Portland Meadows Poker
8102 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97218, United States

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Portland Poker Room is a beautiful new poker room in Portland with 25 tables and even more VIP tables in the upstairs. It has a full bar and a full lunch and dinner menu. Right next door (competely separate) is the new Portland Meadows with off-track betting, a full bar and food menu.

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Solid choice for quality games and players. Hands down best spot and my favorite all time poker room to play in Portland. Friendly staff (unless you act a fool of course), fair tournament rules and sense of humor are the norm here. Have fun and hone your skills of any level. For a $15 daily member fee, they offer multiple tournaments with good guarantees of no limit and cash games of all types. Totally worth it. Hidden bonus is the great food with a daily special and soup that delights the hungry. Last visit had the beer battered cod sandwich which was perfectly both crispy and tender. No frills, good service, full bar with variety of non alcoholic and caffeinated beverages as well. Plus tvs all around for sports fans to keep tabs on the action. Highly recommend for the card lovers out there. Clean and well organized operation.Expect to give and receive camaraderie, competition, and a hand shake if you get railed...

Review №3

Fun place to play when it was open. Will be glad when they are able to reopen.

Review №4

I really hope they find a new building with suitable parking, people are parking in the grass and off-site and walk the rest of the way.

Review №5

Great poker room with lots of action.

Review №6

Visiting Portland after a trip to Vegas. Found this poker club and had a very good experience here. Better than Vegas. There is a 15 dollar club entry fee but the club has no rake on tournament or cash games. The staff was friendly and the tables and chairs were comfortable. You pay for your drinks as well but the prices are reasonable.

Review №7

New location... its not at the race track anymore

Review №8

Poker Tournaments run daily. Many days three different tournaments are run, beginning at noon. Live No-limit holedem games are also played. Blinds generally are 1 & 2. Occasionally higher blind structures 2/5 5 & 5/10 are also played. Somedays, Pot-limit Big O is played as well.The majority of the staff are courteous and eager to assist.The Poker room collects a $15 fee from each player. The Poker Rooms are NOT allowed to collect a DROP/Rake (fee per hand). This is usually 10% per Pot. Those person who play allot of poker know that this $15 fee is much less than a 10% Rake.Parking is free..!The room offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It also has a selection of sandwiches and snacks.The Poker room closes daily at approximately 2 am.Definitely worth a stop for poker players traveling and visiting.

Review №9

Best poker room Ive ever played at. Mad at myself for not making the drive to check it out sooner. Wide spread of games, good tournaments, good service, good dealers, just A+ all the way around. Will be coming back next time Im home.

Review №10

It is a great OTB site or gambling. My girlfriend and I go out there to bet on the big races. Good food great service ask for karma or Stacy and yes karma is a person a wonderful lady

Review №11

Great poker club. Friendly staff and dealers. Good food and reasonable prices.

Review №12

Best place to play poker in Portland. Plenty of parking, safe environment, good dealers, largest regular tournaments.

Review №13

Was a good room different than Im use to living in Washington but dealers were friendly and had some cool people who play there. Good turnout for the tournaments

Review №14

Since the day this wonderful place opened I haven’t been to any other poker house. The people, food, cleanliness and management are the best!!!

Review №15

Best poker room and tournaments in Portland! Awesome staff too!

Review №16

This is, hands down, the best place to play poker in Portland. Brian (the man in charge) is a great guy. His 2nd and 3rds in command (such as Mike and Paul) are great guys. The tournament structures are amazing. Its a beautiful poker room with nice tables and a dedicated final table area. This place rules. I just hope they can stay open.

Review №17

Big O tourneys! That is the best by far. Hopefully this place gets more of those going. Traveled just to play it. Love the freeze out structures the best as well. True poker!...Very clean and comfortable chairs so you can actually play for a while.... Lots of sharks and not enough fish like me is the only downside...8

Review №18

Great place to play poker. Brian the owner is a great guy.

Review №19

Relaxing and professional poker setting.

Review №20

If you are expecting Vegas, Meadows isnt there yet. Its a great poker room ZERO Rake there. The $15 cover is well worth it. I have been going on the weekends and the cash games here are great. Played at the Final Table and wont go there again, Meadows is much better. This is a great and comfortable poker room once you get used to it. The cash games are great and the Sunday tournament was well run. Cant beat rake free poker! It should be more popular. Great place to play if you are thinking of going, do it.

