3517 E St, San Diego, CA 92102, United States
Review №1

Me and my girl absolutely love third place in her words its home away from home. Ladies dont be afraid to come and release you inner inhibitions. This is also a place where you can interact with down to earth non judgmental and like-minded people. Also some people come here to chill and not engage in intimacy. Clean place, staff and security is almost always present. See you soon

Review №2

I was worried about being a plus size lady going here, and if I would be brave enough to interact with anyone. I was so pleasently surprised when everyone was so welcoming and comfortable. I felt like I found something that had been missing for me. If youre a germaphobe, bring your own towel to sit/lay on, but it isnt at all icky like I expected it to be. Its a lot of fun, and I felt safe the entire time I was there which was very important to me. I felt beautiful and comfortable in my exposed skin. Ladies are always free to say NO if theres any uncomfortable feeling, and guys just be brave and ask! Bring booze, bring condoms, bring a towel, bring your confidence.

Review №3

All the staff and members are wonderful!! Ive made some incredible friends, and I always feel welcomed.

Review №4

This place was A+! It had/has everything! Amazing, Awesome and Accepting! You are greeted upon by kind staff and when you walk in the warm feeling of full acceptance rushes over you with an awesome vibe! The owners take pride in their establishment and what they offer. I felt SAFE, desired and can not wait for my return visit and bring some more new people by!

Review №5

Love it! Fun, friendly people. The stripper pole spins & I had fun learning. Often theres even an instructor for ladies that want to learn. Free pool & sexy games. No pressure & felt very safe as a single woman. Cool staff & volunteers. Lots to look at... Ill definitely be back!

Review №6

Went there for the first time last night and I had an amazing time. The people there were super welcoming and the staff was very friendly. Definitely going back soon.

Review №7

Loved the ppl nd activities

Review №8

I have been here a couple times but it is always all guys there. Might be lucky to have 1 female show up.

Review №9

Cash only, not advertised on website. No ATM, nearest one not within walking distance, unless you count the dispensary, which requires you give your information upon entering.

Review №10

Absolutely the Worse D.j ever. Second time there,same experience.FIRE the D.J,the place has the most awesome atmosphere with happy people. The D.j ruined the whole vibe. The floor was empty all night.Horrible,horrible,horrible, I was very disappointed

Review №11

I like to go to this place and Explorer more abut it but I didn’t have no girl or friend coming with me I hope can find someone and can we go together thank you

Review №12

It has its good days and bad days just like any business. But when its good its GREAT! The staff is always very nice and THEY NEVER STOLE ANY LIQUOR, it states in the RULES THAT EVERYONE SIGNS when they first visit that YOU CAN NOT LEAVE WITH ANY BEVERAGE EVEN IF UNOPENED NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. So i just bring enough for me to drink that night and I always have fun . but the girl at the front is very nice unless your rude,and its very clean .

Review №13

Very enjoyable. Everyone is welcome and the people that go there are so friendly.

Review №14

First time yesterday on a Sunday, pretty cool laid back, no pressure and everything I was looking for being my first time, will try a Friday and Saturday which I hear much busier and better! But 2 thumbs up for a Sunday! Thanks Ill be back

Review №15

Yuck. Gross place. We visited this place last month on 2 separate nights. We would never go back. To get in you have to be naked. This place is still in the 60s never got upgraded.People - Some were very respectful. But mostly the regulars were sort of bullies. we spoke to a lady who sleeps in the car and she spends the night here. you can imagine now.The Place - many rooms (small rooms like a brothel). The rooms were dirty and smelly. carpets were smelling on pee. No extra bed covers were available nor they were never changed in the course of the night. mostly the beds were wet. Saw spiders and roaches. Couples area need a major revamp. its was like a bunk bed. or a cottage in the forests.Kitchen - very unhygienic. food is kept in open and not monitored. We saw people using their dirty hands (you know what we mean) to pick food. We never dared to eat. there is a glory hole in the kitchen.Pool and Jacuzzi - pool was closed (winter) but looked cleaned, Jacuzzi - again very dirty, I dont think water is ever changed. smells chlorine.Bar - BYOB - A bartender was very rude.Over all a very bad experience. We have been to many swingers club worldwide. This is one of the worst.I hope this review helps Thad to improve. Best of luck

Review №16

First time was Saturday 9/3/2016, had a great time. Seriously no pressure to do anything. Plenty of couples as well as singles. Had an amazing time and would recommend to friends. Thanks Thads for the fun!!!!

