AMC CLASSIC Murfreesboro 16
2626 Cason Square Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37128, United States

Review №1

Glad the movies are back and really enjoy the 5 dollar faves to watch. Too bad no refills at this time due to covid-19.

Review №2

This theater has begun to fall apart, even on Friday and Saturday night they only use half of the concession areas which leads to long lines. The carpet through out the building is stained and in need of cleaning or replacement. The theater fabric walls are falling down in many areas and stained in others. The building as a whole has a foul odor, some theaters the odor is worse. The bathrooms routinely lack paper towels and toilet paper. As we exited the building after an 8:15 movie The parking lot lights were off, leaving the lot completely dark making it feel unsafe. The staff does seem friendly most of the time some more so than others.

Review №3

I would recommend as long as you can afford the event.

Review №4

This is a fairly large complex but unlike most it does not have reclining or pre- selected or reserved seating its all first come first served. Great to know when other local cinemas are full. They sell pizza, hot dogs, chicken wings and other similar foods along with the usual popcorn, candy and drinks. They offer discounts for seniors and militarily Im not sure of any other concessions so its best to ask. Its always clean and the staff are happy and friendly.

Review №5

Terrible. Consistently! The perk of coming here is that few others do now that the other AMC is open so youre more likely to avoid crowds. I always buy tix online and they rarely have anyone available to check me in on arrival. Instead they make you stand in concession lines. For prepaid tickets! I dont know if they are too cheap to actually pay a designated employee to check guests in or if this is an attempt to increase concession sales but it pisses me off. When I did order a pizza once, it wasnt cooked all the way and I wasnt going to get up from a movie I paid for to fix it. Overpriced and undercooked food is a no. Also, other movies playing will suddenly be very audibly distracting in your movie intermittently. Very annoying.Lately, I have literally just started walking myself into movies. I pay online but if you all do not have a person to check in guests oh well- you will see my ticket when/if you follow me into the theater. I will no longer stand in popcorn lines to enter a prepaid movie. Ironically none of the employees even do that, no one checks with me walking past them still! Just today my movie was for 5:30 no one checked my ticket AND 5 minutes PAST the movie start time Im still staring at a blank screen. No previews or anything going. Unreal.

Review №6

Decent older theater that probably will not get an update due to an advanced AMC recently built. The sound is not great but the seats are cushy. In my experience, either the lights stay on or the movie will not start until you say something to a worker.

Review №7

The best theater Ive been to. Very nice seating area, clear picture, and clear sound. I have not had food or drink from here though.

Review №8

Needs upgraded seats like the sister theater by Stones River Mall. Late afternoon showings are easy going getting in and out. Not bad.

Review №9

Went to watch the Sonic movie and there was one other couple in the theatre. It was clean but mostly empty. Nice theater and the tickets werent very expensive either.

Review №10

Have seen 4 movies here this last week. Place was comfortable. Curved picture screen. Stadium seating. Concessions located on both sides of the entrance also sells and takes ticket. Staff very polite, friendly, and helpful. Front ticket counter had pleasant old man who got me signed up for Stubs membership quickly to get discounted tickets and $5 movies on Tuesdays. Senior and military discounts. Had a great time enjoying the movies I attended.

Review №11

Great theatre. I go here all the time. Nothing bad to say. Properly staffed, short waits, clean, well managed.

Review №12

Very friendly staff. Still pretty clean. That self services popcorn stand always messing with me. Not cleaned enough. Stuff just everywhere.

Review №13

Went to this theater last night to watch Weathering with You with my friend and was highly disappointed with this theater. First off, I had bought the tickets through the AMC app for the showing that SAID Japanese spoken with English subtitles. When the movie finally did start it was not the Japanese spoken but the English spoken one. Super disappointed about that and I know I wasnt the only one in the room that was also upset. It was such a beautiful movie and would have been so much better if it was in the right language. Next, upon arrival there was no one checking for tickets. Not a single person ask for tickets, this is the part that makes me really mad, because I paid 30 dollars in the app for a movie that probably half the people or more in there got to watch for free. Along with the popcorn being burnt, I will never come back to this movie theater again.

Review №14

Seats were just barely comfortable and a large popcorn cost $8.50 and would be considered a medium at most theaters with no refill. So extremely overpriced for what you receive.

