Bear Town Cinema 6
2806 Trent Rd, New Bern, NC 28560, United States

Review №1

Bear town cinema 6 is improving but still has some time before it is able to compete against the other theater in town. I will say it is less expensive. The overall experience is very nice and it is still improving. It will be very nice once they get the new seats in and upgrade their sound system.

Review №2

I dont go to the movies too much even thought Im retired Marine( and get a discount Im Grateful). The movie and atmosphere were Awesome the only complaint is this, there is way Too Much Traffic at the concession stand which causes people in line to sometimes be rude to others. My suggestion would be to somehow put up ropes on both sides and try to keep things moving. Its very, very bothersome for people to Constantly cut between you while your waiting to order. If it was a few people it wouldnt be that bad but were talking about 10 plus before you reach the concession stand.

Review №3

Adorable little small-town theatre vibe without feeling dirty. The restrooms were clean, before the credits were over and attendant was sweeping the theatre floor, it had a great snack/beverage (including wine and beer) menu, and comfy seats! Have been twice this week and 10/10 would go back.

Review №4

This theater is well maintained. Remodeling has been done over the last few years. We were in one of the smaller rooms and the seats are definitely due an upgrade. They had no headrests and if youre seated close to the front of the theater, you are forced to lean back awkwardly to see the picture. The popcorn was hot and fresh and the ladies room was clean.

Review №5

Cheap movies is perfect for a date night when you have kids. They play movies much after the other theatres do as well, so if you missed one you really wanted to see in theatres... keep an eye on this place and perhaps youll get to see it. If anything, youll be entertained and feel at home.

Review №6

Went on a week day to see Toy Story 4 with my husband and daughter. Theatre was mostly empty with only 2 other families. Theatre and facilities were clean. Seats comfortable but looking forward to this theatre upgrading to recliners. They have a good selection of snacks and beverages, including coffee, beer and wine.

Review №7

Old school theater with old school charm. Great staff who actually enjoy being there. Great prices but dont expect recliners.....YET. I tdd truly enjoy this theater

Review №8

It was too cold in the theater. It surpose had be a little warm. It still cold outside

Review №9

Great staff, comfortable seating. Stadium seats are well laid out. Good view of screen from every seat. Good matinee prices.

Review №10

The parking area needs a lot of work. The inside is fresh and newer. Seats still older hard type. Sound was excellent. Great place overall.

Review №11

Its an older theater under renovation. Good folks and good prices. Been there before and will go back again

Review №12

Seats are a bit older but has High quality new moives and is clean.

Review №13

The seats need some major improvement but the rest of the theater is always super clean!!!

Review №14

Possibly the worst movie theater I have ever been to. The movie cuts out half way through the showing of our movie and they dont rewind it while it had played with a black screen for a minute. I guess you get what you pay for. I guess I will have to stop being cheap and go the hour trip to Jacksonville or Greenville.

Review №15

This place was a dump before the renovations but now it is absolutely amazing! Thank you for making the investment and providing us with another quality option for a night out at the movies! I especially love the reclining chairs!

Review №16

Popcorn very good, very nice people who helped serve us. Theater smelled musty. Screen was nice. Bathrooms clean. Small, regular older chairs in the theater.Just moved here from out of state, so quite different than the theaters we are used to - chairs that recline. Hope that is in the future plans for the theater.

Review №17

I’d rather be at a Showcase Cinema (which don’t exist here) however... showcase, like other luxury cinemas, have become so expensive that one could drop 50-60 for 2 people, easy, between movies and a snack. So, I’ve truly come to appreciate Bear town and other small, affordable movie theaters.

Review №18

Needs some renovations, but other than that the movie was good and the popcorn was awesome.

Review №19

Its a great spot to catch a film. I wish we had more here in New Bern, but Im grateful for Bear Town and their commitment to the community. What theyve done with the place over the years is great, and their new additions coming to the theater will be well received.

Review №20

Old and the seats are not comfortable. The price is the best I have seen in years. The popcorn delicious. Love the butter!

Review №21

I enjoy the opportunity to have a beer and enjoy a movie at the same time!

