Century 14 Northridge Mall
350 Northridge Shopping, Center St, Salinas, CA 93906, United States

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Century 14 Northridge is a modern, theater complex showing both regular and 3D movies. Today, I went to see Captain Marvel (in regular view); my seat tilted up, with a cup holder and place for food (like a desk).The sound quality seemed to function fine, and no problems were apparent with the screen or viewing of the movie. Seating was assigned, and we got seats somewhere in the middle. We very much enjoyed the movie, made better, I think, by the sound effects and cinematography.Handicapped parking is available, as is handicapped restrooms. As with all public restrooms, they can be clean or dirty depending on the number of people or particular group of people using them.Refreshments can be purchased at the snack bar. Generally, unhealthy snack foods, and drinks, but still, refreshing.

Review №2

Price was good for seniors. Chairs were comfortable. Restrooms clean and well stocked. A good thing is drinks are outside the line for refills but the line itself takes too long especially when only 1 side is open. It can take over 15 minutes to get popcorn. Plan accordingy!

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Review №4

Dont wanna go back to regular seats! Will be enjoying all movies this way from now on. Movies need to catch on to this. One kd biggest deterrents for me going to the movies is the comfort. I always wanna put my feet up so I need to go when its not to crowded. But in this case, I wasnt even aware of the other people around me. With so much room! So comfortable! Loved the recliners and the little table is also quite handy!

Review №5

I love it the food is good and there is very good seats

Review №6

Nice theater that serves alcohol, and not ridiculously expensive alcohol either! I always appreciate a theater that butters your popcorn for you as opposed to buttering yourself and only getting the top layer. They have hand tossed pizzas and other fresh food that wont break the bank. The auditoriums are medium sized, but with reclining seats and swivel tables, and at least one D-Box auditorium for that extra 4-D experience! Security guards on the weekends for those worried about such things, and the best part, tickets are normally priced!

Review №7

This is the best theater in town. They have a dual line concession stand so there is rarely a wait. They have the upgraded reclining seats, and actually use the assigned seating feature. This is a big complaint about other theaters for me. The assigned seating makes things really easy. They even serve beer at the concession stand, and the prices are comparable to what you would pay at a bar. All the way around a great theater experience.

Review №8

Im not a movie goer, Im not sure if its a trend or just this theater. But the seats are all really big and you can put your feet up. There is a tray at each seat to put food, drinks, or just rest your arms. It might have been to comfortable because I slept through a lot of star wars.

Review №9

Love their recliner seating. Their snack area could be a little cleaner but it wasnt too bad, love that they are always stacked with options.

Review №10

If you are like me who like to go shopping and then going to the movies. This place is for you. This movie theater has sweet popcorn, Starbucks and even different kinds of snacks. The place is very clean and the people are very friendly. Take your time and enjoy a good time in this place

Review №11

We like the seating. The ability to get coffee & coffee drinks. There are small restrooms as well as large ones.

Review №12

Most associates are young, but the ones that have helped me are all nice and don’t give attitude like some older bitter people do at other places. The snacks are perfect and I love the recliners!

Review №13

Nice and clean Theatre. Great Parking also. The Parking is the main reason I go to this Theater. Many times I go by myself, and this Theatre Parking is much safer than at Maya Theatre in Oldtown Salinas

Review №14

I love coming to these movies, i believe the seats are better with the trays and its awesome they sell alcohol. The last couple times i have visited the entire place felt like a sweat lodge. When the movie was finished my shirt was damp with sweat. I hope they fix this issue soon

Review №15

Great reclining, reserved seats. Love the freestyle machines as well. But for the love of all thats holy - clean up after yourselves, people!! I cant believe the mess that people leave after the movie! No respect, no respect at all...

Review №16

Comfortable and as roomy as can be. Beer and wine availability is a must and Northridge has it. Picture quality and sound is moving theater experience as expected. Great experience.

Review №17

I really like this theater because they serve beer on tap.

Review №18

If youre at the mall and you want to see a great movie at a reasonable price, then this is the place to go. I would recommend. I give this theater 5 star rating. I will be returning.

Review №19

New luxury recliner seats throughout cinema. Great place to bring family.

Review №20

You have all the services you need nice clean and accessible from all directions

Review №21

Super comfy seats, beer, pizza good hotdogs, icecream and more.

Review №22

I had the worst experience here. I’ve been going since I was 3 to this theater & never have I came across such a rude employee. She gave me the biggest attitude when I didn’t have my ID. This experience will keep me away from this theater just because of the smart remarks the employee at the front desk said to me. Never again Century 14, make sure your employees actually wanna work there & not scare the customers away & get them angry

Review №23

The place has improved. Has nice reserved seats and a bar as well now.

Review №24

Very clean, welcoming, and complete. From bottled water to coffee and drinks; from Snacks and candy to ice cream anything you might crave. Service could improve, the lines, during peak hours might not be so fun; however, by selecting your seats online, and through an extra fee, you shouldnt worry about one of the lines. Recliners make you feel at home.