Review №15

Even though there was only one ticket person at 6pm on a Saturday night I was pleasantly at how fast the line moved. This use to be THE theatre to go to 20 years ago. Its sad to see its become 2nd rate.

Review №16

Nice theater. Love the $5 Tuesdays when you sign up for the Stubbs rewards

Review №17

It was a nice experience. Very clean inside . I enjoyed a good movie.

Review №18

The atmosphere when you walk in seems pretty chill. Their is usually only 2 people working the foods but they always are so nice and helpful. I love this place with everything in my body. They make you feel at home and very welcomed. It may be small but it is definitely very roomy in the theaters.

Review №19

Priced a lot cheaper than the one in the mall. The seats are super comfortable. The popcorn and drinks are fresh. The theater is super roomy. Sound is loud and anywhere you sit is a good spot. Highly recommend this theater.

Review №20

Inadequately staffed (the employees were wonderful - management is obviously the problem)Tremendous line at tickets and concessionAbsolutely FILTHY!!Bathrooms smelled awfulFloor in the theatre was stickyWe will use Hulu or another theatre until we hear of major improvement.

Review №21

I guess classic means the seats dont recline. They do rock. A very nice theater! Dont let a non reclining seat stop you from enjoying a movie night.

Review №22

The movie was started late but other than that the sound was good and I liked the movie.

Review №23

Place has seen better days. Looking old, and run down. It was a ghost town on a Wednesday night. Maybe 6-10 cars in the lot and 6 people in our theater. Sound was out but they got it fixed before the movie and everything was fine with the showing.

Review №24

First movie in over 5 years, but when my wife asked to go I agreed. Seats were comfortable. I was glad I wear hearing aids since it was so loud I had to turn them off. Seemed clean. Didnt try the consession area since we were on a tight schedule.

Review №25

Nice theater. Starting to show its age. Friendly staff. Nice seating. Easy access for wheelchair users.

Review №26

Got a lot of mean mugs and weird looks from workers and when we walked in we thought wed buy tickets up front but had to figure out ourselves we had to go to the concession stand that the workers behind it gave no hint or even told us where to go. Really disappointed this place used to be so friendly.

Review №27

Its very amazing I grew up in this theatre and coming back to it brought me joy and Nastalgia

Review №28

Filthy, smells musty and you have to sit through commercials for 15 min before the upcoming movie clips. Would not recommend. Spend a little more on the nicer theaters

Review №29

Very clean. Movie price was cheap. Sound and video quality was excellent for an older AMC. Restrooms are clean

Review №30

It’s okay. Went over to see a movie they wouldn’t play at the other theatre. It was pretty much a ghost town during the day. Not sure about the nightly shows. The theatre my movie was in was so tiny, I would have rather watched it on my own television. They need to branch out and show sensory friendly showings during the day or on certain days. It could really build their clientele.

Review №31

I havent been to this theater in a LONG time its SO sad to see how bad its gotten. When we arrived we looked for a kiosk or a person to scan our tickets from our cell phones as we are AMC a list members but no luck...I even made eye contact with somebody behind the concessions counter but still no help which makes me believe you can pretty much just walk in and see a movie since we just walked in and walked to the back and NOBODY asked to see any tickets at all. The theater we went in (3) had a STRONG urine odor which made my return a deal breaker....sorry but

Review №32

This theater shows many movies that you cant see anywhere else! Its also only 5 dollars a ticket! Great deal!

Review №33

Good staff. But needs to be updated. Seating and other updates would be nice. This city is large and could use another nice Theatres like stone river location

Review №34

Kinda gross, but every time we go there we have the theater to our selves so, thats a plus? The seats are pretty out dated but if you just want to go with friends and arent really there for the movie its self, its a pretty cool location.

Review №35

Went to see #BrianBanks Great movie. Great place to watch a movie. Cozy and comfy.. Buttered popcorn is bomb!

Review №36

Only come here if this is the only option. I would prefer the AMC in the mall.

Review №37

Nice basic theater. Prices are reasonable

Review №38

This theater is like the forgotten step child of AMC.The walls are in Dis repair and peeling, The seats seem grubby, the hallways are dark, and directional signs are hard to find.The actual theater #3 had a foul smell.I doubt that I will return to this location, even if it is convenient for what I want to see.Do the right thing AMC and clean up this location.

Review №39

Probably the dirtiest and worst theater in Tennessee. They are desperately needing an upgrade or makeover. And also have more than one person working concessions at 8pm on a Saturday.

