DEFY Moscow
231 Warbonnet Dr, Moscow, ID 83843, United States

Review №1

Great fun everytime we go and great way to let kids burn some energy. We drive a good hour or more just to go here because weve enjoyed the place so well.

Review №2

My kids had alot of fun here! Prices are cheaper than other jump parks weve been too. The staff could probably be a little friendlier.

Review №3

PSA, masks arent required while jumping. They talk a big game on their website in terms of safety but there are essentially no precautions once youre in the door. Waste of $35

Review №4

Lots of fun for our family.A bit hard on the body if youre in your 30s. I recommend buying a short amount of time and upping it as it expires. You might be grateful.

Review №5

Ive been here twice now and had a blast both times, despite sweating like a pig and being horribly out of breath 15 minutes in. Take many short breaks to catch your breath and get your moneys worth.At $12 for an hour, it seems a little spendy, but I honestly dont know what other establishments like this cost-- so it may be a deal?Fun for random days, dress lightly!

Review №6

Very fun, very different way to have a good time. Lots to do, we killed over an hour and a half. I hope to come back with a big group of friends.

Review №7

Awesome place! Kids love it!

Review №8

Great place would highly recommended!!

Review №9

My nephews loved it here. They had a blast. If they were younger I would be more concerned as no one seems to pay much attention to their kids and the people supposed to be watching the floor spent most of their time socializing or playing on their phones.

Review №10

My kids loved it. Thank you for providing this place for us!!!

Review №11

Great place to bring kids. Gets busy on weekends, so weekdays are best. JD is a super kind staff member, our favorite. Only complaint is the lady manager smells STRONGLY of cigarette smoke, and it actually activates my asthma, it’s so bad.

Review №12

My grandkids had a lemonade stand to raise enough money for a monthly special. When we got there, we found out the special required a three month contract...not listed on the flyer. Since I couldnt commit to that, the manager (or employee...not sure) allowed a free pass for the day. That kept the little ones from being very disappointed. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Thanks for making an exception. Would recommend you only hand out flyers with the correct information on them. Your employees should not be responsible for correcting management errors. We will be back. Thanks again.

Review №13

Kids had a blast wish lewiston had one.

Review №14

My kids absolutely LOVE going here!! The prices are great and the help is awesome!

Review №15

Great place to wear the kids out! Super fun and Groupon has discounts if you buy online!

Review №16

Whole family can jump here. Even small children. Its the best

Review №17

Great genuinely friendly staff and my daughter LOVES to go and every time we have gone she has easily made friends with other kids of all ages.

Review №18

Great place for the kids to have some good healthy fun!

Review №19

Great place for my boys to burn off some energy! Clean and friendly

Review №20

If you have kids this is an absolute blast!!! Dodgeball, basketball, obstacle course... trampoline heaven lol!

Review №21

I did not appreciate the woman, who wasnt wearing any clothing or any sort of attire that would let people know she worked there, coming into the 6 and under area yelling at the top of her lungs at all the children. I wasn’t aware the children weren’t allowed on top of this blue padded ledge that was over the trampolines. I, myself, was only up there to help my child down. It seemed very unprofessional to enter a room, to not even identify yourself as someone who worked at the establishment, and start yelling at very small children.

Review №22

Wow. Lots going on here. Trampolines, foam pits, trapeze, obstacle course. ItsI got good variety. The kids had a lot of fun! It can be quite busy though. Also, there only let people in every so often (I think its every half hour). Great place. Plus they have a 6 and under place for wee tykes, and party rooms for special events.

Review №23

Great place for a birthday party or family fun day. The trampolines and obstacle course can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. The music is loud and really energizes the entire place. Staff is very friendly and really work hard to make your visit enjoyable. Massage chairs for grown-ups are available and are situated so that you can see your children, no matter where they are on the floor.

Review №24

So, so, so, so disappointing. I brought a big group about a year ago and everyone had a great time. But this time is was so bad from an administrative perspective. The kids had fun but got cut way short on their time and there was nobody who knew how to take control of the situation. We had a few people in there when we were there. Guess what? That didnt pay the bills for the night. WE paid the bills for the night. Unfortunately nobody knew how to deal with groups. Shame.How do you know they dont care? Because they have a nice thank you to share with folks who write good reviews on here but wont respond to any that have bad experiences or serious concerns.

Review №25

So much fun! We will definitely be back! Make sure to bring water!

