AMC Robinson Crossing 6
1300 N Interstate Dr, Norman, OK 73072, United States

Review №1

VERY HAPPY with their Virus protection measures! They have v word and masks and they clean seats between every showing with stay and wipe it down. They sanitize other areas every hour and office wipes and masks. Recliners could be better.

Review №2

One of the best theaters you will find in Norman. It has very comfortable leather reclines with a lot of leg room and comes with an additional feature of heated seat for your lower back area. The sound and video quality is much better than the other theater I have been to in Norman.

Review №3

Other than the flashlights being used by the people in front of us it was a good experience. Great seats for larger individuals!

Review №4

Large heated, recliners that are comfortable. Smaller intimate theater. Preselected seats. Concessions are average price for theaters. Coke machine is computerized and self serve with a large variety of choices. Small bar with adult beverages is available too. Recently renovated and improved.

Review №5

Great small theater, clean, quick, and ran well. Our family enjoys coming here

Review №6

Very excited to see the new AMC 6 Theater in Norman. Great location, great amenities, fantastic remodel, beautiful. First visit took 18 family members, 11 grandchildren and a nephew. We went to see Frozen 2.I was stunned at the condition of this awesome new venue. It was filthy from the front door to the theaters to the bathroom. I was embarrassed to take my family there. Unless the environment changes I can’t support this theater. This is such a great addition to our community, a fun date place. Have to say I was hugely disappointed and I’m hopeful that AMC can change this for the better.

Review №7

Great experience! This remodel looks great. Heated reclining seats make it a nice treat without having to drive to Moore. The Coke freestyle machine made it fun for the kids picking their drinks.Also discount Tuesday!We’ll be back.

Review №8

I had a great experience here tonight! The theatre was comfortable and clean. The staff was polite. And the movie was great! I enjoyed my first time here!

Review №9

This theatre has been terrifically updated. Its small- which, for me, is great. The reclining seats are great. Comfy and includes a seat warmer. My fav theatre now, hands down!

Review №10

A wonderful movie experience.Great seats Love the bar and concession items. Food prices reasonable for a theater. Food very high quality.

Review №11

This is a really nice theater. Food and adult beverages are a plus. The seats are amazing. Ill be going here again

Review №12

So far, other than the portion sizes of the meals, we had the bacon mac and cheese, bring really small we are liking the new Robinson crossing AMC in norman. Comfy chairs and adult beverages that seem reasonable. Just our mac and cheese dinner at almost 9 bucks was skimpy.

Review №13

Amazing theater. Website and app are well laid out and easy to use. Theater is clean and well maintained. Seats recline and are super comfortable.

Review №14

Great seats, literally! Soft, reclining, with heated lumbar. Concessions with a separate section for adult beverages. This theatre has it all!

Review №15

Probably the best theatre i have ever watched a movie in. Leather seats and decent pricing

Review №16

This might be my favorite AMC theater. It is small and very new. Seats are heated but dont recline as much as other AMC seats do. The people are nice and they have a bar so you can enjoy mixed drinks or liquor if you are of age.

Review №17

We love this place. Its always clean & not a big crowd is there so we can enjoy our shows.

Review №18

Nice, new theater! Very excited about the reclining seats, but be aware they only partially recline. They do have a heated option so thatll be nice for winter. My only issue was that the seats were noticeably dirty which is alarming for such a new place. Hopefully this will be addressed down the road once they get a better feel for their flow.

Review №19

Nice, cozy theater. Employees were friendly. Highly recommend seeing anything here! 2 thumbs up!

Review №20

The newly-remodeled theater is quite nice, and prices are better than expected for clean floors, new and comfortable seats, and high-quality screens and sound.

Review №21

The new remodel is great. Everything is clean and seats are comfortable. Im enjoying the cozy smaller theaters.

Review №22

Nice theater with comfortable seats. Purchasing tickets is a breeze. Concession prices are ridiculous of course, but not much different from other the theaters.

Review №23

The most annoying thing was that I could hear the loud music and the noise from the theater next to ours. We were watching a quiet movie and our theater kept vibrating with the noise of the loud movie next door which was very disturbing. Other than that the new theater looked great but the screening rooms are too small and the two front rows are too close to the screen which make watching the movie horrible. The front row was completely empty because there was no way you could see the screen if you sit there.

Review №24

The most comfy chairs...recline and heating. Awesome viewing experience.

Review №25

Theater is always filthy, don’t even look inside of the hand dryers in the bathroom, it is truly disgusting. Staff is consistently rude. The sound bleed from auditorium to auditorium is unbearable. I have been only going on $5 Tuesdays, but I think it’s worth paying more to be able to actually hear the movie you are watching instead of the film next door.

Review №26

Good snack options, but a little pricey. The new seats are super comfortable and roomy. My only complaint is how dirty the theater was.

