Bear Paddle Swim School - Marlton
515 Route 73 South, Unit 170 B, Marlton, NJ 08053, United States

Review №1

Excellent place for the kiddies. Very nice instructors that explain the different techniques to the children and then demonstrate them when necessary.

Review №2

It was a good experience. Three kids in the class. Adults wear masks. Instructors wear face shields and children dont wear masks. The half hour went by fast. The only thing was the class ended 8 minutes early and the kids seemed disappointed by that wanting more, the ending was abrupt and without warning and the kids seemed confused.

Review №3

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have been calling for two weeks leaving message after message and no one will pick up the phone let alone call back. I decided I would just go there in person to speak to someone since they don’t like to answer the phones, only to be greeted by someone who clearly is not qualified to work around people. She told me I would be getting a call this morning by Christina who is the new lead management. I still have not received a phone call and after looking online at all the reviews it seems that this is an on going issue for not only my self but multiple parents.

Review №4

The worst customer service I have ever received! Instructors were good but.... don’t ever have to change anything! Due to one of our cars breaking down I asked to cancel for the next month. Because I have three kids and work and with trying to figure out scheduling and when it will be fixed. That would have been the easiest solution. They said it wasn’t 30 days so I would still have to pay for the next month. I wasn’t going to pay and get nothing in return. I tried to figure out a way to get them to class at a different time when possible. I need back to back classes. The girl acted bothered by me and was ETREAMLEY rude! I still have not gotten a call back! I was told she would call me back when she was done a meeting. That was yesterday! I will NEVER go here again! I have worked in customer service most of my life. I know the way they handled this is completely unacceptable!

Review №5

This is the best place to teach your kids how to swim.

Review №6

We love Bear Paddle! We’ve been going to the Marlton location for over a year now and absolutely love it. We started in the teddy intro class and have been progressing through the program levels nicely. The teachers are great. They really take their time to learn the kid’s names and make sure that they are learning. The owner is great here! He is always around to talk to if needed and even can be seen teaching lessons. We recommend Bear Paddle to everyone we know and look forward to seeing our child progress

Review №7

I take my grandson. They do take temperatures before going in, and adults have to wear masks in the pool area. Everyone wears a mask in order to enter. Instructors wear a face shield in the pool only. Other than that I dont know how or when they sanitize the locker room or waiting areas.

Review №8

Yesterday I went to the Santa event in Marlton with my daughter because my friend has her children signed up there and thought my daughter could use swim lessons as she is afraid of water and started coming around to it this past summer. After speaking to a staff member about joining, they jumped in the pool and showed her a great time. Then a different staff member told me she needed to get out of the pool because she’s not a member! Santa has just arrived and my daughter was devastated that I told her we were leaving needed to leave. I was so embarrassed we just could not stay. Your welcome for the toys we donated! I’ll have to find another swim club

Review №9

Trying to get my children changed to a different time due to an unexpected family issue. When l called to explain my issue I was greeted by a lady who was rude and lacked customer service. Unexpected things happen in life that are out of our control and she offered no assistance, just her RUDENESS!If you can’t provide good customer service or speak to a customer in a professional manner please don’t answer the phone! Your customers should be valued as we keep you in business.I am posting this on FB and asking all my friends to share this on their pages as well!I will NEVER recommend them to anyone.Maybe have your staff visit the Chick-fil-A corporate office for customer service training!

Review №10

My son has been going for at least a year now He absolutely loves swimming and watching him grow is so much fun.

Review №11

Weve been sending our older son for a few years and started our younger son last year. The teachers are very supportive, remember our children and track their progress even if they are teaching them at that moment, and its a very friendly environment.

Review №12

We have had a great experience with Bear Paddle Swim School in Marlton, NJ. Both my children 3 &4 attended a week long swim camp over spring break. My 4 year old started off using an inflatable and was swimming independently by the last day and moved up to level 2. My 3 year old who was previously afraid to put his face in the water was face dipping like a pro by the end of the week. They are both now doing weekly lessons and show growth each week. The staff is exceptional: fun, professional and great with the kids. I am so happy we started this program and we will definitely keep going! Highly Recommended!

