Allen Theatres-Stargazer 5
1998 W Thatcher Blvd, Safford, AZ 85546, United States

Review №1

Its whatd youd expect from a small theatre. Its got everything, but not real big or fancy.

Review №2

Not the best, however the only option if you want to see a movie in a theatre within a 2 hour drive. It has recently been updated and remodeled (so fairly clean) but was still sub-par in the decor and concession stand and overall atmosphere. Lastly, finding movie and times was near impossible. A pretty small selection of movie offerings as well.

Review №3

This is our local theater and it is very nice for a small town theater. They keep it clean and the prices are reasonable. The concessions offer a good selection at decent prices for movie concessions and they play relevant movies. The staff is always friendly. You do need to bring a sweater or coat because Ive never been here when it isnt freezing inside, and thats not just me. My friends and husband all bring sweaters or jackets as well. But its fine as long as you know to bring one.

Review №4

Now you have to choose your seat before getting in. I like sitting in the back because they usually have the sound so very LOUD it hurts my ears so we sit in the very back but now, you have to choose them which takes more time than is necessary and i rarely get to be in the back. Dont like changes like this.

Review №5

The children they employ here and absolutely NO hustle. Came in with plenty of time to purchase tickets and soda before the film. Line building up out the building while these kids move slow as molasses.

Review №6

Excellent service and staff but. The prices were outlandish.

Review №7

They assign seats, which can be a good thing or a bad thing...the ticket counter person wrote the wrong seats we wanted on our tickets(x5) and gave our seats to someone else...we moved three times before we were able to settle in for the movie. There was also sticky soda on the floors and popcorn left between the seats and empty plastic bottles on the floor. I will not return to this theater, the seating assignment thing is just stupid especially when you have incompetent staff and in a town with not the same population as Tucson.

Review №8

Nice comfortable seating it is pricy, I think if it was not so expensive more people would actually go to the movies

Review №9

The upgrades are very nice ...pick seating ....real 3D...ect

Review №10

Great Staff, good popcorn, good sits. What else can you want?

Review №11

Enjoyed Zombie Land 2 this weekend, their seats are great to relax and enjoy a movie.

Review №12

Nice move theater. Its kept clean and operational. The staff are friendly. The prices at the food and drink bar are kind of high.

Review №13

I feel like it is ridiculous that you cannot get a cup of water or ice. I have never had that experience at any theater in all my life. You will be charged for a full price soda. A cup is over $6.00! I have medical issues and cannot drink soda or have artificial sweeteners. This is why I get water. I will take my family of 6 to Tucson to watch the Incredibles to have a better experience. The prices are the same as theaters in Tucson and Phoenix but the theaters are so much nicer. Coming from Gilbert to here the food is more expensive to and no reward programs or souvenir cups. I feel like your better option is Victory theater. Prices are better and they do not search your bags. I also feel like they do not nickel and dime you.

Review №14

It’s an awesome friendly place to watch movies!

Review №15

So much nicer after the remodel! Comfortable seats, nicer flooring and lighting. Overall better atmosphere than it was.

Review №16

Visiting Arizona ... here from Wisconsin. Went to see the Invisible Man with my son, girlfriend and grandson.

Review №17

We went to a 9:45 showing and after our movie started about 10:15 i went out to get a pickle and the concession stands were closed! They wouldnt sell me anything

Review №18

Great place and good deals on tickets, especially on Tuesdays!

Review №19

It is a clean nice theater.

Review №20

Tuesday night $5 movies are a good deal and they came down on candy prices from the previous owner. But popcorn and soda refill deals arent as good as before.

Review №21

Small theater with nice seats. I would have given 5 stars but the theater trash cans were over flowing. Small theater with updated seats and stadium seating.

Review №22

Only question why are the urinals so dang high??? Theatre its self is fantastic with an informed and helpful staff.

Review №23

Its okay, just like my rating says...everything you would expect from a movie theater...expensive tickets, expensive popcorn and drinks and candy. The reason they get 3 stars instead of 4 is their 3d is terrible. They have reusable glasses that give me a headache and are slightly off...make everything blurry and super dark. I dont wear glasses also. The 3d glasses at the other theater work great.

Review №24

It was the most awesome place ever

Review №25

Popcorn needed to be fresher but we had a great time.

Review №26

Every Tuesday night its only $5 to get in! Its my number 1 affordable go to!

Review №27

We moved here from Benson and I love having a theater close by. I love going to the movies but always hated the 45 minute drive to Tucson to see a show. The Sapphire has comfy seats, popcorn is delicious, the staff is friendly. Its not a big city theater, but it fits the bill and is only 5 minutes away from where I live. I love it.

