Altitude Trampoline Park - Pueblo
3325 Dillon Dr, Pueblo, CO 81008, United States

Review №1

I Love the place but they charge too much $20 per kid for a hour.... its cheaper to Join $20 upfront and then $10.00 every month after and $2 bucks for parents to jump that sign up each kid but only if you have a credit card ....You shouldnt charge for children under 2 years old they are still in diapers and dont really jump that much they mostly fall and tumble $2.00 is a reasonably fee for a toddler for an hour of falling around all over!! Please lower your prices so you get more business and children get to have more fun!!

Review №2

My first time here, what FUN! We had a blast!

Review №3

This place is fun for the kids, they enjoy it. But the price to jump which was $20 a kid and $3 for socks we would appreciate for everything to be able to be used while there. I spent $200 to bring my daughter and her friends, my sons which were teens wanted to use some of the activities there and because they were shorthanded they were told we couldnt. If Im spending $200 I should be able to use everything there! Bad customer service also.

Review №4

Place was great. Looked very clean. My son had a BLAST only thing that gets me is the exact change thing or you all get to keep all our change. That adds up. Maybe lower prices. All and all it was fun.

Review №5

What an awesome selection of activities for an Adventure Park - its rare to have this many options. The Main Court has parkour obstacles, plus tumbling tracks, Foam Pit, Xtreme Dodgeball, dunk lanes, Battle Beam, a massive Ninja Course, and more! The GM, Vanessa, is awesome and the team there is very friendly. Its clean, with tons of room to play. Families in the Pueblo area just got a major fun upgrade!

Review №6

These folks have given a exciting and energetic place to bring our 2 yr. Old!! We had a bday party for her and the staff was attentive and the kiddos had a great time!! She loves to jump!!!

Review №7

I love this place and I’m so glad there is a trampoline park in Pueblo! It is back open after closing because of COVID-19. There are procedures in place, but my boyfriend, cousin and I went on a Saturday night and 99% of the people there were not wearing masks. The staff would take their masks off as well. There were adults and children that didn’t have masks at all. It is a mandated statewide order that masks be worn in public places. There are signs posted everywhere about social distancing and masks. But there were so many customers not wearing masks. There were staff taking their masks off and talking to customers and other staff and hardly putting them back on. There wasn’t a lot of cleaning either.

Review №8

Been there 4 times. Always a good time, this 36 year old turned 5 again and had a blast with his boys. Do it

Review №9

Amazing kids really enjoyed with no lines or wait and not many people

Review №10

Customer service is awful because of the large population of highschool age staff. They have a capacity so we were told to wait which is understandable but a huge group walked out and they stated they still can not let us in and now have a set a specific time that we will be allowed. And the girl explaining this could not tell me why. Getting a straight answer is extremely difficult. They also overcharged my friend by 30 dollars and now she has to wait 7 to 10 business days for it to be refunded due to the fault of staff. Dissapointed in the lack of training and overall unhelpfulness that we experienced. I would rather have clear answers than apologies!!

Review №11

5 stars all day way better than skyzone the workers are super nice

Review №12

My teenage kids love going on Friday nights. A great way for them to be active and social out side of school. But also plenty of fun for kiddos of all ages. My 2 yr old nephew stayed entertained and was happy for 2 hours! Definitely worth the cost! Remember to keep your socks so you can avoid the fee by bringing them wach time you jump.

Review №13

This place is a lot of fun. They have some obstacles, not just trampolines. Located inside the mall so it convenient.There are large observer windows into the mall also, so people may watch you.When I went they were pretty much empty.

