29 Lecount Pl, New Rochelle, NY 10801, United States

Review №1

I had never touched a golf club before I entered FunFuzion. That, paired with the concept of not only playing mini golf but doing so in the dark with glow in the dark attire, was such an interesting combination for me. It was dizzingly fun. So to the person who took me here for the first time, you made a good choice. FunFuzion primarily lets you do your own thing but you just have to check in with them at the beginning. I appreciate the relaxed nature of their business.

Review №2

Yesterday was my first time here. My family and I loved it. Its a very clean, big place. It has something for everyone. The workers guide you through the whole process, and are very nice. Overall a great place.variety of games in machines and otherys that you have to tackle.

Review №3

If youre looking for a good arcade, this is fun. If you want a small mini golf, this is average (but small course,) laser tag was okay and fun but SUPER STINKY like a hockey locker room, overall our visit was a disaster.First went to the food court and it was closed. Then, when it finally reopened, the girl used her BARE HAND to pick up our pizza so I politely asked for a new piece with gloves on. Instead of throwing that slice out like she shouldve, she just put it back in the case to serve to another customer!!!We tried to go on the flight simulator. Got strapped in, didnt work. They called technicians to fix it, got in again, broken. We never ended up getting to ride it. Then we went on the other simulator, sat in the dark with 3d glasses on for about 10 minutes, BROKEN!!! Got asked to get off the ride.I could go on and on about this place. Bathrooms were fairly clean (but old), employees were nice for the most part but some looked like they hated their jobs.An okay place if you want to go with your kids and if you want to do arcades, but dont try anything else or youll be disappointed.

Review №4

Its good, definitely nothing like it anywhere around. I wish the arcade had more games and the bowling was cheaper. But its really convenient and a good place to visit.

Review №5

Everyone loves it here. We got the pool tables my dad and hubby go to, while the children play bowling and the youngest go to the glow in the dark miniature golf! Not to mention the Arcade area! You can go wrong coming here!

Review №6

We had a lovely time can not wait to return

Review №7

Theres a wide variety of games, and particularly what I love are the retro arcade games that you just dont see anymore, especially at newer arcades like D&BI love the selection of claw machines too, so many different kinds of plush are in the machines! The main reason I visit is to play the claw machines, theyre the awesomest part of the arcade for me (Im addicted I guess). Also, theres a small food court area in the back of the arcade that sells pizza, fries, funnel cake and other goodies. Overall, its a fun place to visit with friends or family

Review №8

Good place for the kiddies. I did a party for my daughter here last year with the minature golf, they enjoyed it. All the kids had fun. Went again for my cousins son birthday and my 6 year old loved it, and 11 year old made a new friend, they also had fun. Theres a parking garage, that if you goto I think the 4th level, itll leave you practically in front of fun fuzion. Just walk that small walkway across. Parking isnt expensive either. Do not forget to pay though. There is no ticket printed, its computerized.

Review №9

New roc was i place ive been when I was really little (about 5 or 6) my babysitter would take me and my two friends and we would have a blast. Coming back as a 13 year old was really nostalgic for me and I have to say it still is awesome the only things I were missing was a couple of the games from then like the big area filled with claw machines by the pize desk but i do understand that times have changed and people expect new and improved games that are up to date but all in all I was not disappointed at allThe food still tasted as good as before and the mall around it is still amazing.

Review №10

Fun fusion is a great fun place to take your little ones to go and enjoy the games and activities that they have available for all. They also have bowling, mini golf, lazer tag and a couple of mini rides as well as the arcade. There is always something to do here so you will be entertained through out your whole time spent here. As well as for the bathroom conditions, I am very pleased to say that the bathrooms were clean and better then before incidents... Overall great atmosphere, safe place for kids and a fun time to experience.Happy holidays!

Review №11

$25 for 4 hours of fun. My kids enjoy it every time

Review №12

Paradise for arcade lovers. Had activities for all ages. Some areas were a bit too noisy for my toddler though. All in all we had great, affordable fun! Thinking of having her next birthday party here...

