Victory Fellowship Theatre
555 Entertainment Ave, Safford, AZ 85546, United States

Review №1

Its always a great place for families thank you for a great experience

Review №2

Great place! Very Family friendly. Me and my youth group are here and love it!!!! Very clean and safe only movie theater my family goes to here in Safford.️️️️️

Review №3

This theater is AMAZING!!!My family and I all love the recliners that are in each theater. The staff is always super friendly and nice too. Tickets are a fantastic price and the food is always super tasty and priced right. Thank you Victory Fellowship Theater for another excellent, fun-filled, and enjoyable time!!!!

Review №4

Victory fellowship is a great family place n church staff is always friendly ready to helpVictory has the best popcorn in the valley

Review №5

The service was great, the theatre was clean and it wasnt crowded!!

Review №6

Great place to take the family. I was recently there with my kids. We missed the viewing by 15 minutes or so. The fella there was nice enough to tell us no one else had come, and he would start the movie over for us!!!

Review №7

Great place to go see a movie and great prices... If u want to go see a movie this is the place. Thank you Victory Fellowship for all you do for our community.

Review №8

Weve been going here for years. Clean theater, great food and love their Starbucks! Super friendly people#1

Review №9

Wish someone would be at concession when movie is over. Other than that love this theater

Review №10

I dont even go to the other theater anymore. I love watching movies at Victory. Clean, professional, and comfortable.

Review №11

Thankful for what they do but they arent very organized. Had me stressed out for a minute. Toys for tots and they told me someone had already picked up my box. Im like how can they without my ID they said some people try to come back more than once.. .

Review №12

Great service and popcorn is delicious and at a descent price.

Review №13

Very good service and clean..

Review №14

Nice place, 4 recliner seats in each theater. Friendly service.

Review №15

Great friendly staff. Always up to date movies. Good food.

Review №16

I love how the theater screen is big, great service, and lots of fun

Review №17

Wholesome services, and free movies

Review №18

Friendly service great place to watch a movie

Review №19

Enjoy watching movies there. The price is affordable and the seats are comfy.

Review №20

Our family loves his theater! Its clean, comfortable, and they show a good variety of current movies. The snack bar is fantastic! You can get anything from popcorn to dinner. Thats handy when you dont grab dinner in time.

Review №21

This is a great place to take your family. We always have a lot of choices of where to sit. The restrooms are always very clean. They sell spiritual t shirts and jewelry and bibles too. Plus they show movies that are good for familys of all ages.

Review №22

Great deals great customer service..clean

Review №23

I love to go to movies . Great potlucks, good people go here .good place to get coffee

Review №24

I ordered a large popcorn and changed my mind to xlarge. The girl meRly only had to dump what was made into the xlarge bag. But, instead rolled her eyes and was so rude to me when i kept apologizing for changing my mind. She wouldnt even reapind she turned her back and rolled her eyes.

Review №25

Always feel welcomed there.

Review №26

I always have great service here and it is cheeper than the other movie theaters here in Safford.

Review №27

Great movies but the ticket line is also the line for food so it takes a long time to get tickets if its a popular movie. They need a ticket line separate from the concessions. Otherwise it is clean and workers are freindly.

Review №28

We love Victory Fellowship theater. The staff are always very kind and polite. The facility is always clean and tidy. Its a great family atmosphere.

Review №29

Best theater around. $2 Food credits for each ticket purchased and a great Starbucks. The place to go when you want to see a movie and not have to take out a loan at the bank for some nachos. Quality for a good price.

Review №30

This place is amazing! You have to check this place out its open to everyone. We got 2 tickets, a popcorn, 2 drinks, 1 nacho w/jalapeños for 20 dollars! The food was good too. You cant find those prices anywhere. The overall cleanliness of this place is spotless. I literally walked in to sit down and I said oh my gosh this place is wonderful! The quality of the theaters sound and picture was great too. And to top it off they even offer Starbucks! Im not sure when the coffee portion is open but it is available. Please come down and see !

Review №31

It is a nice place. I sat in a lounge chair vert nice. Watched In his own words. Pope Francis. What a powerful message.

Review №32

Like the people who work here and very friendly

Review №33

Always a nice clean place to eat and watch a good movie and have coffee of whatever I desire.

Review №34

It’s ok

Review №35

Great place to see a family or Christian faith movie. Try the recliners! Awesome

Review №36

One of my favorite theaters the concessions are inexpensive the movies are inexpensive and I always have a fun time there

Review №37

Had a great time with kids and wife at the Charlie Brown Christmas play!

Review №38

Love.this theater. Get a food credit with every evening ticket. Affordable for families and very clean.

Review №39

Great theater with an awesome snack bar!

Review №40

I rarely come here, except for the free movies. The snack bar can get pretty pricey, but as the movies free, it seems worth it. Ive heard interesting stories about the place, but every time I go its a good experience.

Review №41

Went to take my brothers to the movies and they said they weren’t showing that movie anymore even though their website showed it was there on that date with times and the worker was very rude when we showed her what the website said

Review №42

We had a great time!

Review №43

Love eveything about this place they always been welcoming and dont treat u diff because of your past and they are a big help to the community and they are so giving and welcome and loving

Review №44

Good place to take my grand children. The environment is welcoming and the staff very friendly.

Review №45

Great place to catch a movie no movies over pg13 great place to take the kids vary friendly staff definitely have to try this place at least once

Review №46

Victory Theatre is great for going out to the movies. The screens are large and the theaters are kept very clean. Lobby is large with popcorn and candy available. It is also a church, so no rated R movies. Best theatre in town!

Review №47

Great theater, I really enjoy the fact that for every movie ticket purchased you get a $2 credit for the concession.

Review №48

It is the best place to relax and watch a movie, and get a bite to eat.