Review №14

Last week I had a post on here that was not pleasant, because of our experience we had. But I decided to delete it, because Raquel (Head Manager), decided to call us to see what happened and get the details to fix it. To be honest I really did not think that anyone was going to call us back. However, once I spoke to Raquel, I explained everything. She apologized, was extremely nice, and told me how she was going to handle the situation. I was not expecting anything nor trying to be one of those customers that just was irate, period. I just wanted to let the boss know, there is an opportunity to coach the employees that need it. I really want the employees to work as a team, have integrity, and do there best on customer service. I understand that most of the employees are young, and do not have much or at all any job experience, but this place is GREAT for Pueblo. I do not want it to start off with a bad reputation and have it shut down like some attractions previously. The point is, she heard me out, was empathetic, and is doing her job. Now my perspective has changed for the better. Management here has changed recently, and Raquel is trying to do her best to turn the negativity around, and stop having the bad experiences slip through the cracks. This shows me that she is taking ownership and wants us to come back to have a better experience; which we will. Thank you Raquel for calling us back to let us explain.

Review №15

I took my my son and his friend there Friday March 6th at 7:30. They’re both ten and we’re having the time of their lives! Until some older boys (I’d guess between 12 and 14) starting picking on them and proceeded to chase them out of the area the staff were to busy visiting with each other and friends to even notice. I asked my boys which boys they were so I could inform the staff but they didn’t want to make the situation worse and decided they wanted to just leave after only an hour there. It was pretty heartbreaking. If they allow parents to just drop off children then the employees should be keeping a closer eye to ensure this doesn’t happen!

Review №16

The popcorn needs work!!! It has no flavor what so ever

Review №17

Kids love it, loads of fun. Friday night from 7-10 unlimited jump pass and one slice of pizza and a bottle of water for $19.95

Review №18

Had a very good time here. The staff is awesome and friendly, the environment is very clean and they constantly disinfect the areas after use. I would recommend this place to anyone especially when you want to have fun! Theres a lot to do for the amount of time you get.

Review №19

Great for any age! I’ve been to a lot of trampoline parks and this is the best I have gone to. It has lots to do and is very clean! The employees are very kind and is a very friendly environment. I spent hours here and didn’t get bored once. I am very impressed!

Review №20

The place is great, but the service is poor. It took me half an hour to get to the front of the line where I was told that they were only offering unlimited at the time. I fully expected to jump with my 5yo for an hour, but I didnt want to pay the adult unlimited for myself. The cashier didnt ask if I was jumping, either; she just rang my son up and asked if he needed socks. Then, she also didnt explain or offer a parent pass, which allows parents to escort their children without jumping. I learned about the parent pass halfway through our session from another parent. This would have been a much better experience if they were a little more up front about pricing on Friday nights and if the staff were a little more helpful with obvious first timers.

Review №21

Super fun place the kids LOVE it! I was a hit for Christmas giving the kids 2hours gift cards each!!! They Love it & then they sleep good at night. After all that jumping!!

Review №22

Rochelle and the rest of the staff are amazing! They helped make my little guys birthday was so special! If you have a child with special needs they really go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience!

Review №23

Kids thoroughly enjoyed their birthday party!! I forgot my wallet in the shoe cubby and it took me two days to realize it. When I called they had it and everything was still in it. Attentive, courteous, and trustworthy staff! Thanks so much for a place to take the kiddos

Review №24

My husband lost his wallet there and found it on the parking lot empty were literally the last person in the trampoline park and parking lot beside the employees. Took all the cash out of the wallet hundreds of $$ and left it by the parking lot. So disappointed and frustration.

Review №25

We have came here multiple times to bring our boys and they love it so we have gift cards for them to use. We brought them on a Friday evening to jump because they want to use their gift cards and after waiting in line what would normally cost $20 for both they said that it was teen night and it would cost 22 for each even though the signs still showed regular prices so when we asked why that doesn’t say that anywhere they said, “Oh yea, we have to change it.” The time was 7:06pm so a general manager comes up to us and says sorry there is nothing I can do. We asked if they would honor the price that at this point was still showing on the screen and she said no it changed at 6:30, we just didn’t change it. I feel that is not our fault and they should have honored the price. Especially with our 5 year old which was over triple the normal cost! Coming from a regular customer, customer service at this location is horrible!