Review №40

Biggest complaint, other than outrageous concession prices, is the butter your own popcorn station. Never clean, and theres NO WAY to layer your butter in the bag that way. They will sometimes give you a box to pour into so you can add butter to the middle, but it is very messy, and you end up losing alot of the expensive popcorn. Just put the damn butter back behind the concession stand, where it belongs, please.

Review №41

I was not pleased with my overall experience at this location. We went to see a 7:45 P.M. showing Pet Semetary, upon our arrival signs indicated to pay at concessions. 4-5 employees stood at the end of the concession stand talking at this point a young man made his way over to take my money. When we attempted to order hot food we were informed they were done cooking for the night! Really?

Review №42

I will never complain about only paying $6.46 to see a week-old movie! Love it!

Review №43

The movie was good and seats were comfortable. Movie experience was good. But the ladies restroom was nasty and had to come out. Need to clean the restrooms.

Review №44

This theater opened in 1999, and it is showing its age. Carmike made some seating and concession upgrades in the mid-2010s, but AMC hasnt done much except change the signage since taking it over. The decor is dated. The projectors are often uncalibrated and the sound unbalanced. It is usually understaffed, so cleanliness and service suffers as a result. However, less-popular or limited-release films often run here, making it a nice convenience instead of going to Franklin or Nashville. With the opening of Stones River 9 a couple of miles away, AMC probably wont give this old house any upgrades, and its only a matter of time until the screens go dark.

Review №45

This theater is clearly showing its age. The seats dont recline, which wouldnt be that big an issue were it not for the fact that the majority of them are broken and they are simply downright uncomfortable. The moment we walked into our particular theater room we were assailed with a stench that resembled mold and who knows what else. I will say, however, that the staff was friendly, but in future I will pay the few extra dollars and head to the new AMC just a few miles down the road.

Review №46

30 bucks for one popcirn and 3 drinks... thats insane. But aside from that, it was awesome!

Review №47

Refreshments was a little too much money for me. The theater was great.

Review №48

This is a great theater. Usually not over crowded.

Review №49

Friendly service. Clean. Comfortable seats.

Review №50

A good theater, pretty clean even when busy, and one of few theaters Ive seen that look like they actually take care of their arcade. Concession area was a little dirty with spilt popcorn from guests and such, but that was because of how busy they were, and even still they were working to try and get it cleaned up and keep it clean. Since its so close to where i live its between this one and Stone Rivers 9 on which Ill visit most.

Review №51

Awesome service, but quite expensive.

Review №52

Could stand for some updates, and a little bit of a clean up and refresher, but all in all a decent spot to catch a movie. However would recommend the Stones River AMC instead, due to reserved seating, and overall cleaner and more updated experience.

Review №53

Went and saw the Joker. Didnt get shot. 5/7

Review №54

The lines were unusually long as though they did not have all of the scheduled employees show up for work. The staff that did report to work just simply struggled to keep up with the amount of customers that came in. Once we eventually made it through the line to purchase our tickets and concessions, the rest of our experience was fine. Hopefully the management team makes the necessary hiring and scheduling adjustments to prevent the ticketing and concession fiasco from happening again.

Review №55

The place was great for watching movies- but just that. The concessions were awful, the entire place was unclean, and the bathrooms were nasty.

Review №56

Its convenient. Room that movie was in smelled very musty. There were water stains on 3 wall areas where people threw their drinks. They need to clean that area up.

Review №57

We have been a little worried that this theater would be neglected because of the new reclining chairs theater. It is hard to go back to this one wants you experience the new theater. However the prices are very good especially the afternoon special price from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Review №58

It was very clean, not crowded and I didnt freeze to death while I watched the movie. My friend Mac, pulled her jacket out of her purse b4 the movie even started!!!

Review №59

Chairs are very uncomfortable and hard. They are spaced too close together, and I really did not think the sound was that great. The movie was awesome, I took my grandson to see The Secret Life of Pets 2, and he really enjoyed it. The concessions are way, way too high, my grandson got candy and a SMALL icee, I got candy and SMALL coke and it was $23.99! I will do what others do next time and put drinks and candy in my purse!

Review №60

Overpriced concessions. Stale popcorn. Poor customer service

Review №61

Theatre was not clean. I did not even buy drinks or popcorn per food area was not clean, bathroom was atrocious. No paper to wipe hands. I will go up the street and pay extra money to get a better experience.

