Plaza Stadium Cinemas 14
255 W 5th St, Oxnard, CA 93030, United States

Review №1

Hands down this is the best movie theater!! I have been here for many big blockbuster showing and it is always organized and clean. Hopefully i will be be able to see the new Batman movie here, whenever it comes out!

Review №2

I bought 2 tickets to the tenet at 7:40 and was unable to make it so I called the movies theater at 7:50 about a refund, first Shawn Blake told me there was no way I would be able to get a refund, the only way to get a refund is before the movie starts after a couple minutes of talking with Shawn he told me they can’t give me a refund over the phone, so I’m going to have to come in. Shawn Blake told me to come in tomorrow and I asked for a email and was put on hold for 5 minutes and someone else picked up the phone and told be they will be there tomorrow at 1230 and that would be a good time to come in. I don’t mind at all that I had to go in to get the refund, I’m upset because when I drove to the movie theater which is a 30 minute drive from my house, they told me unfortunately we can’t give you a refund we don’t have a record of the transaction the day before. They told me I needed to call 1800cinemark. They waisted over a hour of my time, gas and money. I would have not had a problem with calling if they told me that from the beginning, but they told me false information and made me waist my time. The next day I went to get the refund and I told 2 workers “Stephanie and Dan” that they told me to come in today for the refund, they were confused why they would tell me to come in the following day, Stephanie implied that they probably didn’t want me coming in that night because they were closing with in the hour, which is terrible customer service. Still have not received a refund on my 2 movies tickets and they waisted my TIME, MONEY, AND GAS!!!!!! I normally do not post reviews, but this was terrible customer service, if I could I would give a zero for the rating.

Review №3

Watched The Movie Onward & The Coach. #TheKing

Review №4

Cool movie theater. Cool food near by. The ticket price is cheaper than Ventura and Camarillo theaters. Also a $8 ticket was a screen that plays 4k.

Review №5

Im so happy plaza stadium 14 is reopen

Review №6

Really nice people had a great time watching Lion King with my mom my father and my brother.

Review №7

Love this theatre! Especially the manager! Shes awesome!

Review №8

The seating is old school, but its comfortable and clean. The prices are good and family Fridays you get a large, free refill popcorn, 2 drinks and a candy for $10!! Score!!

Review №9

This is a great movie theater. All the new movies play there. It is very comfortable and very clean. They have a very good choice at their concession stand. Their staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №10

I love this movie theater i’ve been going to theater for years I am remember watching King Kong Transformers 2 and 5 pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 5 The invisible Man assassins creed Godzilla Spiderman 3 and the amazing Spiderman 2 and also I did a short film and I asked for my long time friend Marco who works at the theater notice put up the film but this was years ago

Review №11

It is a very cool place and every Sundays and Tuesdays are five dollar day it saves a lot of money for a good movie.

Review №12

Always great price and good popcorn. Thats what a great movie is about Not $20plus

Review №13

I appreciate the fact that this theater lets you sit wherever you like. I dont like the theaters that make you pick out your seat in advance. This is a lovely theater.

Review №14

It has all what you can be looking for to enjoy an afternoon sitting out in the courtyard. Or take in a movie. Food, coffee shop, ice parlor. Relaxing atmosphere.

Review №15

Great Theater!!! Very good place. Clean, good seats and isnt too expensive! It offers 4-D here as well. Nice cashiers and overall nice Theater. I come here all the time and they dont disappoint

Review №16

Very nice. Clean. Polight friendly staff. Beautiful smiles. Its been a very long time since Ive been to this theatre. Ill be coming more

Review №17

The movie theater was very nice. Getting the food was very quick and easy. However the floor of the theatre was very dirty and gross. My phone fell out of my pocket and it was covered in filth by the end. We parked in the parking garage. And it smelled of piss. (Believed to be one of the homeless people near the plaza area) however the theatre can’t control that.

Review №18

Seating was perfect. No one was in the way no matter where we sat. Popcorn came with a refill and was more than I could eat. Sound was perfect. Its a good theater.

Review №19


Review №20

Its really good for $5 tuesday. They still have the old school seating.

