Atlas Cinemas Diamond Center 16
9555 Diamond Centre Dr, Mentor, OH 44060, United States

Review №1

Went to the movies last night and saw The New Mutants! The movie was amazing and the staff was very helpful and courteous. We had the whole theater to ourselves and even though it was pretty cool having the whole theater. It made me sad to know that we could be losing this family experience due to attendance. Get back to theaters they are makeing sure we are safe for our familes!!!

Review №2

I highly recommend this place. Great job and a very good decision on Managements part of upgrading all of the seating at this movie theater I will definitely be back and will definitely highly recommend everybody to come to this movie theater for a nice comfortable experience keep up the work Atlas Cinema employees and management you will definitely be getting all of the people in friends that I hang out with to definitely give you great reviews along with my review keep up the good work everybody

Review №3

Fantastic, we rented out the whole theater...Staff was very nice

Review №4

.I stop in just to get my popcorn fix. They dont laugh at me for it either.Clean and keeping covid precautions!

Review №5

Nice theatre. About the same price as everywhere else.

Review №6

Clean, employees are really friendly and very helpful. The best theater we have been too in quite awhile. Good job.

Review №7

Good, but sadly very empty.

Review №8

Was great! So good to get back to movies!

Review №9

Very friendly staff! Also a nice clean facility!!

Review №10

Outdated. One of the theaters smelled like feces, disgusting! Too expensive for what it’s worth. Go to the Great Lakes mall theater instead.

Review №11

Clean...friendly staff and great pop corn!!

Review №12

Always love date night! Movie was excellent and popcorn was always the best. Nothing compares to movie popcorn.

Review №13

Theater was very clean and the seating was super comfortable. We had a problem with the sound that we told the manager on duty about and he was looking into it before the next show started. I was impressed with his willingness to check into it!

Review №14

I had always preferred to patronize the Diamond Center over any other of the local Atlas franchises. The popcorn was popped fresh and it was often less crowded. The Atlas Great Lakes pre-pops their popcorn and stores it in plastic bags. When I asked why, they said they cant keep up with the volume of customers and have to pre-pop. The last time I visited the Atlas Diamond, they too had pre-popped popcorn, which was stale, somewhat salty, and not warm/hot. For those prices they should return to fresh popped popcorn, even if they have to add a third popcorn machine. Other than the popcorn issue, I find the theater comfortable and clean enough.

Review №15

Seats are comfy, but they need to clean the popcorn from in between the cushions and the arm rests, lots of stuff in there. Staff seems courteous and the screen and sound quality is pretty solid.

Review №16

One of our fave cinemas. They have the very comfy recliners.

Review №17

Been going to this movie theater my whole life and have not had one bad experience!

Review №18

Comfy Seats. Great Deals.

Review №19

Saw IT Chapter 2. Pretty good movie, but did drag every now and then. Much different than the original movie. The first remake was a bit different too. I didnt like the fact one of the main characters was killed, as it didnt happen in the book or first movie. Only Stanley was killed off in those. The special effects were pretty good.

Review №20

Nice staff and love the plush new seats! Great experience taking the kids here!

Review №21

Always friendly and clean. Its a great theater

Review №22

Nice clean theater, nice recliner seats. Would have been 5 stars but the movie picture was cut off at the top and bottom like they did not want to adjust the picture to fit the screen. Weird

Review №23

First I didnt like the new assigned seat thing.....until I saw the then you see why the seats are assigned. The new seating is amazing and comfortable

Review №24

Overall, really nice place. Spent 11.50 on some popcorn and a drink unfortunately, buy other than that its great theatre!

Review №25

Love this theater. Always enjoy our date night.

Review №26

This is a nice clean theater. The seats are comfortable and I love that you can choose your seats ahead of time.

Review №27

Good place, average movie experience. The reclining seats are a nice luxury for a cheap price

Review №28

Always love this theater. The only downside is sometimes we cant all fit in one row.

Review №29

We went to see the call of the wild the cinema has really improved.

Review №30

Good theater and the sound wasnt so loud that it blew your ears out!

Review №31

Great seats, but getting a recliner is a crapshoot- the seat selector provides no info.

Review №32

Great theater. At the frozen 2 movie. It was predictable. I did get Elsa finds a boyfriend wrong

Review №33

Staff is nice and friendly. Place could use a little updating. And the chairs arent as comfortable as the reclining ones at other theaters. But its still a great place to go to with the family

Review №34

I had a free ticket so i do not know what the prices are. I loved the chairs there was a button to recline and put your feet up, i definatly used that extra! I saw Courageous and it was an exellent movie! I truly enjoyed myself today! Great movie experience!

