AMC Longview 10
201 Tall Pines Ave, Longview, TX 75605, United States

Review №1

Plenty of room and heated leather seats! This is a nice AMC in Longview and the spacing between rows is fantastic. The theater is more of a traditional movie experience. No high resolution video or super surround sound. That being said it was a great experience overall with the only downside being the room we were in had a busted light. There was a single light that remained on for the entirety of the film. which definitely pulled some of your attention away from the film. Everything else being great quality I rate this theater 4 starsThe following is a breakdown for the theater experienceCleanliness: 5/5Seating: 5/5Snacks: 5/5Atmosphere: 3/5Sound: 4/5Video: 4/5

Review №2

Revised...Completely remodeled. Reclining and heated seats. Snack bar has added gourmet popcorn, chicken strips, sliders, hotdogs, and nachos. Prices are higher but totally worth it. There is a small bar as well but not open yet?

Review №3

This has been my Favorite theater for a long time now. Glad its back, never knew Id miss previews so much. They are your best option considering the price and they have headed seats. They cant take cash right now so that could be an issue with some. They can but only after Becky calls the manager lolAways make sure you tell them your phone number for your AMC membership... they wont ask you for it but it saves big time.

Review №4

I love the new chairs, lots of space. Matinee price is great. Wish bathrooms were a little cleaner.

Review №5

I have always had a pleasant experience here. For the most part it is your typical AMC theater. The food is over priced, but the heated recliners make up for it. Most comfortable movie viewing experience ever! Bring a blanket and snuggle up for a movie.

Review №6

Fresh, clean, new. Heated leather recliners. Good sound.

Review №7

Clean and friendly staff like usual...but was extremely warm in the theatre. I asked if the air could be bumped down a tad, and she said she would...but still sat in there very uncomfortable.

Review №8

Even though it has had a face lift, projector would not work, sound was freakishly loud. They did not notice for 20 minutes that the projector was not working. They did give out free passes. Ended u, 45 minutes later, moved everyone to the 5:30 showing. You could get a refund and had to go to the front to pick out seats again. Have to buy tickets at the same place you buy your snacks and drinks.

Review №9

I grew up in Longview. Saw my first X-Man movie there. Man, good times. Once I saw another movie there, and it was a good experience. The renovation is amazing! You get heated seats that recline?! The future is love!

Review №10

Amazing seats that are very comfortable.

Review №11

Fantastic! Love the recliners in the theatres. It was very busy, but, the service was friendly and helpful. I like the idea of buying the tickets online and reserving our seats;also.

Review №12

Love AMC! They have reclining seats & you feel like you are at home watching a movie. You can do reserve seating online & you just go & they scan it from your phone. Works great!

Review №13

Saw a movie here recently and I was impressed with the comfy chairs. I did not expect them to be recliners with heated seats! Very nice!!

Review №14

They have really cleaned up the place. Heated, reclining chairs and a full bar. Very impressed with it. Restrooms need a little work but the rest of the place was great.

Review №15

Date night was was a win at AMC. My husband and I enjoyed the new comfy reclining, heated seats as we watched the movie. More comfortable than watching from our couch at home.

Review №16

It was absolutely amazing! The chairs were so comfortable, the place was very clean, and the staff were all very kind. Everything was amazing!

Review №17

So for two adults on a Friday night I paid 20.00 dollars. Which is fine but problem is their setup whenever you walk through the door. You purchase your tickets along with your concessions. Which makes it the process longer than it needs to be. The seating accommodations are okay. Comfortable reclining chairs with heating options. But dont think youll be 100 percent comfortable. The room between the seats is too narrow. Expect to be moved if someone needs to get up. Also if you decide to lay back and relax. Pray that the individual in front of you has the same idea. Otherwise you cant see pass that chair, the screening rooms arent inclined enough to provide, the proper accommodations for the chairs.