Review №25

The place is pretty clean. The bathrooms are often out of toilet paper though. It is my favorite movie theater in my area anyway.

Review №26

I like it and the place is nice and friendly for family. The loungers are comfortable to sit in, which is perfect to watch a movie. The reason that I give 4 stars is because the snacks and drinks are to highly priced for their actual value.

Review №27

Seatings are very comfortable and also there is no long wait.

Review №28

Staff was helpful and friendly. Also they offer military discount

Review №29

The lounger recliners make this an excellent cinema to view movies. Prices are a little high but that seems to be the way now.

Review №30

They try hard to please customers, even if they dont always succeed. Good variety of food items and drinks. No point complaining about food prices at theaters anymore. Its just the way it is in the theater business.

Review №31

Some employees give good customer service.

Review №32

Its getting better with the improvements but still needs work, also mall security needs to stop thinking they are cops

Review №33

I usually go here to see movies. When I went today on 10/19/2019, I approached the theater attempting to see double tap. Unfortunately, the lady at from desk told me they werent showing the film and when i mean told me I mean she shouted. I was thinking maybe I had the wrong date, but no I was correct and she was wrong. I double checked with my phone. Then after I corrected her; she gave me attitude throughout the purchase. In the end, I decide not to buy the ticket and go to the other theater in old town Salinas Maya. Sadly, I couldnt get her name because i was so mad, but shes brown maybe mexican with glasses.

Review №34

Customer service was not up to par but the theater itself was great . definitely going back.

Review №35

Great place to watch a movie just need to open both snack booths

Review №36

Our local movie theater. Went to see a special edition movie. We got posters after the movie for free. The staff was wonderful. The con session line moved quickly, and we got what we wanted. Good place to go for the movies. Lots of well lit free parking .

Review №37

Went to see it and enjoyed being able to grab a coffee and very comfortable seating

Review №38

Good place to watch movies with the family.

Review №39

Is one of my favorite places

Review №40

Always fun, good food and snacks.

Review №41

I like this movie theater. They have the reclining seats, this was the first time I ever seen them. A over where you are sitting. With the way the theater is structured there is absolutely no problem with the movie The Theater itself is relatively small and cozy. Strongly recommended.

Review №42

A large, mostly modern, spacious movie theater complex, fairly well designed, and maintained, capable of catering to handicapped patrons as well as non handicapped persons. Centrally located bathrooms for men, and women, including handicapped persons are available.Also available, is a large concession area with well-stocked food stuffs (like popcorn) and drinks. Included is candy, ice cream, and sundry snacks of chips, etc.Some seating is assigned. Vibrating seating is also available for viewing movies (we watched Aquaman in the vibrating seating), at a slightly increased price.

Review №43

Thanksgiving weekend very busy! Who doesnt want to see a good movie on a holiday weekend? Northridge Great! Even when busy long line moves fast, love their concessions; everything from gummies to pizza. Doing a nice job keeping things picked up and clean too.

Review №44

Like to go to this theatre, specifically for their early show times, it was clean, not crowded at all, was a little chilly temperature wise in the smaller theatre our movie was showing in, could have been the early hour building not warmed up yet, glad I took my sweater.

Review №45

I love the electric reclining seats with trays and cupholders! So easy to buy tickets for exactly where you want to sit. No need for placeholders.

Review №46

Love the lounger chairs and the sound system. The popcorn is always fresh.

Review №47

Best theatre hands down in Salinas. 10000x better than Maya where they have HORRIBLE customer service and even management doent do their job correctly. Century 14 has awesome seats, super comfy, recliners and have built in tables. A+++++

Review №48

Great theater with recliners but they keep having problems turning off the lights. Last time they couldnt and this time it took them half the movie. Really hurts the movie experience.

Review №49

The seats are comfortable and I like the variety of foods and drinks.

Review №50

Great movie theater. The updated seating is amazingly comfortable and the prices for the movie tickets are great especially on Tuesdays. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommended.

Review №51

Its a nice place to see movies however employees go through the garbage cans pulling.out most popcorn buckets and collect them. I wonder if they clean them and re sale it to customers???

Review №52

Great movie everyone should go and see this movie

Review №53

You should go the movie seats are awesome and the food there is awesome. Go I recommend it. Its pricey tho.

Review №54

Acres of free parking.Love those dangerously comfortable, reclining, vibrating seats.Would like one in my living room.Went to see the new Star Wars movie.Much better than anticipated.Then I saw the closing credits.Ron Howard directed.No wonder.About six people in attendance.

Review №55

I am a movie fanatic and this place is like my 2nd home. I love the new seats.

Review №56

Great service, Starbucks coffee, and a variety of snacks and drinks.

Review №57

Reclining seats are dope. Snacks a pricey.

Review №58

I watch Black Panther in 3D. I had excellent experience, Leather recliner seats with a tray table. I didnt have to be bothered with crying babies, people putting feet up near my face, in the chair next to me are behind me. A nice wall was behind my seat, didnt have to be bothered with people trying to text during the movie,talking, and bumping my seat passing by.. Highly recommend..cost $13.50. Tuesdays $8.00

Review №59

I enjoy coming here, great service and good variety of food!

