Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX
247 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States

Review №1

We watched beauty and the beast sing along here. It was awesome! The theatre is beautiful...they do a good job with a little performance before the movie started. even gave us a favor bag that with items for use during the movie (very cute). The little guy loved it.

Review №2

We thought Id be a good idea to catch a film as it was raining and to kill time between checking out and going to the airport and were glad we did.The cinema was practically in the centre of times square facing Madame Tussauds.We wanted to check out the 4DX experience but unfortunately the movie times werent convenient so we had to opt for the standard screen and we was blown away by it! Its had the most leg room Ive ever seen and Ive been to every cinema chain they have in the UK and to take it another step further every seat was an electronic leather lazy boy that fully reclined your legs up so it was as comfortable as being sat in your own living room! It also had a large cup holder in the arm rest and dinner tray sized table that swung round for you to put all your refreshments on. The screen was large and the sound was clear and the bass was there too.Highly recommend.

Review №3

I came here for the opening night showing of West is West during the 2011 Asian American Film Fest. The seats were comfy, the walls and ceiling were beautiful, and if I wasnt late, Im sure I would have gotten some popcorn from their adorable snack bar as well. I loved the two tier-ed seating, its definitely different from the typical movie theater today and the experience is really something you wont get just sitting on your couch at home, even with blu-ray and surround sound. It reminds me a lot of New York, NY, and the only potential downside is parking.

Review №4

Hey love the theatre but only and a BIG ONLY when I have to be in Times Square. These giant stadiums are great but when you have to part the seas like Moses to get to it, sorry no can do.The only reason why I visited the Regal today was my friends and I could not decide on a play to see on TKTS. So we did the next best thing we saw a movie that we agreed on

Review №5

I visited this theater in August 2019 - as European tourist - and I was very pleased about the space you are allowed as visitor. The seats are huge, very comfortable, have an own table and lower part can be lifted electrical so that you can stretch out your legs entirely, and other visitors can still pass you by. Also the height difference between the rows are that generous that a person in the row in front of you can stand up-right and your view is still not compromised.Why only four stars: it is quite expensive with $17 for a regular movie, but I would say overall it is worth it.

Review №6

Came here on a Monday evening to sit amid a crowd of cheerfully raucous adults waving glow sticks, wearing paper crowns and watching and singing along to the full-length, retouched, Disneys Beauty and the Beast!Great, old theatre, tons of excitement and energy. One girl turned around and asked me if I came willingly. Please. I bought tickets a month ago.

Review №7

Very comfortable seats with large leg room. Had good time watching movie.

Review №8

It’s one of the cleanest and welcoming theaters in New York! The staff are well trained and are attentive to every guests need and questions. The food is fresh and always on time. I will definitely come back and bring others to experience this Awesome theater!

Review №9

Really enjoyed the place. Comfy big chairs with space for food and drink and high ceilings. Funky art and design outside of each cinema. Well worth the visit.

Review №10

Enjoyable atmosphere here with comfortable reclining seats. The employee service is pretty great. Popcorns are good here. I had went to see Venom.

Review №11

Must say havent been to this theater in a while, and had great experience with my niece. Nice employees everything was clean. The concession stand was good. The food was great and warm. The theater was amazing, seats were comfortable, the floor wasnt sticky. Those lazy boy seats are great to watch movies. The also have the 4DX experience,were the seats shake according to the movie, cant to watch a movie in 4DX.

Review №12

Modern, clean theater with latest movie technology offering some movies in 4DX, most recently the Meg, and with luxurious spacious recliners in their other theaters. I have never been disappointed seeing a movie here!

Review №13

Great cinema in mid of Times Square with multi theatre roomsThey also have the coke machine with multiple soda optionsSeats were very comfortable reclining option& 2 drink holders

Review №14

Had a great experience with the family, looking forward to my next visit

Review №15

Very nice and well maintained theater. I went to see Avenger here and from the sounds to the video screen was awesome. Very nice experienced. Plus they have some movies in 4D and in IMAX which is an added bonus to me. Prices can be better tho.

