AMC DINE-IN Southgate 9
2901 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801, United States

Review №1

I had never been to a Dine-In theater before, I quite enjoyed the experience with all the movies Ive seen. Its a little more expensive, but you pick your seat and it is very comfortable. The food is good and the staff is very helpful. One movie I asked them to cook and delivery the food halfway through the movie and they were extremely cooperative. A Dine-In experience really makes a wonderful movie experience.

Review №2

Went to matinee service excellent. Food was hot and served quickly. As with any theater you will pay theater prices on stuff. Great selection of food and refreshments. Gluten free options as well.Was an epic experience. Beer was Ice cold

Review №3

Nice when it actually is open and has a movie I like. Selection of shows limited.

Review №4

Good food and variety. Much more comfortable than the other theater in town. Only complaint is they forgot my refill and seemed to take a long time to correct it even after asking and it was not real busy. Even so staff was pleasant. I would definitely go back, Im looking forward to it!!

Review №5

Very nice theater. Very new. Friendly staff. Soft easy chairs and a fireplace in the waiting area are nice touches. Seats in the theatre are the new reclining variety.

Review №6

Loved this theatre, very comfortable seats and great service. The servers are very nice and accommodating! Definitely deserve a nice tip! The only compliant is when I received my food it was cold but that’s okay. And I didn’t find the servers interrupting of the movie, I had a great experience! And not terribly expensive either!

Review №7

Christmas is always fun unfortunately theres not that many stores anymore. They need to bring in some good stores. The big ones are gone Im leaving. The decorations inside are getting pretty cool. But I have to say its sad to see A mall die.

Review №8

Always a great time. The staff is very helpful and friendly, and the servers are always prompt when the help button is pressed. I have tried one of their burgers and the Big Bite Sampler, and they are both great. I dont recommend the nachos. looks nothing like the picture and isnt the best tasting. One complaint I have is that there is only one size popcorn. My 3 year old wanted popcorn, I did not, and I had to order a large popcorn for the little man. The seats are very comfortable, are adjustable, and recline. The prices here are great. I came from California where tickets were at least $12. Ive never paid more than $10 per ticket here and some days only costed $5! Its crazy that we live in a day where you can watch a movie in the theaters for the same price as renting a Blockbuster flick back when they were around.

Review №9

Great place I love the seats and service I always choose this place

Review №10

The best movie experience I have had in awhile. By far the best theater in town. Seats were very comfortable, great view of screen, and great service. A great place to watch a movie for adults, and having a beer during the movie was pretty cool

Review №11

Poor service. I arrived early for my movie so I went to the bar for a drink. The Bartenders makeup was unprofessional and she was very rude.One i was seated in the theater the waiter took more the twenty minutes to wait on me. I was one of the first people seated?The food was cold once it arrived and my change was incorrect. It appears they know how much I was going to tip ?I would have much rather of had the option of being waited on or picking up my food at the counter.The seats where uncomfortable and tight with a tray that doesn’t move out of the way so you can get up quickly and with ease. The wait staff where passing in front of me while watching the movie which was a distraction.The theater would be nicer with the upper section being waited on and the lower section that can get their food from a vender counter.I most likely will not be visiting the bar again and I will carry my food and drink into the theater “if” I visit this theater again.

Review №12

I loved it! Great service recline able chairs! They even have a service button on your chair

Review №13

It is so fun to go for dinner and a movie...went for the third time a week ago and loved it. Relaxing seating, good food, good service and reasonable prices! A a good movie to round it al out!

Review №14

I walked into poor customer service and fairly incompetent workers. The food took forever, then was luke-warm and lack-luster. The movie was great, but had nothing to do with them. They are capable of better.

Review №15

It was great. The volume, although load, wasnt bad. The seats were wonderful. The waitstaff was attentive without being intrusive. Overall, it was a great experience.

Review №16

I love coming here for movies! The seats are comfortable and a lot more spacious than the standard seating. Great for dinner and a movie nights!

Review №17

Really nice! Comfy chairs! In dining really makes the experience that much better. The food is good! Great staff! A little expensive but worth it! Great date!