Review №35

Awesome place! The seats are comfortable and recline. Very polite staff! My car battery died and one of the staff members (Adam) was extremely polite and went out of his way to jump start my car with his cables. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had my car started.Besides that the theater was awesome, very big, clean and relaxing.

Review №36

Ive been going to this theater since I was a kid and its always been great for casual viewings to opening night premiers. The recent renovations of the different theaters add nice recliners that make the movie experience more comfortable.

Review №37

Monday matinee worth every cent. Go spend time with your wife or someone else may.

Review №38

They have the new reclining seats, and good prices on matinees.

Review №39

They have a great deal on Monday. $6 for 2D and $9 for 3D movies.

Review №40

Its a great modern theatre, nothing special but very nice place to go.

Review №41

I remembered why I stopped going to see movies a decade ago... still applies: screaming kids, expensive tickets and now dirty recliners... Ill pass

Review №42

Very nice, some seats do not recline all the way back, but they do let you know when you purchase a ticket which ones do.

Review №43

I cant believe in the condition of the cinema, restroom has broken fixtures, the theatre was filthy, not what I ecpect from an Atlas Cinema.

Review №44

This cinema is really nice. Prices are high. But you get really nice power recliner seats that are super comfy. The screens are clear and sound is amazing.

Review №45

The recliners were wonderful. Made it like sitting at home relaxing while a premier movie is playing right in front of you

Review №46

My family and I were traveling so we decided to watch a movie here. The theatre was clean and the reclining chairs made for an enjoyable movie experience. The concession prices had a 1,000% markup, but thats expected. Overall, I would return here if we were back in the area.

Review №47

I love going to the movies with my friends and family.

Review №48

Love this theater since they got the recliners, there so comfortable! I hate how cold the theater is so I always bring a blanket in lol ! the prices of the food and drinks are pricey but other than that its an amazing place!

Review №49

Smaller theatre but nice. The mens room was in a state of repair.

Review №50

Its what youd expect from a theater.Clean place and decent customer service.

Review №51

Someone could certainly dust rails and sweep all the underlaying mess of popcorn!! Other then that, it was good

Review №52

This theater is an amazing place to watch movies, the seat are amazing comfortable recliners that have cup holders and adjustable seats. The prices are higher than some theaters but in my opinion its well worth the extra money.

Review №53

Nice, clean, way to cold in there. Dress warm

Review №54

Quick lines and awesome seating. I tend to go weeknights and sometimes the popcorn is stale. Some of the theaters have small screens but so do all the other theaters in the area. I choose this place over Great lakes every time.

Review №55

Nice place. Great seating. As always you get screwed on purchasing of any food items. Other than that. Great spot.

Review №56

Love the recliners!

Review №57

Love the movies but please lower the concession prices. We would buy more if prices were not so high.

Review №58

Love $5 movie night. Pleasant staff.

Review №59

First time using the reclining seats. What a fun way to watch a movie. Very comfortable. Theater was clean and comfortable temperature. Great family environment.

Review №60

Buttery popcorn and clean restrooms

Review №61

No complaints after years of coming here!

Review №62

Love the recliner seating, but dislike having to wait in line in the lobby while everyone else chooses a seat. Its seems Stupud

Review №63

Pricey but the seats are very comfortable. Lots of space between seats.

Review №64

Most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in..the ppl are nice

Review №65

Exact copy of my review of Willoughby Commons. If you were blindfolded until you got inside you probably wouldnt be able to tell them apart... Huge reclining, comfy, La-Z-Boy style chairs, assigned seating, clean areas. A very nice experience. This is the theater you take a date to.

Review №66

Love going here but after years of improvements and upkeep, seems a little rundown. New theater advancements havent been added in a few years. Hope this is a grand that gets reversed

Review №67

Love their new seats! Had a concern about a few things, sent them an email and received a quick, courteous response that answered my questions. This is a family owned theater... not one of the big chains. Would love to see the community continue to support it!

Review №68

Great theatre; awesome recliner seats-super friendly staff! The family deal for $11.50 is the way to go large popcorn and large drink each with one free refill

Review №69

Wonderful movie theatre with amazing new theater seats! I felt so awesome and relaxed watching a movie there! I will be back to see many many more! I even was able to bring my mom and her friend and they enjoyed the environment and the comfort! Awesome job Management job well done!

