Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Raleigh
8823 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

Review №1

Our 5 year old daughter is finally comfortable in the water and we owe it all to this school and the AWESOME coach EMMA! Request her! She’s literally a gift to children and is so so good at her job. Our daughter was terrified to go under before starting here and within minutes Emma had her comfortable and going under with a smile. We are so thankful for this school and the wonderful teacher!

Review №2

My sons 1st day, he enjoyed the experience. Water is heated, facility is clean and covid measures strictly implemented. Highly recommended!

Review №3

We have enjoyed Aqua Tots. My son did the fast track at age 3 which I felt really gave him a good boost in learning how to swim. He now does weekly lessons and I feel very comfortable with him in the pool now.

Review №4

Our daughter loves the classes. The welcoming environment, combined with great customer service makes for a wonderful experience.

Review №5

One of the best gifts/decisions we made was to enroll our 1 year old son here. The staff is so friendly and the instructors are so kind, patient, and professional. I highly recommend this for all parents wanting their kids to learn to swim in a safe and fun environment. With Covid-19 going on they have taken extra precautions to keep us all safe.

Review №6

We absolutely love Aqua Tots Raleigh! My son has learned so much from them & his swimming lessons have made him very comfortable in the water. Their whole staff is great as well!

Review №7

Some Instructors were good and had extensive knowledge of swimming but some looked like they were reading off a script. To be honest it is a waste of money. You can teach kids how to swim from youtube videos.

Review №8

It is a great place for my son to learn water safety

Review №9

Aqua-Tots is great! My kids have gone from true beginners to accomplished, confident swimmers through their lessons here. The instructors have all been top-notch, with positive attitudes that I can tell motivate and encourage the students. One of the things I’ve also appreciated is Aqua-Tots’ flexibility with scheduling. It’s been easy to move classes around when school and other activities conflicted, and it has been easy to use makeup classes. I highly recommend them.

Review №10

My 17 month old son loves coming to swim lessons at Aqua-Tots!

Review №11

Sara, David and the entire staff are AMAZING! Of course, I want my daughter to learn to swim, but it has become more that just lessons. Her teachers are kind, patient and truly engaged with my daughter. They are giving her confidence that goes past just learning to swim. I also love that when we come into the building, staff greets us by name and we always feel at home. Swimming lessons have quickly become a favorite activity because of AquaTots!!!

Review №12

I felt compelled to share our story and what an impact Aqua Tots has made! Our child has been in swim lessons multiple times but it didnt seem to make an impact. We decided to change gears and enrolled in Aqua Tots. It was the BEST decision. I can happily say after about 8 weeks, two sessions a week and a very stubborn child she has become a little fish and can swim unassisted!!! We are truly amazed at the progress and how much fun our child is having. Dont even hesitate and sign up is lifesaving in more ways than one!

Review №13

Great customer service! nice teachers

Review №14

Four weeks ago, Averi and Landon started swim lessons at Aqua Tots. Averi, our daughter, was very scared and cried the whole first lesson. The second lesson, she still cried and was very reluctant. The manager was very patient and calm with her. With his patience, calm demeanor, and reassurance, our daughter now looks forward to her lesson every week. Watching our daughter grow physically and Emotionally with the water in a short amount of time, has made us reassured that we picked the right place! Our son has also grown very comfortable with the water and improves every week! Over the next year, i have no doubt that our kids will have the tools they need to get out of the water safely. Aqua Tots, Thank you for being amazing.

Review №15

My 2 kids have been at Aqua Tots for a year and have had the best experience! Sara Hora, the manager, is wonderful at communication and is very friendly and professional. All of the swim coaches we have had are VERY patient with little ones and also very knowledgeable. They make it so easy to reschedule if you need to (even if you need to cancel at the last minute). The play area and toys for little siblings is such a perk too!!

Review №16

Heard a lot of good things about this spot -- all true. Love this place. Good business niche they have going. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Skills are really good for kids to learn in water. We did a free trial and loved it - and so did our daughter. Check it out!