Review №18

I love the comfy seats in the theater. However, their food and beer is way overpriced. Almost $11 for one beer is insane

Review №19

A great, needed twist on the local theater.Evening showings for adults with decent food & cocktails. Great idea!

Review №20

Disappointing service! Upon early arrival, we went to the Bar for a glass of Wine. We are both in our late 50s to early 60s. The very unprofessionally made-up bartender carded us. One of us was not carrying ID and she refused to serve us. When we asked for just water, she told us that it would be quicker to get served in our theater. That was a 45 minute wait for the movieOnce in the theater for our movie, we were one of the first people to be seated. It took an additional 30 minutes to get our order in. After paying cash for our drinks and snacks, we were shorted our change. I guess that they just assume what you are going to tip them. Wont be returning for quite a while.

Review №21

Love the theater. Everything was great. Only reason it didnt get 5 stars was no beers yet. I was told they are waiting on state approval. I totally understand that. I visited on 10/23/18. I would still highly recommend.

Review №22

Seats are great! Totally worth that alone, but the service was a little slow and i did not get my entire order for dinner. All in all, ill still go again.

Review №23

Good food, good drinks(alcohol license pending) and good vibe. The AMC 9 has brought the comfort of your living room together with a dinner experience while saving you the time of cooking and not ribbing your pocket book. Service was an 11 out of 10! Everyone I know has rated it the same! Remember to tip your servers so we can have great service and keep the amazing servers!The screen feels like a Big D and costs only $9, well worth it, even if it is slightly smaller.Lots of leg room and sharing the tiny arm rest is a thing of the past.The AMC9 still honors Fandango tickets by allowing you to pass the line, so get your tickets on Fandango and skip the line now!Well done AMC 9, this is a well done job that will keep people coming in to enjoy the experience for years.

Review №24

This place is a very welcoming and great place to see a a movie. Equipped with a full bat and great heating. The chairs are adjustable and a great place to watch a movie

Review №25

Love this place! Veggie burger was the best. Dine-in is the way to go especially for a longer show like Ford v Ferrari. Thanks!

Review №26

Great place to watch a movie

Review №27

I dont like the seating. Very hard for older people to get in and out. Tray tables should fold up for ease of the older people. Better seating is needed for the handicapped population.

Review №28

So comfy like being at home watching movie only you get the popcorn and jr mints yum

Review №29

A bit overpriced but what movie theater isnt. Comfy seats and good food. Sometimes have had a bad experience here because waiter never brought food back to us but they made it up to us. Some very nice people here.

Review №30

Surprisingly great food. Comfortable seats. Good sound quality

Review №31

For a year now, been coming once a month with deteriorating experiences. In regards to the service. Extremely slow. I usually show up 10 minutes early to get my seat some popcorn and settle in. I like munching on popcorn during the commercials and previews. Today I actually hit the service button, waited about 5 minutes before a server showed up to tell me my actual server would come later and he couldnt help me. I just wanted a popcorn refill, literally what 2 to 3 seconds worth oud effort. I can understand the meal thing, but until they make getting a popcorn refill take less than a couple minutes to begin eating I will always pick the other theater when available. I mean there where only 3 people in the theater to begin with. Should be instantaneous service in that regard.

Review №32

My sons birthday and so we went and watched Sonic the Hedgehog. It was fun like always!

Review №33

I love this ️ who wouldnt love dinner and a movie! Great food and great service

Review №34

Its a theatre... Prices arent bad, seats are nice & they have actual food.

Review №35

Our tickets we purchased on line didnt register when we got there. We havent been to the movies in probably 20 years, but wanted to go for Downton Abbey movie. Made it a true date night. Finally got to our seats. Decided to order a bottle of wine. We waited and waited for 45 minutes at least. Called 3 times to find out what happened to our order. Finally after the movie was going another 20 or so minutes got our wine. Movie was great and the seats were comfortable. Service could be alot better. Just glad we ate before or we could still be waiting for food. No extra low dim lights to see what youre doing, just have the screen light to guide you. Go there if you can patiently wait and wait.

Review №36

Comfortable chairs. Very friendly service. And pretty cool idea that they do food and alcohol.

Review №37

The chairs are comfy. The food not bad, but no separate fryer for shellfish, so I cant have the shrimp-fries. Popcorn is BIG. ...and Im disappointed theres still no beer.