Review №21

Some wierdo walked between me and my 4 year old then walked right behind us into the theater. He sat in front of us and creepily kept looking at us. We were the only ones there. The manager was very nice and made sure he had tickets then gave us a refund and complimentary tickets so we could go see something else at another time. They even gave us new drinks and popcorn. Very pleased with the customer service.

Review №22

It was a nice experience the workers were very nice they answered all my questions quickly and calmly they were always where they needed to be at times they seemed a little short staffed but everything was still being done properly and neatly would definitely recommend and go again and again!

Review №23

Awesome 4Dx theaters! Make you feel like youre in the movie!

Review №24

Good, small friendly and reasonably priced move theatre. Was in town for a business trip and decided to threat the family too a movie. Good staff. Everyone had a smile. If Im ever back Ill definitely return.

Review №25

Seats are pretty stiff and people like to reserve spots best to get there early for popular films

Review №26

I really enjoy this Plaza Stadium 14. The movies are good and the sound system is fantastic. Prices for the snack bar are not too expensive. I really enjoy $5.00 Tuesday and Sunday.

Review №27

I like the nachos. It is a nice place to see movies and really good seating. But man I really like the nachos, they are so good.

Review №28

Saw Alladin with great friends, happy they started the line on a $5 Sunday 4:10pm, a tiny kid kept crying during the show but overall is always great to see a movie there. There was a musical group right outside playing some of my favorite songs, the place was lively and full of soul. We had subway and cold stone, all within steps of the cinema, parking was easy and a couple of restaurants even had live shows, buffetes and celebrations, happiest place in town when I paid my bill at Subway, the attendant forgot my change, I did not realize it till ice cream time to pay, I barely made it with what had with me. I went back to Subway and the attendant was honorable and immediately returned my change from a $20.

Review №29

$5 works great when ur a family of 6

Review №30

People should know not to win a priz and put it back like jerks

Review №31

5 stars because they let their moviegoers choose where to sit. Other places dont.

Review №32

Nothing particularly impressive about the theatre, but it does its job well. Generally clean, good service. Its all around very strong

Review №33

First off, this theater is a great place to watch movies. If you go in on a Monday or Wednesday, theyre pretty much empty and you get the whole theater to yourself. The popcorn is amazing and they offer a huge variety of other foods to enjoy during the movie, my favorite is the pretzel bites. I only really have two problems with this theater. One, there are no reserved seating, its a first come first serve establishment and that kinda sucks. I dont want to come to the theater a few hours early just to stand in line, I want to show up at the assigned time and watch the movie. Secondly, the theater is located in the center of Downtown Oxnard, where constant events are taking place like the Salsa Festival for example. During the most recent Salsa Festival, I spent 30 minutes driving around to try and find a parking space! Thats crazy! All in all though, its a good place to watch a movie with your friends and/or family and forget about the world for a couple hours. Also, the staff that work there are awesome!

Review №34

So today I watched Bohemian Rhapsody with 3 other friends at the 4:45 showing and as we were walking out me and my best friend caught a glimpse of one of the employees whom was about to clean rocking out to the final credits in queen. The guy had glasses and cleaned auditorium 5 came in dancing and was totally feeling himself until we saw him he quickly closed the door after himself. Once we opened the door and started walking away he said You didnt see anything This person made this experience 100× better he deserves a raise! We loved him he was adorable I hope he sees this we tried calling the theater to praise this man but were met by an answering machine. Hope we see him another time

Review №35

Fairly decent movie theatre, there are better ones in the area but can tend to be less crowded than the others. Starbucks and Coldstone outside of the theatre.

Review №36

The workers in this cinema a too respectful and almost all of the cinema is very clean. This cinema also have a place where you could play videogames and games. This cinema also have 4k.

Review №37

Good place for groups or alone good place to go to eat n go to a movie on a Friday nite

Review №38

Love going to the movies there its a good place and its fun has a lot of good movies

Review №39

So quaint and lovely on the outside but the inside is huge! I love the updated outdoor picnic areas and benches right across from the park. The Chinese food next door was awesome!!!