Review №13

It has been a great experience...joined my boys afterschool camp and they have had a blast...concerning the video arcade games, a little outdated and many werent working....but the ones that were the kids enjoyed

Review №14

Ehh. It was fun for a day, but I probably wouldn’t take my kids back. Only found a couple of games that were enjoyable & the food court was not open so we couldn’t even get the food option that comes with the silver and gold packages. Not worth the money.PS. The employees there look miserable. You don’t have to talk, but at least smile and acknowledge the kids!

Review №15

Had a good time at the FunFuzion facility. I played mini golf here and it was lost of fun. It’s only $10 for 18 simple mini golf courses. If you want to come at a time that it’s pretty much empty then you should come one hour before closing time on a weekday. When I went here on a Thursday night it was empty. No one was playing golf but instead were playing bowling and arcade games next door. Enjoy!

Review №16

Although this is a nice place to spend time with your friends and family, the bowling alley seems to lack good customer service. While my family and I were bowling, my sister seemed to have spilled a drink accidentally. I asked two employee members for assistance and they said that they would be there in a minute. However, we waited for 30 minutes and they did not come by to help. This is not acceptable, they were just standing around, talking and minding their own business like if they didn’t have a job. They should have better customer service. (Picture was posted in images/ overview of the place)

Review №17

My kids had so much fun. Its a great place just if they had better food options. Also you can watch Monroe college basketball from the windows. Its a pretty big place and you are better off buying the package deal instead of just getting credits on a card. Credits run out pretty fast.

Review №18

Its a really fun place,good for families,parties,and ETC.

Review №19

This place is awesome Ive been bringing my family here years. There is so much to do. The arcades go from my childhood days to my childs current years. If you have not been here you are missing out. Once you come you will be back. New Roc ROCKS!!!

Review №20

A great place to hang out with your kids you may not be that good at it but the most important thing is you get to spend time with your kids and you all enjoyed. Will be back soon for more quality time with my kids!

Review №21

This place so fun I love it, anybody should come here is good for all ages. And they also have birthday packages for you to celebrate your kids birthday. And if you don’t want go inside fun fuzion they have bowling and other stuff is like a mini mall of fun. Trust me this is Friday, Saturday, Sunday family time place come and visit this arcade full of games.

Review №22

Nice place for all ages kids

Review №23

Its a replica of every other arcade for children already established. The games are broken and out of order. You swipe your cars and it takes your credits but the game doesnt start. The only good thing I will say is the prizes when you turn in your tickets is awesome

Review №24

Epic security officers are so helpful, i losted my phone and they returned it. Although at times they get ghetto but its a great place for kids to lose their mind. Literally.

Review №25

The prices are reasonable for a wide variety of games. Lots of opportunities top win prizes and toys.

Review №26

Me and my friend went and took my son had a blast kool place for kids good amount of games and even mini golf so kool

Review №27

Cool place for the kids..we had alot of fun. Nice even for a date night.

Review №28

A fun place to spend a couple of hours. Lots to do. My son loves this place!

Review №29

Came here with the family and it was indeed fun for everyone. Our group ran the gamut in generations: boomer, gen-x, Millennials and gen z and we all had a good time. They have the digital games youd expect like 360 VR, and other arcade games. The oldies but goodies like air hockey and skeeball. But they also have rides. Heres a tip: if you go to the movies downstairs before make sure you tell them because they will give you a sticker that is good for some play.

Review №30

Great place for the kids and alot of new virtual reality experiences. Good mixture of old and new in there

Review №31

Had great time with family.Awesome place, bit busy.

Review №32

Had such a lovely time here with my family. Will return. They had a couple of great deals on tickets. You can play and eat. It was great! Lots of games and fun for everyone.

Review №33

Half of the games were not working, and many were not labeled that they weren’t working so I spent token on my card on a defected game. Choices of prizes aren’t too much. Games need some update! Rather go to Dave and Busters

Review №34

Familiar Place to go

Review №35

This place is awesome Ive been bringing my family here years. There is so much to do. The arcades go from my childhood days to my childs current years. If you have not been here you are missing out. Once you come you will be back. New Roc ROCKS!!!