Review №16

Helpful staff, great sound quality, most the seating was just AMAZING! Comfy chairs that neatly fully reclined with a swing table. Best cinema experience ever.

Review №17

Fantastic theatre. Each theatre (besides 4DX) is extremely comfortable, with soft pillowy recliner seating. All the theatres have a great sound system and pretty good screen quality. Their extra formats are really great too. RPX is something I tried for the first time recently and the screen was huge with even better sound, much better than the faux IMAX. 4DX is a little pricey but its a ton of fun, if you pick the right film its like being on a theme park attraction. Now, with Regal Unlimited its much cheaper to go to the movies definitely worth it if you see more than 1 film a month.

Review №18

We saw sonic with our 6 year old he had so much fun

Review №19

Went to see Queen and Slim. Loved the atmosphere and not too cold!!!!! Also the seats are clean, i was able to concentrate on the movie and not what maybe crawling on me in the dark like other theaters. Whenever goin to the movies this is always my first choice.

Review №20

Really comfortable recliner seats. I almost fell asleep watching Star Wars!!! Great selection of food too... Chicken nuggets were fresh and awesome.

Review №21

Reclined seats are the best! So comfortable and nice!But popcorn is constantly burnt and is not delicious at all.

Review №22

Loved my experience here. Nice to watch a movie in the heart of NYC. Great staff and great location.

Review №23

This theater is clean and has a great VIP seating area. The recliners are nice and recline to a comfortable position. The escalators were not working and with the theater being on the top floor, they should work in that bit I didnt mind the climb. Air conditioning was at a comfortable level as well. Ordered tix from online, so there was no waiting. Great pick for a movie in times square district.

Review №24

Love nyc. Been to regal here 4 times replacing the chairs about to enter the last phase. Very nice place now...Now finished the final phase all the seats have been finished and upgraded as of 11/10/17

Review №25

Loved the 4DX experience, it was action filled and we totally enjoyed it!! The concession could use a facelift, the freestyle machine was cool! Would return!

Review №26

Really good Xp. Atmos sound and big screen. Perfect seats.

Review №27

I hadnt been in this theater in ages They fixed all the seats?? Well at least #6...Awesome seats and was the same prize even better for a standard movie!!! Highly recommended.

Review №28

I absolutely LOVE the reclining leather seats in this theater. They are so clean and comfortable and the level of recline goes so steep, you can practically lay down. Be warned though, if you stay until the end of the credits, the room resets and all of the chairs abruptly shoot back into their original unreclined positions. Its jarring, but also kind of hilarious. It was also refreshing to see the theater staff immediately came in to begin cleaning the room for the next viewing.

Review №29

THERES ALWAYS SOMETHING WRONG AT EVERY REGAL CINEMA IVE EVER BEEN TO!! There’s a hole in the screen in theater 10. Directly in the middle of the screen and big enough to be distracting and pull you out of the moment. Only thing going for this place is the reclining seats... can’t wait to see what’s wrong with the next regal I visit as I’ve never been to one without some blatant issue

Review №30

Great place good movie experience seen night school the first show 12:30am seats were great extra comfortable lil pricey but great

Review №31

Big screens, comfortable Chairs $$ great location next to wax Museum on 42nd.

Review №32

Holy cow this place. Aside from the theater across from it this one is far superior. The seating, the food, the sound quality, and the staff are all deserving of 5/5 stars for me. If you cant choose between which to go, always pick this one. You, your friends, your family will all have a much better experience.

Review №33

Went to see Star Wars Return of Jedi in 4D, where the chairs move, vibrate, spritz water, smoke. What an experience. Abt 30 bucks per ticket but worth it. Update: saw Jurassic world here and a great experience, so worth the money.