Review №62

I went to the 4:00 show of A Star is Born.I had to buy my ticket at the concession stand because no one was at the ticket counter.I was kinda impressed with the only concession stand. It was clean and well stocked and the guy working the stand was very polite and quick.The theater was very quiet because very few customers were there. Even the room showing the film was empty. There was only 4 of us in the room!!As we left the theater, I looked around and the building was still kinda empty.Good time to go see a movie to avoid a crowd!!

Review №63

Yo, this place was a nightmare. Went on Monday to see Avengers: Endgame with my dad.Only one employee appeared to be working, until the manager (grumpy guy with glasses) came along to help. The one employee was polite, even though the line was horrifically long. The manager was visibly annoyed and seemed upset having to assist the one other employee working.The lobby was messy, trash on the floor, etc. There were no napkins available and there was no ice in the soda machine I used.I only went to the Murfreesboro 16 because the Stones River 9 down the street had no showings available for Endgame due to it being the biggest movie ever.I probably wont go again. If theres ever a reason that I cant go to the Stones River 9, Ill probably just drive to Smyrna and go to the Malco theater out there.

Review №64

Love this theater even tho it is now older. The picture & sound still are great! The movie was Wonder Park and was a very good childrens movie.

Review №65

My daughter and I went to see A Wrinkle in Time. Great movie by the way. I went to pay and we both watched the movie for $6.46. Wow.... Im on the rewards program, it pays off people. Did not visit the concession stand due to we ate at Chilis before going. The theater was nice neat and clean.

Review №66

Such great seats and smell nice.

Review №67

Me and my wife went at 7:00 at night to see the new Halloween movie and we were the only people in our movie room. That was the only pro however as the place was clearly dirty and not very well taken care of. The staff are nice but have no pride in this failing theatre. I didnt know why it was so dead in the theatre until I started reading other reviews that explain there is a new AMC in town. That is probably why this place will close soon if they dont do something drastic.

Review №68

I wish they mopped the floors more often. Im not sure if classic means they have floors so sticky, your shoes may be glued to the spot. It was a pleasant little theater other than the floors need some TLC and Mr. Clean.

Review №69

One of my favorite theatres in the area. Lost a star because something was wrong with one of the speakers in theatre 8. It hummed the whole time and went out briefly during the movie. There was also a big black mark or hole in the screen that was distracting at times. Even so, it was still a pleasant experience.

Review №70

This place is doing a really good job at upgrading and trying to improve. I personally really like this theater.

Review №71

This movie theater is fine if you have no problems but if anything needs attention the kids that run it will look at you like deer in headlights. They just need more older people in charge.

Review №72

I grew up going to this movie theater. Such wonderful memories. I am so sad to see they have let it go so poorly. Broken chairs all over the place. Barely any customer service. I am so sad to see this happen to another staple in Murfreesboro.

Review №73

Not my favorite. It smelled so strong urine in this theater I thought we were going have to leave. I know its not the nice, new theater, but could we maybe at least not let it smell so, so bad? And the employees that check your tickets are rude. However - snack bar employees are always awesome!

Review №74

Nice place to catch a fast movie.

Review №75

I still prefer this one due to the fact its not as busy during the week and the seating is more comfortable for us hefty folks.

Review №76

They seem to be sprucing it up some. Things seem cleaner than past visits a year or so ago.

Review №77

Went on New Years Day of 2019. I thought as I was at Walmart for a moment because the line to buy tickets was VERY long and they only had two cashiers. I then observed that the concession stand line was the exact same way seemed like the line was longer though. They only had one side of the concession open for some reason. My son waited in line for 30 minutes to get popcorn. I think they need to do a better job of staffing on holidays. Restrooms were dirty and my wife stated there was no toilet paper in the women’s bathroom. The ladies in the restroom were warning each other that there was no toilet paper. At least the movie was good.

Review №78

Well....came here bc Malco Smyrna is updating to reclining seats and have limited showings. First time here. Had to wait for a manager to come approve a $100 bill when buying tickets (give your staff the magic pen thing). Do not have any security and is a gun free zone. Theater is out of date (seats, amenities, screen/audio quality) and aging poorly. Drive 10 min north to Malco Smyrna.

Review №79

Great place. Clean & a great menu.

