Regal Permian Palace & IMAX
4101 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79762, United States

Review №1

Seats were very uncomfortable n drink holders were broken n taped up. But employees are nice and very friendly. And we used to get refills and they dont offer that anymore :(

Review №2

We took our son for the first time to the movies. We had tried before n we were out in 5 minutes, he gets really anxious with very loud noises. Thankfully the sound at auditorium 3 wasnt exaggerated or anything, it was just right. We watched the whole movie n our son was excited with the experience. At the end as we were exiting the building, we took a look at the tkt stubs, we wanted to keep them as souvenirs being the fact that we were glad our son actually enjoyed being there after being so afraid for so long of the noise inside a theater. We were cracking up as we read the receipt... Thats how they keep track of the tkts sold n the movie that was watched!!! But we had a laugh!!

Review №3

I love the movie even though there was a little bit of confusion there and the theater was cold and I froze

Review №4

The theater is old and very dated. The theater we were in the surround sound was not working well at all. I believe it was theater 8. IMO, this theater needs a renovation or reduced to a discount theater if there in no plan to update. There are several options to go to for a much better, newer and more modern experience especially if you want a more immersive video and audio experience.

Review №5

Fun to go to movies, just wish the prices of the food wasnt so high!

Review №6

Several out of order seats. Theatre smelled like throw up and urine. Needs a remodel. I get it, it was a Tuesday night but it was so dead and eerie inside. We were the only 2 people in the movie we watched. Couldnt help but wonder how it used to be in the good old days with the extra closed concession.

Review №7

Great place, good prices,great servers. First time Ive ever been to a movie theater where Ive been assigned seating. Otherwise a good time here

Review №8

Worst theater I’ve been to. Not only were the floors and rooms filthy and smelled funny, our movie had the longest preview and commercial portion I’ve ever experienced. The previews and commercials lasted 35 minutes after the show time listed. I will not return.

Review №9

Great place to see a movie.Could have been 5 stars, but the register locked up. Had to wait an extra 15 minutes in line. But got concessions and didnt miss any of the movie. So 4 stars.

Review №10

Recently moved here from Albuquerque and this theater is terrible. The seats weren’t bolted to the floor and they squeaked terribly and smelled funny. The theater screen was good size but it didn’t appear that the surround sound system worked. Staff was helpful and polite. It’s time to upgrade in my opinion. Will not go back to this theater.

Review №11

The worst service in any theater Ive been to, I believe the manager was on duty on this one and it seemed he is definitely the reason the entire staff was badly trained, and cannot work together, I literally missed 20 minutes of the movie I went to watch because they couldnt get the line to move quickly and I was too far I to just leave the line after having waited too long, i was losing my patience watching everyone work so slowly with no authority figure to guide them in telling them how to run the place. Lots of people left the line angry and impatient I wont be here again anytime soon!!

Review №12

Regal Cinemas is conveniently located in the mall. The venue was clean and well kept. We saw a movie in their IMAX theater and the chairs were comfortable. They were also assigned seating so if you order early enough you can have which ever seats you like. Kiosk for online tickets isnt well marked and is inside past normal ticket sales outside. There is also only one so we had to wait in line for our tickets there but it was no where close compared to the lines outside. Get to your movie early! The line for the tickets and food will make you late to your movie.

Review №13

Awesome !!! Great time with family Friendly staff Good service

Review №14

The only thing that I have to complain about is when we got our drinks, our soda was flat. We told the girl behind the counter, and she proceeded to check someone else out. Another employee offered to help us, and we asked for a different brand of soda. When we got those, it also seemed to be a little flat. Other than that, everything was good!

Review №15

Its in the mall, and is starting to show some age. Seats are still comfy Stadium style. not my Favorite But still not the worst, Just comfortable and has great sound and screen.

