AMC West Oaks 14
9415 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL 34761, United States

Review №1

The theaters were clean and comfortable. Although attendance is greatly lower due to the pandemic, there are no letdowns to dampen the experience.

Review №2

If youre a movie buff like I am AMC has some pretty good deals lately. You can pick up a stubs membership on one of three different levels to enjoy discounts of ticket prices and refreshments at the theater. From $5 tickets on Tuesdays to saving on upgraded sizes of drinks and popcorn, and many many more deals currently await you at your local AMC Theater. Im from the local area near the West Oaks Mall and Ive been to that theater countless times as a child and young adult. I thought I knew what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the venue and the pleasent attitude of the helpful staff. The best part is the stadium seating and the reclinable seating. After getting your refreshments and getting to your seats simply press a button to electronically push the legs out and recline the back of your seat. Thank you AMC West Oaks for a great overall experience. Ill be coming back soon, you can count on that. I advise all moviegoers to grab a stubs membership and hit their local AMC as soon as possible. Enjoy a KoalaTea movie experience with AMC!

Review №3

I definitely loved this spot. Its setup is organized & clean. Well return 100%

Review №4

Neat and clean as always especially now and staff wearing mask. They arent taking cash at the concession counter which is understandable. I went to a Friday 4:30 show and there were only 3 including myself in the show I went to see.

Review №5

Do You like to watch movies?Do You like to watch 3D movies?Do You like Surroundsound movies?Then You are in the right place for You.This is a awesome place to watch movies here because they have stadium lounge chairs with cupholders to sit in, and they recline; plus they show 3D Movies with bass surround sound system to get you in excited or suspense Mode. The concession stand here is a little pricey $$. Come and enjoy the experience...If you like my review, please give a click on like button below & share my review with your friends & your family; too. Thank you.

Review №6

My first time back in a theater since Feb. and it was an amazing experience. It was my daughters 16th birthday we rented out a theater and there was some mix up with booking. Valerie made it all happen. She was so accommodating and so helpful thank you soo much. It made her day! Well definetly be back to support our local movie theater. Super clean and felt 100% safe.

Review №7

I went there today with my family and the experience was worst than awful. A group of 6-7 teenagers were coming in and out the movie, talking, screaming, throwing food over our heads, running, jumping. I went out twice to get assistance and only one AMC worker came to our movie, stayed there for less than 25 seconds and left. Yes, I got passes for another movie instead of refund but thats not it. It was a family afternoon wasted because no one did something to get them out of the movie theather. I am pretty sure those teenagerd paid only for watch one moving and kept just getting in an out from one room to other. Just awful!!!

Review №8

Love that all the theater have the recliner seats. I was really happy to go back to the movies!

Review №9

The movie was sooooooo good the theater was very clean the seats was very comfortable but the food was nasty

Review №10

Best place to go if theres a big release. Always parking and rarely a line. Area is kind of ghetto but not terrible. Would recommend

Review №11

I felt confident that they took every precaution to be clean and remain safe during my visit. I dont feel that the movie going experience has been hindered much at all.

Review №12

Clean theaters and lobby, friendly staff! The reclining seats are comfortable, but I did deduct a star because they seem very cramped in and close to each other. Id like a little more elbow room, but it has been an otherwise great experience every time Ive been! Love that AMC is playing NFL games at the location - Worth driving an hour to get here!

Review №13

Wow, what an upgrade!!!! I feared they might close this theater, but instead theyve given it a complete makeover! Every theater has reclining seats, and all seats are reserved prior to showtime. Everything feels brand new, and theyve even added a bar/lounge area. Im extremely impressed, and this is now my go to theater. Thanks AMC!

Review №14

Reclining choosen seats, snacks/drinks specials, very clean & updated, $5 Tuesdays!

Review №15

Fantastic! I love the layout & new seats!

Review №16

I enjoy the new appearance of the theater. I especially have a special attachment to this specific theater. My sisters and I all worked here! But anyways, again looks great. Unfortunately I dont think the new employees care about actual customer service. The concessions stay pretty messy which is understandable but, not every time. Ive seen several employees, management included, just walk by a messy condiments station. Tonight especially, I was a little annoyed after we watched our movie. My sister and I went to see #ItChapterTwo. During the movie my sister dropped both of her earrings on the floor. Afterwards we got on our hand and knees to find them under out seats. There was so much trash, candy, gum dust and so on. We also found a piece of what looked like an important piece of the reclining chairs. We excited our theater and saw a member of management. So we explained what I just wrote up there to her and her reply was, ...Oh, well theyll clean up this time. I gave her the pieces we found and she then replied, Yeah, those are pieces from the chairs. You may even get a broken one from time to time. It is what it is. And then she just walked off. When the customer service improves, so will my rating. Ill keep you updated!