Review №40

Absolutely love this place. Its right across the street from plaza Park so after the popcorn and movies you can take a walk. Parking here is limited but there is a parking structure one street away between 3rd Street and 4th Street. Free parking. Only one block away so its not much of a walk. Sundays and Tuesdays are discount days but it gets packed. We order our tickets ahead of time to make sure that we have our tickets if we go on those days. This place is clean staff is nice.

Review №41

Movie was good and not too pricey.

Review №42

Great place. Sundays is 5$

Review №43

Pretty old, small and the seat wasn’t comfy at all compared to other theater. Plus the ticket price is pretty much the same

Review №44

First time at this theater. Nice clean theater. Sound was good as well. I would definitely consider returning in the future.

Review №45

This place is great. Its in downtown Oxnard, lots of culture, lots of eateries. Great place to people watch.

Review №46

Cozy spot for cheap seats️

Review №47

I loved the movie u watch great quality and sound

Review №48

Clean and well maintain. Also friendly staff.Jasmine one of the associates took good care of me and was super friendly. Thank you.

Review №49

Its a great value for families. Service on the snack bar could be quicker but we always enjoy the close-to-home treat of seeing even 1st run movies at a discount! A great escape!

Review №50

Pretty good feels like it could use something but dont know what it is, but other than that its great

Review №51

It was pretty cool . They should consider recliner seats like edwards. It would be a perfect cozy theater

Review №52

Great place to watch a movie. Plenty of restaurants nearby.

Review №53

This is the third Christmas Ive been to see a Star Wars at this theater. Back home in the South Bay Area, Ive been to some rather crowded films on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. But each of the occasions Ive had the pleasure of attending screenings at this location, they have been pleasantly slow to moderately busy. Not so slow I felt bad for the skeleton crew, but not busy enough to have to deal with any lines. Our family group of nine had no problem finding seats in the theater, although we had no unreasonable expectations of sitting in a consecutive row of nine seats. We sat in threes in three consecutive rows right in front/back of each other, which was a welcome surprise.I have no idea what this place may or may not be like on days that arent Christmas, nor do I have any clue how popular the non-Star Wars showings tend to be here. But I have had a pleasant experience each time I have been.I have a Movie Pass membership, and can confirm that this location is include amongst the theaters the service can be used. The tendency for this place to be slower made this a perfect opportunity to use that.

Review №54

I go every Sunday and Tuesday, $5 movies plus the nachos and pretzels are too die for!!

Review №55

They need a health inspector out there I went to watch a movie today with family and as I exited the feather my nephew noticed something moving and he ran up and found a rat. It ran inside a hole through the wall how disgusting is that they probably have a infestation and don’t do anything about it. I went to let the girl at the front know and said where as she giggled about the situation.i told her she should go check because other people had noticed and didn’t do anything. I told her is there a supervisor or manager i can speak to, she said they weren’t available on weekends. Think twice if they didn’t bother to go atleast check imagine these rats are roaming at night in the equipment were they make food. In the show rooms leaving there feces. Will be contacting the corporate company

Review №56

The homeless have always been a presence in the park, but tents are being erected and left pitched all day and night. I dont like to admit it, but I was homeless for a while years back and the bicycle cops came regularly and suggested to me and others that we not lay down in the sunshine especially during the events that are held in the park. The bottom line is most dont feel safe to use the park and benches. I would raise a fit but this ignoring this public safety issue seems to be a regular occurrence... especially in Sanctuary Cities and the State of Confusion... oops I meant to say Calfornia. As long as this new policy remains, our small park becomes the Field of Dreams and they do come. The homeless are mostly American that are there NOW, but Sanctuary Cities do encourage this behavior whether you are a citizen having a multitude of problems in their lives or illegal immigrants looking for a fair and just way of living and a home.

Review №57

Good popcorn, always taste just made.

Review №58

Great family movie time. Sundays pay $5.00 all day. Popcorn wash freat and tasty!! Early shows never too crowded.

Review №59

Good price, area is a little sketchy. Service was good.