Review №17

Great place to have fun with respectful people! Especially if you are going during the week the place is more intimate, and the people are always great! My husband and I go there for years, and we never had a bad experience. Try it out yourself!

Review №18

Thads is better than any of the sex clubs in Las Vegas on a variety of points... Facility, number of participants, supervision and even role play coaching. If you want to enjoy an evening of adult play, and feel comfortable bringing your spouse or lover, it would be hard to find a better club than Thads Place.

Review №19

How much does it cost if youre a single lady and just want to check it out for the first time??

Review №20

Good times. Went on a friday an Saturday. Only thing is, theres too many single guys an not enough single girls. But it was still fun

Review №21

Great people, super friendly and helpful staff. So much fun.

Review №22

One of the best places to have mature fun with your soulmate....

Review №23

First time going the women was nice, couples was nice, perfect place for a furst time swinger. I love going again before i head to michigan

Review №24

Ive been twice, great place. Everyone is super friendly, no pressure. And when i was ready to play i was treated like a princess. Lots of couples, and single guys but thats to be expected. Hard for single girls to get themselves out there, it will be like this in any sex club you go to, men always outnumber women, which is nice for us girls, lots to choose from. The pool is heated, and the hot tub is a nice place to relax and unwind. Ill definately return many more times.The lockers are a little beat up, and there were a few very pushy guys who were promptly dealt with and kicked out by the staff. There is an open bar, if you leave your drinks there they probably will be used by someone else. If you dont want to share keep it with you. Make sure you bring a towel, and shoes, especially in the winter, the ground gets cold.

Review №25

Went here many years ago....nice atmosphere, safe fun, and an unforgettable experiences to talk about for years to come...definitely an item for anyones to-do list!

Review №26

It’s a great place for open minded adults to go and experience life. If your rude or judgmental then it’s not for you

Review №27

Great experience.. Great food and service...first time going had a great time..fifty shades of grey room.. Jacuzzing, pool, pool table and so many rooms. Overall worth it for what you pay and plus more...

Review №28

$100 entry fee for a sausage fest experience. Mostly men and couples. Single women are rare sight. Dont expect models.

Review №29

Worst palace youCan imagine i paid 100 to get in 3 people inside our weight smoking illegal substances locker are falling part bar inside has tape to cover the sink completely trash location out side is worst if i could close that palace that should not be swing club that should be sympathy club dont go dont go you waste your money belive me

Review №30

By far a must see and venture spot to anyone thats gota open mind n are natural born DIRTBAG ...encounter trippy atmosphere thatll garauntee youll come back to see what next time has to bring and if you got no plans but wanna get away to a horny socialable halla-weenie costume party Thads is place to be. It gets off the chain .all else fails just ask for bree to hook it up tough ..just dont ask if she can wistle while she blows other than that íts chill n kick back. Party naked just have in mind guys especially,that just cuz youre able to openly be the dirtbags we are all inside doesnt mean all the women at the party are ho’s ; they deserve respect equally unless she says knock it full throttle then dale Gas! .and Also Lisa at the front desk shes a sweetheart just dont do or be Éstupid idgeot or youll be her best pet friend rest of the night lmfao! Make a wild night,a Thads party naked night and just trust your lust!

Review №31

The lady in front desk is so rude and agresive.Price is to high $100 never go back again.

Review №32


Review №33

My favorite place next to Disney Land and Candy Land!! Lol.

Review №34

Prices are so high 100$ admission

Review №35


Review №36

Very unsanitary. Staff is rude especially Lisa. One staff member even kept making unwanted passes stalking my wife the whole time. She put her fingers where they were unwanted. This place should be shut down.

Review №37

Its fun 100%

Review №38

The spot

Review №39

Simple is the best #1

Review №40

Wonderful and exceptional

Review №41

The staff steals liquor, Thad himself is disrespectful, especially to volunteers, and they gear their ads towards single men, charge them outrageous prices, and try to fluff them up to come back after they see how shitty the place is. It has no security, no organization, AND its unsanitary.

Review №42

Love this place!

Review №43


Review №44

Swingers club. Must go to place.

4 Rating
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