AMC Provo 12
4925 N Edgewood Dr, Provo, UT 84604, United States

Review №1

Comfy seats, my butt barely fit in the seat.. I was very squished but the reclining aspect was nice. The theatre was clean. The manager was helpful as I didnt have a receipt or way to prove I purchased fandango tickets. Staff was kind!

Review №2

Great management... clean and nice place to see movies!!

Review №3

I remember when this was a former brand of theater. They have massively improved the screen, seats, and personelle here. Had a lovely experience with my family recently - our first theater experience during COVID. Would definitely recommend.

Review №4

We had a good evening in a Safe place

Review №5

Place wass realy slow morning many people wass Sunday but with enjoy the movie big place verry clean with coming back

Review №6

Easy & safe access in & out. Do some shopping and then see a movie️ always clean and the staff is phenomenal I will let you in on a HUGE secret since you read this far....the fresh, hot buttered popcorn is worth going for️ They also sell Carmel Corn, and if you buy the refillable bucket, they will pop a divider in and a 50/50️ It is made on site, and is unbelievably good️ The refill bucket is about $4-5.00, and if you are smart enough to order the 50/50, its a few $ more, AND so worth it ️Its a wonderful movie theater without being to precious. Everything you want & need

Review №7

We had a coupon from Atom tickets to use anywhere. AMC was the cheapest for matinee shows. There was a sign outside that said Grand Opening. I wondered what for because we had been here before. What a pleasant surprise. The theater is totally revamped. They have luxury recliners with heated seats. Awesome. Great place to kick back and watch a movie.

Review №8

Im a new Stubs A-List member, and today was my first experience using it at this theater. I was very impressed.Popcorn was great, Movie experience was mid to high. The sound was funky at some part.The staff was very good at their job

Review №9

Great theater, as there are upgrades to the seating as they can recline! Not as busy as others theaters in the area. Stamp of recommendation!

Review №10

Excellent theater. Seats were really nice, though a little narrow for my 5xl frame. I kept inadvertently hitting the button to raise the footrest! However, for normally sized people, this will not be an issue. Excellent, clean, all the upgrades. Would definitely return.

Review №11

One of the reasons I enjoy going to AMC 12 in Provo is that it is not crowded. At some point in the past, people decided it was old-fashioned, so they started going elsewhere. Well, AMC remodeled, upgraded their chairs, and, now, well, very few have overcome the impressions they formed years ago. Consequently, you can enjoy an uncrowded theater.

Review №12

I like this theater great staff, good location.

Review №13

I love this theater! Ive come here several times and its always really fast and friendly. Bethany (I think thats her name) is my favorite worker! Shes always so nice and accommodating. I also love how its less crowded than other theaters. (most of the time, or at least when Ive been there)

Review №14

I loved this theater! The seats are large, recline and are heated! Plus there is tons of leg room. These are by far the best seats Ive ever seen in a theater.

Review №15

They have remodeled! They now have the luxury recliners with heated seats and reserved seating. I am very happy about this and I will start taking advantage of their unmatched movie subscription plan - 3 movies a week for $20 a month. The theater still has an old feel to it but as long as the chairs and picture are good, I don’t care about the rest. The theater does have $5 Tuesdays although it seems they don’t. You just have to be a member of their free rewards program. I look forward to dumping Cinemark and their poor subscription plan, inferior seats, and high prices.

Review №16

The place is clean, quiet, and very cozy. Perfect movie theater to take your family on an activity. The seats are super comfortable and it feels like youre traveling in a first class area haha. Totally recommend it!

Review №17

The AMC has the best chair setup in Utah County. There is a wall between you and the people above/below you so it is impossible for someone to kick your chair. They also recline in multiple ways.

Review №18

Waste of time dont go there its unorganized the have rude staff and they dint monitor the halls when the movies are playing herd from a friend that was in another movie that someones kid sneaked in to that movie and guess what that kid was from the movie i was watching also the soda machine was broken and they said deal with it.

Review №19

I worked there my whole life since my junior year in high school i loved it very much

Review №20

Great movie theater very clean

Review №21

Theater was very clean and the seats were very comfy. Screens are a little small, but overall a great value at the ticket price. Glad I gave this theater a chance. Will definitely be back.

Review №22

I love coming to this theater. Love the prices & all the nice new seats! BUT PLEASE TURN DOWN THE AC!!! My husband & I were BOTH shivering the whole time. It felt like a fridge! We were in the prime seating, which is supposed to be nicer, but they don’t have heated seats & the regular ones do!

