Adam & Eve Stores
3862 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40299, United States

Review №1

I know any retail store has watch for shoplifter s but this woman followed me around the store the whole time I was there. It made me uncomfortable and I left. It cost them a sale because I was planning on buying something. I wont come back, ever

Review №2

Rude and disrespectful, the staff seems weirdly judgmental for a sex toy shop? I felt uncomfortable and will not be returning.

Review №3

Racist employees and management. I will NEVER buy any of their products EVER again. If I could give this place a double negative zero rating, I would.

Review №4

I’ve never had a bad experience at this location until today, the store clerk was extremely rude! Huffed and puffed when I got out of my car because “she waited for me for 40 minutes and I decided to come in while she was outside smoking” and she verbally stated this to me as I walked in. Mind you I was waiting on an important phone call and didn’t wish to be rude in the store! She continued to be very unfriendly while I was inside. I’ve always had wonderful service at this location and felt like this was absolutely unacceptable behavior! I will choose a different location to go to from now on....I was at the store 02/25/19 at 4:15.

Review №5

My fiance and I came in because we were in town on vacation. As soon as we stepped in the store a short lady with short hair immediately started to follow us around making me uncomfortable. Since she was with us every step of the way I politely asked if there was a restroom available. I never in my life have been told nope with such hostility and rudeness. We immediately left. After looking at the reviews it seems to be the same employee costing this establishment quite a bit of revenue due to her attitude. I will never recommend this place due to this womans demeanor!

Review №6

The shorter woman with brown hair and a blonde streak in it that works here was very rude. When we first came in I tried to greet her and ask her how she was and she barely responded and gave me and my boyfriend dirty looks. We had been to this store before and the two women that were working were very polite and helped me when I was buying lingerie. This woman was EXTREMELY unwelcoming and followed us around the whole store giving us dirty looks as if we were going to steal or something. She fidgeted with boxes on a wall when we were looking at toys but wasn’t actually doing anything with them I think just trying to make it look like she was. I was excited to come to come back here but we left only a few minutes after entering because she made us so uncomfortable.

Review №7

Is there a zero star option? Literally just left here and am pretty annoyed and upset with how the shorter lady working there was towards my boyfriend & I. She was eyeing us and kinda following us around the whole time. We were the only people in the store at the time. We were followed into the DVD section as she talked to herself about the shelving. My boyfriend and I just continued shopping around her. Then she left and was hanging around the entrance to the DVD section. I pulled a DVD off of a shelf and with absolutely no delay or hesitation I was immediately greeted with her saying “please don’t open the boxes” in a rude tone and she quickly walked back towards us to see what we were doing. ?? This was my first time ever in an Adam & Eve store & I won’t be back. I’ve never been followed around a store like that & it doesn’t seem to be a good strategy for keeping customers around.

Review №8

Me and my gf went in and there was this short women at the front, didn’t greet, looked very unpleased, was rude to us because we asked a simple question, what’s up with her?

Review №9

The staff are very polite and helpful, but stay out of your hair when you don’t need them.

Review №10

I can see why this place gets such bad reviews. All I did was call about a job posting and the person acted like I was taking up her time. Bad attitude and impolite greeting. Dont think I want work there let alone shop there.

Review №11

Our first time visiting this store and couldnt believe how courteous and helpful the staff was. And such a wide assortment of merchandise. We will certainly be returning. 9/7/18

Review №12

Sales woman was not nice at all will not ship there again

Review №13

Cheap quality lingerie, rude woman at front desk. Never returning.

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2.1 Rating
  • Address:3862 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40299, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 502-493-4164
  • Adult entertainment store
  • Lingerie store
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–11pm
  • Tuesday:10am–11pm
  • Wednesday:10am–11pm
  • Thursday:10am–11pm
  • Friday:10am–12am
  • Saturday:10am–12am
  • Sunday:12–9pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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