Review №17

Customer Service! Aqua Tots was amazing! From the time we entered the doors...Aqua Tots would greet our family by our first names to the time we would leave, greeting us on the way out. The Coaches took their time to get familiar with the students and would always give us feedback at the end of each session, which was extremely helpful. In any event I needed assistance or changes in scheduling, Aqua Tots was very accommodating. They were personable and always attentive to our needs. I would definitely recommend them to others. Great experience and I cannot wait for our child to return next summer.

Review №18

Everyone I have encountered since signing my daughter up at Aqua Tots has been extremely helpful, courteous and kind. They have a clean and comfortable facility that has everything you need. My daughter’s coach was extremely patient and friendly. She just loved her. I’m sure all the coaches are pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend this swim school and will be bringing my daughter here for years to come!

Review №19

Welcoming and accommodating staff, excellent curriculum and swimming instructors, clean and well-managed facilities, heated pool, and open swim hours in addition to readily available lesson times - a complete package! GM Sara was so understanding and encouraging to help make sure our son was comfortable getting started with lessons, which is so appreciated as a parent!

Review №20

The people here are so friendly. Coach Lorrie gets my daughter to do things in the water that she won’t do for me...and she is so gentle and caring about it. My daughter is scared to go under but somehow Lorrie gets her to do it with a smile. I love the size of the classes and the sitting area for the parents is very comfortable and relaxing.

Review №21

Aqua-Tots Swim School is definitely a place where you would want your child to go to learn how to swim. The General Manager Sara Hora is an amazing person to work with. Very hands on and keeps a broad perspective of everything that’s happening around her. The other staff are very friendly and helpful. It’s more than just swimming, the care that they show is amazing. Enroll your child today!!!

Review №22

Calm, patient, fun instructors... great facility and organization! Appreciate the communication and reminders via email/text.

Review №23

We just moved to the area and was looking for swimming lessons for our youngest son. We tried aqua tots because it was close but that was a mistake. First, we went to 3 lessons and had 3 instructors. My oldest son had the same instructor for 2 years of lessons. Secondly, they dont teach kids how to swim, they tell them what to do. For example, they asked my son, who is less than 40 inches tall, to jump into 4 feet (48 inches) of water to grab a ring from the bottom of the pool. As instructed by his parents, he told them that he was uncomfortable with the request and declined. But that was the last straw. After watching the success of my oldest son, I am familiar with what a successful program looks like. This is not it. We had lessons left but decided not to use them and that was the last time we were there.On another note, my wife, who is extremely observant,did not see any students getting hands on instruction in the 3 weeks we were there. Like I said earlier, just a bunch of under qualified instructors telling instead of teaching.

Review №24

Friendly staff that teach developmentally appropriate lessons for small groups or individuals.

Review №25

My 5 month old daughter started weekly swim lessons about a month and a half ago and its been wonderful. Shes progressed so quickly and its obvious how curious she is about water now. Her instructor Allison is amazing and the staff are support friendly and helpful.

Review №26

Excellent swim lessons! Highly recommend!

Review №27

Great first lesson. Our daughter cried just a little at first because she was in a whole new place with people shed never seen before but quickly started to enjoy herself and did great for her first lesson! The class sizes are small so you know the instructor is aware of your kid. (Our daughter is 1.5 yrs)

Review №28

Love Aquatots! Both kiddos have loved their lessons and learned so much!

Review №29

My 5 year old son has been taking swim lessons here for over a year and I am not happy with the results. Can he swim? Not really.I enrolled him after the birth of my daughter and in the beginning I was quite pleased. He overcame his fear of going under water and was jumping in and swimming back to the wall, but then he stopped making any progress.They do the same skills over and over again without any regard for what skills your child needs to work on. So he ended up staying in Level 3 for almost 10 months. It was only after I intervened that he was moved up to Level 4. I cant count the number of instructors he had in that time the staff turn over is extremely high.Hes been in Level 4 for 5 months and had mastered most of the skills needed to move up to Level 5 but he cant really swim.We did have a good instructor for a while but he left too. The new instructor we got told us that he hadnt even completed his training before teaching our class.The final issue I have is that Level 4 classes are taught in an extremely small space therefore the kids have no idea how to swim any distance at all.If I had it to do over I would have pulled him out after the first 6 months and sent him to the Y.

Review №30

Minimal progress for my little one. Management seems to listen but does nothing to address concerns. Started strong but increasingly disappointed and had to leave. Too bad - they are ok at lower levels. Just don’t stay beyond level 4!