Review №18

First time weve been to this theater in several years. Superb facility! Clean! Courteous employees! Comfortable seats! Restroom spotless and well supplied. Concessions way too expensive $$$. We can eat out before or after the movie. Well be back on Tuesdays for bargains.

Review №19

Going to this theater was the best movie experience Ive ever had!! I knew Id enjoy myself from the time I walked in. The staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. Clean atmosphere, clean floors, and a super clean ladies restroom. There is a bar to have drinks while you wait for your movie and a huge snack bar. Recliner chairs w seat warmers and plenty of isle space.

Review №20

Love this theater. Seats recline better and also have a choice to heat up your seat. Love it will be soon

Review №21

We love this theater. The reclining seats are great and it is fairly priced vs the Regal theater. Id much rather come to AMC. Theaters get a little chilly so just bring a blanket! Haha

Review №22

Liked the reclining seats but Im bigger and they seemed designed for shorter people when the legs are out. Still a great place to take kids or a girl and their favorite blanket to watch a great movie in comfort.

Review №23

We just stood outside for 30 minutes until someone finally came and explained to us that they couldnt let anyone in until their manager showed up. So not only does the manager not show up!? But they did not come out and explain to all of us waiting, until 15 min after the movie was supposed to start, that we could not come in. Others asked what will happen to the tickets they purchased and were told I DONT KNOW!

Review №24

It is a lot nicer than it was. But for the love of everything PLEASE use the outside ticket booth. Walking in to 15 people in line and one line open who is taking care of ticket sales AND the food orders is very inefficient. and update and or clean the bathrooms.

Review №25

Love the upgrades l, everything was nice and clean but their customer service the last time I was here was horrible...We purchased our tickets for Frozen 2 in advance online, it was the last showing, they were about to close the register, instead of him greeting us the first thing he said was were closed with a frown on his face, we told him we purchased our tickets online, he printed out tickets and he didnt say anything else after that. His attitude was very unnecessary.

Review №26

First time there since remodel.....I liked it, big comfy recliner type chairs, lots of room. Concessions are pretty good as well. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Smiled a lot!!!

Review №27

Love the heated seats and bar. And the food! The new part 2 it movie was also amazing!! Super scary! Highly suggest! If youve seen the others.

Review №28

This was the second time I have been since it was redone, love the seats but it is not getting treated as well as it should be. Definitely not getting cleaned or maybe just the time of day I went (8pm) and drink machines were dirty and no ice. Some staff not as friendly as youd think it should have, I hope it gets better.

Review №29

Wonderful theater.Good customer service, the Seats recline and are heated.This is our favorite theater.

Review №30

I am so glad AMC finally come to Longview!!!! I usually go to Regal, which is nice dont get me wrong, but AMC has reclining seats that warm up and a bar! Plus a full menu! If I had the money, I would watch movies all day!!!The employees seemed a bit cold, but I cant dock them for that. They where super busy and seemed understaffed!

Review №31

Love the upgrades AMC has made.The ability to pick your leather ( heated) recliner seats, free style Coke machine, & the bar they have if you decide to have an adult beverage while you wait for your movie, is fabulous.

Review №32

Decided to go here instead of the theaters we usually go to, I know that theyve remodeled and we havent been there in forever. When I go back to get a refill on popcorn as most theaters Ive ever been to let you do, I was told you have to be some kind of bonus club member to get a refill of. If I was told that when I purchased it I wouldnt have. The new seats were nice but it was more expensive than both theaters we usually go to so probably wont be back.

Review №33

Dont really care for the reclining seats but it was neat and clean.

Review №34

Went to see Judy that was supposed to start at a certain time and I was early. Movie had already started. This has happened here to me about 4 times. I wont be back. No apology. Nothing. Ill stick with the Regal.