Review №38

Nice seats. Great staff. Food is alright.

Review №39

Usually enjoy this movie theatre, however came here and waited 1 hour and a half for our popcorn which we asked three times where it was, nothing so we finally cancelled. Not a enjoyable experience for the night.

Review №40

Very clean and safe

Review №41

Chairs are so comfortable you can take a nap during your date!

Review №42

Seats are very comfortable and offer lots of leg room. The food is pretty good too

Review №43

Real Nice, love this way of watching a movie. Nice seats, great service. Not overly cold inside, actually got warm for a min

Review №44

Our food was great, our service was exceptional and our movie was fantastic, just as expected. Plus the recliner chairs are very comfortable and you can drink during the show!

Review №45

The reclining seats make movie watching extremely enjoyable. Last night I dont think they were ready for the crowd as it took longer than normal to order

Review №46

ALWAYS live the Southgate mall! They are never short on community events while also out reaching as well! The stores there are fairly priced and kept in great condition allowing optimal service. The only issue is parking/traffic can get a little hectic at times.

Review №47

My first experience in this type of indoor movie viewing. As well as the 3D projection. I was impressed and enjoyed the 3D experience. Glasses furnished at check in.The theater venue was very impressive and I will be returning for future attractions. Although I didnt partake in The Dine In portion but in observing other patrons it seemed quite appeasing. The menu was very sufficient in choices from appetizers to entrees. Normal movie snacks also were available. The staff was very thorough and polite.The seating was by reservation when purchasing online tickets and there was no confusion. Seats were very comfortable with recline and foot rest if desired. The aisle allowing for this in accessibility. Handicap seating was available and sufficient. Do not see myself going any where else after this. Honestly a Leap above the normal theater experience. Highly recommended!!

Review №48

Its a lot of fun. Unfortunately my chair didnt work so I couldnt lounge. The food was pretty good. Prices arent too bad. Staff was friendly.

Review №49

Always good having a beer while you watch a movie

Review №50

I love the AMC Dine-in Theater experience!

Review №51

Horrible service. Had to ask for items multiple times, then got the bill before we even recieved our stuff. Service staff wasnt respectful of the ongoing movie. Glass covering bottom half of your screen view was filthy and distracting. We will not be back. **edited to note that management was very concerned about our experience and comped a large portion of our meal and gave us tickets to come back.

Review №52

Loved the seats in this place and the food was really tasty! It was the most comfy theatre Ive been to ever! Cant wait until they get beer and wine though... That is kind of the point of done and watch theater in my opinion! Great sounds and picture though so Im super happy this place is there!

Review №53

A great place to catch a movie. Comfy seats&nice service!

Review №54

Amazing experience for basically the same price. Beer, wine, full food menu, servers in the theater, and some of the most comfortable chairs Ive sat in. Great place to take your date.

Review №55

Its movies! Whats not to love? Then you take it one step further and have a great place to watch movies on a big screen and then add food and service. Wow. This place has great Lazy Boy Stadium seats, with push button, call buttons to have that drink in your hand refilled in a Flash. No more missing parts of the movie to refill your drink. They have food other than popcorn and candy. You can have an actual meal and eat it as you watch your show. Ive had their Pizza and their chicken so far and the flavor was good. You gotta try it. Recline, feet up, surround sound, eye-popping giant screen and food delivered to your seat in a snap. Youre gonna love it. Ill see you there because I may never leave.

Review №56

Second time visiting and still a lovely experience, if not better this time. The movie (Captain Marvel) was fun to see, staff was pleasant and the seats were comfy as always!Had some trouble with our stubs premium cards, but Manager Chris was very nice and helpful! He was on the ball and got the situation figured out even though it was a busy night for them. We’ll continue coming back!!

Review №57

The seats are comfortable but they dont recline very far. The seat-side service is nice and the servers do a good job in the loud theater to hear your order. It is very pricey though but I dont mind paying for a theater that nice

Review №58

Absolutely the best service I’ve ever received from a dine-in theater’s staff. Always very respectful and helpful when I ask what they reccomend I eat. If you haven’t gone there yet, do so asap.