Review №31

Staff is always friendly and rescheduling is easy and convenient

Review №32

Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Always a good answer to all my questions. Great communication with parents. Seems to be a bit of a turnover with my daughters instructors (4 different teachers since September 2015). Clean facility and great management.

Review №33

We Aqua Tots Raleigh. Our instructors, front desk and all folks who work there have been awesome. My son started lessons when they opened and hes been progressing confidently ever since. I highly recommend Aqua Tots.

Review №34

Im surprised no one has yet raved about this Aqua Tots location yet. Weve have our kids in lessons there for several months now (since they opened) and its been GREAT. Things we love:- super convenient location- park right outside, head right in- very nice staff- our kids have made GREAT progress with their swimming- they couldnt do it at all when they started- pleasant area for parents- tables, comfortable chairs, viewing window where you can sit near where your kids lesson is being held, and of course- WIFI- nice changing area for after classIts a little on the pricey side compared to, say, the Y. We considered doing that instead but after the first few lessons here we were hooked. Great quality, great experience. Keep up the good work!

Review №35

My son has been going to aquatots since well before he was one. He absolutely loves his coach and was able to even move up early after mastering skills before it was expected. My son is making tons of progress and I plan to continue with swim for years to come. Both for my two year old and coming baby.

Review №36

Excellent instructors, we see progress with our daughters swim skills every week, clean facility, and staff is friendly and helpful

Review №37

Awesome swim centre ... My son Rihaan Pattabi is with 2-minnows class. He enjoys every minute being there. The make up classes are very good option though as we miss lot of classes which eventually took up in the fore coming classes. Had recommended my aquanticences as well to this centre.

Review №38

Great consistent program, excellent communication, and my daughter is thriving in these classes!

Review №39

Love it! Love our instructor Madi! : It is pricey, but the class sizes are small so thats a big difference from some other places. Very clean, and everyone is super friendly.

Review №40

Great customer service, great instruction for my preschooler and toddler, great water temp!My kids are 3 and 1, and have always loved the water. The classes for my 1 year old are parent-tot classes, so Im right there with him. Ive seen a little difference in the quality of the class based on the instructor, but Ive always gotten the support I needed with him. My 1 year old had no problems going under water by the end of his 2nd class, and afterwards, he started holding his breath and trying to swim in the bath tub. My 3 year old was hesitant to get her face wet, but was excited about getting a ring from the bottom of the pool during her third class, and was very proud of herself after it. The instructors track each kids skills on cards that are updated after each class, so they always know where to start the next time.I read mixed reviews about Aqua-Tots when I was researching swim lessons in the fall. After I was put on a waiting list for another swim program, I decided to sign up for Aqua Tots after my daughters other activities ended in the spring. Im disappointed that I waited. Their availability is great and there are many options for class times. The annual registration fee is only $35/kid or $45/family (somewhere online I read it was $80) and is charged in January, which seems really comparable to other programs. They also allow you to choose how many classes you do each week. They have a make up policy where as long as you cancel before your class starts, you can re-schedule it to another day/time. When I initially called, I must have spoken to someone new, because she told me to come in at a certain time for our trial class, but never signed us up. The staff was incredibly accommodating and fit us into another class that afternoon because one of the ones we were told to come to was full. I had one scheduling snafu when my son was sick, where I cancelled his class, and accidentally sent my daughter during his class time (she arrived half-way through the class she was supposed to be in), and they fit her in another class then too, which is above and beyond my expectations.We look forward to going to Aqua Tots every week.

Review №41

Its a terrible place to work if you need to call out they dont understand. The owner lets others run the place and if you need to try and contact the owner its very difficult being they wont give his information and beat around the bush. If you want to work here dont have a family and dont ever get sick or make doctors appointments and dont crash or wreck your car. The expect you to put the buisness before your Health. They dont care about you I thought working at kohls was bad but they are worse.

Review №42

Our kids LOVE it!They LOVE their instructor! Hes super fun!

Review №43

Excellent swim lessons! Highly recommend!

Review №44

All instructors are great and Josh is amazing.

Review №45

Can never get the phone answered when i call.

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