Review №22

It was hard to find but once we found it parking lot was easy to walk to the front door handicap accessible was very good the staff and members there were very kind and considerate to your Deeds did not look like the particular movie theater if youre not from the area it was nice to say had to take pictures of it cuz nobody would believe me it was clean smell good of popcorn the pricing was reasonable the movies were excellent prices for movies was excellent

Review №23

Decent place its supposedly waiting for a upgrade but since its sister theatre has been I find no reason to come here anymore

Review №24

The movie was great. Inside was old and the seats were nasty.

Review №25

At the time I was at this theater, it was dirty, old and in terrible shape. The seats were not level. Many broken. They did tell us they were going to be renovated in a few months. Have not gone back.

Review №26

Very clean, good staff! Waiting for the new recliners as the Bruin Cinema !

Review №27

Not as nice as the Bruin but it was clean, reasonable prices and staff was courteous. Enjoyed the movie we watched...would go back.

Review №28

If you want a beer and chill atmosphere go here

Review №29

Love every moment of it staff movie theater were cool

Review №30

Bob and Robin are the nicest people ever.

Review №31

Ive never felt more uncomfortable. I felt like someone was going to pork me from behind.

Review №32

Pros: Good deal on tickets, clean, variety of movies, independently-owned, quaint.Tips for future customers: Dont bother buying your tickets online, they will still make you stand in the line outside. Make sure the teenager working the cash register understands the combo deals, ours overcharged us, and made no attempt to reimburse us. Theres very little standing room when you first walk in, the line for concessions fills the space between you and the theater. Be ready to sqeeze through the crowd.

Review №33

Small town movie theatre feel. Staff is always nice and curteous. Family loves to come here for family movies. Its particularly nice when a movie has been out for two weeks or so and the theater is basically empty so you get to truly enjoy the experience.

Review №34

Its nice, small reminds me of small town places only downside, you can hear other movies pretty clearly in the theater

Review №35

Great theatre,friendly staff, first run movies

Review №36

Always a fun time and this theater is always exceptionally clean and comfortable.

Review №37

Just a cinema. Nothing special, but they show the current films. Pretty clean with some smaller screens.

Review №38

Absolutely zero management here tonight, the R-rated movie was basically a daycare w/ multiple children jumping from chair to chair(literally standing in chair & leaping to another) others filming the movie with their bright cell phones held up obstructing views. Any manager worth their salt would enforce the rules to spare his patrons such a horrid experience. Im disputing my debit card.

Review №39

Visited from VA for some hurricane cleanup and this place was a really great theater. Definitely a classical small town retro feeling to it, great staff, good seating and showing. Highly recommend and it is also quite cheap tickets as well.

Review №40

I like Bear Town enough. Outdated compared to theaters in Jacksonville or Wilmington. Concession prices are very reasonable. My biggest issue is the audio. Ive been to some movies where the audio was fine and others where I felt like I couldnt hear things like I should. Until something better comes to New Bern, this is the best choice for now.

Review №41

Very clean. Nice staff.

Review №42

What a great little theater! Ready for the new upgrades

Review №43

Small theater, clean, courteous staff, and has everything one could want (except Coke).

Review №44

Small town theature. Prices are reasonable. They had alcohol available. Normal theature seating. Its been updated over the years so it looked modern. Overall a nice place

Review №45

Family owned theater. Great ticket prices compared to the average ticket prices at big name theaters. They also serve beer & wine. Always clean. Staff very friendly. Only place Ive noticed that have a unisex restroom which is cool.

Review №46

Very clean, Very Reasonably Priced, Pop corn not so great. Ladies at ticket booth and counter very nice!!

Review №47

Older movie theater but atmosphere is nice and staff is friendly.

Review №48

Clean, nice staff super fast!

Review №49

The theater is relatively small compared to the bigger name ones that are popping up. However, it was a great size for the more independent and/or small town theaters.The screen was large, sound quality was good, and staff was friendly. The only downside that I can find is the fact that unless you go to the first showing of the day- you might as well be paying for one of the larger theaters.

Review №50

Best time I ever had! Not over priced....parking was fine, its the same as if you where at any other movie. I love this place...I will def be going here again

Review №51

Had a great time with my wife. Watched a great movie. Seats were very comfortable & spacious. Food options could be better but overall a good experience.

