Bruin Theater
2500 Neuse Blvd, New Bern, NC 28560, United States

Review №1

Love love love the new theater!! The recliners are amazing and takes enjoying a movie to a whole different level. New concession is nice also. Avengers End Game was great and was my first time in newly renovated theater. The Ironman car was also in the parking lot for display. Just over $30k & you can call it yours

Review №2

Love the remodeling that was done. Very comfortable recliner seating. Ive never been a fan of reserved seating but with some advanced planning you can still get seats for opening day. Popcorn is much better than the big theater options. Its about time New Bern got a decent theater.

Review №3

We love the reclining seats! The theatre and bathrooms are always clean. The price is a bit higher than Bear Town but not that much. Theres more space and leg room to stretch out which my husband likes. The only con is wish they had a better variety of genres each week to break up the monotony.

Review №4

Went yesterday for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised with this theater. The seats were very comfortable with plenty of space. Their online ticket purchasing and seat selection was easy to use and very convenient. I would suggest to go early due to the parking availability near the front door. Their movie ticket prices were reasonable. Would visit again in the future.

Review №5

Amazing sound and quality. Theater could have been darker but amazing experience otherwise.

Review №6

Newly remodeled, quality experience. Bigger, more comfortable seating, additional refreshment options for the grown ups. Clean, accessible restrooms are a bonus!

Review №7

Not having the entrance door to the theater partitioned off is inexcusable. Hard to enjoy a movie when people are exiting and entering 120 times during Star Wars. Not only do you hear the door, but all the light comes in. No door and just curtains would even be an improvement. The purpose of digital tickets is so that I dont have to wait in line. Except, your establishment makes the individual wait in the refreshment line just so the cashier can print off paper tickets. Absolutely Ridiculous. Lets get with the times.

Review №8

This is my first time to this theater since they renovated. Absolutely love the seats, reclining, plenty of legroom, nothing blocking my view, and I could buy wine with my popcorn. I got there too late to make any side trips to the restroom, thats why Im only giving four stars. When I visit this theater again I will make a point of checking out the restrooms and will adjust my rating if appropriate.

Review №9

I love the new improved theater. Huge comfortable recliner seats

Review №10

A great experience. Very comfortable. Been a long since I have been to a movie but this place makes me want to see movies again!

Review №11

I stopped going to theaters several years ago because I cant sit in the seats due to a bad back. The new chairs in the Bruin theater are so comfortable Ive been to 2 movies recently. It was great.

Review №12

Its a very nice Movie Theater with the reclining chairs now which its way way way better then it has ever been. I believe you will enjoy it just as much as my family and I did. They finally have that place under control and a much better set up than it ever was. Enjoy

Review №13

Staff was awesome. Josh Combs provide awesome customer service. Renovation is awesome

Review №14

Newly renovated, reclining seats. However, floor is not angled enough so any rows past G will have difficulty seeing when the seats in front are upright. Minor issue honestly.Lobby layout is dreadful. Very congested and cannot accommodate large crowds easily. Should be redone.

Review №15

The seats where very comfortable. We had seats in front and because of the reclining seats we had no problems seeing the movie.

Review №16

First time visit since it was remodeled. Nice and clean. New seats are comfortable and adjustable. They sell beer. $6 for one though. Saw Last Bood. Not his best but good movie.

Review №17

Its a great place.. but in my opinion i feel like this place should have outlits or some plage on these chairs to charge our phones.

Review №18

Extremely comfortable seating. Popcorn could have been better if were fresh or hot. Enjoyed some draft beer and movie.

Review №19

The new theater is nice. The seats recline sadly there are 2 problems. 1 tall peoples legs dont fit the leg portion well and those same tall people block the view for those behind them. Otherwise it is a wonderful place to watch a movie.

Review №20

Great place great seats plenty of room just a little pricey!

Review №21

Very nice, recently renovated theaterLounge like reclining seats that are uncomfortable if you dont want to recline. Very expensive for a down east movie theater. Costs $20 for 2 seniors and thats with the senior discountHopefully they are not setting a standard for the competition.

Review №22

Had a very enjoyable experience! The place has been upgraded substantially and is now up to par with the newer theaters in bigger cities. Recommend this theater highly

Review №23

Outstanding theatre, power recline seats, wide isles, free refills on large drinks and popcorn

Review №24

We actually have a theater this wonderful right here in New Bern! We dont have to drive 45 minutes to have an amazing movie experience!! Prices are reasonable, seating is extra comfortable, snacks are great. Love it!!!

Review №25

Great re-do on a happy a real movie theater still exists!..

Review №26

Love their upgrade, but their prices went through the roof!

