Colette New Orleans
822 Gravier St, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States

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Been going to Colette for years ow. This is a really fun and sexy atmosphere. Clean, professionally run and fun!! The people are delightful and the club is always jumping with excitement and sexy vibes. A great place to play and just hang. We go back every time we visit New Orleans!! A+

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It was not my first time to visit, but it was my boyfriends first experience. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely. Everything from the downstairs to the more private rooms upstairs was great and our bartender, Shay (hope I spelled that right) was awesome, we will be back tonight.

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Were there yesterday’s night (Friday). Me and my wife visiting from Miami. Great place! Safe, clean, layout is great too. But the most important-club’s patrons! People were great! Had very good time and experience.

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My fiancé and I had a great experience here! We are an Adventurous couple that loves being in love and seeing others in love. We vowed to go to every Colette and we have one more to experience and can’t wait. The NOLA vibe is definitely a plus and the place has a special feel to it. When we go back to NOLA, we will be coming here again.

Review №5

We started going to Colette New Orleans a little over a year ago. It was our first time ever going to anything lifestyle related but from our first time we felt at home. We never liked going to bars or clubs but going to a place like this is different. It doesnt have the same issues that a club on Bourbon or anywhere else for that matter has. It all boils down to the people, and the staff. Out of the countless times we have attended we have always felt safe, and welcomed. The staff is amazing and the other members are respectful and mindful of boundaries. Over the last year we have journeyed to hotel takeovers, other clubs, conventions,private clubs and many other events but we still come back every chance we get to one of our favorite places around.If you are thinking of dipping your toes into the lifestyle pond to see if it is for you I would definitely recommend going. Try a Saturday for your first time since single guys may be a bit much for a first timer.Even if you dont ever plan on being with other couples you can gain alot and spice things up by attending a ls club. We have been amazed at how much closer we have become through this journey.As you go on your journey just remember communication and honesty are key. You will find yourselves opening up more than you thought was possible and as you open up you will find yourselves growing closer than ever before. I would also recommend watching a few of John and Jackies videos, they can be very helpful. (Openlove101)Dont be nervous (although we definitely were too that first time). Just relax, trust in each other and try it out. If you do you will thank us later for it.

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Had a great time here. It was our first time going out to this kind of club and we were nervous at first but the staff and people were awesome! We thought it would be nothing but models or older people but this club has a mix of every age, race, body type etc. Music was good and we met another couple and had a great time we cannot wait to go back.

Review №7

I cant say enough good things about this place. Weve been to multiple lifestyle clubs including the Austin location and Nola was the best one yet. Staff was amazing, friendly and attentive. Everything was clean the whole night. The crowd was mixed, classy and attractive which was surprising because we tend to be on the young end at these clubs. Weve been let down by other clubs so this really was a shock. Truly was the highlight of our whole trip!

Review №8

Weve been swinging for years. Together and solo. We had never been near a private club with time to visit till Jan 2020. While in New Orleans we knew a night at Colette was a must. WOW! What a night is was. Its really an up scale LS club. Super CLEAN! The staff was great. We showed up about 10 on Friday night. Enjoyed the tour. The website and pics are very helpful. We have been to LS events in homes and hotels, none of them come close to Colette. Its setup very well for most anything you may want to do. The value offered is very high for the door fee.Note to the guests.SINGLE MEN, Dont be that single guy in the club. Creeping around all night is not going to help. Be cool, laid back if she or they want to party they will come to you most of the time. If you cant get a women in a normal club your odds are going down at the LS clubs.Couples have a game plan understanding YOU ARE going to a SWINGERS Club! We were amazed the number of people that just didnt seem to know what they were doing or even why they were there. If youre just there to watch, please let others know that up front. If youre just there to be watched, then tell others that up front and then be in parts of the club where others can watch you. If you want to swap, then stop talking and start doing. Weve all had that first time. Once you do it the next will be even better.We had a fun, being watched, then couple swapped followed by a great single man that made her/our night.Itd be great if the wrist bands gave each other a clue about what were looking for that night. Well be visiting the other Colette clubs sooner than later and will always make sure to visit when in New Orleans again.

Review №9

The staff was friendly upon check-in. I arrived later in the evening so I really didn’t get to experience much. I did not like the smell on the second floor. Not sure if I would go back.

Review №10

Visited on a Wednesday night from out of town. I dont know if it was because of the day but it was dead inside....maybe 4 other couples. The staff were really friendly and attentive. If I visit New Orleans again, I would come back just on a different day.