Review №23

Best theater in Provo. They just remodeled and now have recliner, heated seats! They have the best seats of any theater in Provo and theyre better priced than most places.

Review №24

This is a five start experience. No crowds. Heated seats. Comfy recliners. Clean and newly remodeled.Movie lovers are crazy to not pay for A-list. Infinitely better than MoviePass. Basically all you can watch for 20 bucks a month.The prime theater is a bit chilly, but I just wear a jacket. I often am the only one in the theater. Its awesome.

Review №25

Great theater, especially with the updates to the seating that was done. My only complaint is they only seem to get half the movies despite having 12 screens. Much of the time Im disappointed in the selection. Hopefully they start picking up more movies!

Review №26

The seats I had were not very good but besides that it seemed like a nice quaint and simple place.

Review №27

Weve always loved this theater. But the new upgrades put it on a whole new level! The seating is luxurious and its less expensive than other theaters!

Review №28

They have upgraded alot over the past year .. new seats, floors, making great improvements. Front area is still outdated compared to other movie theatres. Deals available via app. Hidden gem atm

Review №29

So this is my 1st time here at AMC in Provo, much better than the old wynnsong. Everything looks new in the theaters, new seats, new flooring, big seats, very comfortable and they as a theater have become much more competitive now. Liking this alot

Review №30

Great theater!! Good sound, picture, size of screen and LOVE the new recliner seats. Staff has been helpful and courteous. They should have reserved seating though to make things easier.

Review №31

A good theater! Good staff, good building layout, clean seats.

Review №32

Nice movie theater. I was really cold, due to lettng the wife use my coat, only to find out they have seat warmers!! Nice little perk

Review №33

A nice movie theater. Kind of small and old but its not awful.

Review №34

Ticket prices are fair but concessions were very expensive, there were 6 of us and we spent $84 on tickets and concessions ( just popcorn and drinks) 4 of which were kids combos ( $7 each) the adult combo for large drink and large popcorn it was $15.

Review №35

Pros: AMC ticket prices are cheap, the movie was good quality.Cons: Dirty theater (nasty seats), sound was too loud, popcorn seemed a little stale and way overpriced (as was the drink), no assigned seating.AMC has low ticket prices for the movie, but concessions prices are ridiculous - so you might want to sneak in your own food. The theater is not well kept and was small (its an older location). Unfortunately, when we got to the theater the overhead lights were still on, allowing us to see the seats in all their unholy glory - covered in hair and stains, which was unsettling. Overall though, if you are looking for a cheap show this is the place to go (just dont plan on buying popcorn and a drink, it will cost you $15).

Review №36

This theater is really nice! Im really glad that they keep updating there theatre as well. You should definitely come to this theatre for a nice break and watch some fun movies with your family and friends.

Review №37

Luxury reclining seats and almost always has seats available. This place is great.

Review №38

I had a problem activatating my AMC membership. Kimber was great at the ticket office and helped me resolve the issue. She gave great customer service.

Review №39

Very much improved theater. Staff is always a bit disorganized and clueless but the theater has made a lot of progress with luxury, reserved seats in every theater.

Review №40

Super cheap, super good service, the chairs are literally the best thing to happen to mankind and it’s never packed. The only reason I’m holding out from a 5 star rating is because idk if they’ll let me bring in my pet fish/best friend/Endgame emotional support. Great place though.

Review №41

They recently upgraded all of their theaters with great reclining seats and assigned seating. love the location across the street from the Riverwoods and how easy access it is with a lot of parking.

Review №42

We had a great experience here! Its definitely not as busy as other theaters in the area and its pretty inexpensive! They have a sweet deal on Tuesdays, in addition to $5 tickets you can get $5 drink & popcorn if youre a member of the rewards program. Wish I knew about this theater the last 2 years Ive been in Provo! We will definitely be back!

Review №43

We saw Free Solo here. It was amazing. Great service. Simple experience and no complaints. I thought the commercials were loud but I didn’t notice the noise during the movie.My wife and I loved the show. We’d definitely come back to see another movie.

Review №44

Remodeled theater with luxury seating for everyone. Comfy seats that also heat up. Popcorn is more expensive than cinemark or megaplex for not as big of a bucket. Thinking about joing a-list stubs.

