Get Air Trampoline Park
2735 S Towne Ave, Pomona, CA 91766, United States

Review №1

I went there last night. It was really busy but so much fun. People can have party rooms or just jump on trampolines or play other games. The assistant manager gave me a big tour of the place and it really it just comes down to having fun with the kids. I was impressed by its size.

Review №2

I reluctantly give 2 stars instead of 1, only because my kid had fun. That said, I have serious safety concerns about this place.Most places of this nature have staff closely monitoring participants to ensure safe play, safe environment, and quick response to accidents.This is my first time at this facility. Its a night time lights-out DJ party session. There are maybe 50 kids jumping their hearts out in here. Theres a DJ off to the side playing questionable music with [most] of the foul language bleeped. Thats a different topic; I digress.There is one employee appearing to be assigned to monitor wristbands entering the play area. She is more interested in taking with 2 of her non-employee friends and has zero interest in what is going on around her.There is one employee appearing to be assigned to an area with a swing and foam pit. As depicted in my attached photo, he is hard at work keeping up with his virtual social status on his cell phone. He hasnt looked up in over 15 minutes.Im no lawyer, but Im pretty sure if my kid were to get hurt here, it wouldnt be difficult to show gross negligence on the part of the company regardless of waiver.... which by the way is 1) signed unmonitored by mouse and 2) is never checked against an ID. Might as well throw all that data out the window. Youd never be able to prove I signed that waiver.Back to my second star. My kid had a blast. No serious issues other than the expected bumping into each other in the dark.My suggestion is to keep close watch over your loved ones here. The employees dont care. The management clearly doesnt care either.

Review №3

Had some great times here, the staff here are amazing!

Review №4

It’s pretty huge, seems somewhat clean. Lacking seating for min jumper adults who are there with their kids. That’s annoying but I usually participate so not a biggie :)Minus one star for the cost. It’s 16.99 for a single hour, and 3 more if you don’t already have jumping socks (required).Not too crowded on a weeknight but I bet it gets crazy on Saturday or Friday nights, haha.My kids LOVED IT. generally, I have found that this franchise has a relatively quality product.

Review №5

Its a pretty nice place. Its very empty on weekdays before 3, so its nice if you got little ones like my 3 year old to run around freely without getting ran over by bigger kids. After 3 though schools out so it starts to get a little crowded. Prices arent so bad either, but be sure to keep your socks or youll have to buy another pair next time you come.

Review №6

Great place! its really big with lots of trampolines so there is plenty of room for kids to jump and play. I actually like it better than sky zone, I will definitely go back with my kids.

Review №7

My family attended on a weekday so it was pretty much empty which was fine for us, less traffic on the equipment. I gave four stars instead of five because I would like to see more of a variety on the food selection. Children work up a pretty good appetite being active.

Review №8

Had so much fun w my family, we went to a niece birthday party and it was great. The girls there were very nice and helpful, definitely will go again and free socks

Review №9

Recommended for kids..they’ll have lots a fun! They have many activities Foam pits, rock climbing, balancing rope, dodgeball, a course of different structures to complete, a toddler section, racing lanes with uphill climbing and of course many trampolines. For adults it’s not that all great maybe if your into jumping around like crazy.

Review №10

They have toddler Thursdays perfect for the little ones. Other days for the kids a perfect place to jump and play dodge ball.

Review №11

We came here for a birthday party and the space and support the staff gave to the hosts seemed great. They had a large sectioned off area for our party. With the party we didnt have a time limit so we could play all day if we wanted. In the morning it was not crowded but as the afternoon parties arrived it got busy. The trampoline area is smaller than some other parks that weve been too, but the space was well utilized. After a few hours of being there it was the kids who could still play by running together around the park until they got tired.

Review №12

Great place for the family. Great way to keep in shape. Bring a towel you will be sweating.

Review №13

Love this place me and my son have a great time here. It might be a little pricey but kids need to stay active and adults also. Have fun!