Review №34


Review №35

BED BUGS!!!!!! As soon as the movie started, my left hand and arm started to be intensely itchy - I thought it’s allergic reaction to something I previously ate, although I don’t have any allergy. When I got home, there are many intense red spots one next to the other on my left hands and extremely itchy even after applied medication, which never the case with mosquito, aside from the fact is November. It turned out to be their super cozy reclining chair is infested with BED BUGS. I will never return this place again!!!

Review №36

Oh we loved the seats and ambience! So much better than AMC theatres.We just walked in randomly and decided to watch a movie. Turns out it was a really good decision.

Review №37

Going to the movies is like a Disneyland ride, you have a great experience its something youll never forget.

Review №38

Most of the crowds are at the AMC across the street, so Id recommend this one instead, especially if you are buying your tickets at the theater. Lines here are much shorter and more organized.

Review №39

No complaints. Clean bathrooms. Decent theater seating.

Review №40

Quickly becoming my favorite theatre with the more robust movie lineup, nice bar, and reclining chairs we all love.I highly recommend becoming a member, as you get free concession items from time to time for simply attending a movie. The price is well worth it.

Review №41

The best cinema Ive ever been in! Air conditioning, reclining seats, lots of food! The only thing that bothered me is the 30 minute long previews before the film actually starts..

Review №42

Horrible service and employees who think you arent that smart. Let me share my experience: Yesterday (9/04) I went to see IT: Chapter Two. I got tickets through Fandango weeks ago. I went to the movies. Nobody said anything to me even when 3 different people looked at my ticket. I went to the auditorium I was told and... surprise! IT: Chapter I was playing.I left my seat and I spoke to someone. One of the employees told me that it was MY mistake for buying tickets using Fandango. Even when the website of the company, Regal, had the movie available to buy tickets. They even had it in their signs outside and inside the theater. First time I see this since when there is a private screening. Normally theaters will not add a movie to their regular showings since people will be confused about why they cant buy tickets. Another employee actually agreed with me and contacted a manager who admitted that it was a mistake to have the movie online and mentioned in the signs since it was a private screening.Another manager offered me to stay and watch Chapter I anyway to shut up. I didnt do it because it wasnt ethic and I didnt pay for that movie. I got free 4DX tickets (even when I paid for them when I got the ones for IT: Chapter II).

Review №43

Went to go see Star Wars the rise of Skywalker. This theater was very nice to the employees were nice and clean and pretty big

Review №44

Great cinema experience as a foreigner.Seats were very comfortable.

Review №45

Awesome place just watched Stars Wars The Last Jedi Skywalker. It was awesome chairs moved aligning with the movements from the movie, scents and water mists. Its a must go to cinema experience if your in New York City

Review №46

Comfortable reclining seats and space in between the rows to get up in the film and not disrupt the people sitting between you and the aisles

Review №47

The theater itself is amazing, the seats are very comfortable, they recline all the way back and are very wide with ample space with enough Room to hold your drinks and snacks

Review №48

Hands down one of the best movie theaters. The Staff is friendly and kind and always have a Positive word to say . The theater is always clean and the Cheetos popcorn is always my go to when I go there. Im hooked to there 4D Experience theater, I make sure to bring all my friends to that Regal . Love there Regal Rewards Card and its free, which makes it a no brainers to get . Discounts and you get free Movie tickets,so It pay for itself.

Review №49

Reclining seats. Good sound. Good spot for major movie

Review №50

Comfortable seat. Great sound and amazing customer service

Review №51

Regal E-Walk was very clean and also very comfortable seating. Fast service at the concession station.

Review №52

I love this place! Its super nice, the food is good, seating is comfortable and I really recommend it! Its my favorite theater!

Review №53

My favorite movie theater! I absolutely LOVE their seats: the seats are so large and comfy that each row only has maybe 10 chairs. Seating is recliner style and you can recline back almost completely. Hands down the most comfortable seat Ive ever enjoyed in a movie theater!Regal offers RPX and 4D movie experiences (although its worth mentioning that only the former has the reclining seats), both of which are very enjoyable, especially 4D for action movies.Whenever possible THIS is the movie theater I go to.