Review №45

Was very clean and seats are very nice. I love the fact they recline

Review №46

Got the much needed upgrade from being Wynnsong a few years back.

Review №47

I like this theater. I like having the choice of not going to a Cinimark Theater all of the time. The midst remodeled the theater. It has new reclining seats. There seats even have electric heaters.However in the dinner there isnt much need for the heater. In fact, Im a bigger guy. 62and 230lbs. I thought that the seats were cramped and hot and sticky. Even without the heater.Now, I know that Im not the biggest guy out there. In fact Im just normally big. I do NOT think that anyone larger than me is going to enjoy the new seats. When fully reclined, my feet touched the wall in front of me. I just kind of rested my feet on it. Anyone who is in the middle of the row will have a hard time getting out to use the restroom, because they might have to wait for larger man to adjust their seat to an upright position, so that there will be room for them to pass by.

Review №48

The remodel from Wynnsong Theatre to AMC looks pretty sweet. The foof options is unique and delicious and the theatres are actually better (Sound and Seating) than when it was Wynnsong. However, the bathrooms could still use a remodel, they feel like a restaurant bathroom with urinals being so close that no one wanted to use the middle one. @Managers, I would go there more often if the bathrooms were also remodeled

Review №49

Its not a very good movie theater. The bathrooms are dirty and broken. The hallways and theatres are equally as dirty. The staff is disorganized and not very friendly or helpful. It really could use an entire remodel and retraining of staff. I give it 2 stars because you can always get tickets because most people dont come here.

Review №50

Awesome experience, the place was renew this year and its super good, the prime theater its amazing.

Review №51

They have really improved - lounge seats, reserved seats, etc. We love it

Review №52

I thought this place was a dump but they fixed it up nice

Review №53

The staff were very rude to us. We were saving a seat for someone who got to the movie 10 minutes late (it was a 9:15 movie, she got there at 9:25) and they locked the doors right as she was walking up and they wouldn’t let her in. They literally came out and told her that the she couldn’t come in because they locked the doors. The staff stay there until way after the movies end! We didn’t get out of our movie until 12:30 am, and all the same staff were there! Why couldn’t they have let her in? What a terrible business strategy.Additionally, they didn’t turn off the lights in our theater, the theater is overall rather dirty. None of the signs above the theaters displayed the name of the movie. The bathrooms are constantly out of order, smell terrible, and are generally unkempt. I would give it 0 stars if I could, especially because of the experience we had tonight! Totally unacceptable.

Review №54

Well, for a movie theater with reclining seats and a packed theater, I got the one seat not powered, and the screen had a tear in it. Granted, they also had a sign of grand opening ... guess that was the movie ...

Review №55

This theater is so clean. The heated reclining seats are fabulous. Its a beautiful place.

Review №56

The staff was so kind and helpful tonight. The prices here are really good, especially considering that the theaters are nice, with comfortable seating and good audio/video quality. I will certainly be making a point to come back here frequently!

Review №57

Its a shadow of its former self since Borders left, just like the rest of the Riverwoods, but I still like to support it.

Review №58

The staff at this location were inattentive and unfamiliar with the quality of service provided at other AMC theaters. The concession staff didnt prompt anyone for the AMC membership when purchasing snacks and when I asked about it, they behaved as if they had no clue what I was talking about. The womens bathroom had overflowing trash bins, toilet paper riddled floors and no paper towels. The staff were are huddled together in one corner of the concession counter socializing when I let them know the bathrooms were in need of attention and appeared annoyed that I bothered them. I wont be visiting this location again and instead will be spending my time at other local theaters when visiting Provo/Orem.

Review №59

We arrived to buy our tickets at 3:35. We checked the doors, 1 was locked and 1 was open. When we walked into the first waiting area the next set of doors were locked. The manager came over to inform us that they were not open for 10 more minutes. We asked if we could wait in the entry way for 10 minutes since it was raining outside AND SHE THREATENED TO CALL THE POLICE FOR TRESSPASSING. there was no disagreement, that was her first response when we asked if we could wait in the entry way. I am blown away that any place of business would treat polite, paying customers with such hostility. If i could give them 0 stars i would. As you can see in the picture there is a group of customers WAITING IN THE RAIN.

Review №60

Good theater and good prices, but the AMC ads along with standard previews mean youll be sitting there for nearly a half hour before the movie actually starts... Use this info to your advantage if youre giving late. And if youre there on time, just go easy on the Goobers or youll be out of snacks before the feature has begun.