Review №36

First time visitors and we had a great time. We werent able to stay as long as we had initially planned, but Ive already promised my son we will return.

Review №37

Great place to relive your arcade dreams if you live around Monroe College and the Bronx. Theres pool, bowling, and mini golf available as well in the complex with a gym pit on the main floor.

Review №38

Its so much fun for the whole family. They have a variety of arcade games. Lazer tag. Bowling miniature golf and lots of other things to do. There are plenty of places to eat around.

Review №39

Too pricey. Rides close down too early and we werent notified what time they closed when purchasing our silver package. Overall we had fun so thats why I gave 3 stars. Laser tag was fun!

Review №40

Always lots of fun at this location.....FunFuzion is right next door - full of games, prizes and good times too.

Review №41

My husband and the kids had a blast and I nearly died trying to play dance dance revolution thinking I was still young. Plenty variety for us old folk and for the kids

Review №42

This review is actually for Jump Zone. It was super over crowded and had to wait on line just to do the regular jumping. Kids running wild with no supervision from parents. Never again on a Saturday.

Review №43

Matthew had a blast for his birthday! Definitely plan another trip.

Review №44

It was nothing but fun, lots of fun, people, families, the whole place was wonderful, if families have a chance to visit with the kids do so, theres something for everybody there to have fun and enjoy their time at FunFusion...

Review №45

It was very fun, at the time it wasnt extremely packed got to play allot of games. It wasnt very expensive as I thought it would be, would go back.

Review №46

Love this place The Children had so much fun..Great place for Birthday party

Review №47

This place is GREAT for the kids or even Family fun time. Im not sure if all locations are the same but this particular location has a variety of things to offer like Miniature Golf, Pin Pong tables, Rack n Cue(Billiards), Lazer Tag, bowling, and a HUGE arcade room with kids rides that carry a big selection of video games and pinball machines for both kids and adults. Arcades are opperated with credit cards in which you can keep and refill whenever youd like. Some games give out prize tickets which you are able to redeem into items over at the prize shop. Prices are fair at this place, and things can be done individually or in combo packages depending on what your up for. There are food and snack bars here and there inside, plenty of restrooms, plenty of parking, and a customer services desk at the front. Overall our experience at this place was great, my kid loves it here and I would come back or recommend it. Thank you.P.S. Play the claw games.... your sure to win a prize almost everytime. :-)

Review №48

Been here since I was 5 years old back in 2000 (When it was known as FunHouse I believe), Still a great place to go for some good fun. Probably one of the fewer arcades that still have some of my favorite old school games although it seems theyre starting to switch out in favor of the newer redemption games like the ones in a typical D&B. Sadly they removed the fighting game corner that used to be in the back by the lazer tag which kinda bummed me out along with some other retro classics, but I understand games get old and they become harder to repair / replace once they reach their time. Still a great place to go for the kids and hangout if you have the time.

Review №49

BinnsVMA Super Summer Camp visited FunFuzion this summer and had a BLAST! Super friendly and accommodating staff, we did bowling, laser tag, and the kids all got to explore and play games! The lunch provided was chicken fingers and fries, the kids all approved!!! We had a great time and look forward to visiting again!

Review №50

Facts that laser tag was fun and even the arcade

Review №51

A good selection of arcade games... Assuming yours is working. They usually have them fixed if they are down, but they dont really fix minor issues.

Review №52

This place is a relic of the late 90s & so are most of the games. The few popular ones are usually out of order. If your kid obsesses over plush characters, be warned: claw machines. Food is meh & overpriced as is the experience. Upgrade is badly needed.

Review №53

Was fun. Lots to do

Review №54

Great atmosphere went on a Saturday morning and was able to really enjoy our time without it being overcrowded. The glow in the dark bowling was really fun and the hour seemed to last pretty long will definitely be going again in the future.