Review №17

Really fancy AMC. Seats were nice and the popcorn was good. It is in a good location too.

Review №18

Newly renovated movie theatre with super comfortable reclining chairs, a fully stocked bar, and the self serve multichoice soda machines. The gourmet popcorn would be the only let down from our visit. Surprising the mall that this theatre is located in is almost dead, but AMC did a full renovation. Definitely would recommend this theatre to see movie, but eat elsewhere before you come to the mall because theres no where to eat dinner before or after in or close to the mall.

Review №19

I only have two issues with the theater one is in the female bathroom the water pressure is just a dribble and its a chore to obtain water to watch your hands after using the facility. I often make the comment or ask the question on whether or not AMC forgot to pay the water billWhy we can barely get water to watch ones hands.My second issue is the food, it sure would be nice to be able to order a more healthy snack like a salad or some fruits. You see I am adopting a heathly way of eating and I dont support the concession as I should. I would love to order a fruit salad, or a vegetable salad as an option, then if I am really hungry I order the chicken finger that is more breaded or floured than chicken and tiny. Thats all for now.

Review №20

It was noisy and full of kids running around the theater and smoking during the movie... not impressed...

Review №21

Very clean and concession staff great

Review №22

My family loves this theater. Everything has been updated and the seats are so comfy. Great food selection and you can select seats on your phone, pay and just scan when you get there.

Review №23

No longer a family place. Manager does not care about customer experience and safety.

Review №24

Always clean and personnel nice and helpful.

Review №25

It has been recently renovated. I love the new look, seating, lobby. Best thing to do is purchase your tickets ahead to pick your seating and make sure movie doesnt get sold out. Nice bar area as well

Review №26

We came on a Tuesday afternoon. The theater was quiet and clean. The seats were really nice. Four stars because I was getting really fed up with that special yellow line. Even though the theater was not crowded at all it took me forever to buy my tickets and order snacks because the yellow line people got to go first. Its just a way for the theater to make more money and its really annoying.

Review №27

Clean, family friendly.

Review №28

My friends and I had a great time. The chairs are electric recliners with moveable armrests. It was nice to lean on my boyfriend without having the divider part buried in my side.

Review №29

I love coming to this theater. Very quiet. On the weekends you would be surprised not very many people come here. Its a real nice facility. Movie tickets arent expensive. Food menu items there is a big variety to choose from, can be a bit pricey. Overall great place for a night out. Check it out.

Review №30

The movie theater was clean eberone was nice. We went to see Coco a great family movie.

Review №31

Its the first time for me to watch movie here, apart from talking about the price as I had free ticket and food, it located in West Oaks Mall thats mostly empty, so its plenty of parking space.They are trying to keep the theater running nicely, basically provide same kind of foods across AMC. I were there around 1or 2pm, the bar service wasnt that good, the lady gave me a black face and took her so long to take my order as theres no one in front of me. Food quality was standard, thats a plus.The floor in the theater was pretty sticky, I didnt try the bathroom, so no comment for that. The only thing I like about this place was the size of the theater, they were spacious! According to my movie time, theres no one but myself watching the movie and I LOVE their Reclining Power Seat, its so comfit and relatively clean.I hope they can improve the bar service and clean the place more regularly, as its close to my home, would love to visit more often.

Review №32

Avoid if you can. The place is under construction and theres really no organization. Its not clear when you arrive but the same concession stand is where you now buy tickets. Youll have to read a piece of paper to see movie times. I suppose using the app is what they really want.The glory of this location was the price. However gone are the days of 4 dollar matinee and 6 dollar evening shows. Now its 8 dollar matinee. Theres no flooring right now as you can see from the picture. In my opinion they should not have change the prices UNTIL they were finished remodeling. Honestly its a bit insulting considering how long it takes to get in now.Locals may continue to go I suppose but as for me, this place might as well have been demolished. I will no longer visit.

Review №33

The renovations are fantastic. Every theater has the reclining seats. Ive been to other theaters around town. I come back to this theater everytime. So much easier to park and walk to vs Disney, Universal or Pointe Orlando.

Review №34

I visit here after because its in my area and easily accessible. The prices are less than other theatres. They have remodeled the theater nicely .