Review №52

Thats the theater to go to if you want to see a movie relaxed and in a good atmosphere

Review №53

It is alright. The service is kinda terrible as a girl working there said I cant wait to get off work theres so many idiots that come here somewhat along these words. Step it up!

Review №54

This theatre has been around for years but recent updates and renovations make it a place to enjoy movies. The entire lobby and all bathrooms received huge makeovers making them more comparable to newer theatres in other cities. They have even added a bar where you can purchase wine, beer, and hot beverages such as coffee or tea. They also offer all of the standard snack options such as candy, popcorn and soda. They are a little expensive and have not updated the actual theatres yet. The seats do have cup holders but there isnt stadium seating. Some of the screens are also showing age. And they dont always have the best movie options, competing with the other theatre in town. Overall it is a great place to enjoy movies in New Bern.

Review №55

Clean environment. Great movie (bumblebee). Great sound and picture quality

Review №56

Not enough staff to handle long lines at concessions or ticket booth.

Review №57

Great local theater, good alcohol selection.

Review №58

Ok theatre....arent to any options in this area. Thankful for this theatre and the staff. Lines move pretty decent and they now offer alcohol as an option for beverages.

Review №59

Was traveling thru the area decided to check out a movie. The theater was clean, courteous staff. Easy to locate from the highway since Im not familiar with the area.

Review №60

You wont find bagged pop corn here. The popcorn is popped fresh just the way it should be. Its an older theater with upgrades on the way. Cant say enough about the management and friendly staff.

Review №61

Good small theater. In process of updating. Reasonable ticket prices.

Review №62

Nice and clean very cozy atmosphere.

Review №63

Even though it is an older theater it is very clean and the staff is very nice.

Review №64

Older theater... Still good. I dont like the little bar thingy but thats just me. Always feeling like I dont want to be around potentially drunk people. Havent seen any yet thankfully. Prices on food and drink is as ridiculous as other movie theaters. Always go out to eat before hand. Thats why I love red box, comfy couches and snacks that I dont feel guilty paying for. When the cost of the food could feed a starving child for a month or pay for a well in some third world country it makes my stomach hurt.

Review №65

Love the movie theater. My husband I fell asleep during the movie and your staff was amazing they werent rude to us at all they gently woke us up and make sure we were okay

Review №66

Small local movie theater. The prices are very reasonable the popcorn is good and they have a selection of beer and wine. Overall good movie theater it would be nice if they had stadium seating and some of the things more modern theaters have but then you would have to pay much higher prices.

Review №67

They really should have someone who can work the audio. Movies music was so loud it hurt my ears, at times, and you couldnt hear the voices of the actors.

Review №68

Clean, efficient and reasonably priced.For those interested they also sell alcohol

Review №69

I really enjoy watching movies there i mostly enjoy the sound system for a small town Cinema the audio system is awesome.

Review №70

Amazing update. The prices are good for a little theater. Staff is always positive.

Review №71

Been nicely spruced up since the last time I was in town. Refreshments prohibitively expensive, however.

Review №72

Seats are being slowly replaced. Concession is very good. Employees excellent!

Review №73

Love the prices of the snacks. .best at any theatre Ive ever been to.

Review №74

Worst decision I’ve made in a while. Service was decent, popcorn was stale, opening night of the movie I saw and the ignorance of people and lack of respect i have never seen so much in my life! People were on phones, having conversations, one older woman was even threatened and cursed at for asking someone to be quiet! This lasted the entire movie. The theater needs to be more strict on policies if they even have any that require people to be able to actually see hear and enjoy the movie on the screen. Absolutely horrible. Will not be returning

Review №75

Pleasant experience last time I went to see a movie. The theater was clean and comfortable. Concessions were expensive, so I didnt buy the largest portions of popcorn that I would have liked. Plenty of parking for a popular movie.

Review №76

Chairs are very uncomfortable but have a good selection of movies

Review №77

The movie thearter was amzaing movie to watch great movie like i saw yesterday madea movie great food and love the drinks pepsi

Review №78

Besides the movie being a 5 star the absolute worst movie experience in my 32 years of my short life. Multiple youngs kids loud as hell and talking and jumping up and down. Young kids that that paid for one movie and coming to an adult movie. And worst of all multiple people recording movie on their phones, not being able to see the screen clear from brightness of their phones. Then addressing movie theater workers about cell phone recording movie and nothing was done or checked on. Hope your movie theater improves or everyone else will be glad to go to other theaters to avoid this situation for and enjoyable experience. Would greatly appreciate it management would respond to this.