Review №35

They have remodeled it to the point that it looks nice and fancy, like the chairs are reclinable and comfy too Im telling u its a total upgrade from the old usual movie theater

Review №36

Great prices. Wonderful snacks and seating

Review №37

Manager Kristopher is everything I was taught in school NOT to be: non customer focused, arrogant, uncaring and definitely not charismatic. Great leaders take care of the customers needs with a certain amount of finesse and heart. When I brought up a problem to him after 30 minutes of his employee going back and forth to him with incorrect and inconsistent answers, he became argumentative about how long I had told him I had been in line and finally told me to move along so he can get other customers. As a senior citizen I have never been treated so disrespectfully. When later I asked his name he told me Kris, that he was the general manager and to feel free to call AMC. This man single handedly ruined my movie, my son in law and daughters good time, the woman ahead of us with a problem that he shooed away also, and other customers who had to wait longer and witnessed his unprofessional behavior. He needs more training.

Review №38

The new improvements are awesome. Heated, reclining seats and I love being an A-List member. 3 movies a week, any movie, any time. Definitely worth the 22 dollars a month. Love this place. Come during school to the first movie and chances are youll get the theatre to yourself!

Review №39

Having to wait in line at concession for tickets is ridiculous. Then nobody is willing to tell you where you go. Other theaters have signs at least... Bartender was amazing though!

Review №40

I am disabled and dont ever want to stand in line to buy a ticket. They have remodeled it and it looks great. The seats are Awesome!! But hate standing in long lines for drinks and candy. They are now serving food and prices were a little high.

Review №41

Usually have a great experience. Today staff was off prior to first show of the day. Obvious last night staff did not check soda machines or butter, as both coke machines were out of diet coke and coke zero...lids not stocked, and butter out. Also air conditioning was not turned down in time to cool theater properly prior to was stuffy.

Review №42

Newly remodeled but cluttered and crowded on the inside. Restrooms are difficult to locate and there are no water fountains. Absolutely no place to sit in the lobby unless you are drinking at the bar.

Review №43

I enjoyed this movie, The Other Side of Heaven: Part II immensely. The story was very inspiring and uplifting. The theater seats were comfortable too!

Review №44

Great chairs, great staff!!!

Review №45

Great theater with a nice bar up front, if youre looking for a more level floor, and disability friendly

Review №46

You get to pick your owe seats, food and drink combo. There is also a walk up bar at the entrance. There are many apps posted to join their monthly subscriptions gor movie heads to save money. I Love the upgraded seats with seat warmers. So much space, yet intimate.

Review №47

Employees are always nice and friendly. They have always had what I needed when I went in there.

Review №48

Great place to see a movie, only minus was the bathrooms were too small other than that cant beat it

Review №49

Waited 30 min to buy a ticket while whole families of “Premium customers” jumped ahead of us to buy popcorn etc. only to be told there were only front row seats left! Complete waist of my time. I will never be back!

Review №50

Real quick & easy to get in, get the snacks, & the seats. Wonderful recliners that are heated! So comfy for watching the movie!

Review №51

It was a lot pricier than a couple of my other movie theaters Ive been too. It did have a good selection of beer and food the only problem I really had was trying to get the tickets. They didnt have many lines they had many people waiting on line and the same line to buy the tickets also is your food which many theaters solved by having two different lines one for food and other one for strictly buying tickets.

Review №52

Reclining seatsLiquor barHeated seatsVery cleanIt was. Good movie and experience

Review №53

Slightly cheaper prices then others in area. Great seats; reserved, reclining, heated even. Little better concession prices then completion and drink are refillable with Coco-Cola Freestyle machine.

Review №54

Heated reclining seats are the best makes you feel like you sitting at home watching the movie!

Review №55

Place has really stepped up their game since getting bought. Can buy beer here now. Havent bought flat bread here yet, but Im happy to see it. Recliner chairs are pretty comfortable. Will see movies here again.

Review №56

Way better than the Tyler location. Better seats and way better employees

Review №57


Review №58

The seats are really amazing. In the room that we went to the seats leaned back, and they were so comfortable! They even had seat warmers!The food is very expensive, though. A packet of candy costs $4,70. And that is the cheapest thing you can get.Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you plan on buying food. Its best to just bring your own.