Review №27

Love this theater! It has comfy reclining chairs and fresh popcorn. You can also have wine or a beer. Tickets are $9.75. Seniors pay a little less.

Review №28

WOW!!!! What an AWESOME theater! I will go there whenever I can. Highly recommend!

Review №29

Marked down a star because the older sister theater across town will give a military discount but this one doesnt. Otherwise... Its renovation is awesome! Comfortable with plenty of room. Recliners are fantastic! Floor was a bit sticky. Sound system is awesome! Get there early if you want a ticket and good seats.

Review №30

This theater was purchased by the owners of Bear Town Cinema, fully renovated, and reopened in February 2019 - and it is AMAZING! They have taken the movie-going experience to a whole new level. The reclining seats are so comfortable and the sight lines are great - there’s no bad seat in the house. And it’s great to be able to enjoy an adult beverage while watching a movie. I love this theater and am so glad we have it in New Bern!(FYI - any reviews of this theater dated before February 2019 are pre-renovation and with different owners. Don’t be fooled - it is a totally different theater and experience now!)

Review №31

My first visiting since it has been remodeled. It is great. Sound was great, it was clean and the stadium recliner seats were awesome. Will definitely return more often.

Review №32

Brand new yet hole in screen, easily hear sound from adjacent theaters ( very irritating ), very low quality popcorn even though it was freshly made, have to wait in food line just to get a ticket,, and many employees show up late. Theater needs upgrade and new management...oh, wait, they already tried that and still failed.

Review №33

Like watching a movie in your own private home cinema!

Review №34

The place is somewhat little but it is good for a theatre. Staff was kinda off point as well as they were messing around alot. I hope there and be some improvements. Id still love to go here over the other cinemas in new bern.

Review №35

NEW, Updated and Renovated! Looks and feels like a modern theater. This location came into new ownership in 2018; since then this theater has been transformed with the standard of a modern cinema experience in mind. I have seen theaters all along the East Coast, the Midwest, and while visiting Theme Park locations in Florida (Dis. Springs and Uni. City Walk), the new accommodations at Bruin Cinema definitely live up to the level of quality for a major Cinema. The lobby is very spacious, plenty of registers to buy tickets and snacks (no bottle neck), there is alcohol on tap, dream lounge seating for all guest, high quality screens and thick theater curtains on the walls to dampen the noise between screens, also plenty of walking space even when loungers are reclined. My family and I are happy to tell everyone that New Bern has a modern cinema. Anticipating many good prospects to come from Bear Town Cinema when they finish their renovations as well (both Bruin and Bear Town theaters now fall under the same ownership).

Review №36

First time very good experience!! Really enjoyed our movie. Seats are the best Ive ever sat in in a theater!! Highly recommend!

Review №37

Wonderful is great to see someone that rejects the status quo and improves something so much that it becomes new and exciting

Review №38

I read all reviews before I went. My experience was great seats was comfortable. Was worried about the sound quality because of what I read do have trouble hearing But people couldnt have been more wrong. Sound quality was great.Will be going again real soon thanks bruin and you have a very good staff very costumer oriented

Review №39

Staff friendly. Theatre clean. Fun with family!

Review №40

Ive been anxiously awaiting my chance to review Bruin Theater, and lets just say they meet and exceeded all expectations. They did they job right when they renovated the theater. I knew I New Bern finally got what it deserved when I sat in my seat and began to recline to a completely relaxed position. So relaxed my buddy and I joked that wed see each other in two hours after the movie. The staff was extremely polite and friendly. They had a great selection of movie snacks and drinks. Overall Im so glad this happened to the old theater here in town; great job Bruin Theater!

Review №41

Theater is great. Ticketing is a nightmare. You are FORCED to wait on a concession line to buy or redeem tickets. Getting stuck behind a family with three kids that cant make up their minds what junk they want to eat can test anyones patience.Why isnt there a ticket only line. I think its disgraceful on the owners who put their patrons through this.

Review №42

The best seats Ive ever sat in a theater!!! All oversized loungers.

Review №43

I have mixed feelings but I guess 3 stars is warranted due to the overall experience. My only qualms after my first visit was that there was no baby changing station in the mens room. Its quite cramped in there, and I had to change my babys diaper on the floor. My other issue was the volume. It was much too low. I had to stop eating popcorn so I could hear the dialogue. Bass, woefully lacking. Part of a great movie experience is the sound. Ill go again for sure because of the new recliner seats and good image quality. Tickets are a little high, but Im sure theyve got lots of debt to pay down with all the renovations. Also, at this time theres no matinee pricing either. If you get rid of the reclining seats and adult beverages then its really no better than most places around here.