Review №49

I appreciate the more reasonable prices and the concession discount with ticket purchase. I love that they only show family friendly movies.

Review №50

Its just so friendly like going with Famila. We love the whole victory fellowship . So amazing and great for all .

Review №51

Best and biggest screen in town (the one on the left when you walk in) A little slow when buying your tickets, get there early...

Review №52

Amazing generous caring people who gets together to help the community. Evertime im there my family and I feel very welcomed.

Review №53

They really try to give you the best deal. Free summer movies are awesome

Review №54

Nice theater in Safford!

Review №55

Its a good family friendly theater. I wished they offered new movies too.

Review №56

Love the people there

Review №57

It was very good atmosphere.

Review №58

Very nice wish more people would go visit

Review №59

Should have waited to see Miss.Peregrines here instead of going to Sapphire Cineplex tonight. We were treated so rudely, we had a very uncomfortable experience. And to top it off we dropped 30 bucks for the same if not worse quality. We love the VF Theater, were just so impatient, but we paid a price for that, and it was a pretty high one at that.

Review №60

Very clean. Very reasonable prices and good food also.

Review №61

Best theater in the County and also the best Prices!!!! Clean and friendly.

Review №62

Wonderful place to take the kids. Good prices on tickets and snacks.

Review №63

Enjoy the cleanliness and family movies

Review №64

Its most excellent great time and M emorys and Starbucks great prices new movies just wait 3 weeks from release dated still new

Review №65

Very good experienceVery nice lobby

Review №66

Its was very nice love the chairs to

Review №67

This place is a nice well kept place and the staff are friendly. We go every now and then, we like coming here. But this past Sunday we went to take our kids to see Santa for the first time there. Well things changed it for me that day. Well we go inside the movie theatre like I said it was our first time coming so we didnt know the rules. I believe this guy was the owner or pastor of the church. He was the one speaking thru out the service. Well he had told my friend that we couldnt have the strollers inside that we needed to take a seat since we were standing on the side trying to find a place for two adults and 8 children. So my friend tells me we found a seating area where we could all fit, we were in the middle of the theatre where it has the gap in the middle and there was plenty of walk space. So were seating all of our kids down, the guy comes up to my friend again and says something about the strollers. I heard a lil of the conversation since the services were going on. She was just trying to prove a point on how its like to have two toddlers in the strollers so their not running around. Next thing I know hes yelling at her to get out of his building and she got up, she was upset because all we were trying to do was bring the kids to see Santa. He was acting like if she was refusing and she wasnt. She was just trying to make sure her other kids were right behind her. Well he ended up grabbing her by the arm and pushing her out and shes trying to push the stroller. She had no control over her babys stroller it was just being pushed out with her. The baby starts crying because of whats going on, good thing I was there to make sure all of our kids were together cause they just took her out like no care in the world. Everything happen so quick we were there for about 15 mins before all this blew up. She calls the cops because he assaulted her, he had no right grabbing her at all she wasnt trying to hurt him or anybody else they treated her like if she was a criminal. The cops didnt arrest him idk if its cause hes a pastor or the owner of the building but no matter what ground its on or who you are you should never put your hand on anybody. She has two bruises from it one on her arm where he grabbed her and one on her leg. This man should be put behind bars for what he did, touching a complete stranger. If this is a church no pastor should be acting like that, just cause he owns the theatre doesnt mean he owns everyone that steps a foot on his property. What kind of church is this and how does it run, not properly it could have been taken care of in a different way. Im very disappointed in that guy especially if hes a pastor. But thank you to the lady that helped get our kids stockings they were still disappointed that they couldnt see Santa. I hope this gets around cause honestly this shouldnt be happening and its not right at all for what that guy did. What if it happens again? What kind of church is this? Makes you wonder what else goes on around there. Of course people are gonna take his side cause hes the pastor or whatever he is there. But she also has a few witnesses herself and i am one of them! There was another guy that came out to check on my friend and he saw the whole thing. He didnt like it one bit and also said it bothered him on how she got treated. So Im never gonna step foot on this property again!!! I give it a big fat 0........

Review №68

The free movie we watch ducked you could tell its low budget and if thats all they can afford to give for free than they suck and the lady at the snack counter had the worst bo .. wouldnt recommend going to see a free movie here

Review №69

Bealls is always place I love to shop at, and this was a great place to browse around. Nice service and very clean.

Review №70

Nice theater.

Review №71

Seats nice but it was uncomfortably hot.

Review №72

I love the staff and the environment is so welcoming . Movie theater is great!

Review №73

My son and I love to see movies here.

Review №74

Friendly staff, always clean theater, good prices and the best green chili burros

Review №75

The staff is friendly the place ok a real nice

Review №76

Great theater, friendly people.

Review №77

Great place to be thank you very much

Review №78

Needs improvement on times and dates of movies

Review №79

Great theatre

Review №80

Family atmosphere

Review №81

Like going here, but the older gentleman up front could be more friendlier

Review №82

Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

Review №83

Never been to this church really dont know what to say very clean and well-kept building thought it was a movie theater not a church

Review №84

Come as you are, whole are broken and you will walk into the presence of God. Blessings!

Review №85

Nice theater, good popcorn, great coffee shop

Review №86

Friendly Owners. Treated my family and I like royalty

Review №87

Not very crowded and the popcorn is the best.

Review №88

Its a great place for families.

Review №89

Awesome place

Review №90

Will go again

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Review №92

Good price movies

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Review №95

Great 3D

Review №96

Best theatre

Review №97

Cant beat free movies

Review №98

Sucked wee-wee

Review №99

Lots of room

Review №100

Free movie

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  • Address:555 Entertainment Ave, Safford, AZ 85546, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 928-428-1503
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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