Review №59

Heated seats with reclining! Have to reserve your tickets which is great when you have specific seats you like.

Review №60

Love the new remodel! Very comfortable seating. However, it was freezing! Had I not brought a blanket I would have actually left and not watched the movie because of how cold it was. Other than that, it was good!

Review №61

Great Seats but crazy expensive. Ticket over $9 and Med Coke + Small Popcorn! I almost hate to give my secret away but at Morris Theater in Daingerfield Tickets are $1.50 and you can get a full meal foe about $5.00.

Review №62

New heated reclining seats. Very nice staff. Over all had a great movie night!

Review №63

It was bad before the remodel then they remolded it now the have heated seats and actual food

Review №64

Nice heated recliners and great sound and picture. By far the best movie theater in longview.

Review №65

Great place and excellent service. Upgrade to the premier member is worth the money.

Review №66

Currently under renovation, but extremely nice! Staff was very professional and courteous. The prices are great and affordable. The seats are amazing! Leather, self-reclining and HEATED. Such a cool perk, for the price. We will be coming back soon!

Review №67

Love the new improved theater. Food, drinks, heated reclining seats. Yes please! My boys said this is the only theater the want to go to from now on.

Review №68

Love this place. Its always clean, and also love reserved seating. Seating is pretty limited, but it also keeps the number of distractions in one theater room to a minimum. Having the Stubs A-List subscription is definitely worth the monthly fee.

Review №69

Wow! This is amazing. Our AMC was just recently remodeled and it is super nice now. Its very clean and super sleek. There isnt a lot of crowds here and the seating is extremely comfortable. This is the place to see a movie in Longview.

Review №70

This movie experience was very comfortable, the reclining seats and plenty of room for my large frame were a nice change of pace from typical cramped theater seating. Prices were reasonable and well worth the money. I cant wait for the bar section to open up!

Review №71

That was the best movie experience I have ever had it had been probably twenty years since I had went to a movie someone talked me into going there it is pure luxury. The seats lay all the way back like I am in a lazy boy. There is no wait on getting in. Just a wonderful place

Review №72

New seats are great. The mens restroom floor was sticky, there was piss on the toilet seat, and no paper towels to dry hands.

Review №73

Nice theater, but it was very cold in there. Like 60* cold according to my phone. Im not someone who is normally cold in places, but I froze my butt off watching a movie here.

Review №74

They have really changed this place. The new reclining chairs are awesome. I have ms and its hard for me to get comfortable. I had no problems.

Review №75

Refills and great staff just wish movie started on time

Review №76

Friendly staff and comfortable seats for watching DOWNTON ABBEY!! Our regular movie destination in Longview. Centrally located.

Review №77

Reclining chairs. Kids snack pack is just right...popcorn, fruit snacls and med. soda for about $7.

Review №78

It was good but the popcorn and drinks could be a little cheaper

Review №79

Apparently no one is ever available to answer the phone regarding questions in seating so that you can properly purchase tickets. I hate when businesses put too much stock in allowing automated systems to do their work rather than focus on just a bit of customer service. Every time I’ve called it just rings and rings until it says “no one is available” and hangs up. Sad.

Review №80

The only problem I had was staying awake. The heated recliner chair was so comfortable I kept falling asleep.

Review №81

Nice theater for a rural space, but the concessions were extremely pricy. Bring a snack and enjoy a movie!

Review №82

Loved this theater!! 3 words: heated reclining chairs!! We will definitely be using this theater again!!

Review №83

The new reclining seats are wonderful. However it will be a while before we return. They were not appropriately staffed so the wait was long, only two employees working the counter. They were selling tickets and refreshments. I recommended buying your tickets online and skip the refreshments.

Review №84

The check in process going through the concession stand takes too long. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your show. Other than that, I love this place.