Review №60

Love it but the chicken tenders took forever and they cooked it to sh**

Review №61

Excellent as always. Like the refill policy so much more than at my local regal

Review №62

Good concessions, stadium seating, comfy recliners.

Review №63

Very comfy chairs and plenty of snack options to choose from. Wish they had mens and womens restrooms on both sides of the theater though.

Review №64

Picked up my daughter.

Review №65

Great movie theater. The recliner chairs are the best and are comfortable

Review №66

This particular theater has the recliners seating.

Review №67

Been going to this theater since I was 6. Wasnt like it is currently back in those days. It certainly has changed a lot since then too. The Movie club deal they offer is pretty good too.Id rate them higher, but they arent emotional support animal friendly, so I have to dock them several stars for that. Ill keep coming since its the closest theater to me, but I wont forget the issues they gave me before.

Review №68

Love the D Box seats

Review №69

I liked the fact you sat in a big automatic recliner. Seats are reserved and you pick them at purchase. Big and roomy. This is a great place to see a movie.

Review №70

Its awesome now to go there

Review №71

Saw “Glass” here recently and was pretty disappointed. There was a group of teenagers that were talking very loud throughout the entire film and were also shining a laser pointer at the screen. Not to mention there were staff and security standing near the entrance and they did absolutely nothing about it. Should have went to see it in Monterey I would give zero stars if I could.

Review №72

It is really nice experience and the seats are comfortable and I would go again.

Review №73

Century 14 at Northridge has comfortable automatic recliners that AR really great, and I love that the large popcorn and large soda are refillable, so I can share.

Review №74

Is a comfortable place. Nice seats..but should. showall. Kind. of movies.. And you have to wait.. to long for a single cup of coffee.

Review №75

Great, better with cinemark membership

Review №76

Saw The Pilgrims Progress. It was a really enjoyable animation of Bunyuns classic.

Review №77

Good place for matinee Tuesday!

Review №78

Recnetly upgraded to reservation only which is sorta okay. All the seats are recliners plus 2 rows of rumble seats(think they call it XD). Pretty much requires early ticket purchases because there is about 24 seats per theater room. Everything is still fresh and new. The arcade is decent. Been going here since i was 10 years old, good place to watch a movie.

Review №79

I never knew theaters could be so comfortable. It can be pricey if you dont go during a matinee, like $40.00 for two people and thats without food and no cinamark club coupons either but well worth the comfort. And thats a nother $ 20 for food. Like 2 medium sodas and 1medium popcorn. It was great, we saw Venom.

Review №80

Great Theater love you the spacious seating area always clean

Review №81

The staff was very pleasant; the seats were very wide and comfortable, and the DTS sound system was excellent. My only wish would be for the public to not dump so much of their popcorn and trash on the floor. Or if they do, to pick up after themselves. It detracts from the overall cleanliness. With the new seats that recline, the clean up crew cant get everything that is stuffed under the seats between each movie.

Review №82

Love the new chairs and D box that moves,and they serve beer and wine

Review №83

It was clean and seats were comfortable and in good condition.

Review №84

Loved the reclining seats very clean

Review №85

For the second time I have been wishing that I had a blanket with me, to cold inside. Otherwise the associates are all pleasant, helpful and aim to please !! Love the new seats, etc.

Review №86

Seats are amazing! Employees are nice. When it gets crowded the place can get really dirty really fast.

Review №87

Now they charge $5 on Tuesdays if you only have the app....

Review №88

I love the movies in general thats it

Review №89

They now have a butter dispenser, Yah! The seats are comfortable.

Review №90

The seats are not getying cleaned off from the previous movie.....and that sucks

Review №91

Went with my mom today. It was a blast. They have so much food to choose from and drinks. The seating is amazing. Its those great recliner chairs + trays you can push to/away from you. Awesome. ++ The staff was very helpful since it had been a long time since weve been to that theater. They were patient, polite and brought an overall pleasant vibe to the experience. We will be returning again next month!p.s - My only critique is ..its a little pricey. It was only two of us but two popcorns, two hot dogs, two drinks, and the tickets were $45+ buttttttttttttttttttttttt IMO if youve got the money and enjoyed your time then Id say its worth it.

Review №92

Wonderful selection of food snacks drinks and toys

Review №93

We went skating and asked if we could leaving our boards with them and they said to go hide them outside maya is better

Review №94

Great movie theater love making out with my boyfriend in the seats and I give him the happy ending lol

Review №95

Lush oversized comfy seats and pre assigned seating makes this a lovely theater. Special pricing on Tuesdays!

Review №96

Great place to hangout with friends and family while enjoying a movie with popcorn and soda.

Review №97

Great fast customer service, Nice seats all in just good

Review №98


Review №99

Theyre kettle corn is so yummy

Review №100

Yes fast service frendly

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  • Address:350 Northridge Shopping, Center St, Salinas, CA 93906, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 831-449-4168
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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