Review №26

We drove 2.5 hours to try a new trampoline park. We were disappointed to find out this park is for little kids only. If you have teenagers try flying squirrel in Spokane or get air in kennewick.

Review №27

Smelled like an old gym shoe but HAD A BLAST!!

Review №28

Super fun friendly staff easy going .

Review №29

Kids have a blast great way to burn their energy

Review №30

Awesome place to run energy out of a gang of kids. Fair prices. Massage chair was welcome. Seemed pretty clean which is important.

Review №31

Fun place for kids. Staff could take some care in actually being refs like they are supposed to instead of flirting with each other. The padding on swing bars over foam pits are almost non existent...but overall..a fun place

Review №32

My kids Love the place. They have had so much fun. The employees are super nice and helpful.

Review №33

My two year old cant even jump yet but, wow, she loves P3. For little ones, if its fairly quiet, this is awesome! However, if your little one is more timid this might be too much. Well only go on slow days.

Review №34

My autistic son loves this place but they dont allow him to bounce while holding his dads hands so they told them they would have to leave because 2 people arent allowed to bounce on the same trampoline. Even after they were told he was autistic and he only will jump with his dad. They said it was double bouncing and its not allowed no matter what. :( they ended up leaving 20 minutes early because of it.

Review №35

I love going here. The owner is awesome and really good with the kids. My kids always ask me to go here!

Review №36

Had my granddaughters birthday party there. You all thats work there for wonderful. I want to give a shout out to Danielle he did a awesome job he helped a lot he was very easy to talk to and he is a wonderful employee for you guys

Review №37

Not a bad price for an hour but I spent ~$80,000 for a new ACL/MCL in my knee afterwards.

Review №38

Kids had fun, front desk attitude could be improved. First time Ive visited, over all would be great if staff had an interesting in their jobs and happier attitude toward customers

Review №39

I love this place fun for the kids and adults can jump too!

Review №40

Had the best Experience ever! They keep children in line which makes for a good experience for all of us!! There was three teen age girls who were in the park when my family and I were jumping they were being rude and not abiding by the rules so the GM Anna went to go deal with them. Thank you Planet 3 Moscow for Keeping things safe!

Review №41

I love taken Vaughn Aden here they love to jumping they run their energy off

Review №42

Friendly, watchful, nice staff... Fun!

Review №43

When you are doing something its fun! The obstacle course is extremely challenging

Review №44

A bit pricey but my son had so much fun, it was totally worth it. Love how they have a 6 and under section for the little ones.. Great staff and a great way to move around during the cold months.

Review №45

Friendly staff, clean environment and the kids always enjoy their time there! A big plus for me, the massage chairs that are available, I take advantage of them every time we visit- special treat for this momma! Lol

Review №46

Fun time, little expensive if you pay full price, check out groupon. It was fun though!

Review №47

Kids had a blast. Fun place.

Review №48

Fun for the kiddos and maybe the adult kiddos as well

Review №49

This place had wonderful staff when I took my two children in for hours of fun and excitement. However, when they had a special for buy one get one tickets, the manager, Andrea, did nothing but hassle my wife and I refusing to accept the coupon that their company had published. After having the manager raise her voice at my family and storm off in frustration, the employee at the counter apologized and accepted the coupon regardless. I have never been treated so poorly by the manager of a business and refuse to return to this trampoline park ever again.

Review №50

My son and I love to come here! He is 4 and its great exercise for us both!

Review №51

My daughter loves this place shes four she calls it jumpy town.

Review №52

This is such an affordable way to have the kids burn off some extra energy!

Review №53

This place ROCKS!!! The staff were all very friendly and helpful. What an awesome place to go have some fun for an hour or two! Ill be taking my kids here for birthday parties soon!

Review №54

Kids love this place.

Review №55

Great place to take the kids to work off some of that excess energy. Adults can jump too, tons of fun.

Review №56

Lots of fun for the kiddos and a great way to burn some energy!

Review №57

My kids love this place. They woukd stay all day if they could.

Review №58

Never had a bad experience before today. Everyone I have ever dealt with here was awesome until the person today. My son was the ONLY child here. Older lady with white hair was on the phone when we walked in. No eye contact, no smile, nothing. After she finished her call, I walked up to the counter and she doesnt even look up, just barks...First & last name? After paying, she tells us we need to wait 14 minures before starting to jump. Seriously, there was nobody else even there! Ok, I get it, you have rules to follow. Maybe you could be a little more pleasant instead of copping an attitude & telling me you are being watched on camera by your supervisor. A company is only as good as its employees and this person needs a refresher on what good customer service is. Do you realize how fast bad experiences can ruin your business? Very disappointed.