Review №55

Best place to go if youre looking for arcade games and fun. They have vr games and two or three rides. Your kids will love it.

Review №56

It was devastating traveling with a group of family to Funfuzion, and yet most of the games were OUT OF SERVICE. My family and I have tried to ask for a refund, but unfortunately, they refused to reimburse us, which was a shame because the only game we enjoyed was Lazer Tag and the majority wasnt even working. Half of the staff had an attitude. But there is ONE STAFF that tired to argue and fight on my way out for no reason. On top of that, the pizza was disgusting. The elementary school makes way better pizza then theirs. I definitely dont recommend anyone to go to Funfuzion. Even for a better deal. JUST PLEASE DONT GO ..... YOU WILL REGRET. DAVE AND BUSTERS WILL TREAT YOU WAY BETTER WITH RESPECT.

Review №57

Just say majority of the games I tried to play were either out of Service or not working & Having to go to the guest service desk to reimbursed. It came to a point where I just gave up trying to play. Only thing I enjoyed was the Lazer Tag & Bowling thanks to my Family.

Review №58

Had a blast!!! Great vibes with the right people

Review №59

Its very well suited place for family. I think this place would have more of a success if they change things a bit. Cant believe to play a session of a game there ranges from $2.00- $4.50. I remember when playing was 25. Cents per play.

Review №60

Awesome place to spend time with the family. But it does get crowded so look out for your kids. Food is simple and sitting is limited.

Review №61

Family center for all ages. You will find your fun fusion. Lol.

Review №62

Great arcade place, but to many pixely games

Review №63

My kids love this places they have mad fun

Review №64

This is a real cool aracade to take the kids or even if ur an adult just wanting some fun... they have grown up as well as kids games. My favorite is the virtual Reality games...

Review №65

Its a very fun place but a bit dirty

Review №66

Some of the games are rather dated (avoid the air hockey tables) but It played to my favor they had multiple versions of Dance Dance Revolution and I was able to connect with my inner teenager that use to spend 10 plus dollars a week perfecting the game. They had modern games that seemed cool. All in all I would go again

Review №67

Great games could be cheaper but its still a good place to kick back with friends and family

Review №68

Been here 3 times with my bf (both in our late twenties) and its pretty fun. The prizes are a bit lacking in quality. The laser tag is decent, but Ive definitely been to better. The place is really clean, though, and it has a lot to offer.

Review №69

I love it here it’s a great place to go there’s so much to do

Review №70

I like this place a lot. Theres lots to do, arcade, mini golf, bowling, pool. But there is always an issue with the games in the arcade. In at least 5 games, it took my credits but the game didnt work.

Review №71

Fun for the kiddos. Some machines dont work so maintenance is a must but otherwise its fun.

Review №72

Had fun with the mini golf and small arcade. Prices are fair for what you get. Definitively will be going back.

Review №73

Fun time for the kids and family if youre debating between this or chuckie cheese do yourself a favor. FunFuzion.

Review №74

Lots of new games for all ages.

Review №75

This a nice place to bring your family and friends together to play some of the arcade or bowling, mini golf also watch movie on the Regal theater. The place have garage that you can pay small amount to park your vehicle.

Review №76

Went to the game room, for my little sisters 15th bday, she wanted to do lazer tag which her & the kids loved. On the hand the games go by points which are high in value, I would rather go to dave & busters. We also went bowling which the kids loved it cost $17 per person per game before 2pm, Im not a big bowler so I guess that was reasonable.

Review №77

Loved the arcade area, but the bowling alley staff was very rude, immature and unprofessional. We all wanted a couple of drinks but were told they could not serve any alcohol because “there was no bartender on site”. She was able to serve us beer and wine but did so with an awful attitude and kept rolling her eyes. The other girl working the cashier also gave myself and my friends attitude because we needed to switch shoes since we were unaware that they all ran big. Overall the place has potential but the staff needs better customer service training.

Review №78

Extremely expensive and the packages make no sense. They need better unlimited play options.

