Cinergy Odessa
8250 TX-191, Odessa, TX 79765, United States

Review №1

Really enjoyed time with the family watching a movie. My wife did point out that there was no more armed security on duty. I understand times are hard but taking the armed security away especially with the world the way it is was not a good move. I personally can take care of my family but there are those who cannot. Other then that we had a blast and the food was good but pricy.

Review №2

Whether you watch a movie or play the arcade games, Cinergy Odessa is a great place to come to and have loads of fun.

Review №3

I love this place. Like dinner and a movie the chairs recline and very comfortable

Review №4

No social distancing or mandatory mask use! We arrived early and expected every other bowling lane to be closed for social distancing yet it was not. My job told me I have to quarantine now that I have went here. I expected more so I asked a employee and was told they are at 75% capacity and social distancing isn’t required anymore. I noticed that this city as a whole had many people who just don’t care to help with the spread. I won’t be returning.

Review №5

Super fun tons for the kids to do and even the adults. Grab a beer and enjoy the fun! Would definitely be back next time we are in Texas

Review №6

The service is awesome, the seats are very comfortable.Definitely going back to this place again.

Review №7

I love this movie theater alot of entertainment and awesome movie theater

Review №8

I love the idea of having an large arcade in the movie theater. Being from Abilene that was awesome.

Review №9

Luxury and beautiful, The seating is best .

Review №10

Nice and clean plus its open.Thanks for keeping open

Review №11

Didn’t get cheese with my pretzel, bowling alley kept having issues (had to reset the pins each turn), took thirty minutes to receive the cheese i had ordered, lost my cell phone and called seven times with no answer. would not recommend, if i could give zero stars i would

Review №12

The only place thats a hot spot for me and the kids even me and a hot date ;-) u can switch it anytime and it actually the coolest place here in town to be honest . I come from a big city and cinergy was the best movie theater Ive ever been to, they got the extras and my favorite wine there! :-) And the staff not tired of me yet! Lol everyone is awesome.

Review №13

Very comfortable seats ️ U can also take a blanket, but not refills on popcorn :(

Review №14

Great theater with comfortable seating. Just wished the popcorn was better..

Review №15

Good place to go. Little pricey but its Odessa

Review №16

Nice, clean place to spend time with your family. Good food, reasonable prices, staff is always helpful and very polite.The only thing that bothers me, is the people going to the movies and not picking their trash once the movie is over.Its upsetting seeing how people can be such pigs! They not only leave their food trays, but food on the floor, popcorn on the chairs and the floor, napkins everywhere; it worries me what theyre teaching their kids.Sometimes I apologise to the staff on behalf of that kind of people and them having to clean up such a mess. I understand that is part of their job, but people please!!

Review №17

This was a great place to take the kids but they dont accept cash at all so take a card.

Review №18

I love Cinergy locationsTheir always cleanThe food is greatAnd there is just so much stuff to do.

Review №19

Loved the reclining seats, also you can order food and they deliver it to your seat while you’re watching the movie. They also have alcoholic beverages you can order and take into the movie. Best movie theatre I’ve ever been to. They also have cool games if you just want to go play their games.

Review №20

A fun time for all! You dont have to go just for a movie. There is lots to do. There are games, food, pool tables, bar, even a bowling alley! Event parties are welcome. Dont mind the line at the food bar, it moves fast. Bring plastic, they do not handle cash. Their website is very useful if you want to get your tickets before hand and pick your seats.

Review №21

You just cant beat the popcorn, games, and recliners! Oh and of course the alcohol!

Review №22

A little something for everyone in the family. Good food ( their fries are wondrous), bowling, a sweet selection of the latest arcade games (including VR), L A S E R TAG !!! Even puzzle rooms, an obstacle course for kids, and party rooms.This place is a cool glass of water in a barren landscape of boring movie theatres.

Review №23

Great games and friendly staff

Review №24

Good movies and its a clean place

Review №25

One stop entertainment hub in the Midland/ Odessa area. Good gaming options for kids, majority recliner seats in the movie theater. Food service is excellent in the movie hall. Great spot to visit for an evening.

Review №26

Nice decent movie place. Food not 5 star though

Review №27

Love this place has a lot of activities you can do with your family

Review №28

Good, comfortable seating in the theaters. Fun games for kids and adults. The hyper bowling is really cool. Little pricey but worth it.

