before I leave San Francisco.

Review №2

I love San Francisco!! Ive been to many local boutique fitness classes and San Francisco is definitely one of my favorites. The instructors are great and the studio is very clean and inviting. The classes are challenging, but you can really start to see results after only taking a few. Definitely recommend!

Review №3

Loved the experience here. The dancers and dances were sexy and beautiful. Liked the auditorium style seats at the back. The performers were not too pushy to sell lap dances. Especially had fun with one of the ladies who was so so hot on the stage and gave a really nice lap dance with lovely conversation as well. Would have loved to hook up with her outside too, but TBH she was way out of my league...LOL!!

Review №4

I used to live in the Bay Area for over ten years and now I come just for business. But when I lived here, I would go to Crazy Horse at least twice a month and I can say that in the countless times Ive gone to this club, there has ALWAYS been beautiful women and I have ALWAYS had fun there. Im here on business right now and I plan on going to the club this weekend. I have no doubt there will be beautiful girls there as usual and I will have fun as usual! See you in a few days!

Review №5

The times i have went there i had a great time.There are 3 very hot ladies there Mika, Adrianna and i call her ms north Carolina.

Review №6

Amazing place. The ladies? Beautiful. The management? Always trying to make your experience better. They even have a new 420 friendly performance space on the second floor. Cant go wrong here. Perfect place for a bachelor party!

Review №7

Yes this is a gentlemens club I love coming here with everyone friends, co workers, spouses etc! Such a fun place to drink and hang out. not raunchy at all..just because I have worked at places like these in dtla and Ive seen dirty. This is probably the only relaxed bar (meaning the girls dont bother you if youre at the bar away from the stage) plus drinks are cheap.

Review №8

The ladies are amazing and super friendly dont be a creep and they will treat you very nicely! Been three time this past three days and the ladies are always super polite and fun to talk to just dont talk with the gorgeous miss Delilah is dancing she doesnt like it and wont offer you any attention!

Review №9

I was celebrating a birthday with my friends n we were recommended to stop by The Crazy Horse so we did n boy did we have fun! Great atmosphere the girls were very nice n very professional. I’m definitely recommending this place to everyone!

Review №10

Went to SF for the weekend and the hubby and I wanted to have so fun so why not stop at the world famous Crazy Horse, man were we glad we did! The girls were hot and we had a blast. Awesome atmosphere.

Review №11

31 dollar entry fee. Really? Some super hot slavic girls though.

Review №12

Club rather vintage, girls came off pushy. Club seemed slow and not many attractive. Settled for the one stunning girl named Deville or Devlin. She reminded me of how strip clubs were fun back in the day. Real pro. Would come back, time with her made up for ambiance and lack of alcohol

Review №13

The place is good, girls are good and MANAGEMENT is good too surprisingly. But things could get better if they could be welcoming and show little bit of respect to new customers and to the hard earned money rather than walking them out for standing up to hidden charges and tips . This comment is from a tourist visiting during the summer of 2018 who just got kicked out and whose money got thrown out in the face and to trash. :-( :-(

Review №14

I want to warn every resident or visitor to stay away from so-called Strip Clubs in this City.Dont worry Im not some moralist. Its just these places that you normally expect to be only some innocent naughty fun for a bit of cash turned in SF into ripping of machines. Basically almost all of them. Ive been to strip clubs occasionally in some cities of the World. I cant say Im a naive person. But What I saw here shocked me a little bit.Once you stepped in you might or might not have fun but they surely will rip you off.Here is basic description what will happen to you:Dancing girls (I tempted to use another more suitable word) will harass you very aggressively.If you stupid enough to agree to any sort of private dance once you inside a private room you dont get a little of fun. What actually happens is a very experienced professional manipulator person in bikini will make sure that they will have all cash you have.In this particular club one girl practically just grabbed money from my hand when I was going to tip (all that was there) without asking me. Yes simply took it. $80. I was insisting that she give it back. And she simply didnt. Only when I said that I will crate troubles and call the police she gave it back to me. Thats not counting $140 that I supposed to put in the locker box. And of course I didnt get it back and as you may assume didnt get any fun.So... yep thats kind of fun.San Francisco strip clubs are worst of their kind Ive seen so far. Guys dont go there. Dont encourage them to keep ripping people off. If you want it so badly you can just go to some place like Vegas. At least you will get what you paid for

Review №15

Over priced, one dancer on stage and dead evergy. I highly recommend not going there.

Review №16

I went last night randomly walking and talking with Siri! Crazy horse popped up and i was walking all day with a charlie horse so it made the timing impeccable. i walked in fairly new to the game. have 60 dollars to spend. The bouncer blessed me with a pass outside it was fresh i dropped something on the floor and it wasnt nasty. TIP THE FUCCIN GIRLS EACH ARTICLE OF CLOTHING SHE TAKES OFF duh. gett a dance 20 bucks go inside have fun.. throw singles laugh. stay for 3-4 hours leave come bac and laugh at the paradox of loving what you cant have!!! WHOOOOOO be back next month!!! THEY HAVE TWINS THAT WORK THERE

Review №17

0 star. worst strip club I have ever seen. Went there on Tuesday. They charge $26 cover but when you go inside. girls dont dance on the stage. They hustle you to go for private dance. The girls are pushy and not entertaining at all. what good is a strip club where girls dont dance on the stage. The bouncer or whoever the black guy in charge was rude and in decent.

Review №18

Great club, beautiful and super friendly girls. Will definitely visit again when out in the bay area.