Review №35

Lovely theatre seats very comfortable and spacious... only 1 out of 4 butter dispensers was operative. Some staff members need training on being more helpful, polite and friendly to customers.

Review №36

Since the remodel/renovation, this is by far the best AMC in Central Florida and the prices cant be beat!

Review №37

Love this theater, minutes away from home. The upgrades are amazing. I attended the before and loving the after.

Review №38

Nice place to sit relaxed and watch movie. They have a large selection of food too. Enjoyed it.

Review №39

Had the lights on during a scary movie. Didn’t give us a warning or heads up the movie was going to be this way. No one else is in the theatre but they still won’t turn the lights off.They do a sensory something for autistic people which is great. They did a poor job communicating that before we bought the tickets and all the snacks.

Review №40

The staff are usually disconnected from their job and always seem like they dont want to be there. The theatre upgrades are nice like reclining seats but the atmosphere needs work.

Review №41

Saw Hobbs & Shaw. Great movie. Very nice theatre. Larger guests: l suggest for your comfort, consider selecting an isle seat. They seem to be an inch or two wider... a little wider for the rear comfort. The seats recline and its on Colonial Dr in the west end of town. Theatre is inside adjoining the malls food court.

Review №42

Good prices with discounts. Comfortable seating. Good sound. Pleased.

Review №43

Great upgrade to theater. Comfortable seating with recline leather seats large enough for me and my purse. Enjoyed phase 1 of date night with my man.

Review №44

Nice place. Lots of parking space. Run down mall with shops closed. The movie theater is decent.

Review №45

Enjoyed the movie (no, actually fell asleep), but that speaks volumes to the comfort of these awesome recliners. Loved purchasing tickets online to avoid getting to the door late. As usual, overpriced popcorn and soda I know Its as american as apple pie but Im NOT doing it!! Ate before we got to the movies... a buffet. So no one was hungry. Nice experience with my 17 year old grandson but of course, one fault!!! Why is the volume turned up so high that we risk going deaf everytime we go to the theater? Absolutely ridiculous! Ive threatened to do it and now, I have no other choice... Earplugs!!!

Review №46

Very nice in there. Comfortable seats and alot of food at snack area. Never was there before but its a good place to go to see a movie.

Review №47

This place had a complete make over . I like looks cleaner and staff actually look happier. The theatres have the recliner seats now that I love and the food selection is better. They even have a bar now and you can watch TV while you wait for your movie. Its not EXCELLENT yet but its a big improvement.. this theater is close to me but I always bypassed it and went elsewhere. I think thats gonna change.

Review №48

Biggest AMC Ive been to. Rather Clean and staff is nice. Good selection of fast food restaurants.

Review №49

30 seats, assigned, comfortable, clean, bar in lobby- all great features. Too bad its in a dying mall. Somebody do something to bring back more business, activities, restaurants, art galleries, learning opportunities, like music and art studios, instrument sales, dance lessons, things that are not retailed online. I prefer indoor mall. Wintergarden Village is mostly middle class, convenient to my residence and i like it, but must park and repark to shop.

Review №50

Ive been going to this location since I was a child and its good to see that even though the mall isnt doing as well as it has before, the AMC is keeping up with improvements! Chairs that recline, a bar, and a freestyle machine are all very much so appreciated. Because of the reclining chairs there is much more walk room, which is wonderful because you dont feel like a sardine. Their food has also changed, they started adding real meals and apps to their menu like chicken tenders (or maybe nugets?), cheese sticks, and a monster pretzel if you want to share. Overall this place is great!

Review №51

Dont know what they did since last visit, but the concession line went pretty quick

Review №52

Love the renovation/updates. This was our first time there since the renovation. They did a great job with the updates. In particular, the reclining seats are awesome! Theater is clean and very well maintained, and they now have a bar in the concessions area.

Review №53

OMG, I am 6 ft 3 260lbs and I do not scare or get intimidated easily or often but I must say that I was terrified being in that mall. We arrived 20 minutes early and waited in the mall until the movie started. There were kids throwing gang signs, fighting in the bathrooms, telling and just being out of control. It saddens me because the theater was quite nice. Very unfortunate.

Review №54

Movie was excellent. Seating is wonderful and not at all cramped. Cost of food though is more than the movie. Oh well, gotta have that popcorn!