Review №13

We feel welcome as soon as we walk through the doors, we are always greeted! The facility is always clean. And my daughters instructors are the main reason we come here. Sabrina is absolutely amazing! She makes my daughter look forward to coming to swim class. She makes it so much fun, and still teaches her more and more every lesson. Sabrina, always takes the time to come and update me on my daughters progression. My oldest daughters instructor, Hannah, I can’t say enough great things about her. She is so thorough and makes sure the kids understand what they are learning. She always takes the time to stop and correct them as they’re swimming and it helps my daughter understand..... and to rave more about their staff. We love JOE! He always helps us with our daughters schedules, and their progressions throughout the levels. He is friendly, and always has a smile on his face. He is so helpful to everyone around him. This place is great! They’re so big on safety. Always have a lifeguard walking around. This is the best money I’ve ever spent.

Review №14

So far, I’m very unhappy with the experience here at Bear Paddle Swim School. We arrived about 10 minutes early for a first appointment, to get a tour of the facility. At that time there was two women at the front desk, one was with a customer and the other one was just staring at us and didn’t even greet us. Stood there for about 10 minutes and then I had to politely interrupt and ask where do we go for our first session and what lane, the lady that was with a customer asked the other women to help me. Very poor customer service. Second time we arrived, there was a man at the desk and I walked up no acknowledgement or anything and he looked bothered that we needed help. The swim lessons are okay, not the greatest. My son gets about 8-10 min if that, in the water. When I signed up they told me the first two lessons would be to evaluate my son to see if he is in the right level, I haven’t heard anything after his two lessons. Definitely, not what I expected.

Review №15

Cynthia YeldellI have two daughters age 4 and 6. Before starting at Bear Paddle, they were not afraid of water but they also did not know how to swim. The youngest daughter at Bear Paddle swallowed some water while trying to learn to put her face in the water. She was okay but as a result of the incident developed a fear of the water that lasted for 2 lessons. She began holding onto my leg refusing to get into the water. The manager of Bear Paddle, Gilberto, spent time getting her to enter the water voluntarily and she eventually overcame her own fear. She grew fond of him and her new trainer and would sit on the sidelines eagerly waiting for her name to be called to get in the water. She has now graduated to level 2 which only took 2 lessons after the initial incident.Bear Paddle has been a strong and positive influence on my 6-year-old daughter, she truly enjoys learning how to swim. The badge system has been a confidence builder and has brought out her passion for learning swimming techniques and a competitiveness to earn as many badges as she can. She spends her entire week eagerly anticipating her next swimming lesson. She has gained a tremendous amount of confidence, self esteem and belief in her abilities by her accomplishments in Bear Paddle, including graduating to level 3 in a very short period of time.As a parent, the entire staff of Bear Paddle has done a wonderful job in providing a very caring, informative and transparent environment starting from the front desk to the pool. It is good to see coaches in the water while a manager or coach outside the water is also monitoring the kids’ swimming techniques. During our lesson time Coach Rich along with Gilberto take ample and diligent time to explain how the techniques are to be performed, what specific improvement is needed, and how good the swim performance was. Bear Paddle has provided great comfort to me as a parent, knowing my children are in good hands, learning an essential safety skill in life while building confidence.

Review №16

We love Bear Paddle. We have had no issues with any employee. The front desk always greets you and says goodbye as your leaving. If you have any concerns you may always ask for a manager who will almost always try to resolve the issue right on the spot. I have nothing bad to say about Bear Paddle! My kid loves this place!

Review №17

I would love to talk to a manager that was not the one at this location whom I spoke with. Going in for an interview, I was told to have a seat and then brought out just to say that the time frame 4:30-5:00 meant 4:30 on the dot and to leave. Although I may be wrong, even though the email should have said that, I felt like i wasn’t given a fair shot. Also, being that my skin is black and the manager was white might have had something to do with it. I wasnt offered another interview or another option. I’m not one that has ever accused someone of being racist but today I definitely experienced just that.I will never send my kids there or recommend it to anyone.