Review №19

This is an amazing fully nude club and you get to get really up close to the dancers while they are on stage. The girls are not pushy for the private dance. Really like Coco

Review №20

I had a worst experience in my life time. I was drunk and didnt know what was happening around me. The strippers used my situation and robbed me around 400$. They took me to the ATM and asked to withdraw. They totally used my situation. I would like to complain to the management.

Review №21

Friendly girls . Lena and Drea are my favorites.

Review №22

Went to crazy horse Saturday night. I had a great time. The girls were pretty hot. And I loved the fact you could throw money on the stage from your seat. The stage shows were great, a couple really good pole dancers. The guy sitting next to me pulled out his phone and in seconds security came up and said sorry, cant have that out in here but you can use it in the lobby. I totally respect that they are looking out for the girls safety with the cell camera thing.My girlfriend and I stayed almost till closing, security even helped us call a cab

Review №23

Awesome place, it was my first time going to a strip club and i had one of the greatest times of my life. Girls were really hot and sexxxy, We went for my friends birth date and we got him a solo show, the girls were really chill and hooked us up with the price. Being in the first row is awesome, the girls come up to u and let you touch!!

Review №24

Strip dancers would take off their dresses that they are naked in front of you before end of the music. Alcohol-Free and NO PHOTOs HERE but soda and water. You could choose any seats which you like and enjoy the CRAZY HORSE show. (OCT. 9, 15)

Review №25

Cool music, chill atmosphere, good boobs and butts

Review №26

Great experience! Gorgeous Women!

Review №27

Actually Zero stars. No good girls, no beer/booze and the cover is minimum of $16 when it’s happy hours!! Don’t waste your money and time.

Review №28

They gave me the wrong change.......and kicked me out after I complained about it.......their female manager should get FIRED......I was told not to come bak,after I told the... I wasent coming bak LOL DAT WAS FUNNY tho...WORST PLACE EVER.....I DO NOT RECOMMEND.....WISH I COULD GIVE 0 STARS

Review №29

One of the best evenings. It was some performers bday that night. It got wild haha

Review №30

Check it out youll have fun

Review №31

Terrible - we got a free entry ticket and they didnt allow us to use it. What do they pay the promo girls for? $21 (discounted entry) with a ticket that says free isnt exactly a good deal

Review №32

Great club, great lap dances, hot chicks, VIP suite upstairs for more exclusive bachelor parties, party animals

Review №33

Im an avid club goer and already like this place for one simple fact, I am a fan of none corporate structure operations, in other words this is not a McDonalds strip joint or a chain, but instead this is the last of the truly traditional theater atmosphere clubs, kinda like how the original Burlesque theaters were back in the early 19th century, it has that true theater character inside, something of cultural substance as for the show and entertainers it is up to power with most other places I have been to, and I have been to many places over the years, this is sort of a theatrical iconic club.As apposed to the corporate chain that has taken over SF, if you visit a DejaVu club in SF then go to Nebraska you will see the identical DejaVu club they are all pretty much the same layout and corporate business structures which is pretty boring to me, I will take the original theater vibe any day of the week over a McDonalds strip club but that is just me.

Review №34

I think its dishonoring the native american culture to name a strip club, or any kind of business after Crazy Horse. He was a courageous and a truly spiritual warrior. His legacy has nothing to do with this kind conventional economic endeavor. Really angers me that you would name your business after him. I guess if you are part of the Oglala Sioux community I could understand.

Review №35

$31 cover, and the dancers were ugly and old ! All the pretty ones didn’t dance, they just wanted to hussle you for a $200 private ! Never again ! Drove 2 hours for nothing

Review №36

Woman here are just aight, I highly recommend New Century though.#Combinations #PeanutButterMobb #PBMobb

Review №37

Loved Koko

Review №38

Eh, sure some of the girls are hot but the theartre design makes for less comfortable space to enjoy. Could not believe the prices, 100 bucks for a bikini lap dance for 15 mins with no nudity, we ended up going down the road to an asian massage and got a nice relief for 60 bucks.

Review №39

Nice selection of woman. Lap dances not worth it. Not aggressive at all..

Review №40

Drea is a bombshell!

Review №41

SECURITY IS SOOOO STRICT AND RUDE!!!!!! omg security is so strict, I went to this club Friday night and Saturday night and security was EVERYWHERE!!!! there are security guards everywhere watching your every move, and if you violate the rules security will yell at you and curse you out!!!!! I dont understand how the owners of this club expect people to have a good time when security is so strict and rude

Review №42

I wanted to come check it out but it seems like there are way too many bad reviews, and it doesnt sound like they have been takin care off so Ill pass

Review №43

Russian queen is the best

Review №44


Review №45

They charge for an empty place

Review №46

Its good

Review №47

I really enjoyed it here, I dont understand the complaints, the girls are hit and naked, I cant wait to get back there.

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Review №49

Enjoy my self eveytime

Review №50

Day after Christmas.....24 girls and FUN!!!!!!!

Review №51

After reading the comments by the guys who went to the crazy horse i will agree with them,i do not think that i will be paying them a visit any time soon.and as for jorden even though i havent see her preform at all. this posting is about her treatment to the customers.

Review №52

We went here for a bachelor party with my friends and I will say that I will never go back to this place.

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  • Address:980 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
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  • Phone:+1 415-771-6259
  • Adult entertainment club
Working hours
  • Monday:12pm–2am
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  • Wednesday:12pm–2am
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