Flagship Cinemas Pottstown
650 W Schuylkill Rd, Pottstown, PA 19465, United States

Review №1

Amazing movie experience! Seats are amazing, everything was clean neat and orderly. I would highly recommend this theater.

Review №2

First time we were here since it became Flagship and the first Movie we saw in a Theatre since the Pandemic. The seats Are Amazing. We had the entire theatre to ourselves because it was Halloween but we will definitely be back. The entire Family said this is their new favorite place.

Review №3

Great local theater with many screens. All seats are the wider, reclining type. Very comfortable way to watch a movie. Staff is very friendly and even went out of their way to help when I forgot something in the theater. Glad to see them open again.

Review №4

Love this theater. They did such a great job remodeling. The service is as top notch as the facility. Then they go and make the experience affordable too! Low ticket prices with free popcorn and drink refills...My sons and I are huge fans

Review №5

This movie theater is fantastic. The theaters are cozy so you never have to deal with hundreds of people in one room, and the seats are all f*^$ing heated recliners! I felt more comfortable watching a movie in their theater than I did in my own living room! Great deal on the bucket of popcorn: initially a high price, but if you keep the bucket then refills are only $4! One of the best movie theater experiences Ive ever had. Will definitely be back!

Review №6

Best movie theater in the area. Nice seats. Good popcorn and soda. Affordable.

Review №7

New favorite theater! We went to go see the new Star Wars on opening night and we were honestly blown away with how much we love Flagship. The tickets are cheaper than AMC and Regal, you can reserve your seat online, and the seats themselves are amazing. They recline, they’re heated, and they’re incredibly comfortable. The staff was super courteous and the light and sound of the theater itself was awesome. I honestly can’t wait to go back, this is our favorite from now on.

Review №8

I am starting to really like this diner. The remodel was a huge success. Food is pretty good. Service is very fast and friendly. Ill be back.

Review №9

It’s a nice theater, very small though. The seats are comfy and recline all the way back. Heated seats hard to guess how it actually works and turns off shortly. Gotta figure it out how to turn back on while watching movie! A lotta foot room. I’d go again, but not more than other theaters.

Review №10

Love this theatre. It is always clean. Staff is super friendly. Have the latest movies. Best reclining seats. Love that they wipe down the seats after every movie.

Review №11

The recliner seats are so comfortable!! And they warm up!!! We always bring small blankets for the kids but no need for it here! Major points for this. I also like that we were able to buy our tickets online and reserve our seats. When you walk in, there are several kiosks to retrieve the tickets quickly! Such a time saving!We only wish they had late showtimes too. But overall, the theater has a very modern and clean feel.

Review №12

Dont waste your time. The staff is very unprofessional.

Review №13

This place is pretty great. Its new, clean and not the fox of the past. Super comfortable heated, reclining seats typically in the luxury theaters. The only problem is it just doesnt work in the way it needs to competing with the big theater brands. Better experience, better price, but you will end up at the AMC for some reason.

Review №14

Very comfortable seats that are heated and cooled. Screen looked good and sound wasnt too loud. Pricing was very reasonable. Little cold in building but not bad. Enjoyed going here to see star wars.

Review №15

They have reclining seats that can warm up. You can pick out your seat when you order them. I dont have anything bad to say

Review №16

Such a nice theatre. Clean and well kept it’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for! We had front row seats and because all the chairs recline we were still able to see perfectly!!

Review №17

Great prices and membership cards earn point. One if the managers helped 2x now as you cant enter membership when buying online. The manger on today is always extremely helpful and friendly.

Review №18

Fantastic theater. The employees are very friendly, and the theaters are clean. The wheelchair seating is fantastic. Usually at a theater I am stuck in the front row with my wheelchair. Here, I had a fantastic seat, which made my movie experience the best Ive had in years.

Review №19

Being a handicapped person this theater was absolutely perfect!!! Instead being forced to sit uncomfortably in the front...I sat in the back,in my wheelchair not obstructing any one view,comfortable on a flat surface. No fear of rolling down the aisle. I love this theater!!!

Review №20

The building is iconic, the remodel fresh and amazing. Seen so many movies as fox theater in the 90s. I always think of the booming THX noise before all the movies. Thanks for bringing it back! My go to theater.

Review №21

Love the new look! I am very happy that there is a theater back in this location. Make sure youre seeing a good movie though because those seats are a little too comfortable. Put the heat on high and you might fall asleep. I will defiantly be coming back!

Review №22

The staff was just great so friendly, the seats are so comfortable. I love it. Price is good. Nothing bad to say it was an all around great experience. Hope they get the business, they deserve it.