Review №28

Decent theater. Prices are good on Tuesday...

Review №29

Nice and clean, usually freezing in a movie theater but it was perfect temp. Still hoping this town upgrades...reclining chairs would be nice. Liked paying only 5$.

Review №30

Enjoy if you can afford it. I enjoy it when I can.

Review №31

Not bad, but nothing special. I think there were 6-7 people total in the theater (including myself and two others in my party). But I think I would hate to see that theater packed. Not a great concession area.

Review №32

We went to see The Lego Movie 2 tonight and everything was awesome! Lol!

Review №33

Theater is kept very clean. It is under new management. Concession stand has improved. Now offer hot dogs.

Review №34

Clean, comfortable, and friendly staff. Generous parking availability.

Review №35

Decent prices. Good movies#stargazer5saffordaz#allentheatressaffordaz

Review №36

The best place ever

Review №37

If I wanted to watch a LOT of commercials I would watch TV and not go to the theater......

Review №38

You guys need new sets cuz yours are horrible they hurt my back every time we go

Review №39

The New assigned seating feature is stupid because it makes everything just more difficult.

Review №40

This theater is awesome. Very comfy seats that are date friendly. Employees very nice. Popcorn is great! Great experience all round!

Review №41

The seats are very uncomfortable. Everything else was great.

Review №42

I worked at this theater for over a year, and it was a wonderful atmosphere to work in. Whoever said that employees arent treated well is absolutely full of it. I couldnt have asked for better managers or coworkers, and I highly recommend it for a summer job as well. As for the moldy smell and sticky flooring, renovations were made several months ago. There is new flooring (both carpet and tile), new seats, and they also take debit and credit cards now. They do the best they can with what they have. Its far from perfect, but I have definitely seen worse.

Review №43

Watched Lion King 3D Amazing

Review №44

I agree with Austin Rhodes. It is impossible to find current movies and show times as their website is disabled and they are not linked to other search links. Multiple phone calls and no one picks up. I guess this modern marvel called the internet is lacking in some businesses.

Review №45

Can hardly believe I had to pay admission for my one year old. Didn’t even take up a seat because the seat was collapsing on him (he’s 30 lbs).Asked one of the cashiers for a smaller popcorn bag/cup so he wouldn’t make a mess of the popcorn on the floor. They told me they’re not allowed to do that.

Review №46

Always friendly staff, good seats

Review №47

VERY Disappointed that we had to wait two hours in line to see an extremely popular movie only to see it in the smallest screen in the whole building. If they are going to advertise a movie for so long and have something that sells out almost immediately, they should play it on a screen that allows us to actually enjoy the movie.

Review №48

Go on Tuesdays for $5 movie night. Snacks are overpriced like all others

Review №49

This place has never been great. Although its cleanliness may have improved since changing owners, not much else has. Its nearly impossible to find the showtimes, we called in, looked for their website, checked the radio stations website, and checked the local paper and found nothing. Too bad its the only show in town.

Review №50

Ok theater, but they took away all the good concessions. Took away pretzels and now give you a five dollar hotdog.

Review №51

Its to expensive, like any movie theater. They are in the process of remodeling, so the place is kind of trashed. I think it will be really nice when it is done.

Review №52

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the theater was!

Review №53

This place was horrible. Dirty, unprofessional highlighted by children running the show. The place was uncomfortable and small. The bathroom (2 toilets +2 broken urinals) was a joke for a place that holds over 150 people on a non busy day. The food was laughably tine . Especially since their photos and prices make the food seem so much bigger. Water bottles cost 3.50$ can you imagine ? This place is a joke and i wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy. 75$ incredibles movie visit for 2 adults and 2 children. Way to rob the customers. Two thumbs down

Review №54

Zombie land 2 and terminator dark ... Something:)

Review №55

The staff have always been very friendly and accommodating. Bathrooms have been surprisingly neat, and I havent stepped on the floor and found it sticky yet! Knock on wood... The popcorn tasted great, and the refills on sodas and popcorn were really nice.

Review №56

Good quality but the prices have all gone up and they dont refill large drinks any more

Review №57

I dont know

Review №58

Froze to death!!! Burnt popcorn. Started 20 minutes late. Had to go to the lobby to ask them to turn Solo on. No one in the lobby or office. Finally found someone. May not go back!!

Review №59

Great customer service. They handle long lines with ease!

Review №60

Comfortable seats.

Review №61

Loved watching Lion King in 3D

Review №62

So much better now! we just need recliners

Review №63

Nice and clean place to watch a good show.

Review №64

Sound could be better uncomfortable chairs racial discrimination towards native Americans

Review №65

Its very expensive for a small town theater that doesnt have a variety of movies playing. Clean restrooms and clean theater.