Review №54

Really nice cinema with great 4DX experience. Lobby looks very nice and so does the first floor with the entrance to the different theaters.

Review №55

They show films in 4DX at $30.65; certain releases are available in RPX around $20+. I saw Blade Runner with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford here in 4DX (both RDX & 4DX are assigned seating). The theater is clean, courteous staff and they serve food such as pizza at the concession stand. Also theatergoers get free refills on beverages from the the self-service machines.

Review №56

Went here with my daighter. Huge cinema complex next to the Westin. Cinema complex is huge, but all is clean. Sound and screen are perfect. A bit too many commercials before the movie starts. Good tip for a rainy day!

Review №57

Loved the comfortable reclining seats, delicious pizza . At the end of the movie I was gonna take a photo of the amazing seats, but then a saw a mouse on the stairs of the movie theatre . Reported my find to the people coming to clean up. Ahh, dont think Ill be going back too soon.

Review №58

Every week with the kids we go here. We are known as regulars so that speaks for itself. In the middle of Times Square food and the great NYC!!! What else can you ask for to have a great time

Review №59

Left behind my one-month old iPhone 11 Pro at my seat. The staff found it and returned it to me when I am back a few hours later. They were super nice and refuse to take any tips.

Review №60

Possibly the worst sound Ive ever heard at a movie, it was like listening on computer speakers.

Review №61

This movie theater is AMAZING. SO CLEAN. SO AWESOME.

Review №62

Movie tickets overpriced. Food overpriced. Seating comfortable except Fandango makes u select seats but people get to sit anywhere even if u paid for it.

Review №63

Best movie theaters in a city with reclining seats That have great View Of the screen

Review №64

Saw Joker here, was a great experience. Popcorn/drink prices are a bit ridiculous.

Review №65

Had a great time with the babies and i do wish the arcade was a little more but the movie and food was on point and the staff was very very nice.

Review №66

A lot of variety in food and beverages, awesome reclining seats with tables, changing table in the restroom, elevator and escalators, you can reserve a movie way in advance.

Review №67

Best theater in the city. The reclining seats are worth the price of admission.

Review №68

I never had a problem with this place. Staff is kind. Food is good and cooked properly. The theaters, bathrooms and concession area is clean. I never stood on a long line for a long time. I suggest for people who are new to the theater( or any theater for the matter) to show up a bit early than planned to avoid lines, ticket issues and seating problems.

Review №69

Such a great location with comfy chairs and impressive movie experience. Helpful, friendly staff. Forgot how nice this theater is. Will definitely be back soon

Review №70

Electrically operated Reclining Seats are very comfortable, moveable tray with cup holder for your concession food. Enjoyed the theatre, will definitely come back, worth the admission. Also, 4DX theatre - simulation with movie playing

Review №71

4DX is like a 2 hour Disney ride! Not for those prone to motion sickness! Hang on to your popcorn and soda tight, theres no better way to experience this new Star Wars.

Review №72

Was staying at the Westin Hotel. I was able to walk to the cinema without going outside. The cinema itself had leather reclining seats. Something that doesnt exist in England. Extremely comfy, highly recommended!

Review №73

Definitely a must do, this was a great experience chairs move like you on a roller coaster ride

Review №74

I had the best cinema experience in my life so far. The screen was big and clean. The sound affects are great, I think they have 4d sounds or something like that. But the best thing was the seats, I mean wow!! You should definitely check it out.

Review №75

Auditorium 1, excellent reclining seats and sound. We saw The Muppet Movie and the presentation was as good as was to be expected for a 40 year old movie. If its a consideration for you, the auditorium has only a few rows.

Review №76

We enjoyed our movie with my boyfriend Sunday evening. Good location, warm and clean inside. Very comfy seats. Oh, almost forgot about Thank you so much for a great service guys!