Review №18

This has been an amazing experience for us. The teachers are awesome. Sam was coached by Coach Rich, and coach Sara and always cant wait for Saturday to go swimming. Management is also great; Joe is always looking around for ways to connect with the customers and makes us feel very welcome and appreciated. We love this place.

Review №19

Instructors are great, we do get subs from time to time and it seems they keep up with where the students are and the lessons keep progressing forward. Management is always around to answer questions.

Review №20

We love our Bear Paddle! Our daughter has been taking classes for over a year now. She started when she was 1year old. We love our instructor! Everyone is friendly and professional! We would definitely recommend it!

Review №21

We are loving Bear Paddle! We have tried other lessons for our 4yo daughter but felt like she never really progressed. She’s been to a month of lessons and has earned a couple skill patches already! She really likes going and it’s very kid-friendly.

Review №22

I absolutely love it here. My son is two and a half and has just started. The teacher is so friendly and energetic and my son is laughing the whole time. They only time he cried was when he left because he wanted to go swimming again! I would recommend this to anyone

Review №23

We love Bear Paddle! They were so patient with us when we were trying to figure out which class would best fit our daughter. The management and the instructors are wonderful. Thanks Bear Paddle!

Review №24

We absolutely love this facility and the staff. Everyone is so friendly and inviting. We started swimming lessons for safety, but my son ended up loving his weekly lessons. My husband and I were so impressed with how quickly our son learned, and is now able to not only pull himself out of the water, but he can swim above and under water, using different strokes! His instructor Joe is so amazing!

Review №25

Full disclosure - We only had one try out class. Signing up was a breeze but the rest of the experience was just awful. The facility is nice but not for kids with special needs. We were told to get there 15 minutes early to take a tour, however there was no tour. Instead, had to force my 4 year old special needs daughter to wait poolside impatiently for 20 minutes instead. The locker room was just one big unisex room, which I was not a fan of. The pool area was extremely loud. I could barely hear what was being said. The swim instructor seemed inexperienced. It was clear she was not comfortable with special needs, which is understandable and not their fault as it is not their speciality. I just would say if you have a young child with developmental disabilities - look elsewhere. I certainly will never go back.

Review №26

The facility is good, but the instructors/management is what makes this place great. We did go to another school before and it was fine, but Bear Paddle is at different level.

Review №27

This school has no consideration for its constumers. I never receive communication for any makeup classes my sons are assigned to and the facility closes on that day. An email or a phone call would be nice. Yesterday the school was closed and today I spent an hour trying to reach someone to confirm the school is open and received no answers. I left voicemails and Facebook posts with no response. It took for me to call someone in Illinois to try to get an answer. When I called Illinois, the manager of that facility couldn’t reach anyone also. The manager had to take my information, so that I am not on hold for a long period of time, and called me back when she was finally able to reach someone. If this was the first time this has happened I wouldn’t be so frustrated. However, this constantly is happening. Same situation happened in April when they closed, I had to drive to the school to find out that they are closed because no one gave me a curtesy call (same situation for the past year). The manager from Illinois finally called me back to tell me that the school is open and my sons lessons are at 10:30. I was told that the Marlton location will give me a call. They did call me just to say that the class is cancelled. What a joke. How unorganized, disrespectful, and inconsiderate to the customer. I would give careful consideration before selecting this school. They don’t care if they waste your time, they just want your money. I will be looking for a different location because there is no empathy on being inconsiderate to the customer. I doubt I would even get a response from anyone regarding this post. Read the negative posts regarding this facility, it holds truth on what transpires in this facility.

Review №28

My sons birthday party here was as wonderful as the classes are here. The instructors are just so enthusiastic and they are always paying attention and making sure the kids are safe. An amazing environment with amazing people!

Review №29

My daughter loves bear paddle swim school. The staff is great and she has learned so much!

Review №30

The staff are wonderful, absolutely the best. My kids love their classes and their instructor. We were going to do a three month trial,which now turned into six months. My husband and I couldnt be happier.