Review №23

The movie hasnt even started, it seems like it will be nice. Whats not nice is the trash everywhere . Our four seats had drinks, popcorn, popcorn bucket, and candy trash. I was happy to see an employee cleaning up when we first walked into the theater; we decided to temporarily sit somewhere else in order to give him the ability to easily clean. Then he left, never to come back. We ended up cleaning all the trash ourselves. Not good customer service. Not sure if well ever come back, which is sad considering the movie hasnt even started.

Review №24

The theater has been remodeled beautifully. Heated, reclining seats and smaller theater sizes give it that real luxury feel. I will definitely go back, but there were a few negatives to my overall experience. The aesthetic of the companys website does not match the modern atmosphere of the theater. The website has an archaic interface that made me seriously doubt the luxury label. Upon entering the theater, the first ticket machine we tried wasnt working. We realized after several minutes of attempts and that it wasnt processing card payments. No employee approached us to assist. As we were leaving the theater there was another group trying to use the same machine. Again, no one was helping them and there was no sign posted.

Review №25

I think we’ve found our “go-to” theater. The prices were very reasonable for tickets and normal (if you can ever say that about movie theater concession pricing) on the food and snacks. The theater was very clean and the size of each theater was perfect without being too huge to get around in. Having the ability to select a seat ahead of time was also very convenient. The fact that the seats were leather, heated/cooled and reclinable was just icing on the cake. Definitely the theater in the area to check out if you are looking for the next place to go.

Review №26

Great revamp of this theater. Seats are spacious, adjustable, and heated. Friendly staff and easy to use reward card

Review №27

This is the best movie theatre ever. Wide aisles, comfy recliner seats, heated seats, just beautiful!!! Popcorn great with pour your own butter. Please give Flagship a try. Great prices too!!!

Review №28

This theater is awesome! Comfy recliner seats, clean and everything still looks and smells brand new. Not as large as AMC but so much more comfy! Loved it!

Review №29

Beautiful theater. Very nice screen with amazing sound system. Seats are very comfortable, with lots of room between the rows. Employees are very friendly and helpful. Definitely my go to theater from now on!

Review №30

Great seats! Very friendly workers and super helpful. This is the only movie theater I will go to now. Wonderful experience!

Review №31

It has great seating! They are all reclining heated seats. Very comfortable atmosphere.

Review №32

Finally a small town theater experience that is immaculate!! Easy ticketing service. Great prices. Heated recliner seats. Yes, I said heated!! Perfect for chilly winter movies. Theaters are small and intimate. Hold about 60 people. Screen was perfect size for room. Sound was A+. Blew my expectations out of the water. Staff was so nice. The woman asked me if I enjoyed the movie. You can tell she loved her job. Will be back asap!

Review №33

Wow, Im a home theater enthusiast and this place checks all boxes. Great prices. Let me repeat that, great prices. Really nice theaters, excellent video, good sound, very clean.

Review №34

Saw 1917. Excellent movie on top of the nice seating. Great place glad they fixed it back up!

Review №35

Went two weeks ago, and it was so comfortable, relaxing and the staff was very friendly. I have recommended this to a lot of people and they enjoy it. They have reclining seats that are heated. The movie theater was not cold and was warm and comfortable.

Review №36

Best place to see movies nice staff most comfortable chairs around the only thing is as soon as theyre a little too controlling sometimes you fall asleep before the movies over

Review №37

Theater was awesome. Very clean and comfortable. Easy to get tickets and price reasonable. Would definitely go to this theater again.

Review №38

The seats are so comfy they really restored it. Right now its a hidden gem. And dont have to leave town. Prices are still reasonable.

Review №39

Very clean theater! The staff are very friendly and respectful! The reclining seats are comfortable with heat built in also! This is our go to movie theater from now on!

Review №40

We loved it! Highly recommend! Staff were super friendly! Online seating! Very clean! Comfy reclining chairs! Pepsi products self serve with tons of flavors!

Review №41

Dan the manager is rude. It’s a shame because movie theater is great . I feel sorry for the employees who has to work with such N obnoxious person . The chicken and French fries are dry and real small portions . They overcook their food and make you wait forever to get it. The cook looks like he is all jacked up on something sweating all over the food.

Review №42

I hope this will be the new standard for Movie theaters. Love the recling/heated seats. Ticket prices are reasonable. Much more room in the theater. Lastly bathrooms and the theater in general are clean unlike AMC and Regal.

Review №43

Great movie theater. Reclining chairs . More room from seats front to back. Enough room to let someone get through even with seats fully reclined.

Review №44

The seats are great - as advertised. Its a shame they didnt invest in better soundproofing during the extensive remodel. During the quieter moments of the movie we could clearly hear sound from the movie in the next theater. Very distracting and ruined the experience.