Review №85

Best known secret in Longview leather chair recliners are the best

Review №86

Theater has been renovated, Love the comfortable reclining seats with heating option. Fresh popcorn. Best movie theater in Longview!

Review №87

The remodel of this building is absolutely wonderful! my brother even fell asleep in the reclining chairs! but the soda here gave me food poisoning the day after I went there. sneak your own drinks to save your stomachs.

Review №88

Movie theatre very clean..comfortable movie seats.

Review №89

The theater is getting a facelift. The reclining heated seats that you reserve when buying your tickets is awesome. Eventually a bar is going to be there and I cant wait. The popcorn is always the best, Im glad I didnt give up on the theater.

Review №90

Never coming back such a rude guy that was there. I was going to go order something so i went straight from the restroom to the counter and someone barely coming in the door and no ones is there other the employees behind the concession stand, so I go to ordered even before I get to wya my order damn employee says you have to go around the line I was seriously no ones was here in line because there was no One there other than the couple coming in. can even order anything when I already had payed tickets and food for my whole family and friends. Can’t even get a order because the guy says they were here first like come on. That’s just unprofessional and not really good customer service I’ll take my business to Hollywood theatre. All I go for is because of the nice seating.

Review №91

Nice! Friendly and helpful staff. Good food.

Review №92

Too expensive! One large drink and large popcorn for 15.99. That 17.50 for one person not including the ticket price! The seats are almost worth it... But I wont be back.

Review №93

Cost $70 for 3 tickets and snacks. We ordered tickets online and were not give 3D glasses when we checked in. We had to go back again and ask for them. Out of advertised Toy Story souvenir popcorn tin. Half the regular snacks were sold out. Both butter machines where out of butter. After two separate polite requests, it still was not fixed.Get into the theater and there is still trash from the last movie. Only positive was the heated and reclined seats, which is why we tried this theater over the Regal 14 we usually go to. The cons far outweigh the cons and we will not be back.

Review №94

They run a skeleton crew most of the time, not that I can blame them, but the lines run long on occasion. The snacks are both typical and overpriced, but thats not unusual for going to the movies, and sometimes the ticket taker is just kind of missing. Pretty easy to guess which room you need thoughThe remodel looks great, and the place was kept generally clean before the update, albeit with the standard sticky floors every theatre seems to come with. If they can keep the new amenities in good condition, Ill keep going.

Review №95

Omg, they have lazy boy chairs that have electric warmers and of course feet extension s automatic tilt seat. 3d was awesome. Worth the $. Order your seats ahead and u can sit large groups together or family. Great experience.

Review №96

The new reclining seats are pretty cool! And prices didnt even go up. I dont like that you have to reserve seats now but its whatever. Theater is usually pretty clean and staff is nice.

Review №97

Food is more expensive than expected but the mozzarella sticks are amazing

Review №98

Wonderful recliners with heated seats. Great screens and sound system. Great place to see a movie & relax!

Review №99

Went on Christmas night to see a movie and it was 80 degrees in the theater. Me and my entire family sat there and sweat the whole time. Told the staff and they said they were aware and never did anything to try to remedy it. Wont be going back .

Review №100

This theater currently looks very strange inside, but that is because it is currently being remodeled. They have done a fantastic job with the place so far. However, I think the remodeling caused issues with the showing of Avengers: Endgame that I went to today. The screen was not on for 90% of the trailers. Thats no big deal though - they werent why I was there. The big issue was that most of the audio cut out halfway through the movie and left us with an underwater sound that made dialogue completely indecipherable. The only compensation we received when we walked to the front desk halfway through the movie was simply a voucher to redeem another movie. That is really unfortunate quality of service both on the customer service side and the actual theater side. I have been to this theater before (Captain Marvel) and experienced no issues, but this really hurt my trust in them.

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  • Phone:+1 903-758-7511
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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  • Good for kids:Yes
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