Review №59

Ive been to a variety of pleasant, well-run, dine-In theatres in major cities across America, but to be clear, this one in Missoula AINT it!! The AMC Dine-In Theatre of Missoula was very poorly designed, and is being sorely mis-managed, so I wouldnt waste my time or money at this place ever again. In fact, if I had to guess, Id bet that this particular theatre is closed and out of business by 2024. Thats how bad the overall experience is and was. Here are just some of the reasons why, and ALL, are based on a single (most recent) visit alone:1) We selected and paid for two reserved seats at their website on-line, including a $4.00 convenience fee, so that my wife and I could arrive on-time, and not need to wait in the ticket line upon our arrival. But, in the end, we had to wait in line anyway, because the theatre claimed they had no employee available to manage the members/reserved seats entry line, and thus, the movie had started before we were even able to get seated. Reserved seating? Convenience fees? A complete waste of time and money. Strike One!2) The width of our two seats (two seats in a veritable sea of a thousand seats!), and their little swing-away dining tables, were so incredibly narrow and cramped, that it was less comfortable than coach seats on a budget Mexican airliner! It was like sitting in a deep, cramped shopping cart for two and a half hours! Absolutely ridiculous! Strike Two!3) Half of the entire movie was spent with legions of waiters and waitresses, passing incessantly to and fro in front of us, loudly taking and delivering an endless string of food and drink orders to other theatre-goers, resulting in a constant disruption of the movie experience. Strike Three, Youre Out!And the very best part of all ?? (Strike Four?)? The theatres brain-dead kitchen management made the brilliant command decision that night to offer-up on their menu, some sort of perverse baked cheese pot-pie with BROCCOLI in it!!! Thats right! You heard me! I said it! BAKED BROCCOLI!!! In an enclosed public space, in the heart of winter, with NO circulating air or ventilation whatsoever!! Absolutely INSANE! And dozens of people ordered it! In a matter of mere minutes, the entire theatre stunk like a stable full of neglected donkeys. I literally thought I was gonna ralph all over the floor.No sir! You can KEEP this palatial dungeon, and its exorbitant fees, and its various film and food offerings. I wouldnt visit it again if it was the only theatre in a hundred mile radius! I dont much like being duped out of hard-earned money, for non-existent or second-rate services, and thats precisely what this place did! Its a lipstick on a pig monstrosity, plain and simple, and I hope that it and its profiteering ownership, soon fall flat on their proverbial face!

Review №60

Look, its covid and everything is different

Review №61

So cool food drinks chairs recline

Review №62

I love movies, and my granddaughters, so movie night with Grandpa is fun. A little slow on service, but they do take care of you. Recliners are great to watch movies in, nice and comfy. The sound system is really nice, you can feel it as well as hear it!! Overall, its a good time!!

Review №63

Nice theater and friendly staff but for me, popcorn is a big party part of the experience. The popcorn is not great. Maybe they are trying to make it too healthy but, sorry, it just didnt taste like movie theater popcorn.

Review №64

Always helpful staff and fun experience for the whole family

Review №65

The brussel sprouts are to die for! The service is always amazing here. Only thing that sucks are the people who come here and think because their are reclining seats and food served to your seat that they can act like they are at home when they are really out in public... otherwise the food is great, a little spendy, but the chefs know what they are doing! The seats are better than the seats at the classic theatre because they recline and make you feel so comfy! I love this place!

Review №66

The fact that our community has a movie theater like this in Missoula great! Food is decent and slightly expensive, but what do you expect- your eating at the movies with reclining luxury chairs and can even have a drink while you do so. Staff is always friendly and weve yet to endure long wait periods, like some of the other reviewers.

Review №67

Great service and the most comfortable 4 way reclining movie theater seats youll find in Missoula. Dine in options are priced reasonably and brought right to your seat by courteous wait staff. Phenomenal sound and picture, the only way to watch a new release in my opinion.