Review №61

Pleasant staff, clean theater, good snack options and reclining heated seats.

Review №62

Saw star wars here. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this place is!

Review №63

We attended there last night. Its been a long time since Ive been here. But we were going to be in the area and the time the movie started was convenient for us so we booked it here. I was very disappointed when we walked in and walked up to where they take our tickets and handed them our phones to scan and we were told we had to go to the popcorn line to get our tickets printed. We were already running behind, and when we were told they didnt have scanners because it was too expensive and had to go back and get them printed was rather frustrating. We walked back to where the concessions were and we had to wait in line until the girl could scan our tickets and waiting for them to be printed. While we stood there in line waiting, there were two girls just standing there to accept tickets, but they had no scanners to scan your phone, and there were two other people who were there working just standing around with nothing to do, but here we were standing in line waiting for one girl to ring everyone out for their concessions and print their tickets. We told the girl there has to be a better solution, she said they only have two scanners and they keep both of them at the concessions, maybe they should think about moving them out to the ticket area so the people just standing there can make use of it. Its an older theater that can use some updating. With the increasing amount of technology rapidly increasing, they better catch the drift and think about making it more convenient for people attending that are using their smart phones. We will think twice before coming back here, make sure you arrive early if youre using your phones for tickets.

Review №64

I didnt really interact with the staff, which was understandable at closing time, but the movie was great, not too loud, the theater was cold which I like, and the seats were comfy and plentiful. It was delightful. I only wish they had saved me some more popcorn for after my movie. I just like bringing some home.

Review №65

Low price theater. Wanted to give great review. But no reserved seating, so you wait in concessions line to pick up tickets. Wait in another line for theater to be cleaned. Wait in another line to get into the theater.This turns date night into trip to the DMV and possibly a movie.I saved a few bucks. Yes. But Id much rather have paid another $8 to just stroll in before it starts, sit in my reserved seat. No lines. Just fun.Its otherwise a nice clean theater. Decent seating. Good location. Remove / minimize the stupid lines and Ill readily give a 5 star rating.

Review №66

Compared to AMC WJ the seats dontnrecline as much and they dont rumble popcorn was full of kernels and partially burnt. Digital was great.

Review №67

I literally could not be more disgusted. After purchasing 5 tickets (kids 5-15) to Lion King (PG) we endured numerous Rated R previews. Then one came on with a Restricted Content Rating. 5+ F-words, crude language, explicit language, it was more than I could stand. Even though our tickets matched the theater for Lion King, it was an Unrated film. Now I have a broken-hearted 5 year old who has asked to see this movie since the first preview and have just ushered my own children into the foulest language they have ever heard. This is an absolute disgrace.

Review №68

Its a great theater. The sound is good, its rarely crowded, and the seats are comfortable. I see all my movies there even though other places are closer.

Review №69

Until they finish theyre renovations, I would avoid this theater. Ill give it another go in a few months when they finish.Uncomfortable chairs, small screens, stale popcorn, soda machines that are on the fritz... That was rough. The staff was definitely friendly, but thats about where it ends. Youre paying full theatre prices without the quality. Lets hope the renovations do wonders because it needs it.

Review №70

AMC has been making consistent improvements. Theyre currently doing renovations. The only thing I feel theyre lacking relative to other theaters such as cinemark is more comfortable seating. I like that you can still get to a show early and pick your seat instead of at time of purchase.

Review №71

The theater is old and nothing special. However, the prices are decent.

Review №72

Newly renovated. Nice, big, comfortable, power reclining chairs! New flooring throughout. Only complaint is the new carpet smell is really strong. Im sure that will go away soon. But a little air freshener would go along way. And the price went up...

Review №73

Low traffic movie theater. Super comfy seats.

Review №74

This theatre has greatly improved over the past year. The reclining seats with heaters are fantastic. Unfortunately, four out of six restrooms have been out of order for over two years. I wish this theatre offered advanced online food and beverage orders like the other two AMC Theatres in Utah do. Staff is always helpful.

Review №75

Reclinable AND heated seats! Super comfy and decent prices.

Review №76

Been coming here for years. Never had a issue and not really too crowded like other theaters.

Review №77

Really great place to see a movie!

Review №78

Nice theater. I love the recliner seating. There is not assigned seating though.