Review №60

Had a great time watching Lion King, the prices are very reasonable and its very nice and clean environment for the whole family.

Review №61

Good movies, snacks by ur self or friends and or family...

Review №62

My fave place to go watch movies! I miss working at this place one of the best job I had, my boss was super duper awesome, shes the bestest boss Ive ever had and so as my coworkers at the time!

Review №63

Its a good place for families or even just to hang with friends the staff is very nice and welcoming the prices are a little meh but theres always $5.00 day Tuesdays and Sundays :)

Review №64

Lots of parking available. You definitely want to watch your favorite action movies in 4-D Motion EFX. I highly recommend it. Just watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we had a great time. Most of the staff are pretty good and greet you with a smile. Most important of all: the theater is kept clean. Also, this is a nice place to bring your kids.

Review №65

Just like any other movie theater. Not bad but nothings is special either.

Review №66

Very nice friendly staff! Overall great experience! Very nice!

Review №67

Cool place to watch movies. Like any theater the food is a lil pricey but has a good selection of movies and food. Cool lil arcade area and the seating is nice here.

Review №68

The best place to watch a movie in Oxnard. Great staff and they are also very helpful and polite

Review №69

Starbucks they are so rude they are quick to judge and think one is going to sink down to there Leve and lose there job because they are so cliche

Review №70

Nice place to spend the time ...!!!

Review №71

It was cool but didnt look big.Or anything just a typical movie theater

Review №72

Cheap movie prices. Go in the mornings for a cheaper price on a movie ticket and no lines or crowded theaters, Also $5 tickets on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Review №73

Lovely, well appointed theater. All digital projectors. Surprisingly inexpensive

Review №74

The tickets are a little expensive, $8. However, on Tuesday they have $5 matinee tickets. As with most theaters, concessions are crazy expensive! The seats are decently comfortable. It seems like a popular place, always busy. The courtyard outside is really cool though!

Review №75

Great for families on Sunday night.

Review №76

Easy parking. Friendly staff. Clean restrooms. Snack bar is fast and well stocked. Seats are comfortable. Popcorn taste good, light and not oily.

Review №77

Who wouldnt enjoy a $5 Sunday movie with family? Great theater!

Review №78

Movie theater they way better is tijuana plaza rio vip cinepolis the best of the best great price and food to your site

Review №79

Inexpensive, clean, and good customer service.

Review №80

Very good matinee prices and small crowds during the week.

Review №81

The theater and staff are still great, but the the homelessness around the area and the public urination make getting to and from this business a lot less pleasant.

Review №82

Gotta do a better job of cleaning between showings......last time we went there was popcorn everywhere.

Review №83

Bad service! They make you wait longer in the lobby for a movie that you paid to see that is about start! The person that suppose to be at the door to check the tickets isnt there multiple times. You have to have your tickets checked by a person working in the food area. Management sucks as well!

Review №84

Nice little movie theater

Review №85

Clean and nice sized seats.

Review №86

It is a great place to go to watch a movie. Amazing food, good service, and a good place for a movie theater. Since there a a bunch of places to go after

Review №87

This couple told on us because we were laughing and thats not bad the couple were kissing and the lady didnt let us hear because she was laughing so loud. And the manager and employees were looking at us like we were criminals

Review №88

Just like any other movie theater. Not bad but nothings ng special either.

Review №89

$5 Sunday was perfect!

Review №90

Clean and good customer service

Review №91

Love Tuesday’s & Sunday’s, delicious food ️

Review №92

Great place to see a foreign movie in this area.

Review №93

5 dollar Sundays, great !

Review №94

To make this a 5 Star is would be install reclining chairs like Edwards Theater has.

Review №95

Hardworking staff and very clean theater

Review №96

Great theater, I had a great time watching The Avengers

Review №97

Always great customer service and friendly staff

Review №98

Me and my families gatherings . Good movies, shared emotions, and verities or foods

Review №99

I had fun with my freinds and girlfriend

Review №100

I used to live nearby and go to the theaters and cold stones️

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:255 W 5th St, Oxnard, CA 93030, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 805-487-8306
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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