Review №55

This theater holds a special place in my heart. It is the first theater i have ever visit here in the state of Florida. They have renovated it recently but not too much has changed. Some of the upgrades are what you would expect in a newer theater like a bar in the lounge, reserved seating & Leather reclining seats.Customer service is okay but lets face it, youre not really here for the overpriced processed food. That being said food is okay. The prices are good here for movie tickets.

Review №56

No refills on popcorn. Staff not very knowledgeable.

Review №57

Good movie selection and only one of two amc theatres in Orlando. The mall is pretty sketchy though

Review №58

Love the remodel. However theater was filthy when entering before film. Trash overflowing, popcorn everywhere, and our reserved seats were sticky so we had to wipe them down before we could sit and relax.

Review №59

A consistently poor theater experience. Cant state enough how bad this place is. Consession employees are poorly staffed which makes you late for the movie. Just went to see Terminator and I was sold the wrong ticket. When I went to get the right ticket the other viewing was sold out. they did have seeds but they were all handicapped and the front row had available seats which is not a great viewing experience I dont care who you are nobody enjoys that front row unless youve had your neck permanently broken and can only view movies in that awkward position. So I basically went to AMC to purchase an overpriced soft drink and a nearly $10 bag of popcorn the small one. Which was a test in patients in and of itself. There were two lines and only two concession employees. one was busy cooking one was running the register I had to walk up to the counter to prevent anybody else from cutting in line in front of me. Something the employee wouldnt do. Its obviously employees dont care. so I had to take matters in my own hands and make sure that I didnt wait there for 25 minutes to get over price concessions. Im definitely going to make the effort to go somewhere else in the future. This place sucks.

Review №60

If your from a different state you will not like this movie theatre but for Floridians. this is one of the last amazing places that is keeping our beloved West Oaks Mall Alive. You can drive and most of the parking lot is a ghost town. the Mall itself is a ghost town, but nonetheless they recently remodernized it and it looks amazing. if you want to experience this place go right ahead :p

Review №61

All I did was call to ask if they were open today (New Years Day). An ignorant, arrogant, and snotty employee was rude and sarcastic. She paused, then proceeded to laugh at me on the phone, that they were open and went on and on how they are open 365, etc. all while laughing. I hung up. I dont think my question was a laughable one and all she needed to say was a simple yes, we are open reply. Most places are closed today and my sister and I wanted to double check. They need to stop hiring these undereducated children with no home training and hire older, more mature adults with a pinch of human decency.

Review №62

I enjoy this theater it had just been renovated and they have included a bar. I also enjoy the Theater seating that allows you to bring your feet up while youre watching your movie. Another great benefit to this theater its that its not usually too packed and people have been very courteous in keeping noises down.

Review №63

Went to the place twice. It doesnt have recliners and seats are ok. Otherwise, this place offers you the best afordable price. The working staff and guards were very good with us. The movie crowd was good too. I love bollywood movies and this is the only theatre, who offers almost each latest bollywood release. I would definitely recommend this theatre for movies. There is a small play area for the kids.

Review №64

$23.00 for a large popcorn and 2 large drinks, is excessive. No help with how to do anything when you come to the counter. They all look at you and stare and wait for you to ask for help. Taking initiative from staff would help customers. The staff needs to greet customers, make eye contact, be approachable, reliable, and be knowledgeable.Id give 2.5 stars if I could. However 3 stars are for Great sound, good seating. Easy online booking. The rest needs work.

Review №65

Loved the movie. Its worth watching

Review №66

This AMC at West Oaks Mall has been remodeled and it is very nice now. I do believe it is the only business keeping the mall open. But the AMC has very nice new reclining chairs and they have put a small bar into the corner for some adult beverages

Review №67

Amazing theatre with awesome reclining chairs!!

Review №68

Nice clean location with reserved reclining seats. Decent food items available for purchase.

Review №69

Brand new everything! The best is the sound! Join the AMC A List and enjoy 3 movies each week at your convenience!

Review №70

You can not find anything that doesnt release here. be it any English/Hollywood movie or any foreign language, its all there. Ive seen multiple Bollywood movies here. Reclining seats, comfortable and easily available. Online bookings work like a charm. definitely a GOOD FIND!

Review №71

Love how they have transformed this place to bring in more people to this area.

Review №72

The theater it self has come a long way. I love going here to late movies no pressure! It is cleaner and more organized but, but, they need better concession employees. They are SUPER SLOW, not friendly, and dont bother letting u know if there are specials or new items on the menu, unless u are like 20yrs old and then they try to talk to u forever! Please get there at least 30 to 40mins early to buy your treats. And the bar need to stay open later.