Review №14

Its a lot of fun when i planned a birthday party there for my son. it was pretty empty at the time but the kids had a great time there! they had a foam pit there and my son learned a new trick! the staff there are absoulutly great there and weve been going there almost every week and have a blast. my son has even made me go back and forth to the desk and pay for another session. but my son is so exhuasted in the car when we get there, he falls asleep and i cant carry him because hes so sweaty!XD. they make sure every kid there has a great time. my son even said once, that he wanted to marry the trampoline park and live in it when he grows up. now we have somewhere to go! LOL!

Review №15

Its fun and CLEAN! It wasnt over crowded and I liked it better than Sky Zone. The party room was clean and we had privacy. Get Air is a great place for the entire family. The price was a little high for parties, but the kids had a blast, which made it was worth it! No outside food without a fee and the pizza venue they use is not the best, but go for the fun not the food. Private restroom available as well as men and womens facilities.

Review №16

We are from out of town, and my 10 year old son easily spent 2.5 hours here non-stop! He made friends, and there were lots of activities to keep him busy. We lucked out on a Wednesday during their summer rate (50% off regular pricing), so well worth it. Play and sitting areas are clean, including the restrooms. Drink dispensers available too.

Review №17

Me and the grandson loved it, now he wants to go back with his brothers, the price per hour is nothing compared to the fun we had...

Review №18

A lot of fun but very expensive. It cost over $80 for three of us to jump for two hours. Seems very high. The kids have fun but if you are not jumping there is not much else to do.

Review №19

Great place to take the kids. I got a great deal for my daughters B-day party. They do all the cleaning when ur done. Great fun for the whole family

Review №20

Took 2 boys, 11 and 8. Both had lots of fun. Big place. Good exercise and active place. 2 hours away from ipad and games.

Review №21

A little different from other trampoline parks. What I loved was that it was not crowded at all was a weeknight though. Also like that its so open.... way easier to keep an eye on your kid. They do have a birthday area option thats out in the open instead of crammed into a stuffy room

Review №22

I like how they have this place set up, its super clean and the staff is always around making sure the kids are safe and answering all the patents questions. Theyre always playing good music, great job guis!!!

Review №23

Great place for all ages, and there party setup is great to. You can take what ever food you want or have them do everything.

Review №24


Review №25

Was not thrilled with the customer service and how we were treated for having had booked a birthday party

Review №26

There were a lot of activities for the kids. Dodgeball, there is a swing the kids had a blast......definitely a great place to take the kids

Review №27

A very nice place to bring my kids to have fun even me.

Review №28

Great place!! Kids kept saying it reminded them of American Ninja Warrior.

Review №29

Really fun place my nephew had a party there staff is really helpful Britney was super nice and provided Great customer service !!!

Review №30

It was great because we got to get diffrent opstical courses and sourted everything out perfectly

Review №31

Not a pleasant experience, first there was a cockroach crawling on my nieces back! She was sitting in one of their party dining rooms, they apologized, & eventually refunded my brothers money! The management left the place before anything was truly done! The place itself was decent, Itself I guess, kids running around, seemingly have a good time? There was a vast open building, with several different types of play areas for the kids?

Review №32

Good place to learn tricks and it is bigger than other trampoline parks

Review №33

All the trampolines were fun and there were balls you could jump in it was super duper fun!!

Review №34

Took my boys in for my first time there. They have reasonable rates, and my kids jumped to their hearts desire for an hour. I really liked how they had different color coated wristbands and when your time was up they announced the color.

Review №35

Loved it going back today

Review №36

Great place, lots of room and a friendly environment. The representative at the counter was very helpful a and friendly. Tables were clean, music was at a tolerable level and had great sound. Overal great clean place.

Review №37

A great place to keep tweens busy for a while. Cleanest of all the trampoline parks Ive been to. Well staffed, but no one watching the exit. Otherwise all good!