Review №29

The game selection is significantly better than the Midland location. The staff assist with whatever we need every time we go there. Love it!

Review №30

We went for laser tag and food. This place is like one of the only places open late so my food expectations were low. Food was fine. Mediocre at best. Laser tag was fun. Our waitress was out of her way nice. We had a big group and she did great. I would recommend this place simply because there isn’t any other places like this around.

Review №31

I currently work at Cinergy as a food runner and you would expect any job to see boring n terrible management.. Not this job.. Best management here.. Awesome please to visit or even work here. Best food and comfortable seating..

Review №32

Had my sons birthday here. We come to Cinergy all the time. We absolutely love it here. Attentive staff, clean, so many fun things to do.

Review №33

Got my food 2 hours after I ordered it and my bowling lane wasn’t working the entire time me and my family was there. I asked them 5 times to fix it and they kept saying they will give me more time. I didn’t want more time i just wanted them to fix the problem. Terrible service

Review №34

This place is awesome! Wish we had one back in Carlsbad NM.

Review №35

Great place for kids and adults. The movie theater sound is a little loud. But over all good place to enjoy an outing.

Review №36

My favorite place to take my family! Once my husband accidentally dropped his wallet and the staff was super helpful. Always clean And the staff is so nice.

Review №37

Cinergy is in the middle of Odessa and Midland, off the highway. It is a really cool concept, not only being a movie theatre but actually having an arcade, bar, food, laser tag and bowling. I must admit it is extremely loud and extremely crowded almost everyday. However, the seating is pretty comfortable and the food is pretty good although pricey. I would recommend buying tickets in advance since most movies usually sell out.

Review №38

Love the place, but expensive. Groupon helps a lot. Love the movie theater. Dont have to get up to order food and drinks. I didnt get the right food I requested and in timely Manner they came to my seat to exchange my order.

Review №39

Visiting the area and saw this place online. Oh my goodness! What a great place for family fun! We enjoyed the Sky Walker, Laser Tag, VR, arcade games and finished the night with a group pic and a prize from the Winner’s spot. The staff was friendly and courteous. Thanks for a fun night, Cinergy! We’ll be back again!

Review №40

This place has the best theatres the seats recline the appetizers is the best. I love the arcade games they have.

Review №41

Always worth going

Review №42

Very nice movie theater, loved the security. Did not like how loud it was inside the front part. Also, did not like that they didnt accept cash.

Review №43

Good food, fun, and drinks. Friendly staff and theater seating is great. Family friendly too.

Review №44

By far the best place to see a movie in the Permian basin. The seats in the theater are extremely comfortable. Incredible place for The whole family. It’s well-maintained and clean. Staff is friendly and responsive. Great concessions and surprisingly, food quality is high. My only complaint is the prices but during this day and age all theaters are expensive. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to go bowling, play arcade games, watch a movie, or have a kids birthday party.

Review №45

A frequent spot for me and my family. Very nice and well organized clean customer service friendly the food is delicious and the prices are affordable for the entertainment gaged throughout the facility I recommend Cinergy Odessa as one of the premier theater spots here in the Permian

Review №46

Place is okay just like every other synergy in the world. However this is the same one or that mass shooting happened not too long ago. I was actually there the month before the incident which is crazy and I believe the guy got gunned down in the parking lot of this energy.

Review №47

It is beautiful and clean but expensive. I guess is fine for a once a moth date but next time i just my go to a smaller and cheaper one!

Review №48

It was my first time there and I had a great time. Good for family and friendly outings

Review №49

I like everything about going to a movie here, get there early to meet friends and grab some eats, the new recliners are SO comfortable

Review №50

Love spending time there with the kids I know that they will have a blast and sit still through the movie due to the comfortable seats especially my toddler.

Review №51

Fun and alots of games and movies and they also serve alcohol, beer. Its really cool!!!

Review №52

Tickets are higher than most but the seats are much more comfortable - - IF you can get one . We have gone 5 times and could not get a seat!Very disappointed.. other times they showed only a few seats available but when we went in there were plenty of seats that remained empty. Not sure we will go back.

Review №53

This place is nice. The epic theater is definitely worth the extra ticket price.

Review №54

Nice place, yet I did not see any retro arcade cabinets.

Review №55

Clean and spacious with great seating. Loved the recliners. Kids loved the game area out front.

Review №56

Went to watch an early movie. The theater was clean. The popcorn was good. The chairs are comfortable.