Review №45

It was a good time at Flagship in Pottstown. So glad to see this theater reopen after being closed for so long. The theater was very clean, the staff was very friendly. We bought tickets online, and you just print them out at the ticket kiosk in the lobby. We had 2 adults and 3 children in our party, we all got candy, chicken fingers and french fries and soda. The waffle fries were awesome. The service to get the 5 orders of chicken fingers and fries was kind of slow, like 10 mins. I just dont think they are setup to serve many meals like that. The seats are super comfy, and its so nice to be able to recline. Some of us used the heated seats which you could feel the warmth, the heat is on a timer, so you just turn it back on. But everything was good, we enjoyed the experience and we will certainly be back, especially since beer and wine will be available 11/22/19.

Review №46

Great to finally have a comfortable theater with good pricing. Dress warm though, the theater was quite chilly!

Review №47

Very nice, clean, cozy theatre. I was very happy with the entire experience. The prices are great. I need to start to go to the $5 Tuesday shows!

Review №48

We used to go to the original Carmike but the Flagship is so much betterGreat recliner seats with heat if you want.New sound and digital projection.I love it.

Review №49

Got a bucket of popcorn back in December for $15 refills are $4 for the rest of the 2020Free refills on sodaSeats are heated and reclinerssenior or matinee are $7.50Very nice theater

Review №50

My new favorite movie house! All brand new, clean, quiet, and homey. Ultra friendly and helpful staff. Theatres are spacious with wide screens and amazingly comfortable oversized recliners.

Review №51

If I could give 0 stars I would. Me and my husband went in for the first time for a date night, after hearing great reviews. Once we arrived there was nobody at guest services to allow us to purchase a ticket with cash. Then once we got to someone else to pay, there was some situation with another couple causing a back up. I was standing there watching the minutes pass by as mine and my sisters movie passed. It got to a point I contemplated leaving because what’s the point if we miss the beginning. Anyways the altercation cleared up and not once did anyone ask if we wanted to purchase tickets or why we were in line. The girl behind the counter was too busy slowly standing around and making popcorn, and the two other employees also just stood there and watched as the issue progressed and we were only waiting to buy tickets. It got to the point where we left. Family date night ruined!

Review №52

Great value for the money! Great reclining seats and all the latest movies! So happy it opened up!

Review №53

If you want a very comfy atmosphere to watch a movie, please visit Flagship Cinemas tou wont regret it!

Review №54

Best theater around. Nobody wastes money on. Concessions but even these are cheaper than elsewhere. Great staff incredibly comfortable seats. Kust the ×+it. No reaon to go to AMC ever again unless they bring joker back

Review №55

Great place! Awesome seating! Comparable prices. Good food!

Review №56

First trip there was clean, comfortable, and with enough room that Im not on top of my neighbor. Will be using as my new go to theater.

Review №57

Best theater ever. Comfortable leather seats with recliners, great viewing experience, couldnt ask for better service.

Review №58

First off, my date was more beautiful than a Hawaiian sunset. She was breathe taking .Love at first sight for me, . Place was very nice and seats were comfy . Staff was very friendly

Review №59

Great prices, selections and seating. Always clean everytime we go.

Review №60

Wow! What a well done remodel and updated theater... Great price and comfortable seating!

Review №61

Very clean, staff was polite, chairs very comfortable, only bad thing was the nachos!!

Review №62

Great new theater with super comfortable reclining heated seats. Very friendly staff and amazing prices. Will definitely be frequenting this theater

Review №63

Small theater with very comfortable reclining seats that also heat up!

Review №64

Great theater, very comfortable seats and you pick your seats, only a limited number seats whick i like. Only drawback was the last movie i seen there i could hear some of the other theaters sound. Popcorn leaves a lot to be desired but not bad. Good experience everytime i have gone.

Review №65

Clean theater, excellent movie snack selection and extremely comfortable seats!

Review №66

Wont go anywhere else anymore! Heated reclining seats are the best!

Review №67

This theater is a very modern, state of the art theater. Very comfortable seats. I will go again.

Review №68

Very friendly and resonably priced for the show. Ive never seen more engaged and helpful staff at a movie theater.

Review №69

Good movie comfortable seats. Great place

Review №70

Leather reclining seats were comfortable. But didnt really feel the heat. Concession was disappointing. Had a large pretzel instead of bites we were told wed get. Theater was clean and staff helpful.

Review №71

We love this theater! The staff is friendly and the seats are so comfortable.

Review №72

I live this place great service great food and great prices. Me and my wife call this place our date night every other Friday night

Review №73

It is a great theatre. The seats are heated and they recline. The sound was amazing and the staff were very friendly.