Review №70

This theater has upgraded to new seats and screens. Its really nice! The sound still has areas for improvement, you really cannot hear or feel the bass, making it movies seem very quiet.

Review №71

Loved Downton Abbey...just a great series completion.

Review №72

Now has computerized seat registration when you buy your ticket at the counter. Comfortable full and half reclining seats, welcoming staff who seem well organized when busy. Not a huge snack counter fan in general so cannot comment on that subject.

Review №73

Not the cheapest show around BUT they have recently upgraded BIG time and Installed all new leather recliners in all of their theaters including the stadium seating. The theaters are generally clean for a movie theater and contains a homeish feel unlike other theaters. They generally have anything you want in theaters to watch for a reasonable amount of time.

Review №74

Great seats. Theatre could have been warmer. Should be senior prices all through the week days.

Review №75

I used a free movie ticket stub and the cashier still charged me for the ticket. She was clueless and didn’t pay attention. She said she couldn’t do anything about it and to call her manager. Manager said there was nothing they could do about it.

Review №76

Needs some updating. Bathrooms were super small, theater chairs were recliners and comfortable. Didnt like only three people were in row. My whole group couldnt sit together. Food is overpriced.

Review №77

Great service and great seating in the cinema rooms

Review №78

Nobody there during the day.... So that was nice. The speakers in the theater we were in (14) had loud hissing that was pretty anoying during the movie.

Review №79

Very nice. Roomy, comfortable reclining seats. Only problem is they keep it so cold (in the middle of summer). Dress warm!

Review №80

Always love going here!

Review №81

It has good food but the rules is terrible. About a week ago my 5 friends went to see the movie, The Nun. Reminder that all of the 5 friends were not teens yet, 12 years old. They got in it just fine. Their parent paid for the 5 tickets and just left. Yesterday I went with my brother and neighbor to the same theater. My mother paid for the tickets and just left us. We got our popcorn and drinks and headed for the ticket person. He asked us do you have your id’s. We said no but we didn’t wanna waste 50 dollars on getting thrown out. I called my mom and she got us in but then left. We were like 10 minutes in the movie until all the employees were standing outside the theater door, they kept walking in and walking out. Until an old lady comes in with a flash light pointing straight at us and turns it right off when she turns. We thought that they told her to do it just to make sure we were in there alone. A lady asked us where’s our mother and we said bathroom and they said we saw her sneak out so you guys have to leave. We left but the thing is we are teenagers. We aren’t gonna scream like little kids. We got our money back but I recommend to ask the guy where you buy the tickets if you need a parent or guardian with you to see it.

Review №82

Great little classic movie theater with the best popcorn Ive had so far in a theater. The seating are roomy but unlike the new fancy Stadium style theaters with reclining seats this location was clean and the sound system was great.

Review №83

In my opinion the best theater in Lake County. The reclining seats are excellent.

Review №84

Great Cinema comfy chairs beautiful picture wonderful sound

Review №85

Great customer service! Wonderful recliners! Easy check-in from buying tickets from app! Temp in theater was way too cold - wish I had a blanket!

Review №86

Good place to see movies but consession stand prices are too high.

Review №87

Just watched the Live Action The Lion King and loved it!

Review №88

Fantastic seats and very clean. Would go there again and make my primary Cinema.

Review №89

Ive never encountered a problem here and would recommend this facility to any moviegoer.

Review №90

I enjoyed myself very much. The seats were so comfortable I had forgotten I was in a theater.

Review №91

Clean, friendly staff, comfortable chairs that recline, video quality 7/10, audio quality 2/10 (significantly lower than reference).Without proper audio levels you just dont experience the movie the way the producers wanted you to!

Review №92

The picture quality was good and the reclining seats felt nice

Review №93

Comfortable seats...good temperature

Review №94

Nice theater nice re li es too

Review №95

Only thing that would have made this better is if the seats were more in a stadium incline. Wonderful people, clean theater

Review №96

The Concessions was very friendly. Great staff. The seating was amazing. Couldnt believe the reclining chairs and all the space in between. Great theatre

Review №97

Comfy recliners, food and drink prices too high

Review №98

Very nice place, extremely comfortable seating!!

Review №99

Great seats; sticky floors.

Review №100

Saw Avengers-End Game. This was the 1st weekend and although the theater was crowded it was not full! The new reclining seats are really nice.

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  • Address:9555 Diamond Centre Dr, Mentor, OH 44060, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 440-352-8822
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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