Review №77

I love this theater but was very disappointed.I was watching the lion king with my daughter and a mouse was running around in the area we was in. We couldn’t concentrate in finishing the movie. So we told the guys that clean no reaction at all. They just said thanks. We told the manger and another employee all they said was sorry and what theater we was in and kept talking like nothing. Very unprofessional

Review №78

They got nice reclining chairs and we get free refills of drinks

Review №79

Great theater could have better pretzels

Review №80

Really Really Great Movie Theater One Of My Main Favorite Movie Theaters.

Review №81

Very clean movie theater. I love the multitude of options and ways one can watch movies

Review №82

CleanTakes a little time to get to the particular showing room which is located on the upper floorsStore and restaurant access from the lobby of the movie theater4D and 3D combined is definitely something you should try however is not cheap $30 plus per adultBe aware before walking to your seat configuration of the individual seats with the feet support makes is proneness for you to hit your shin badly. I have scars to prove it

Review №83

Uncrowded on Sunday in New York. What an unexpected pleasure. It was clean, too. Food and drink are fortune times two. Sneak snacks in and buy the $7 small beverage.

Review №84

Everything advertised is given. Nuff said.

Review №85

It was excellent. Reclining seats. Clean restrooms, concession wasnt too expensive. It was comfortable. Better than AMC theater across the street.

Review №86

People here are disgusting. Yelled through the whole movie and threw food everywhere. No thanks

Review №87

Ive been here multiple times with some friends good clean theater food prices are pretty fair

Review №88

They are great

Review №89

Brilliant huge recliner seats, wonderful venue!! Loved it, help make our trip that bit more special.EDIT - Thanks for the reply Regal, but our trip to the big apple was maybe a one off, we would come again if...IF we get to go to NY again, you should show UK cinemas how its done!!

Review №90

Great I always go to this movie theater if its not this theater I rather miss the movie the sound effects are just way ahead of any theater in Ny love this place and the people are very cool

Review №91

My favorite theater. A loyal regal card member and I love the reclined seating.

Review №92

Regal E-Walk 4dx & rdx times square nyc still opening

Review №93

Great location, clean, decent concession area and has a theater with movable seats to enhance the action. I like being able to reserve my reclining seat prior to the show in any of their theaters.

Review №94

Watched ‘Midway’ in 4DX (November 13, 2019 in Auditorium 2). The 4DX experience itself was great but I left near the end of the movie after seeing a bedbug crawl on the seat in front of me. Not surprised since it’s right across AMC Empire 25, which is known for bedbugs. If you’re planning to watch a movie, particularly in 4DX, I’d advise you to hold off and avoid this theater at all costs and go to the one at Union Square instead if you want to see movies in 4DX.

Review №95

The price of admission reasonable...clean theatre...pleasant experience all around

Review №96

Amazing place and its very comfortable #i love the Gemini man by mr Smith

Review №97

Great customer service. Smaller theater with comfortable seating. Restrooms nearby. Great experience all around. Hint: Get the Regal app and become a member of their Regal Crown Club and earn points toward free/upgraded concessions.

Review №98

Loved it. Coming again soon. It kind of hooks you. Family type huge area. Very chic

Review №99

One of the managers that works there, Andy, is a cool dude. I had some issues with my tickets, but he fixed it in no time. The larger auditoriums are great. Big screen, spectacular sound, comfy recliner seats. My only gripe for which I had to dock a star is the last row can be troublesome for shorter people. When you recline back, a portion of the screen can be cut off by the row in front of you. This only happens on the last row. Usually the best seats in the house are the 3 or 4 under the projector, but not this time. IF YOU ABSOLUTELY LOVE movies and want the best experience, DO NOT purchase tickets to the last row of the larger auditoriums. Its an unfortunate design flaw

Review №100

My favor place to watch movies, comfortable seats

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  • Address:247 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:No
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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