Review №26

A very good place to take the kids. It’s clean, all of the staff is friendly and the parents can play too!I took my 2 and 4 year old to toddler time, it was so nice not having to worry too much about them getting knocked over by the big kids. I was disappointed to see the big kids come in an hour before toddler time was even over, other than that it’s such a great addition to the mall and Pueblo in general.

Review №27

Trampoline park is nice. Customer service/management is sub par.EDIT: we have been here three times. The first time was great, second miscommunication about birthdays.. But whatever.. The last time (yesterday) my daughter dislocated her elbow. Not a SINGLE staff member asked if she was okay or if there was anything they could help with (I was alone with three children..) They shouldnt allow older kids in during toddler time.. Thats all I will say..

Review №28

Fun for the whole family!

Review №29

Clean, great open space, plenty of things to do. Great place to take the kids so parents can relax. And very reasonable prices

Review №30

New in Pueblo! The staff was friendly and helpful. We celebrated our daughters 4th and 5th birthday here and the whole family had a great time. We would definitely recommend Altitude of Pueblo!

Review №31

Bring kids here on Fridays night they love it 100% recommended if you want to shop around and drop kids off at the park

Review №32

I went here and it was a great experience. The kids can have fun and parents as well. For one hour is like $15 and overpriced. But other than that it is a perfect place for kids.

Review №33

Its a bad place to go what are twice and I keep on rejecting people as a membership I would never go to again

Review №34

The insane amount of people is worth the cost/time. My son had an AMAZING time! Great setup!

Review №35

I was there for FIVE minutes before rushing my 3 year old to the er for a broken ankle from an older kid being careless. Older kids can go to the toddler side and thats unexceptional! Absolutely no staff members over there to keep this from happening they are all too busy on their phone except for the very select few trying to pick up the slack from their other lazy employees. There was EASILY 300-400 kids running around with no max capacity and a line out the door accepting more people. Thats so hazardous in so many different ways with fire, kidnapping and go figure INJURIES! I fully get that accidents happen but with better staff and organization there should have NEVER been a preteen kid jumping on the same side as my 3 year old!took me 10 minutes to even try to attend to my own child and tell other kids to get away from her because staff couldnt isolate her until I could evaluate her!

Review №36

Bad bad bad do not ever have a birthday party there they got there things all messed up bring pizza out a hour and half out of a 2 hour birthday party and on top of it come and did wrist bad wrong up hella early at least fifteen to twenty min early. Would not allow the child to open her presents and had a worker pretty much at the singing of the birthday song. I would never recommend doing this wat to much money to become screwed in the end.

Review №37

Ill be nice and give them an extra star because their jumping price is reasonable, but their crew, the management and the concession stand is an absolute joke. Nothing but children and power tripping managers run this place. They have no food or drinks available at the concession stand. They were too lazy to clean them I guess and slapped an out of order sign on all of them. When I requested to bring food in to eat at the table from the mall ( they are connected to ) they refused, and said they had a problem with people taking food out on the jump court( highly doubt this has ever happened )And because of this, I cannot eat at their perfectly good tables, located a good 20 yards from the jump court. I kindly told the manager that Im a responsible 34 year old man who is perfectly capable of cleaning up after himself, but was still refused, when the little girl working the register decided to jump in the conversation and amaze everyone that she had read the company policy on food.They play scandalous music, love blasting some Rkelley when they are full of kids, wish I was joking. They treat this place like this is their teenage hangout when mainly kids and their parents are here.Pros : c*jumping for the kids if they bought their brand specific jump socks, which is an extra charge .* work if you like doing nothing. There were at least 10 employees here, with about an equal amount of jumpers. So lots of standing around doing nothingCons:*little to no food or drinks* rude management and immature staff. *Ridiculous rules meant for bratty 12 year old kids with no supervision.*No wifi only 7 TVs playing the same thing with no sound or subtitles playing divorce court. You know, for the kids.

Review №38

So much fun! Thank you for bringing this to Pueblo!!

Review №39

Great place to bring the family or to jump around. The employees are great and very kind. Cant wait to come back.