Review №44

First time in there since they redid it. Very comfortable seats. It wasnt crowded and we saw IT2. Will go again.

Review №45

Loved this theater. So happy to have a place like this in New Bern. The seats are so comfortable. Nice to have a beer or wine with a movie too. Previews started promptly at showtime with the movie right after, no 20min bs of commercials like with chain cinemas. Keep up the good work!

Review №46

Love this theater seats are super comfortable power reclining just like being home. Why even go anywhere else. Come see for yourself. You wont regret it.

Review №47

When this theatre opened, the staff was really struggling to keep up. My most recent experience has been fantastic. Staff is really doing great with customer service. The new trick now, is having to plan to see a movie. I like to fly with movies, but this theatre is in high demand. You have to buy ONLINE and plan out, when a new movie is released. I can adjust. It should though give a military discount.

Review №48

Love the reclining chairs and you can reserve your seat

Review №49

Love what they did! Seats are great! Downside is the price, $2 more than Bear Town and no Military / First Responders discount.

Review №50

Really enjoy the new theater experience. Dont let the surrounding area fool you. This is by far the best theater in New Bern. You dont have the noise bleed over from other Theaters that Havelock has and the chairs are extremely comfy.

Review №51

Very nice clean, friendly staff . First time and will be back! Great seats and room between rows.It would be nice to have a matinee price or a cheaper day 1 day per week if you are looking for suggestions Even as a senior was an expensive afternoon date including delicious popcorn

Review №52

2nd time going over there since the remodel. The new electronic reclining chairs are amazing. Super comfortable!!

Review №53

The new renovations are great. Better sound, the screen is so much better then before, and the chairs are so comfortable now. Be careful not to fall asleep lol. Will definitely be going here more often now.

Review №54

It was grate move was grate service was amazing 100% recommend going to this one

Review №55

Bless the people who renovated this place! This movie theaters was one of the worst places on earth at one point. It is now GREAT! The reclining chairs are easily the best feature.

Review №56

Very good experience. Loved the reclining seats!

Review №57

Great theater and newly renovated from the last owners. Comfortable electric reclining chairs with lots of space, good quality screens, and a good room temperature. Only 3 movies are shown at a time. Food is good too but expensive, but what theater isnt.

Review №58

Great seats. You can get an adult beverage for the movie if you want to.

Review №59

I really like the theater overall. The seats are very relaxing and make for a great experience. The staff is nice and the assigned seats are a nice feature. My only gripe is the lighting. The way the seats lean back make it so youre looking up into the celing lights during the movie. Also, theres a glare on the movie screen from the exit sign at the front of the room. Not a deal breaker for me but it does take away from the experience. If these get addressed Id happily rate higher

Review №60

First time going there since the remodel. Wow! Wonderful seating, pleasant employees and really clean. This could become a habit!

Review №61

Love the remodel! The chairs are perfect.

Review №62

Ok this place for the last 13 years never saw a dime from me because the place was in disrepair, poorly managed, inattentive employees. This was the place where a great movie involving certain culture themes would never be shown. Well well well this place has undergone a massive overhaul and call me impressed. I go to the movies 1-2 times a month and would drive 30-45 minutes for a great experience. No longer this will be my primary theatre from here on out

Review №63

Awesome! Really enjoyed the reclining seats. Very comfortable way to watch a movie. The facility is very clean and inviting.

Review №64

Comfortable seating, the popcorn and drink machines are very nice and I like how the seating chart is set up. Couldnt tell you about the quality of the screen or sound system because our movie was cancelled due to technical difficulties. The staff were very courteous though and offered refunds. Will come again to actually watch a movie.

Review №65

The chairs RECLINE! Amazing upgrade from the old one. Only thing Id change is the prices (which is ridiculous) *I recommend hiding candy in something lol* everything was great. You can even pick where you want to sit! Also has beer and wine now. Just really expensive- $6 for ONE beer.

Review №66

Friendly staff and very nice theaters. Love the seats!! Most of all the pridce is great.

Review №67

Reclining chair great air conditioning great movies

Review №68

Love the new seating. Great snack options.

Review №69

New prices. Guess they have to pay for the renovations. Basically the same other then the seats and concessions. Clean. Adult ticket is $9.75. No military discount or anything. Its a bit cheaper for 12 and under.

Review №70

Love the new seats they put in but Im still not a fan of the audio here.

Review №71

I love the new theater. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is that I wish they added screens when remodeling it.

Review №72

Love the seats, so comfortable and relaxing, and a clean theater, best in craven and even carteret county.

Review №73

Horrible people. Bad food no straws, sound was really off. Cheap place. Dont go there

Review №74

Great movie expierence, all the comforts...great seats, employees were extremely polite and helpful..definitely going back.