Review №68

Had the absolute worst theater experience of my life. I decided to take my sister to a late night movie and go to the nice dine in theater. A friend gave me a Fandango card so I used that to buy tickets, and when we got to the theater and tried to pickup the tickets the guy at the ticket counter was just rude and acted like it was such an inconvenience to print our tickets. Once we got in we ordered a couple of drinks (you know, the ones with unlimited refills which is the only reason wed pay $6 for a Sprite). Once the movie started there was an incredibly rude and loud group sitting in front of us, and while this isnt the theaters fault the employees continued to just walk by them and say absolutely nothing as they continued to be disruptive to the rest of us. The final straw however was trying to get a refill on our drinks. We sat with the lights on our chairs requesting service for somewhere between 30-45 minutes and when someone finally came they just told us it was late and the drink machine was off so we were out of luck. If youre going to sell overpriced drinks but offer refills, have the courtesy to let people know they only get one (because it was a complete waste of money and we wouldnt have bought them at all). Basically they charged us $35 for two tickets to a disruptive show with dismissive employees, rude interactions and one drink each even though it was supposed to be unlimited. The only reason this gets a second star is because the chairs are very comfortable. Ill give them that.

Review №69

Movie ok and all BUT literally out of every item on the menu NOTHING was vegan. Nice dine in...

Review №70

Its a good place to go I like the seats and the service it has good food to

Review №71

Saw a great movie, Hunter Killer & enjoyed the dine-in theater. Had a royal burger & fries. It was a big thick juicy delicious burger w/fries. Will definitely eat it again.

Review №72

Great movie theater. They bring food to your seat.

Review №73

...great venue! Good food. However, the service over the past few weeks has declined so noticeably and so rapidly that it makes me think there is a serious problem with management/training and morale. I attend this venue an average of twice a week and without a fast and noticeable improvement in service I will no longer spend my money here and will not be able to recommend this place. Its a real shame as there are some pleasant people here.

Review №74

Food was way overpriced, and not very good. But seats were comfortable.

Review №75

Showed up 10 min early for the show. Waited 45 min for someone to take my order, of just popcorn, coke and candy. 30 min later I hit the call light to get another drink and was told the kitchen was closed. Come on people its only 9:30 and all I want is a coke refill. Plus it was probably 80° in there. Probably the worst theater experience I’ve ever had. I had high hopes too being it was my first time there. What a joke. Probably won’t be back.

Review №76

Great chairs and okay service

Review №77

The fish and chips are amazing. As are the cheesy bacon tots. Our new go to spot for movies and dinner.

Review №78

I really love this new theater! The seats are SO COMFY! The reason I did not give it 5 stars, is because they attendants never come back to give you a refil, or walk by to checknon you, or take your dirty dish if you have ordered food. That us the only thing I dont lime, and ut has happend more than once.

Review №79

Food is always good. Prices for drinks and candy are as high as you would expect for a theater, but the food is decently priced. Lots of leg room, but the seats are a little small for bigger people like myself.

Review №80

Movie theaters are huge, super comfy reclining chairs. The tickets are priced alright, but be careful of what food you order. It is not always the best and quite expensive. Personally, I think their milkshakes are the best purchase option.

Review №81

Super comfortable seating and movie experience. They MUST do something about the service. I would much rather go and get my own popcorn and soda rather than wait this long. If the theater is open for seating they need to have servers.

Review №82

The general manager of this theater hung up on me during a conversation where I was trying to resolve an issue that was their fault. She then insulted me by asking if I was going to listen to her when I called back. I have also heard of this theater mistreating and exploiting their employees based on her incompetence. I would steer clear of this location completely if you want good customer service from employees who are treated fairly.

Review №83

We really enjoyed seeing Capt Marvel from our comfortable lounge seats. The sound quality in the theater was exemplary. Loved being at the Southgate 9!

Review №84

Really nice theater! First time going to this theater and I have to say I am really impressed! There are nice leather power seats that are really comfortable. The picture quality is great and the atmosphere of the place is amazing! Also the waitresses/waiters are really friendly. All in all I have to give it 5++ star review. Cant wait till the next time!

Review №85

Good food and recliners. Come early to order. No lights at seats.

Review №86

Great service watched frozen 2 it was good.

Review №87

Its still in start up mode... but I love It! The seats were super comfortable. I dont know if I can go back to a regular theater after this.The food was great and reasonably priced. Even if you just got a soda and popcorn, youll love the, at your seat refills.Thanks AMC for figuring out how to keep us going out to the movies. I cant wait to go back.Seriously! I want to go back.