Review №16

It be nice if the they werent short staffed

Review №17

One of my favorite theatres. The staff is courteous and efficient. Easy to use the Regal app to buy tickets and reserve seats

Review №18

Snacks were overpriced $40 for 3 large cokes and 2 large popcorns... theater was extremely hot, and seats are mildly comfortable, however picture quality was great and sound was great.

Review №19

The movie was ok, the audience in the back were loud but got better as the movie pregressed.

Review №20

I was pleased with the service and they were prompt and i will go back to this theater

Review №21

First time Id been to the movies in years, couldnt have picked a better venue! Great seating!

Review №22

Gemini was great. This theater is out of date. The seats are super uncomfortable. I wish I had realized which theater I had bought tickets at or would have canceled. Next time Ill pay attention.

Review №23

In fairness, all movie theaters in West Texas are horrible. Manager here is not equipped to handle his job. Terrible terrible concession experience.

Review №24

Very underwhelming staff, no upsale, no smiles, like all other places in town, staff doesnt know what theyre doing half the time. Im positive their turnover rate has some hand in this. The seats in the theater do not recline, you can barely see your seat number, props for having selective seating though, takes away the pain of having to look for seats.

Review №25


Review №26

It was ok good seating I had the whole cinema to mys6

Review №27

That chad named Schmidt was lit af ask for Schmidt for a fast and friendly service

Review №28

Its really nice during the day when kids are in school. The movie theater is near impossible to enjoy in the afternoon or when kids are out of school. Go during the day if possible.

Review №29

Its a good place to go watch movies would be 5 stars but i dont like that they make me pick out my seats now.. Why cant i just buy my tickets and then go seat where i want.

Review №30

Seats were uncomfortable and the theater was slow you had zero ticket service and staff seamed lazy and incompetent i will not be returning to this theater

Review №31

The prices are a lil high for an outdated place.. but overall wasnt that bad. On the Large popcorn and large drink you get on extra free refill, on each.

Review №32

Good liked it the seets are uncomfortable but every thing else is good!

Review №33

Just went in and bought popcorn on a tuesday afternoon. So many burned pieces, it was inedible. If i hadnt already walked to the ice rink. I would have raised heck. For the price i paid it should have been the worlds best. Save your money.

Review №34

Shopping at the mall from out of town...stopped to watch a movie. Wow, never been in a theater that need so much updates! Some of the seates have caution tape across them, most have duct tape around the arm rests...way to over priced considering the the condition of the place and the seats we had to sit in!! WILL NOT BE BACK!! If we could give it a negative rating we probably would.

Review №35

We take the kids here. Nice and small.

Review №36

Don’t go to the last showing if you want to get drinks or snacks throughout the movie. Just went to get a soda 1 hour into my 3 hour movie. Website says they close at midnight it’s 11:05pm The registers are closed and now I get to sit here thirsty for the rest of the movie. They didn’t even offer me a water. I will never come back to this theater.

Review №37

Low volume movie theater during the day, even for it being inside a mall. So you dont have to worry about big crowds, super clean and relaxing.

Review №38

This place is located in Odessa Mall I Went here to see Star Wars rise of Skywalker

Review №39

I go to the movies often . We use to pay 5 dollars on tuesday night thats no longer done after 7 is regular price

Review №40

Not too crowded, great sound. I could like faster service at concessions

Review №41

Its open yeah

Review №42

Theater was clean. Popcorn was good. Seat was comfortable.

Review №43

Wayy to expensive and dirty, not to mention outdated.

Review №44

Half the seats were broke very uncomfortable seatings had screws sticking through arm rest was told by management that they had ordered new parts months ago and still havent arrived to be fixed, the sound audio was not great at all, think its time they updated this place

Review №45

Large popcorn was great along with my medium drink( large was way to big )

Review №46

Great place to watch a movie and grab a cold beer.Could be better if someone other than management could sell the beer.

Review №47

Went went to see Slenderman here the movie was horrible and it was like parts of the film was damaged because it skipped a little. Prices for food, drinks and popcorn are horrible after you pay 50 for 3 tickets.