Review №27

Nice new and clean theatre. I just wish it had a lobby with arcades.

Review №28

Concessions are over priced. They wanted 21 bucks for a pretzel and a drink. All coke products. The drinks were not good at all. Tasted rusty. The bathroom floor was wet. Not damp like straight up wet everywhere and the wasnt a wet floor sign up.

Review №29

I think the turned off the AC halfway through the movie. Got a little hotGreat seats. Heated and reclined for the 3d showing.

Review №30

It is very clean and seats are comfortable. Great popcorn!

Review №31

My husband and I have been excited about this theater ever since they started to remodel. We went today to see a movie, I love this place, really nice, and I can see all the hard work that it has taken to make this theater what it is now wonderful! I lOVE lOVE the reclining chairs, very comfortable, the new technology, the heated seats, a great selection of delicious food, free water, and much more. Also a special on seeing three movies a week, so this theater has a lot to offer ! You will see us again soon! So nice to have a new theater in Norman. Welcome! The only thing I would suggest is to make sure each theater is cleaned after a showing.

Review №32

Great experience, they have very comfortable reclining seats that are also heated!

Review №33

Employees could smile more and be a bit friendlier. Other than that, the theatre was clean enough and the screen and sound was as expected.

Review №34

Loved it! The seats are amazing. They out do the Warren by far! Everyone needs to check it out.

Review №35

Nice little gem of a theater, glad to see it re-open. Saw Star Wars, smaller crowd than other venues. Clean facility, friendly staff.

Review №36

Was really excited for this theatre to open. But the chairs are really uncomfortable which is surprising since so much emphasis was put on how comfortable they are. They’re the same chairs as AMC quail springs, but not the same as AMC penn square. They don’t recline all the way. They do this awkward half recline so your legs sit too low and it puts unnecessary stress on your lower back. I was tossing and turning throughout the whole movie and it was very distracting. You’d think more research would have been done by now. I remember thinking the same thing about quail springs and hoped they’d be different.

Review №37

Nice alternative to the Warren. Seats are better but the screen size and quality are not as high

Review №38

Love it ! The seats are so comfortable, there is a lot of space between them and you dont have to pay extra for heated/reclining seats (heater button is on INSIDE of seat ) . Sign up for the stubs program and you can earn points for money off etc. This will be my familys go to theater from now on! I

Review №39

Really enjoyed the theater heated seats. Perfect size & location

Review №40

Saw zombieland 2. Seats were very spacious and the over all occasion was great. The only issue was audio/video issues before movie started

Review №41

Great theater! Smaller venue but you get better seating.

Review №42

Finally a good movie theater again, moore lost theirs.

Review №43

Great experience other than the seats do not recline all the way as other Theatres do but the seats were quite comfortable. I would recommend this Theatre

Review №44

Nice and cozy. Prefer small, comfy theaters. The popcorn sucks though.

Review №45

Loved the comfortable reclining seats....icee, twizzlers were super yummy.

Review №46

Awesooooooooome place, the best up there so far, all of the aboveKeep it going and happy holidays!

Review №47

Excellent service. Need to work on wiping things down (around the drinks and butter stations) and sweeping theaters well.

Review №48

The theater itself was nice, heated, reclining chairs, acceptable food fair and so forth...There was however, a serious problem with housekeeping though...There was popcorn from the previous showing and Butter flavored oil all over the chairs and floors like there had been a food fight or something...Other patrons remarked about this as well...This theater has potential, but management needs to get on the ball and get their employees to clean!

Review №49

They dont keep the bar open if its slow. Go to the Warren instead for much better service.

Review №50

Love this theater and nice to have a high end theater in Norman again.

Review №51

Most comfortable seating with full recline and warmer!

Review №52

Bought tickets online off of the AMC website for a 6 PM showing, 7 PM rolled around and the movie STILL hadnt started. Will not be attending this theater again and will be recommending everyone unless they have 4 hours for a movie they might want to go else where.

Review №53

Nice heated seats and a bar very nice

Review №54

When the movie began I kept hearing background noise and I looked around and saw that the lobby doors were wide open I got up walked out and there were a couple of employees standing not 5ft from the open doors having a loud conversation I told them they could be heard over the movie and closed the doors, other than that little incident I was impressed .

Review №55

Very disappointed, on the website they said that Gemini man was playing so we went up there and it wasn’t. Only like two movies were available.

Review №56

The seats were comfortable..

Review №57

Great movie theater

Review №58

Awesome theater!!

Review №59

Outstanding management.

Review №60

Love having an AMC in Norman!

Review №61

Way comfy

Review №62

Seats are great!

Review №63

Great place bit expensive

Review №64

Awesome and clean

Review №65

We seen 1917

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  • Address:1300 N Interstate Dr, Norman, OK 73072, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 405-217-0531
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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