Review №59

It’s actually a really fun place and i’m sorry for the comment before. my friend had taken my phone and i didn’t know she said that. we had broken the rules but i learned from my mistake and it is a very fun entertaining place.

Review №60

Kids had a incredible time. Its a little pricey you pay $12.00 a hour or $20.00 for two hours and need to buy socks from them at least once $3.00 a pair. Two hours is enough time to wear out my 11 year old and my 16 year old. They had a blast.

Review №61

Ehh it ok

Review №62

Kids had excillent time

Review №63

Its really Great

Review №64

Reminds me Im getting old.

Review №65

Very fun place even for kids and adults and a good work out I wished they had bigger socks that fit a size 15 foot but I made the xxl work I wished it was a little cheaper other then that I do recommend this place.

Review №66

Kids love it. Nice variety.

Review №67

Planet 3 provides a great place for a birthday party. My daughter loves it.

Review №68

Kids had fun. Price is a bit high for an hour so I got 2 hours there which wasnt to bad. They gave us socks because we came in with air socks and it didnt have there logo so they didnt want to charge us more. Looks like they have rooms for parties and massage chairs. They have restrooms and venting machines as well. They have at least 5 workers on the floor watching kids and were helpful when I couldnt find my kid who was in the back room for the smaller kidos which is very nice that there are separated well but hard if you have between age groups. However the parents are allowed to be on the floor with the kids just as long as they dont jump. Unless they paid for it and only in the bigger area. Im interested in going back for the black light jump time.

Review №69

Super fun place to burn of some energy for both kids and adults.

Review №70

Great for those who bounce. Not so much for those who wait for the bouncers. Horrible music selection (country and trampolines don’t mix) and very uncomfortable backless benches to wait on.

Review №71

Not as good as Spokanes. Fairly expensive and no fun at all if you are over 16 which is fine. Expect lots of kids and prepare to purchase their required socks.

Review №72

Totally epic. Glad they have a ninja warrior training type area and the dodgeball ring is the best part.

Review №73

A great place for kids to have fun get exercise and get off the video games and interact with other children

Review №74

Great place for kids and adults. Lots of fun!!

Review №75

Wonderful! Clean and the kids loved it plus staff was very friendly.

Review №76

Great fun for parents with kids or preteens to get great exercise. Healthy way for the overweight to have fun moving!

Review №77

This place was really dope! Needs to expand asap. Also, needs to have an 18+ time cuz its weird when theres little kids... Luckily we went when there wasnt any kids.

Review №78

My kids love it here.

Review №79

They let us take theyre foam blocks, we built a fort, it collapsed.

Review №80

My kids had the best time ever here

Review №81

The whole family loved it, and if you go on Monday for family night its even reasonably priced

Review №82

Fun for the kids, but man, its expensive. Cut the rates in half and its 5 star.

Review №83

Good place for guys who like to jump around. Im a girl and I enjoyed my time there.

Review №84

Great fun for all ages! We love that place!

Review №85

Great place for kids of all ages!

Review №86

Great place to take the kids for the afternoon.

Review №87

A great place for kids to burn off their energy and have fun!

Review №88

Super fun for families.

Review №89

Not as big and fun as other indoor jumping places...too pricey for the average family--not enough jump times for the 7-12 year old range of kids

Review №90

Super people that work there and very helpful.

Review №91

Get that energy out of your kids. Great exercise.

Review №92

Amazing had my daughters birthday there

Review №93

Staff was awesome, son twisted ancle a bit and they had an ice pack on them

Review №94

Great. The bathrooms are a little remote. Just saying for those who have given birth to kids.

Review №95

Went in to get gift cards for my second cousins Christmas present and they were quite helpful and great. They had kids music on while kids played.

Review №96

Clean and lots of fun for everyone. We will be back.

Review №97

Looks like a fun place for kids. We didnt have the opportunity to actually use the facility.

Review №98

Great place to burn the winter blues off

Review №99

Kids love it. Red face sweaty kids everywhere means? Nap time!

Review №100

Fun but crazy expensive

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