Review №38

This place is awesome for teens and adults. I am not very sure about the kiddie areas. It is clean and has a pretty good package for parties.

Review №39

My kids love this place I love this

Review №40

Great place to take your kids and wear them down before bed time.

Review №41

Love this place, great service. Very spacious

Review №42

Hahahahahahaha we had so much fun. I didnt know my kids have so much energy until

Review №43

It is a great place to go have fun with friends.It is also pretty cheap and if your child is under 5 they have a kids place.

Review №44

The kids had so much fun, especially my little one she couldnt stop hopping all over the place. It looked like so much fun i wanted to join them. If you look online you can find discounts. I have a big family so I rely on discounts and promotions to not go completely broke.

Review №45

Great place for kids...and adults!! Good place to take a party as well. One hour is usually gets the kids tired for the day

Review №46

Great place for everyone, especially for the kids. They have fun, they exercise, they enjoy themselves. Staff is really friendly.

Review №47

One of the best trampoline parks if been to. I like the club jump from 9-11pm.

Review №48

Not as organized as other places I have taken my kids to and the restrooms were very dirty on the upside the trampolines were in good shape as were the foam pits.

Review №49

Very nice place to take your kids to burn off some of that energy an for the parents theres massaging chairs to relax in while Youre kids play

Review №50

Best Michael And Angel Were very polite abd cool

Review №51

Cool place. My daughter really liked it. Price is good. $15 for one hour or $25 for two. You have to buy their grip socks which are $3 a pair. Staff seems nice.

Review №52

Cool place. No drama.

Review №53

My friend had here birthday party there and it was AMAZING we could do challenges, and we could hide in different spot cuz it was huge

Review №54

Great place for kids to have fun

Review №55

They need comfortable sitting area for non jumpers.

Review №56

Kids had alot of fun

Review №57

Fun place for the kids miss amy is very nice

Review №58

I was great, dont know about you. 5 Stars man come on

Review №59

Great place. Its clean. The staff is wonderful. I highly recommend.

Review №60

The play area was great. The service was ok. Never saw any employees asking we needed anything. They just came around when it was time to tell us time was up!

Review №61

My step kids love Get Air. Especially the Dodgeball!

Review №62

First time here. My son liked it. Play area was very open and my kids lkkenit better than other place we have been to. Considering having his birthday party here.

Review №63

Kids had a great time!!

Review №64

Get Air was amazing. Very clean...Perfect for a family with big or little kids or an outing with friends. Huge well thought of floor plan; Parents can sit in one spot and see their kids from anywhere. Everyone should try the obstacle course! The customer service was amazing employees went above and beyond. The best part is that Get Air lets you wear socks from those other jump places. I highly recommend you go to Get Air!!!

Review №65

Be prepared to have your stuff stolen! My 17yr old grandson had his tennis shoes stolen while his group was there 2/2/2019. His complaint went to deaf ears and was told a sign clearly states, not responsible for lost or stolen items. While he was paying prior to using the facilities, an older customer was complaining of a stolen wallet. Cameras dont cover area where personal stuff is left. Dont think it would matter to them anyway. Their attitude was, oh well! My family has frequented this place before. No more!

Review №66

For this place at a some what hidden location have to say it’s worth the looking for and heading over. My son loves this place. I along with him enjoy the small workout jumping around.

Review №67

We took our eight year for his birthday cool place to let you kids bounce all around for an hour or more its cheaper when you go in a group

Review №68

I honestly love this place. Its fun so relaxing being able to jump so high and so freely. The only negative thing is I cant spend $15 to go everyday :( even though I wish I could go everyday. If I ever hear of a Membership Deal Id buy one almost immediately cause this place is just absolutely amazing and you can really work up a sweat with their obstacle courses they have on certain sections inside.