Review №57

Have been to the bar MULTIPLE times. At least 8 people working the area, 4 behind bar. Every time it has taken at least 15 min to get someone to help us, and 20 to actually get the drinks. Need better bartenders, and servers. Or tell them to pickup the pace!!!

Review №58

So nice to have cinergy in Odessa. I enjoy the food/drinks while watching movies. Bowling and other activities are also great. Very friendly staff and good service.

Review №59

Dont know whats happened lately but not one usher came in to check the showing of frozen 2. The guy in front on me recorded the whole show even after being reported to staff. 4 others were on and off their phone the whole time and there really needs to be a rule about any kind of flashing clothing items shoes especially. The concessions people were great and worked quickly to keep the lines down and the lady at the door podium was very friendly but not one other person greeted us. Which is not the cinergy way at least it wasnt maybe thats changes.

Review №60

Its a good place to go out but the bowling you get timed, and the games are very fun but you cant really get anything from the prize store, the sky walk has a little bit if things to do, the escape rooms are way to small, the things I love about this place though are the food, lazer tag, and the movies

Review №61

This is the nicest movie theater and most comfortable it.

Review №62

Tons of fun, has bowling and laser tag with a arcade and great food

Review №63

My family gets together once a week, and we always visit Cinergy in Odessa to go bowling. We have always had a decent experience until tonight. Having previously worked in the service industry, I understand Saturday nights can be hectic. However, we ordered food and still did not have it an hour later. We could not find our waitress for at least 30 minutes. Nobody seemed to know who she was or where she was. Nor did they care to help us. Finally, we found her and figured out our food was delivered to the wrong lane, so they remade it. Then, our lane had several issues with the pins, causing us to have to go to the desk and have them fix it at least 3 times. We were having a terrible experience and wasted half of the bowling time we had paid for, trying to sort out these issues. We kindly explained our situation to the girl at the desk, and she had her manager come over to talk to us. We explained our situation to the manager and asked if they could add on a little time to compensate what we had lost. The manager was very rude, did not take his job very seriously and had a smirk on his face the entire time. He then said he was going to have to ask us to leave, and called security over! Nobody was belligerently intoxicated, nobody was yelling or making a scene, nobody was threatening. The manager kicked us out for sharing our concerns with him. Being a family of 8 we spent a lot of money on food and beverages, and had to leave a lot of it on the table. My children were in the middle of eating the food that took 2 hours to be delivered to us. This was a huge shock to us, and ruined a thing we really enjoyed doing every week. If you ever have an issue here, better keep it to yourself or you will be escorted out by 3 security officers!

Review №64

Truly Alwsome and bubble bee movie was great

Review №65

The better cinema in odessa/midland area. Been about 2 years iv been going here and zero issues.

Review №66

The games were awesome..although a wait to bowl a game.

Review №67

This place has it all! Food, beer, bowling and lots of games what more is there to say? Great place to spend some time with friends or family, but never together because your family might not like your friends.

Review №68

Went to see a movie and couldnt get food at the concession area because they didnt accept cash. Also, the entire row I was sitting in couldnt recline because it didnt have power. Might as well just stick with Regal.

Review №69

Had a great time here! Went to watch Maleficent and had great food and drinks!!! Enjoyed every minute...

Review №70

Awesome place for kids and parents. Sunday Funday.

Review №71

Lots of fun things to do but costs a lot

Review №72

I have always enjoyed the seat-side food service popping up in movie theaters and this one was no exception. I was kind of surprised by the sheer size of the building when you first go in. Its very open and spacious and in a way feels kind of empty with a lot of space not utilized. I was told that this is a new location, so it might get filled over time, but most of it felt actually empty.The arcade games on both sides of the building were nice for eating up time before the show, but the actual game options were kind of low and during a big rush time I can see them not having nearly enough games available to keep people entertained.The concession was very nicely set up and big to accommodate a big group of people and the menu selection and prices were about what I was expecting to pay. One really odd thing that was actually very problematic is that they didnt accept cash at the concession which kind of blew my mind. Ive never seen a place that doesnt accept the good old American dollar. I kind of felt bad for any younger people that dont have credit cards or anything that would be unable to purchase anything.The inside of the theaters were pretty nice and the chairs felt very comfortable. The food we ordered took about 10 minutes to get to us which was nice and the food was hot. Overall the food quality I would say was above what I was expecting for a movie theater which was nice, but the portions to cost was a little small, which again being a movie theater was not surprising at all.Everything with the screens and sound were great, and the interior was very clean and free of food from the previous showings. The staff was also very nice and polite and at one point, we dropped a brand new bag of popcorn when they brought our food and they kindly just replaced it for us themselves promptly. Overall I would certainly return to see a movie here, but I would most likely avoid the arcade area and some of the more traditional foods that were small portioned.