Review №79

Great family place full of fun and exciting things to do with the kids. Everything in one convenient location

Review №80

This place was awesome great place to have parties and bring your kids. I was here for my nephews birthday party. Im a big kid a d I love to come and play the games with the kids. The atmosphere is great to food is good. Both adults and kids have a great time. The staff is very attentive and it can get crowded really fast in the evening. My suggestion would be to xo.e early to beat the crowd. Its like Dave n busters but more for kids. I will be back

Review №81

I love it

Review №82

Ive always lived this place...saturdays are busy they had waiting list with an hour to two hour wait but with my luck I was called within 20min. Bowling Alley definitely has good music.The pool area could be kept a bit more clean.

Review №83

SUPER FUN PLACE FOR KIDS AND ADULTS. I enjoy coming with my family on Sundays night I know is the busiest, but the kids love interacting with other kids around their age.

Review №84

Been going here for years, Best of the best

Review №85

Make sure you ask about packages or you will spend a small fortune. We went right to bowling and were not told about packages until we got to the arcade. Fortunately Charles was good enough to make up for it. The place definitely needs an upgrade. Staff were not helpful and were not friendly. Laser tag was great. Miniature golf was good: its a small area but challenging and glow in the dark which makes it fun. Bowling was great. Arcade needs updated games but was entertaining. We only ate churros which were yum. All in all we had a fun day...2 adults and 13 year old boys.

Review №86

My family and I enjoyed ourselves. The only drawback was people letting their kids run around especially in the bowling area. I almost dropped my food. Staff was pleasant.

Review №87

Provides fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart.

Review №88

A cool spot for kids of all ages. My son and nephew loved it!

Review №89

Lot more structured from when i was growing up took my son there and he loved it

Review №90

They have great fun packages that include, mini gold, bowling, and play at the arcade. Its pretty good to bring your kids and have a fun day or bring a date where it may be difficult to do multiple activities. Fun place.

Review №91

I had so much fun

Review №92

Go for Wacky Wednesdays or any of their other seasonal specials. $35 for 4 hours of unlimited games, unlimited free pizza and soda (from 6:30 - 8 pm), 2 games of laser tag (usually $17 on its own), 1 game of bowling and 1 game of mini golf definitely cantbe beat. Go to the back of the arcade if youre looking for the fighting games lol - youre welcome.

Review №93

Loved it, great for family but was very crowded.

Review №94

Great games. Lotsa fun. Definitely going bakk again and again

Review №95

I had a great time with my wife and kids. We are and played games all day! I want to strongly recommend the supervisor Maurice for his extremely polite customer service. His smile and professionalism made a huge impact on my day! He helped us when the other employee gave us attitude :)

Review №96

Expensive, the packages are priced and they dont explain it well. Its a cool place to take your kids or teenagers, fun for all. They had a blast..

Review №97

Don’t expect to win tickets to get any prizes majority of the games don’t honor the ticket system. Games are beating broken down, ( missing buttons, or pieces of the game are stuck ) .open outlets on the floor ( little kids foot can get get caught in, machine with exposed wires . And that’s just from what i could see . It’s fun but disappointing . Bowling/ laser tag was fun )

Review №98

Most of the games didnt work but it was fun

Review №99

Attended a kids party at this place. The hosts were not really engaging. The kids decided to entertain themselves by running around. The music the hosts played was more for TEENS and that should be considered when hosting a 10 year old party. It was listening to Hot 97. We had to ask 3 staff members directions before finally get the correct information of where the party was being held. A few of the games/rides were out of order. The lines for food were ridiculously long. On the plus side, their laser tag game was pretty cool. Overall it’s a decent place to kill time before or after the movies. This place is One step above Chuck E. Cheese due to that there are more options for the slightly older pre-teens and teens.

Review №100

The staff is unfriendly and the arcade is nothing special. I love the drop tower there. I would come back here just to ride that drop tower again.

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  • Catering food and drink supplier
  • Laser tag center
  • Miniature golf course
  • Pool hall
  • Bowling alley
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
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