Review №69

The kids had fun however the party service was substandard. Anything we requested i.e. water they would advise us to go across the parking lot to the gas station.Surrounding area was unsafe very sketchy individuals outside the building.

Review №70

Cool place for kids..

Review №71

Its so fun here.

Review №72

The kids absolutely love the dodgeball area

Review №73

This place is by far the worst, the place is falling apart the staff are always on their phone, and the only thing they do is have two unemployed people with them to check wristbands it’s like they want to kick everyone out, there’s equipment that’s always broken walls are dirty and insallation is falling from the roof .

Review №74

My son went there and one adult threw the balls very very hard to his head and my son vomited when he is out of the playground. When he was crying no staff cared him.

Review №75

Great place to go with friends!

Review №76

My kids loved it just wish they had a food court. Most of the vending machines were down so that was an inconvenience.

Review №77

First time at this location for a birthday party. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Review №78

Pros: lots of space, large areas, prices goodCons: vending machines were out of refreshments, bathrooms have no changing table, food only available to large group parties

Review №79

Great place for my 3 kids to use all their energy and come home calm lol. But really it is alot of fun. I even had fun and the kids are already begging me to go back. Will be back.

Review №80

This place is so much fun! If you go in teams for the obstacles course and win your whole team gets gift cards. I highly recommend you go!

Review №81

Get Air in Pomona by far is the best trampoline place in town! Staff there is amazing, a very clean location! My girls loved it and my one year was not just assigned to one area. She had lots of room to play, crawl!!! Will definitely be going back!

Review №82

Fantastic place to get a good workout and challenge yourself with the Ninja warrior course!

Review №83

Cool place to take the LITTLE ones

Review №84

Lost a cell phone and they refused to go under the trampoline to recover it.

Review №85

It was great like always my grandson always makes new friends hes 8yrs old and its not easy to make friends at that age but he has no problem there I really thankful Pomona has somewhere safe and friendly

Review №86

,good place to keep the kids playing and jumping

Review №87

Cool place for kids to play and have fun. Over priced for a party. Really two large pizzas and two large liter sodas. For 2 hours only and pay over $300 plus additional money if you want additional space. I rather spend my money in Old Town Pasadena indulge with a large selection of restaurants to eat.

Review №88

Very fun and a good workout

Review №89

Its Good I feel like there should be mats not only down lots for the people who are trying to learn

Review №90

Nice place for kids.

Review №91

Great. Would recommend!

Review №92

All I order fit my badget. Huge place and with a big number of trampolines,is really unbelievable experince.

Review №93

The place is cool.. keeps the kids busy and lets them burn off energy.. unfortunately all the vending machines weren’t working. I kept trying to put money in them and then finally just went up to a employee and they said “ya they’re not working “ I was thinking Um how about putting a sign ?? So then I went to get ice cream which is also from a machine and that was also broken and no sign so I asked an employee and she said it was broken .. I noticed a ice cream cooler next to her but just walked away come to find out they sell them at the counter but the girl never told me she let me just walk away. There’s a girl named Jessina I think and do yourself a favor and stay away from her she has the worst attitude and is so rude! Everything bothers her every question bothers her and she’s annoyed by your very presence.

Review №94

This place is okay to take the kids to jump.

Review №95

Ive visited many trampoline parks, but this place is awesome!! Spacious with sectioned off areas for all ages to enjoy. We will definitely be returning!

Review №96

My kids had a blast and I saved money with a Groupon. Only negative, In order to buy water you have to have cash. If you have no cash on hand they have an ATM.... so my kids had to settle for a water fountain. Overall they had a great time!

Review №97

It fun really fun and clean good place nice people

Review №98

So much fun.

Review №99

Nice and clean also the staff was very helpful .

Review №100

Great place for the kids, clean environment, not to crowded, enjoyed it!

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  • Address:2735 S Towne Ave, Pomona, CA 91766, United States
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  • Phone:+1 626-225-8665
  • Amusement center
Working hours
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  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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