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Review №74

Very fun. Lots of games. And neon lights for bowling. Best theaters around.

Review №75

We went there for a movie The Lion King. The recliners are so comfortable you will want to fall asleep. They also what you order food and alcohol. Its nice because they bring it right to your seat. Its a little pricey, but worth it. Its also a family-oriented place. It has tons of activities for kids to do.

Review №76

I could live there and be happy all my days.

Review №77

Awesome! Would recommend for the whole family, friends or first date. A good place to have fun! Bowling was slammed full but still the arcade is entertaining. Would be nice if they put in some air hockey tables.

Review №78

Once in a while, it’s good to watch a movie, alone.

Review №79

Great place to watch a movie. The reclining seats are awesome. And they deliver food to you at your seat. They have a bowling alley and video games which is great for a night out.

Review №80

Love this place and way to friendly and helpful the associates that work in the Odessa cinergy are awesome.

Review №81

Always a fun place to go. Its a little pricey but so is every other theater. Foods alright, big portions. Love the seats here

Review №82

We love this place my children have so much fun. Just hate that its very cold where the movies show.

Review №83

This theater is great! In addition to movie theaters, that have video games, pool and bowling. There is a decent bar as well.

Review №84

Very nice theatre. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody here, the sound and picture quality were exceptional. Very deep bass, and such a great effect for a musical movie such as this. The seats were very comfortable, plush and clean. My only complaint would be that the seat back did not recline enough for me, so I had to sit upright for my back. That of course, is not the theatres fault. The staff were friendly and welcoming, with smiles all around. No sticky floors or dirty carpet anywhere that I could see. Very fairly priced tickets, I believe I paid something around $11 for my ticket, and was able to pick my seat. I would not hesitate to insist this theatre to friends and family, and certainly anybody reading this review.

Review №85

Always enjoy our movie nights here, movies popcorn and drinks are great but the food alcohol beverages and the reclining chairs aren’t so great. The foods isn’t so good and the alcohol I like my fruity girl drinks and closest is margaritas... The chairs are alright but they only recline so much then back pain starts.

Review №86

Food is great! Those seats are so comfortable. The only complaint I have is that the sound is a bit too loud for my taste.

Review №87

Always a good time at Cinergy. Seating is very roomy and comfortable.

Review №88

Seating is EXTREMELY comfortable, reclining with moveable trays. Food is fairly priced considering the venue and its DELIVERED to you ... Adult beverages are available also... its an excellent entertainment experience

Review №89

This place is so much fun for the whole family!

Review №90

Such a great time with the family! The prize shop isnt outrageously priced. Games are extremely fun and they are almost never out of order.

Review №91

Great theater! Big roomy seats, online tickets and seat reservations and they will bring your food right to your seat!!

Review №92

The seats are amazing. Definitely go right when the open during the week. You almost have the theater to yourself.

Review №93

Comfy chairs like lazyboy to sit and relax! I also loved the freshly baked-pretzel bread with fully loaded cheese dip while watching instead of having the regular popcorn

Review №94

Very nice place, something for everyone, arcades, food, fun! The movies are clean and modern with reclining chairs and to your seat waiters. Alcohol is served in the form of beer and daiquiris.

Review №95

Come here all the time! Super comfy seats, good food (especially the old recipe for the fries) and nice staff.

Review №96

Big and spacious not anything like surrounding fun areas

Review №97

Had a great time!! Except the mini escape rooms. The employee enthusiastically told us everything to do. I couldnt wait to escape her.

Review №98

Lots of fun on games a must to go relax

Review №99

Awesome place great food as the games are off the chain awesome

Review №100

Great theatres with amazing sound quality. Really good food & fun games. Employees were really nice and accommodating.

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  • Address:8250 TX-191, Odessa, TX 79765, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 432-400-2444
  • Movie theater
  • Bowling alley
  • Laser tag center
  • Video arcade
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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