Review №48

Decent, but it seems like every time I go something is messed up. This time it was a broken arm rest.

Review №49

Ordered my tickets 5 days before the date of showing. Showed up to find out Regal sold our tickets again. Gave us seats right in front of the screen. Then I missed half the movie due to horrible services at the snack bar. Horrible experience. Would not recommend.

Review №50

Good service, clean theater, comfortable seats.

Review №51

Went to see John Wick 2; if it wasnt for how great that movie was I wouldve gotten up and left and judging by the other reviews, probably without a refund. Ticket maker wasnt working but no big deal. The concession stand was dirty, but the theatre was far worse and a complete mess. I was in theatre 5: the seats were all covered in grime and completely dirty, and had a foul stench exhuming from them. I was literally sitting upright for much of the movie trying to avoid contact with the seat as much as possible. The staff was friendly and we had our snacks in a timely manner. All that being said if you dont mind a filthy environment this place is perfect for you. I, however, will never return to this establishment and try my luck at another, probably newer cinema.P.S. Like I said I was only in theatre 5 so who knows what the other theatres might look like but that one is enough for me to not go back.

Review №52

As of October 2018, this place needs a good cleaning. The seats are comfy but Regal needs to invest in an update and the manager needs to do a serious walk through.

Review №53

The air conditioning wasn’t working, it was hot as hell in the imax theater . Should’ve let people know before they bought tickets.

Review №54

The popcorn was awful. It had a lot of kernels. Some of it was burnt. The seat were dirty.

Review №55

Seats are a bit cramped, and one of the previews was 3D in a non 3D film which was weird. Not as clean as Id like it either including a ton of trash outside and in their parking lot.

Review №56

If I could give worse I would... There was feedback the whole time I was the worst theater experience and ruined Avengers Endgame for me. That loud buzzing noise ruined it.

Review №57

Its ok

Review №58

We always enjoy family time...Bringing our girls to enjoy a movie

Review №59

It was good it is the best place to watch a movie I hope u come and watch a movie

Review №60

The seats were uncomfortable and the price we paid....we were better off going to cinergy to get great seats.....the restrooms need better upkeeping.

Review №61

They closed the concessions within 30 minutes of the movie starting. Many of the seats were wrapped in trash bags and said out of service. The carpeted walls had been visibly slashed with a knife and left unrepaired.

Review №62

Good place, seats are kinda narrow though. I am a big dude though... good all around!

Review №63

This place was a huge let down. No lights in the enterance, trash over flowing. Very expensive $18 for adult imax, Bathrooms trashed with no paper towels. Large popcorn over $9. And took us over 20min at the Concession stand I will not be taking my family back to this theater. We dont go often and for sure will not be going back here.

Review №64

Clean and decent ticket prices compared to others.

Review №65

Went after work to catch a late showing with my girl friend. We managed to get up to the counter and get our tickets just fine. The concessions were a bit slower than what I am used to at a theater, but not unreasonably so. However, when we entered the theater, Which had the wrong movie sign over the door, there was literally no seating. Every seat was occupied by a body. We attempted to trade our tickets in for a later showing, only to be informed that was the last showing of the 2d version of the movie we wished to see. We were offered a trade to an imax or 3d showing if we were to pay the difference in price. Considering how this was a MAJOR error on the part of the theater, it seemed completely unreasonable for us to have to pay for their mistake that cost us both time and money. We did not argue the matter, but instead asked for a refund. Our tickets were refunded and we left with the bitter taste of expensive drinks and a hot dog, only to receive yet another blow in finding the carbonated beverages were too flat to drink. So in our long trip, on foot, to this theater, all we got was an 18 dollar dried out hot dog.

Review №66

Not the most luxurios movie theater but acceptable in prices and service!