Review №79

The most underrated movie theater in Provo. Its never busy when I go but its $6 everyday. Screw $5 Tuesdays at the other places. I can go whenever I want and not break the bank. Seriously. More people should know about and come to this movie theater

Review №80

Good, but needs a better menu.

Review №81

Clean theater. GREAT comfortable recliners with heat.

Review №82

Great new heated reclining seats!!

Review №83

Nice seats. Seat heater is pretty hot, but quite a bit of leg room.

Review №84

Wonderful theater that is never crowded. I love it. And the prices are the best in town... only $3.99 for movies starting before 4PM.

Review №85

Good movie theatre with large comfy seats

Review №86

The theater is a bit run down, but the ticket prices are pretty reasonable. Its pretty great if you get A-list membership. The thing I hate the most though is, for some reason, it doesnt play Disney films when they first are released. Ive only been going here for a couple months since joining A-LIST, and the pattern seems to be a couple months delay until they show Disney films. As far as I can tell, this includes Marvel films as well. So its cheap and good enough but the Disney thing is really annoying

Review №87

Love going to the movies here because it is never too busy.

Review №88

Great place to watch a movie! Reclinable chairs and heated seats, very comfy!

Review №89

Great movie theater. You wont get the fancy leather recliners like the ones at cinemark or seat reservation but if your willing to go to a movie like it was 2010 again, its worth it. The price is great and there is usually plenty of seats to choose from.

Review №90

Great little hole in the wall. Great popcorn, comfy seats, and good prices. My ticket, a large popcorn, and a large drink was about $20 altogether.

Review №91

This is not like the real fancy theaters with the chairs that lean back. This is one of the old school theaters that has a lot of seats. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the staff was really friendly. The theater is very clean. And the prices are great. It is only around $6.50 for a ticket and only around $4 for a childs ticket. Were you will be paying upwards 12 to $15 a ticket at other theaters. They have all the new releases and they show some older Run movies. This is our new place to go watch movies especially with our family. You will not find a better deal.

Review №92

Even though its loungers the seats suck at the tickets are more expensive than cinemark.

Review №93

The theater itself is in good condition. The screens were bright and the sound was good. The chairs are the older style stadium seating chairs, but the cushioning and springs are in good condition so they are still comfortable to sit on. The staff was very friendly and the drinks and popcorn were good. The best thing about this theater is the ticket prices were extremely reasonable. The movie we watched was so bad that to have paid anything to waste those 3 hrs watching it would have been annoying, but I was relieved when I remembered that at least I only paid half price to bore myself this time. Another nice thing about this theater is that it seems less busy than the competition up the road. It was very pleasant to sit in the dark, quietly, watching an awful movie without the distraction of too many other people. I hope they stay in business forever.

Review №94

Went and saw a fairly old show for the theaters and they didnt have the AC on in the theater!.... Longest 2 hours of my life! Also the seats were extremely close together and there was very little leg room. it feels like its in need of a remodel.

Review №95

Nicely updated and fresh. Clean comfortable luxury recliner seating.

Review №96

This is a nice little theater great staff. The 4 star review is that the snacks are pretty pricey though. They do have a good deal on a popcorn bucket but other than that the theater as a whole was great.

Review №97

The remodel made this place top notch.

Review №98

This place could be great if it did 2 things. 1) Make it matinee pricing for every movie before 6 p.m. 2) toned down the price on popcorn & soda. I think then I would be willing to tell everyone about it. Good seating and prices for what they offer, but they just arent in the same league with the Cinemark just 10 blocks away, so they need to focus on being the economic choice in every way. Then it could be busy and beautiful again. Also, GET ALL YOUR BATHROOMS UP AND RUNNING. I wish I could have just walked out the theater door to go instead of having to go all the way down to the front of the theater again.

Review №99

A nice vibe out in the main hall, and the two Freestyle Coca-Cola machines make a huge difference! The screen in the actual theater did have trouble for a few seconds, but other than that things were great!

Review №100

Well this is an older outdated movie theater it almost feels like it should be a discount theater. The seats don’t move or recline and are very old. The concessions pricing was expensive but I felt the popcorn was pretty good. It’s the only AMC theater in Utah County and is need of a serious makeover. If they do a makeover I would come here more often especially with the movie pass they are offering. Downside as I said, is the seats are not comfortable at all. Employees were very nice and I made a point of talking to several. Good location.

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  • Address:4925 N Edgewood Dr, Provo, UT 84604, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 801-764-9345
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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