Review №40

Good and friendly staff. Kids have a great time here.

Review №41

Wow Pueblo! I’m so happy that there is something finally for kids, and this tramp park in awesome. We have been to Las Vegas tramp parks as well as Colorado Springs and denver this is the best !!!!!

Review №42

Great place for the family. Toddler time in the morning till 1pm

Review №43

Great place for all ages my 2 year old loved it!!

Review №44

Has alot of potential but untill they get the hateful employees out of there we will not return. An employee named Allison knocked over my 3 year old and she didnt even apologize and gave my daughter a hateful look. Then on top of that the bathrooms are fithy, and if you ask to speak to management they will just leave you waiting.

Review №45

Had an issue with a staff member and the manager here so we asked for the owner, the manager called them and they said they didnt want deal with the issue.. absolutely ridiculous! We will not be returning, super sad.

Review №46

Kids had fun for the most part. When arrived our birthday party time was not reserved. When asked for a manager was advise she was the DM. She was extreamly rude. Nothing was explained and she liked to argue. Party still went on. Kids bands were cut off 15minutes early and my older teens who had 45min were cut off too.

Review №47

Very well built and plenty to do. Very reasonable prices also.

Review №48

Went here with my siblings and mum, its a fun place, but the staff couldve done their job better, people breaking the rules in the dodgeball area and some nasty girl just cussing up other kids for no reason, and one of the areas was closed for some reason, but other than that a good experience.

Review №49

It was a little crowded but not too bad. The frustrating part is this is the 3rd time i have been there at opening, and the bathroom is wrecked.

Review №50

Everything was good until a girl with short black hair, nose ring, and gauges showed up. We asked the worker is my son who is 5 could jump off the high jump and he said yes because there were no signs were posted. He went about five times befor she came over and said he can’t do it, then we said you have signs posted and your workers should know the rules then, her reply was “the signs haven’t come in yet”. Even though there were signs for pretty much everything. If all the signs are not posted and the employee don’t know the rules when u ask them you are not ready to open. We my husband and I were watching her she was going around trying to find everything and everything she could to get people, even another mom was saying “jeez we can’t do anything here”. Then my husband by the main trampoline area at the top of the trampolines there’s a Padded Area were it’s even Con-caved we’re u could sit. Again no signs posted and when u ask them why because there’s no signs posted. Just looked at him and said “I don’t know”. So like I said I would of been 5 stars till that girl showed up.

Review №51

The kids really enjoy this place, glad they are here!!

Review №52

IT IS THE BEST!!!!!(you got to go there)alot of place to jump!!!

Review №53

The place dont have food and dont allow you to bring any, just pop corn and sodas, horrible...never again.

Review №54

Good fun for my kid but that bathroom was a mess and there was no toilet paper at all! Had to leave the place early after my kid had to use it.

Review №55

A fun place to have a good time with friends

Review №56

Great place for kids and adults. They need to make a membership already!!!!!

Review №57

This place is so fun for the kiddos!

Review №58

Amazing place! So grateful to have Altitude Trampoline Park in Pueblo!

Review №59

Best place to jump around and good employes

Review №60

It was fun

Review №61

Definitely a Great place to bring the kids

Review №62

Finally something fun to do in Pueblo best place in Pueblo

Review №63

My children came to me about a worker named Alyson, very rude to them. Won’t be back sadly.

Review №64

Great place for the kids to have fun!!

Review №65

4 Grandchildren Loved It!

Review №66

Bigger and WAY better than skyzone

Review №67

Very poor management. A lot of favoritism here. My nephew works here and is treated very poorly. -why do they tell their workers they can only work 25 hours but others have over 50?

Review №68

Fun at moments, but, it’s unsanitary and dosent have enough room to accommodate the number of customers

Review №69

Great place to take the kids

Review №70

Very friendly and fun..

Review №71

It was a good time

Review №72

Kicked us out without warning

Review №73


Review №74

I love this place

Review №75

Everything was amazing,socks were kind of expensive

Review №76

Love this place

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