Review №75

Wow what a transformation!!! You all have done a great job. Loved the new entrance and big cozy theater seats.. Thanks for giving back to the community with this great place to see a movie!!!

Review №76

Went to see Aladin last week and it was a great experience!! Chairs are super comfy! I do wish they would show different selections during daytime matinee, or even show rerun older movies like Greenmile, Titanic, Disney movies, etc. but other than that it’s a great experience!

Review №77

Most comfortable theater seating ever!

Review №78

Nice place but how about addressing the grown ups for a change and have more movies for us instead of catering mostly to kids. Half for us half for the kiddies.

Review №79

Very comfortable seating, but most importantly, you can hear the movie.

Review №80

Clean, great staff and 1st run movies, seating is so comfy.

Review №81

Very comfortable!! The staff were very nice and helpful!!

Review №82

The facilities were fantastic. Theres no line in the concession area. I stood in line for 20 minutes because there were people jumping in line. Then while watching the movie my wife and I have been dying to see, there was a group of maybe 4 ten year old boys, unsupervised, playing on there phones and flash lights. They were playing with the seats and being quite obnoxious. My wife got a manager to come talk to them but then as soon as she left they returned to their shenanigans. This was my first time at the bruin and I was very unimpressed.

Review №83

1917. Should win some attention at Oscars.

Review №84

I have been going to this theater for many years. The remodel is unbelievable. Fresh modern design with a friendly staff. As for the auditorium the large reclining seats, large new screens and new surround sound makes the movie experience very enjoyable. You can’t ask for any better. Kudos ECN Cinemas. Can’t wait till the upgrade to Beartown.

Review №85

This theater needs some serious help overall.Pros:Pricing is reasonableConcession choices are plentifulServes Beer and WineTheater is relatively cleanSeats are reserved and reclining.Cons:No signs stating that they dont have the ability to scan your Fandango stub at the ticket taker booth. Had to go back through the concession line.The lobby is way too small and creates a traffic jam. If you increase seating capacity, you have to increase the lobby size.No vestibules or walled off section around the theater doors. Every time someone goes to use the bathroom they bathe the seats in light, and the door is noisy every time it shuts.Terrible, outdated sound system. Voices are washed and dull, bass is low, the mids are ok.The projection system wasnt dialed in properly and caused shadows/overcasting/fuzzy edges around the screen.The exit signs near the front need a blinder on the screen side to prevent their light from casting onto the screen and being incredibly noticible during dark scenes.Overall: This theater needs a major overhaul to get it up to date with the times. Simple adjustments could be made to make the theater much more enjoyable for everyone.

Review №86

Love the improvements!! Great place to see a flick.

Review №87

Most comfortable theater Ive ever been

Review №88

High quality seats and movies.

Review №89

The best theater in New Bern. Setup is great and the seating in awesome. I especially like the idea that you can buy your ticket and concession items at the same time.

Review №90

New inside! Seats recline! Snack area redone. Looks great!

Review №91

Best movie experience ever. Those seats are amazing.

Review №92

It was great, only issue is we went to the latest show and a mother had her unruly kids in there. I dont think the late show should be for anyone under 12. Jmo

Review №93

Great place to enjoy the movies!

Review №94

I have never been to a movie theater with assigned seating. I still havent because I just walked away. I use to go to this theater a lot before it was renovated but assigned seating is a game changer for me.

Review №95

This place has had a huge Facelift. My boyfriend is from Greenville and way shocked at the prices for concessions, a good shock. Keep it upOnly complaint, we were in the first theatre in the back... The ticket stand where she takes ticket is right there. Other coworkers we dancing with her cutting up. Your couple hat everything during the movie going on out there. They really need to keep it down in the lobby area

Review №96

Everything is new and clean in appearance. The seating arrangement allows for easy navigation between rows as they have left plenty of space between them. Seats are comfortable and electrically recline. Becareful to print the tickets out at home if you purchase online otherwise if you choose to have the link sent to your phone there is an extra fee of one dollar. They say this is an internet charge.

Review №97

Place is a nice addition to New Bern. But they need to have a will call register or add on a ticket booth.

Review №98

Glad I went after the upgrade. Amazing

Review №99

Pricey but lounge chair are great and you have to reserve your seat

Review №100

One word: Renovation!I feel like I am sitting in 40 yrs worth of other peoples butt juice when I go there. Modern Sound, Modern Projector, Modern Restrooms, just Modern everything! Im not trying to be lame and say top of the line everything but bring the theatre into the 21st century. Modern Website

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  • Address:2500 Neuse Blvd, New Bern, NC 28560, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 252-633-2772
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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