Review №31

Gear expierence with Bear Paddle. My son cried for the first 6 weeks and they were great with working with him. All the patches, tattoos, stickers and great staff has made it now a positive swim experience!

Review №32

My son loves it here, the staff are very friendly and extremely flexible. He has learned so much this year at Bear Paddle swim school. I would definitely recommend them!

Review №33

My daughter loves it here! Shes made so much progress in just a few months!

Review №34

Staff is nice. Place is clean. They keep you informed of your childs progress and of any schedule changes.

Review №35

For a place that deals with kids, you’d think they’d have a little more attention to detail. Scheduled 8:30am private lesson last weekend (they picked the time) and they called and cancelled at 8:25am when I had already driven 30 minutes to get there. Rescheduled for today at 8:30am and instructor didn’t show up until 8:45am. Tried to play in the pool with my toddler while we stood around waiting and was made to get out of the pool. Offered me a 10 minute lesson once teacher showed up. Now after 2 hours in the car and 2 mornings wasted we have yet to have a lesson. It’s clear these people don’t have respect for other people’s time

Review №36

My son has been going here for a few months and it is the best decision. He was originally signed up for swim lessons at Medford fitness until I spontaneously decided to check out this school. The atmosphere here is amazing. It is a swim school literally made for children. Everything is bright and warm and extremely kid-friendly. We were able to sign up for a free lesson to test his skills, and thats when I knew this would be the right place. The swim instructor was was with him (Alyssa W) was phenonemal. He was so excited that he was all over the place but she was able to calm him down and to get him to focus. I originally signed up for a swim class with her but ended up getting someone even better. My son has built such a trusting and respectful connection with his teacher (Roman) that during his make up sessions- he didnt want to swim with anyone else! The swim teachers are great and the front desk staff are great as well. Patricia is so funny and down to earth and loves to see the children excel. Ronnie the manager- he looks out for the cookout!! He is so personable and always has the customers best interest at heart. Plus he be hooking me up!! I feel so at home taking my child here.The facility itself is built around a child friendly pool that doesnt get too deep. As a parent you can stay and watch your kid swim inside the pool room - but its super hot inside lol - or you can watch from an other room. They have showers and changing rooms and manual swimsuit dryers in the locker room. The only downside is at the end of the day, the back side of the locker room tends to have extremely wet floors. Other then that, its quite cleanly. Again, I love attending here and my son couldnt be happier. He used to be afraid to put his head in the water and is progressing so well. Hes actually practicing what he learns and it sticks with him!

Review №37

Great place! This place is very clean. The water is all in the pool and not every where else

Review №38

The teachers here are really great with my kid! In only two lessons she went from no swimming skill at all to showing confidence in the water and has only grown into a good little swimmer with the help of bear paddle!

Review №39

Our son is learning so much, so quickly at Bear Paddle, we couldnt be happier! This is going to give me such peace of mind, come summertime.

Review №40

Bear Paddle has as always not disappointed me. these 24 weeks at bear paddle have been great.Right from the corporate team Caitlin who helped in early stages of enrollment.Then followed by Ryan and Joe from NJ, Marlton they did make a lot of difference in the way my daughter and son started swimming and enjoying it. They are gemsLast but not the least Matt, Prisila and Gilberto the management team at Marlton helped these 24+ weeks journey at bear paddle as smooth and fun loving.

Review №41

Awesome place. Everyone is so nice, friendly and helpful bu tmost the place its really clean.

Review №42

Awesome place!! Clean! Really helpful staff!!! We will be back next spring!!

Review №43

My daughter used to be afraid of water, now she loved going to swim class. Its really a great business model, with the partitioned pool, kidwash, and the badges they earn. Found it through Groupon, we will keep going.

Review №44

Our daughter loves swimming here, Mr Richard makes learning for new swimmers fun. Facility is clean and the staff is very friendly.

Review №45

Great instructors, awesome facility!

Review №46

Completely disrespectful

Review №47

Awesomeness!!! Pure awesomeness!

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