Review №66

Love being here w my family

Review №67

Great time. Good popcorn. Love the oldies playing on the radio.

Review №68

Fairly nice place. Screens could be a little bigger but over all nice

Review №69

Its pretty ridiculous that the people buying tickets ONLY still need to stand in line behind those purchasing snacks as well. There should be a separate line for ticket purchases only. Pretty annoying.

Review №70

Still under construction as of May 15th 2018 decent theater for small town. Concessions are a little high $5.25 for a large drink

Review №71

A little upset they got rid of Pepsi but I suppose I will survive! I am loving their new look though!

Review №72

The type of customer service you can only have when there is no other option for 50 miles. Dont worry, Ill drive all the way there to walk up to the window and read the only show times posted anywhere.

Review №73

The size, comfort and quality of picture do not equate to the price of a ticket.

Review №74

The staff was friendly and quick and the theater is clean

Review №75

Its always been a pleasant experience there

Review №76

Nice place for the family to enjoy some time together

Review №77

Very reasonably priced movie tickets. But the place needs a good cleaning. Bad smells and stains in all the walkways.

Review №78

Nice place. About average price, which is too much if you ask me.

Review №79

Seats are decently comfortable, food is typical overpriced theatre fare, theatre is clean.

Review №80

Do you still enjoy seeing movies on a big screen? I do, too. In Safford, this is the place.

Review №81

I love that they offer discount Tuesdays and that they are making improvements.

Review №82

Always improving. Needs to be deep cleaned more regularly.

Review №83

Perfect comfy place to be romantic with your partner and has a great atmosphere.

Review №84

Everything is a little expensive but other than that its awesome

Review №85

Its a great and friendly place. We enjoy going there. Is very clean.

Review №86

You could hear the other movies playing and the workers were noisy cleaning in the walk way.

Review №87

Very nice, however, it is called Allen Theaters now.

Review №88

Well its the only option for new movies in town. Its a little overpriced and they are very strict with cell phones. The popcorn is really good!

Review №89

If there was a dumpster in Safford that showed new movies when they came out... Id go there instead of Sapphire. But alas, no dumpsters in Safford offer new movies... so Im stuck going to this decrepit cesspool of a theater where management watched guard over you like the gestapo and removes you from the theater if you so much as pass gas, even though it lifts the general aroma of the theater.

Review №90

I think the movie theater could be a little louder

Review №91

I love taking my grandsons here. There is almost always something playing for kids along with the other movies.

Review №92

Great place except sad employees: Forced to inspect even tiny purses for private-food.

Review №93

Clean, comfortable seats, pop corn is good.

Review №94

The staff is so friendly.

Review №95

Not bad

Review №96

Love the new owner/management.

Review №97

I really enjoyed watching Holloween at Stargazer 5

Review №98

This place smells like mold. Not so bad that you cant sit through a two hour movie, but its immediately noticeable and unpleasant. The chairs are nice, but overall the place is run down. My biggest issue is that you cant look up their movies online. I normally use the flixter app to find movie theaters. When I first got here and went on the flixter app the two movie theaters that came up were for Morenci and Victory Discount. I had only been in town a few days and Sapphire was the only theater that I had seen so I just drove to it. I was confused when I got to the ticket window and the movies were different so I asked the girl if there were two theaters in town and she didnt know. I then asked if the movie times for this particular movie theater were online and she also didnt know that either. I understand that this town is a little behind the times, but having no online presence for your business is not smart. I now see other reviews have mentioned this and nothing has been done, so Im assuming the manager of this place has no clue. The discount theater in town knows whats up though, when you google Sapphire Theater and you click on certain results it actually redirects you to their theater. Smart on their part.

Review №99

They need a website. They need a place to update their shows and showtimes. The answering machine with showtimes is hard to hear, and hard to connect to. The line is often busy, or may ring over and over until a fax machine answers. Keep trying, and you will eventually get the movie times, but Id rather read them, than listen to them.However, it is the only theater in town that isnt in a church. And it beats the 3 hour drive to Phx, and the three hour drive home after the movie, assuming you dont need to visit the city for other reasons.The staff are always friendly. The snacks selection is decent. Theyll refill my large sodas after the film. Ive little sense of smell, so I dont notice the smells others complain about. Ive been in much worse theaters than this one. (The earlier one in the same strip mall was worse.) But there are definitely things that could be improved.They do now have card readers, and can accept payments with cards, now.

Review №100

I didnt enjoy The Avengers & I didnt find the seats comfortable

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  • Address:1998 W Thatcher Blvd, Safford, AZ 85546, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 928-428-5571
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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