Review №73

Great theater, location gives a STRANGER THINGS vibe, but its awesome

Review №74

This AMC theater is probably my fave of the 3 AMCs in the Orlando surrounding area. Very clean, staff is pleasant & helpful and whomever designed this did a fantastic job. Very spacious stadium style seats with reclining chairs. And... They serve alcohol. Great experience.

Review №75

No choice but to go here all the way to watch Indian movies but the place is so scary in later hours. The crowd is really bad mostly young teenagers hang in large groups in the mall. I would not advise anyone to be alone at night time at this mall, although security is there but it out weighs all these kids lurking around.

Review №76

Nice atmosphereThey have a bar now! Music playing. Chairs were comfortable. I like how its changed. Paid extra to reserve seats. Convenience fee!

Review №77

Cool theatre..not crowded when we went but ok

Review №78

Great theater, with total powered reclining seat. Most of all they have great prices if you are willing to go to the early movies.

Review №79

My favorite movie theater to go to

Review №80

This theatre has now be renovated with reclining seats, the addition of a bar in the lobby, and new enhancements throughout. It is a great place to see movies, especially if you are local, due to the large amount of parking, the new clean experience, and the comfortable seats.

Review №81

Love this place. We come every Tuesday with the kids and then we have date night once a month. Staff is always friendly and help resolve issues ( I had one small one before). Food is always amazing!!!! Oh and it’s always very clean, well u till rush hour comes but they try their best!! They do an amazing job. We have a movie theatre that is closer to us but we choose to go to this one even though it is further for us because we enjoy it so much.Thanks-April

Review №82

Massive upgrades over the last few years. Not annoyed about going here anymore

Review №83

I like to go during the week because its not as crowded. Their prices are average. After watching a movie we can walk around the mall. Or grab some food from the food court.

Review №84

Very nice clean renovated theatre with cozy comfortable reclining leather seats. The only problem is that some people trash the place before they leave. Good place to watch a movie with friends and family. Thank you

Review №85

Please let me write a review with NO stars at all. This movie theater it’s convenient because it’s pretty close to my residence, but tonight it definitely the last time that I’m coming here. Besides been always, always dirty, overflowing stinky trash cans, you won’t be able to buy anything to eat if you go there for a evening movie. Kitchen closes at 7pm, but you can have leftover popcorn or some kind of nachos.Ridiculous.

Review №86

This is my favorite theater. Im an AMC Premiere Stubs member so I never have any issues with standing in long lines. I go through the Premiere members line at the entrance and scan my movie tickets from my phone. I also typically get quick service in the concession area. This theater was remodeled recently so they now have super comfortable recliner seats, which I absolutely love. Also, they offer the best pricing compared to other theaters in my area.

Review №87

Great theater, plenty of room to lounge back and enjoy the big screen.

Review №88

Scary and stay away, the company needs to close this place.

Review №89

Definitely much better than the old theater Im loving the upgrades but people in there still dont know how to act lol

Review №90

They are up to date with technology! But still the concierge is ridiculous with the prices! Should make more affordable for the kids to go.. the tickets are over $10 and then the sodas and popcorn cost as much as a full meal at Olive Garden!!!!

Review №91

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The remodel looks great. I still like your theaters in Colorado better. The lounge chairs there are bigger and they also have a tray that comes around in front of you to set your popcorn and drink on. Other than that we enjoyed the theater.

Review №92

They reconstruct the movie theater specially the seats now its very relaxing to go there watch a movie in

Review №93

Awesome theater and great bar

Review №94

Tickets are just $5.00, large location and great staff.

Review №95

Dope and clean theater with the leather(?) recline seats. Enjoyed the nachos w/salsa & cheese while watching 21 Bridges with the fam. I plan on visiting again.

Review №96

This the cheapest best place for movies me nd my girlfriend always there for new movies

Review №97

Worst theatre ever. Out with family night to enjoy movie with kids. An i have to deal with teenagers sneak in to movies that dont belong. Causing issues. Could not enjoy moving. These teenager were so disrespectful making noise and doing inappropriate things when there are children arnd i went to management also no customer service or respectful. Like they didnt even care will never come back...

Review №98

Service was good pesonnel polite qnd professional. Restroom exceptionally clean.

Review №99

It needs some updating, the screens are huge and the seats are very comfortable.

Review №100

Loved this renovated theater.... cheap and comfortable!!

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  • Address:9415 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL 34761, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 407-290-1265
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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