Review №21

Awesome place to go relax play poker and or Oregon lottery

Review №22

Accessibility for wheelchair users is the #1 issue for me, anywhere I go. The poker room is horrible in every respect. The entrance features hard to open pull doors. The door tread of the left hand door is too high and square for a manual wheelchair user to get the front wheels up and over it. The set of glass double doors inside are also pull, but easier to move.CAUTION: The elevator to get to the poker room floor as a very wide gap between the outside floor and the elevator car. The first time I used it, I wasnt going very fast, and both front wheels rotated and dropped into it. I needed help from to bystanders to escape. So, when you use the elevator, hit the elevator door gap going as fast as possible -- dont try to go in out out slowly.The poker room also has pull doors, but you are likely to encounter someone going in or out. Otherwise, they arent too hard open.The layout inside is a nightmare for a wheelchair user or, I would imagine, a blind person. The path from the door to the tournament sign up desk is through a maze of tables; there is no straight path. The cashiers cage is almost impossible to reach. The tables in the cash game area are so close together that it is impossible to get a wheelchair through if there are players seated around both tables. Even the most accessible path to the cage is very narrow.Because of the spacing, half of the seats on each table are unreachable in a wheelchair. Tables with open seats may not have seats that are open for you.If you need to use the restroom, dont wait too long to go. None of them are wheelchair accessible on this floor. Even the one toilet stall with grab bars is too narrow to get a wheelchair into.Instead, you have to exit the poker room, take the elevator to the first floor, exit the building, roll through the rugged parking lot to the next building (which has an easily wheelchair accessible entrance), enter the building, turn left, and go all the way to the back of the bar. That is the only wheelchair accessible restroom in the facility, as far as I can determine. Depending upon what business you need to do there, and how fast you can make your wheelchair go, you might only lose least two blinds before you can get back to the table.I strongly recommend you go to the Final Table Poker Club if you are in a wheelchair and want to just play poker.

Review №23

Fantastic room. Friendly but competitive. Bring your A game.

Review №24

Great porker room, 15 entr fee, no rake. I like the Atmosphere here, some players are talkative and funny. I visited Portland for a few days, the poker room gave me a lot of fun.

Review №25

Rake free 1/2 no limit Holdem for $15 whats not to love? Oh and the food is tasty and the drinks are strong.

Review №26

Professionally run, great tables, and clean facility. Great food and great wait staff.

Review №27

It’s a good place to play in Portland. I’ve had problems with trick dealers in the other rooms around portland as a person whom seldom has the time to play (not a regular). I find meadows to be generally straight up.

Review №28

Great room and tables, good dealers, lively players.

Review №29

Best place to play poker in town!

Review №30

Great place!!! Super clean and the tournaments are run really well. The tables are really nice and its a great atmosphere. Some people on these reviews might be a little salty and should take a bath.

Review №31

One of the best and highest-quality Social Gaming Poker venues available in Portland. Great seating, good lighting, excellent food, full bar service, and all for a reasonable entry fee and tournament entry prices. No rake on any tournaments or games--every penny paid goes back out in prizes. Remember to tip if you cash in a tournament (and every winning hand on the shootout tournaments) as that is how those who volunteer to do the dealing get reimbursed for their time practicing their skill.

Review №32

My Dads favorite place to go

Review №33

A couple of 1 * reviews are from people who say theyve never been there, then why post a review?Its a great place; my favorite poker room in town. Its got decent food and drinks. Service isnt always very quick but they only have two people at most serving the entire floor so its expected. Besides, Im there to play poker and not have a gourmet meal, and poker here has always been fun. The have BigO shootouts as well, which although takes a little time to get used to, is a lot more fun that Texas Holdem.

Review №34

Chips are very sticky. However the crowd and the staff are great.

Review №35

2nd time going and food is yumm

Review №36

Excellent place to play poker with no rake!!!

Review №37

Best Social Poker room. Love this place. Very nice people.

Review №38

Good room ..good 1-2 game. Starts at 230 every day till 220 in the am

Review №39

Great management. No rake poker and parking. Super nice remodel.

Review №40

Nice room. Nice folks. Comfortable.

Review №41

Great final tables here.

Review №42

Great place to play poker!

Review №43

It was a big disappointment. Do not waste your time. Trash everywhere, no service to speak of...We felt dirty by the time we left.

Review №44

Great poker room with well run tournaments.

Review №45

This place is always full of nice people

Review №46

Win win win

Review №47

Review №48

Excellent place for POKER

Review №49

Horrible place to be!

Review №50

Great staff great owner.

Review №51

No game

Review №52

Looking good!

Review №53

Great place for playing poker

Review №54

Closes way too early on weekdays

Review №55

Cool place

Review №56

Not too many donkeys

Review №57

Best poker room in Portland!

Review №58

Web site needs help.

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  • Address:8102 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97218, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 503-309-3087
  • Casino
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Working hours
  • Monday:11am–2am
  • Tuesday:11am–2am
  • Wednesday:11am–2am
  • Thursday:11am–2am
  • Friday:11am–2am
  • Saturday:11am–2am
  • Sunday:11am–2am
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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