Review №88

Had to wait forever for our Drinks and popcorn!!Nice theater, great seats....

Review №89

Nice place, a little crowded, if you are near the isle the lights will blind you. Chair buttons can be hard to find in the dark. When I told the waiter I was still looking at the menu and would be just a minute the waitress never returned to order.

Review №90

Excellent service, always a great experience.

Review №91

Pretty overrated. I pretty much choose not to go to movies in this theater anymore strictly because of the price. It costs more to sit and watch the movie with a bunch of talking and whispering people than it does to buy the blue ray version and watch in the comfort of your own home. Or even wait for streaming services to get the movie. If I recall correctly its about 25 for two people. Makes it a very costly endeavour.

Review №92

It was awesome, the screens were pretty big. The chairs were comfortable. The food was great. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you AMC

Review №93

Horrible service. Everyone in our row had food and drinks, so after a half hour we asked if we could get our drinks. The lady seemed super annoyed with us and said she would check if they were done yet. I didn’t think two kids lemonades, a Dr Pepper and a water would need to take that long, especially when everyone else who ordered about the same time also had their food. We waited another 20 minutes for that. Then we were afraid to ask for our food after because of how put out our attendant seemed with the drinks. About 30 minutes after the drink she comes by to give us our check...still no food. All she says is, “oh I won’t give you that then (referring to the check) and leaves.” Another 20 minutes or so passes so I finally went out to see if we were going to get our this time my kids are starving. The person I found was very nice and helpful and found someone who knew that said it was coming and they comped a bunch of it. It finally came, and it was ok food but really not that great. And the bill was a mess. They charged everything twice, the kids drinks that were supposed to be included separately, they charged for milk...which we didn’t order or get, then took off $92. So they made it seem like we payed for just drinks and we got a huge discount, but really we basically paid for an adult meal and the adult drink. Just seemed super slimy to make it seem otherwise. I would definitely get better, cheaper food somewhere else and skip this theater. Not worth disrupting the movie I really wanted to see for horrible service and subpar, overpriced food.

Review №94

Dine in theater is great. Toppings for Mac and cheese are not the best quality but the theatre itself is great and service is wonderful. Appetizers are the best!

Review №95

Phenomenal service, ultimate comfort and delicious food. Now if they could only figure out a way to keep the food hot before serving it. Ive never really had hot food from there. Anything that was supposed to be hot was cold by the time I got it. Talk about a first world problem! Overall, a wonderful experience. We will be coming back!

Review №96

We have been twice now. Really enjoyed our first time even though the food did take a really long time. We loved the comfortable chairs and the great movie. We decided to go again today and the lady at the check in was so rude. I was trying to check in on the kiosk when she asked if she could help me so I went over, she asked if I had my confirmation number and I told her I was pulling it up when she heavily sighed. I explained I would be happy to use the kiosk if I was bothering her and she told me to go ahead and use it then rolled her eyes at me. I was having difficulty with the kiosk because the scanner is apparently broken and there is no sign. I told my husband maybe this was a mistake when the lady says we can get you a refund and starts waving down the manager and telling us we can leave. We explained to the manager we just wanted to check in and go enjoy the movie with our kids. The manager was very polite and said she thought it was a misunderstanding and then lady said they were working with this employee on this problem (maybe I’m not the first). The rest of our experience was great but the lady checking us in ruined it for me. We already reserved tickets in advance for our anniversary but now I’m not looking forward to going.

Review №97

I love going here. The seats are very comfortable and they are handicapped accessible. The seats also recline.

Review №98

I was there in early December to see Bohemian Rhapsody and wow! Super comfortable large reclining chairs, tasty food, helpful and friendly staff, and you cant see the heads of the people in front of you! The food was pricey, but it came out hot and was way better than I expected for a movie theater meal. I probably wont order food there again because it is relatively expensive, but the movie viewing experience is definitely worth repeating.

Review №99

Clean theater, great service and tasty food. If you need something during the movie, there is a button on the front of your seat to let the servers know you need something, nifty.

Review №100

They barely clean the cups so your drinking out of the last persons drink or milkshake the kitchen is kinda dirty. Management is unsteady. Beware

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  • Address:2901 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 406-203-1595
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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