Review №74

Excellent Theater.

Review №75

Do not pay attention to the 1 star review the person did know the place has been redone and reopened. Is brand new now. There are also reclining heated seats.

Review №76

Staff is very helpful and polite. The reclining chairs are amazing. Food is great.

Review №77

Very nice people that work there and is nice and seating is great enjoy with my family.and we will be back again .

Review №78

Awesome seating-heated chairs that power recline! The sound system was amazing, and at only $10.50 a ticket it was a great value!

Review №79

Most comfortable chairs of any movie theater that I have visited.

Review №80

This place was awesome, student discount as well, most comfy movie theatre in the area!

Review №81

Great staff clean and great seats to watch a movie in

Review №82

Great popcorn and oh yeah, a twin bed that reclines

Review №83

Going to fox theater in Wyomissing PA. Has Made me spoiled I thought there is no other movie theater that could come close. Yet I was extremely wrong. Flagship has not only bested fox but in my opinion is miles ahead. Am a movie buff. I love to watch movies all the time. Have visited many different cinemas. I realized how moder decore and the auditorium in flagship are miles ahead of all the other cinemas. Recliner are heated and the seat are just luxurious compare to even foxs theaters. The floors in the auditorium are hardwood floors the whole place is very clean. The bathroom are also clean and match the decor in the lobby. Great and luxurious cinema through out. Very helpful staff. We order the tickets on the machines and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Top notch .

Review №84

The staff is so friendly, everything is very clean, the screen and sound quality are amazing. I dont think I can watch movies anywhere else!

Review №85

Seats are amazingly comfortable with a lot of arm and foot space, staff is extremely kind and professional. Unfortunately the food onthe other hand is expensive and my chicken tenders were the size of chicken nuggets, I got an angus cheese burger and it was the size of a Wendy’s kids meal cheese burger and to top it off they told me the cheese was 5 days expired and they charged me to buy nacho cheese to substitute.

Review №86

Comfy seats. Good sound

Review №87

Wow... Just had a private tour of this BRAND NEW Flagship Cinemas movie theater across from The Coventry Mall which is openeing this week, and I have to say, it might be the nicest and most state of the art movie theater I have ever been in. A total of 8 theaters, ALL 8 with heated reclining leather seats, amazingly crystal clear screens all with incredible sound systems...Also great pricing and their own popcorn bucket with cheap refills. A GREAT addition for the Pottstown area which continues to rebuild...

Review №88

Beautifully, comfortably remodeled. Staff was outgoing and pleasant.

Review №89

Great Matinee Prices, Numbered Seating, Comfortable Chairs. Will be Back soon!

Review №90

Completely renovated, cleaned up, and updated to todays tech standards for a typical theater with cheaper than average ticket prices for adults and seniors. The snack bar is expensive so avoid buying the stuff there and just get food before or after the movie.

Review №91

The seats are extremely comfortable, the whole place is very clean, everyone working there was very nice and helpful. Definitely gonna be my theatre of choice now

Review №92

Clean environment with very comfortable seating. Will definitely go again!

Review №93

Friendly knowledgeable staff, clean facilities, ultra comfortable seats, impressive sound and video. Highly recommended A+

Review №94

Very cozy theater. Nice experience.

Review №95

Loved it, clean staff was friendly, nice new seating, can buy on line and pick your seats or by there.

Review №96

We came with our kids and nephews total party was 9. The older women who helped us with our tickets was great, however when we got to the concession stand they girl taking our order had an attitude, but we pushed thru and made our order, then she told us one amount, and then was like I deleted something, but dont know what so then she started guessing what was missing. Once we got thru that and we were paying I states I wanted a receipt, she said ok then closed the register. I then asked for my change and receipt. She called the manager over to open the register, gave me my change. I then asked again for a receipt, she called the manager over, which really did nothing because he said that once the transaction is completed they cant give a receipt. So there was no way for me to check my receipt to make sure everything was there. So the manager was going to rering everything and the girl behind the counter started to ramble off everything u ordered, and the totals were still not adding up. I finally said forget it.... not mention it cost me more money to get snacks then it did to see the movie, because they dont do food combos.... very disappointed with the attitudes.

Review №97

My wife and I just went here for the first time, and it look awesome inside. Abit nostalgic if you went here when it was carmike.

Review №98

Comfortable, clean,spacious, convenient,friendly, thank you for opening this theatre back up

Review №99

Great new movie. Great staffBeautiful and comfi018

Review №100

Great place. Clean and comfortable!!

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  • Address:650 W Schuylkill Rd, Pottstown, PA 19465, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 484-949-9315
  • Movie theater
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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