Review №79

Havent been to a movie theater in 20 years. Went here with my grandson and have been back 4 times in the past month. Nice place, great renovation, friendly service with great customer service. Planning on going again tomorrow just because I couldnt be more please with a local business.

Review №80

Finding out at ticket booth, matinee movie has gone from all movies up til 6pm to matinee price only the first movie of the day, around 12pm@$5.00,Senior price, 62+ $6.00, military with I.D. $7.00.Problem is, matinee change was not published except on website.You will have to check out the Bear Cinema website, all the time, to find out website shows changes in venue. If you dont check website, you will never find this out until they charge you the reg price of $8.00.Evening manager made it right as we were charge regular price, not what we asked for . Senior price.Thank you and please management publish changes else where too. Just saying..

Review №81

Great price, super friendly staff and a very fun experience

Review №82

This is the best movie theatre option offered in the city of New Bern. The parking lot is not that big and it is hard to find a spot when big hit movies are showing. The parking to the right of the building is mostly a dirt road with trees and pot-holes so avoid of possible. Staff is friendly and efficient and Ive never had any issues with service. They have made improvement in the past few years working to expand their offered food items as well as improve seating. Many combos are offered and candy options are available. The popcorn is popped fresh and you can even request for them to fill your bag halfway so you can put salt on it before they too it off. They also sell different flavored popcorn seasoning such as caramel or smores seasoning. Alcoholic beverages and now offered and sold in this theatre at a bar located to the right upon walking in. I find the seats to be overall comfortable and the best seats are in the big theatre where they show the more popular movies. Show up to the movie a few minutes early so you can find seating easily. Once the lights go off the lights on the floor arent enough to see where you are going so youll have to hope your eyes adjust it use your phone. The theatre also offers online sales so you can book your ticket before they sell out. Overall I enjoy this theatre but warn that its not really comparable to the big theatres youll find in large cities.

Review №83

I love this theatre. The people working there are very friendly and professional. This theatre is extremely clean. I had a great time there tonight,

Review №84

Excellent prices. Concessions has the usual. Wine and beer available for good prices as well. Seats arent the most comfortable, and the theaters are on the smaller side. Overall a decent little movie theater.

Review №85

This theater gets good bang for the buck. The ticket prices are reasonable even though the concessions are not, but thats typically everywhere. Movies showing around midday are never crowded and its a good time to take the kids.

Review №86

This is a great local movie theater that has first run movies and plenty of space. The seats are comfortable, the staff is friendly and they have a rewards card. Great local theater experience.

Review №87

Upgrade is really nice. My chair felt wobbly.

Review №88

Employees were very nice and helpful and theater and restrooms seemed to be clean..

Review №89

Nothing like an afternoon movie on a rainy day! Theater was crowded but cozy.

Review №90

This is the better of the two theaters in town. This theater will have more movie options and times. They have also installed a bar so you can enjoy a beer while you watch the latest movies.

Review №91

We love coming here. They will soon be upgrading their seats. They have several sample seats that you can try out.

Review №92

Liked how they renovated the place,also great atmosphere.

Review №93

Great place to see movies. Good price

Review №94

The website advertised a 10am public showing. After driving to the theater, we were rudely told the showing was private, no tickets were being sold. I suggested not having private showings published as public and received a blank stare.

Review №95

Movies sure arent what they used to be! U used to get hot buttery popcorn..... not that way anymore n u can drink beer at the movies now wow

Review №96

Love being able to buy wine.. little small entry

Review №97

Comfy seats... I have sciatica and was comfortable through whole movie... Want these chairs in my

Review №98

Great, thanks for staff keeping such a clean place to watch a movie. Kudos

Review №99

Me and our children have enjoyed each of our trips to Beartown. I thank you for the kindness you and your staff have shown us Thank You.

Review №100

I enjoy myself. Look at Little

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  • Address:2806 Trent Rd, New Bern, NC 28560, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 252-633-2772
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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