Review №11

This is home away from home for all lifestylers

Review №12

Ive been going there since 2007. I took my boyfriend two weeks ago and we had a great time. We dont swing but we like being in the environment. Its clean and everyone was very respectful.

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Ive been here twice now. Both times this place was busy and both times there were a lot of fun sexy couples. I wasa very impressed by how attractive the people there were. Everyone was respectful and nice. I cant wait for my next time! If you are just curios this is a perfect club to visit. You can hangout down starirs all night just like any other club. Dance and chat with no pressure. You never even need to go upstairs if you dont feel comfortable. However at some point the downstairs party dies down because people are working their way upstairs. If you do chose to go upstairs people are still very respectful and never pushy or inappropriate.

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We went on a Saturday night while visiting in NOLA. We were really impressed, from the door to the bar the music was good the people were really nice. Would definitely go back again. I like how this place actually enforces the dress code, they dont let simgle men in on Saturdays. The place is very clean. The only thing is they need a smoking area inside.

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Went a few weeks back, the weather was cold but the inside action was HOT. Just enough people to keep things exciting and fresh, went with a couple of friends and for one first timer, he cant wait to go back. Clean comfortable environment, appreciate the music and staff.

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Great atmosphere and attractive, fun crowd. Lots of fun to be had if this is your kind of place. Do your research and make sure this is your cup of tea...and if so, jump right in and make yourself comfortable.

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The actual club was perfect, very comfortable, the problem is all the single guys hanging around. They are just looking for a show. The other couples was a nice time. But it just feels creepy with alot of single men just looking to get them selfs off. We have never been to a club that let single guys in. I think this place would be the best club around if it was not for that. bartender was so helpful and nice. Staff was great.

Review №18

Great place to meet new friends

Review №19

Wife and I loved this place. 2 nights in a row! Can hardly wait to go again. Worth the drive from out of state.

Review №20

I couldnt tell you what the place is like because I was not allowed in because I wore the wrong kind of tennis shoes! I was the only Asian male in line and my wife, who is Caucasian and was also wearing tennis shoes, was let in. When I started to enter I was prohibited from entering because of my brand new tennis shoes! When I stepped aside, other men, mainly caucasian, wearing tennis shoes were allowed in. My friends saw what was going on and had to get my wife to advise her what had just happened. When she came back, she too observed that others were being let in even though they were wearing tennis shoes. When she protested, a manager came out and pulled us aside to tell us that they had a policy of no tennis shoes were allowed in the establishment. When we pointed out that others who were wearing tennis shoes were allowed in, he said only certain types of tennis shoes were allowed in. Seeing how everyone else was a certain type and i wasnt that type, it was pretty obvious what he meant. So as far as we and my friends are concerned, beware; if you arent a certain type, they wont be letting you in!

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Awsome venue. first class, one of a kind. I recommend you visist

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Amazing, clean, and respectful

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Went with the wife for the Mardi gras masquerade. The club was very clean and the atmosphere was great. We had an awesome experience

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Always enjoy myself at this spot!!!

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Wifey and had a great time. Great staff. Great show.

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Great experience, comfortable atmosphere, relaxed environment...

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Spacious club with attractive people, decent music, and friendly staff.

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Awesome atmosphere, very clean, and everyone we encountered was friendly. I recommend to anyone who is willing to try an out of the box experience.

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Was a great experience! Nice knowledgeable staff!

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We were in the area and curious about this type of place, very nervous going in, but it was a super relaxed atmosphere, no pressure, no creeps, the music was great, we brought our own bottle of wine and walked around and danced on the dance floor and we really enjoyed our experience!

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Very nice club. Clean and decent size.

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Best place to visit in NOLA. Great staff and atmosphere!

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Its a blast going there. We love it!

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Awesome!! Once In A Lifetime Experience!!! Friendly Staff!! Clean Club!! Polite Respectful Guest!!! 2 Thumbs!!

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Hahahahauahahah $140 cover hahahahahahahahah

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Very fun & relaxing atmosphere.

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Lots of fun !

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Great Club ! ! !

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Great atomosphere

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No single guys.. ?

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Friendly and casual, eye candy

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  • Address:822 Gravier St, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 504-588-1517
  • Night club
Working hours
  • Monday:9pm–2am
  • Tuesday:9pm–4am
  • Wednesday:9pm–4am
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:9pm–2am
Service options
  • Dine-in:No
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Upmarket:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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