Review №67

Saw the movie, The Mule with Clint Eastwood. Good drama movie. The theater had very long lines for the snacks.

Review №68

Its a nice place but I was confused when the adds were in 3d but that was all a good place to watch movies espasialy with 2 more freands every one was nice as well

Review №69

Its new and updated

Review №70

Pretty good discount night!! Two tickets for like 13.00 bucks I think!! Lots of ppl, no one on their damn phones!! It was like the movies used to be, great!!

Review №71

Staff is sometimes rude but its always usually clean

Review №72

Thursday is a very slow day at the theatre. We were the only to see Spidy. One at the concession/ticket sales & one taking tickets, he carried our drinks to our seats (we are seniors and very glad for his help.)

Review №73

I love this place! They just need to have more to do while waiting for the movie to start.

Review №74

Ok, but theyve gone to assigned seats and flimsy drink cups. Bad move

Review №75

Just went again today. The temperature was comfortable, popcorn fresh. Fast service.

Review №76

The air conditioner was broken in theater 4 which is the one I went in and at the end of the movie I was dripping with sweat I recommend going to cinergy instead

Review №77

Saw infinity wars there. Movie was great but the guy sitting next to me smelled like beans. And the arm rest was broken leaving a sharp nail exposed. Dumpy and dirty movie theater.

Review №78

Someone here is complaining about reserved seating? Ppl starving in this world but this “special” joke of a human is crying

Review №79

Comfy seats and great prices and huge theater rooms

Review №80

Chill little spot. Not too expensive

Review №81

This place is no cinergy, and maybe thats a good thing. The hustle and bustle that was here before the opening of the Odessa cinergy is no longer here. Its relatively quiet and calm. Would recommend for a quiet getaway or date.

Review №82

53 dollars for 3 people to see a movie plus 45 more on snacks is ridiculous

Review №83

Really comfy theater no mess ️

Review №84

Movie was late to start chairs were small but staff was friendly

Review №85

Not bad service food prices are like any other movie places.

Review №86

Small seatsCould not get comfortable

Review №87

Nice I inside but bathrooms need a good cleaning

Review №88

It is very average, no high expectations here. The food is good but the place is just old and some touch up will do.

Review №89

So this has Always for many many years been the worst run theater in the Basin, possibly the world?? For years the bathrooms were horrible, but they have finally fixed tthose. So now the latest idiocy is the ticket box is not open, you buy your tickets from whatever concession cashier you come to after your 20 -30 minute wait in line to get your 2000% markup popcorn and drink??? So what if we didnt vwant concessions?? Still gotta wait in line?? Total lack of management intelligence!! Total idiocy, with no regard for your customer!! From now on, because we like Regal, we will drive to Midland or go to Cynergy or Cinemark until & unless they lose their minds??

Review №90

Nice theaters super packed show was awesome

Review №91

Not much to choose from but nice clean good service

Review №92

Order ticket for were did it say in Spanish after 6 minute in to the movie.the staff helped us out.but, Im unhappy because I had good seats in the other I had to watch with head looking up.front row.i want go back.

Review №93

Well lets just say out dated to being the mall and need more food to sell and at a cheaper price.... 8.00 for a large popcorn really

Review №94

Enjoyed the movie

Review №95

Everything was great the crew that work their are awesome

Review №96

The employees are not very friendly. Popcorn tasted burnt. Seats are uncomfortable.

Review №97

Love the environment clean place to enjoy a movie very helpful people

Review №98

Nice, comfortable. Good sound.

Review №99

Honestly the smell of burned oily popcorn that permeates the walls is tough to overcome. The popcorn isn’t worth the price. 2 lines that stretch to the entry doors but there are 4 unused registers. Sticky theater floors and a general shabby appearance from being worn out. I go to alternative theaters if the movie is on elsewhere, otherwise I will skip the movie and watch it on Netflix later.

Review №100

Good movie theater

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  • Address:4101 E 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79762, United States
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  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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