Review №80

This theater has really gone down. 13 concession stands one of which is open. Food options are terrible and (shocker) over-priced! Icee machine not functional, no ice in the fountain drink machine at a 5:20pm movie that wasnt over-crowded

Review №81

Dirtiest AMC theater Ive ever been to. Snack bar floor, and floors by the theater seats were disgusting. The counters had thick syrup rings from spilled drinks and trash everywhere. Their bathroom was even worse. And most of the hall smelled like a sewer. They should be ashamed to charge the prices they do for tickets and refreshments in such a filthy place. Many of the seats were actually broken in our theater. I mean literally laying backward broken. Never again will we go to this theater. All that staff and no one can wipe off a counter? Just gross.

Review №82

Spent the last two Tuesdays there. Really like the Tuesday special. However, mens restroom in front of theatre 9 out of soap & paper towels both nights. My wife advises the nearby womens restroom had ice-cream/ sprinkles on the trash can that were there last week as well. She also advises lots of poo on toilets tonight. She says same as last week. I dont think we will return.

Review №83

The staff was nice but that theatre needs some cleaning and upgrades.

Review №84

Lots of parking, friendly staff.Took my kid to see Any Man and The Wasp and we had a great time. The food prices seemed a little higher than average, but there was a bigger selection of options than the theater closer to my house. It sits back off the road, so the theater may be hard to see from the street. There is plenty of parking. The seats were clean and comfortable, even if the theater we were in was on the small side. Overall it was a great time with my kid.

Review №85

Comfy,comfy,comfy! Never want to go to another theater again that doesnt have comfy seats

Review №86

It gets the job done. However, it needs to update and get with current movie theaters.

Review №87

Nice theater. Good quality 3D picture and sound, much better than the theater I went to in Knoxville at Knoxville center. I would definitely see 3D movies here again.

Review №88

Super busy most of the time. Movie theater itself was perfect. Lines for refreshments are so long, you have to get there at least a half hour or more before the movie starts. That was a bummer I didnt know about as this was my first time visiting this theater.

Review №89

I would give it negative 5 if I could. They no longer honor premier stubs members. When asked why I was told because we can. Asked for a manager was denied. The concessions were DISGUSTING! You stuck to the floor, trash all over the place, no napkins. When i asked for some was told we dont have any, deal with it. Um excuse me?!?! Smells in the halls, staff is useless and unfriendly. They didnt have the 2019 popcorn bucket. Worst experience ever!

Review №90

Movie was great. The theater is in poor condition. It needs a deep cleaning, the walls in the theater are beyond disgusting, the carpet is so dirty. So sad that AMC let this theater decay.

Review №91

Very dirty! There was moldy food between seats!

Review №92

Would love for them to update to the recliner seats.

Review №93

I took my daughter there for a daddy daughter date. It was clean, well kept and we enjoyed the experience all together!

Review №94

Clean, neat and the cheap prices. We were very comfortable in our rocking chairs.

Review №95

No point in assigning seat because someone Elsa is already sitting your seat then when find another seat your ask to move be cause it’s their seat n manger was very rude in giving your money back n not take care of what needs to be taking care of and I will not be back every very horrible experience

Review №96

Pretty nice theatre. Nice people. Needs a good cleaning or remodel.

Review №97

I dont know where to start... I spent $100 at this Cason Ln location tonight to take my family out and enjoy ourselves. The popcorn was terrible, the screen was not expanded all the way and you could barely hear the movie. It was so hard to hear the movie that I went out and found an employee and told them very politely it was hard to hear. His response was an eye roll... Will never go back to this location. Its a shame too because I used to love this place when I was younger.

Review №98

I love the movie theater and all you can drink option is amazing

Review №99

What happened to this theater? It used to be nice! The carpets havent been swept & your shoes stick to the floor like it hasnt been mopped in weeks. And now you have to wait in line at the concession stand to buy movie tickets. We sat in our theater for 20 minutes, listening to the advertisements without video.The screen finally came on when the movie started. Wouldve gone to the new Stones River theater but their movie selection is limited.

Review №100

The movie was good but the house keeping was horrible. Went to the mens bathroom in the lobby and before I reached the door to the bathroom, I smelled urine the closer I got. The bathroom didnt appear to have been cleaned in quite a while.

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  • Address:2626 Cason Square Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN 37128, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 615-893-3278
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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