4800 Gilmer Rd, Longview, TX 75604, United States

Review №1

Someone pointed out a fire hazard. They also noticed what looked like loose wires hanging from the ceiling but I forgot to get pictures. It was very crowded and the big kids play too rough in the dodge ball area and one threw a ball right into my 6 year olds face pretty hard. Kind of crowded for a pandemic. Dont think we will go back until the pandemic is over. We prefer the gocarts anyways, which have to be closed due to the pandemic and the helmet requirement they have

Review №2

Drive an hour and half to go here just because they have go karts and they had them shut down. Nothing saying that on their website which has been shut down cause of covid..need to inform people when something shutdown especially for so long

Review №3

I really loved watching grandkids play dodge ball. The most fun I had in long time . Thank you

Review №4

Kids had a wonderful time and the young lady (Raven) who helped with the party was just a great help!!!!

Review №5

Took my little brother in and we had a fantastic time! Everything was clean and the staff was incredibly helpful and kind. The manager, Kaylee, was an absolute ANGEL. She communicated very well with us, answered all of my questions, took temperatures, and made sure everything got wiped down. Honestly, I was thoroughly impressed and will be coming back.

Review №6

G-Force is an unsafe environment for young children. The limited staff worries more about talking than watching. The very young management is uniformed so if there is a problem they do not know how to take care of it. No rules are followed or enforced so if you car for the safety of your children and choice to bring them here beware. This is not our first time here and each is getting worse than the time before.I have messaged the owners and will see if they respond

Review №7

Great place. Go-karts and trampolines... went here for a birthday party. Had a blast. Just like air-U but better. The staff took care of everything. Plenty of room for a large group. The big difference for me was the A.C. the keep it cool. No complaints. My daughter had a blast. Will be back.

Review №8

Fun, but kids need to stay outta tha way. I ran over a kid and he started crying and left. But fun!!

Review №9

Fun with the kiddos. A workout indeed.. Mandated that you purchase socks with entrance fee.

Review №10

We rode gocarts for about an hour and had a blast. Clean facilities, nice folks. Kinda out of the way but a fun way to kill a few hours.

Review №11

Waited over an hour in line to get the bracelet and socks. Then to top it all off the high school aged staff threw the balls at my 10 year olds face multiple time until he ran away crying. This was not the only incident as another child from the group had the same thing happen to him. Will not be returning

Review №12

Employees of the day were not helpful at all to family of 9. Unaware of go carts being down or how to give a small light show for a birthday kid . Place inside and outside was not clean . Tash left all in funturie. Food all over floor. All this was seen by family and I as soon as they opened @ 4 On a Fri

Review №13

Kids doing dodge ball were very mean and rude to the little kids. Wont be going back there again.

Review №14

Kids had a great time jumping and playing. An hour was plenty to wear them out. The relaxing area was nice, for the parents that chose to not play along. They even had a few massage chairs. A few arcade games were interesting as well - the claw games were the best we had come across in many years. As first timers, I do wish there had been better postings or information for the bathroom areas, places for cubbies and lockers, etc. All of the staff was very friendly and helpful with everything. Will return for more fun times.

Review №15

Second time Ive taken my grandkids, but this time in addition to the $15.99 per kid, G-Force gouged me an extra $3.50 each for grip socks, even though I made sure they all had clean socks before we came. There was no notice on their website or recorded phone menu warning of the special socks now required and conveniently provided by G-Force at a 500-600% markup. Had I known G-Force initiated this grip socks required scam I would have bought all the grandkids a pair before we got there at a fraction of the cost. I also had to suffer through hours of hip hop/rap music during our visit. $3.50 for a pair of socks says a lot about the honesty and integrity of the owner who obviously made no effort to give paying customers a heads up BEFORE they arrive that G-Force has a new grip socks required scam put in place pry an extra $3.50 per person. Shameful business practice.

Review №16

Took my son for his birthday, all of the kids had a blast. I opted to just pay for the wristbands rather than purchase a party package because it was cheaper that way. (Kids only wanted to jump but there were a lot of kids.) I did not like that you cant bring outside food or drinks unless you purchase a party package. It would be okay if they offer food there but they only have junk food.

Review №17

The karts were a lot of fun, just make sure your kid is 53 inches or they cant ride the karts. The trampoline park is a blast for all ages! They have a toddler area, a mini ninja warrior course, dodgeball room, and plenty of trampolines to bounce on. Great exercise for the family!

Review №18

Great place to take older kids. Dont forget to wear closed toe shoes or u cant ride the gocarts.

Review №19

We had a great time for my daughters party. They communicated well during the party planning process. They were available and happy to help throughout the entire process. We definitely will be visiting again. Thank you!

Review №20

We had a ton of fun. The wait time was pretty long (about 45 minutes for one race). It was very fun though. We played on the trampolines while we were waiting. A lot of the arcade games were out out order. The staff were friendly. We will probably be visiting again.

Review №21

My kiddos love going to jump and ride the go carts ...and they have massage chairs for adults

Review №22

Took the kids here for a bday party, they had a blast. Lots of places for parents to sit and watch their kids. Concessions arent bad at all and the staff was friendly.

Review №23

I liked Gforce, but I had two concerns. 1. the restrooms were around the corner, which wasnt a problem, the problem is the Emergency Exit door right outside the restrooms, which are not really in sight of the rest of the area.2. My granddaughter was given a wrist band, which was not tied or matched back to me. when we left I asked if we needed to check out or let someone know. They said No. What is the point of the wristband? What keeps someone unauthorized from leaving with my granddaughter/child?

Review №24

The business hours posted online are NOT the actual business hours..... these are SUMMER hours only! Please make sure to call this place to verify that they are ACTUALLY open! My family drove almost 2 hours to enjoy this place during the hours posted online, only to find out they were closed!

Review №25

I like the place just dont like that they require you to buy their socks which are almost $4

Review №26

Booked my daughters party told the owner Iwanted to pay in full. Was told no problem gave my credit card and thought it was all took care of. After the party we were getting ready to leave and was told I owed a balance of 150. They only charged my card for the deposit. Error on the owners part and I was treated like a criminal. Worst experience ever!!

Review №27

G-Force was a cool place to take the children and yourself, especially if youre a kid at heart. But it smells like feet in there, because everyone is bare footed. But it is fun, if you can get pass the smell. Just go and ride the go carts, which is on the other side from the feet. Yikes! Thanks for Reading

Review №28

Apparently popular because by 11:30 it was packed. Went to birthday party for family and they seemed to love their time.

Review №29

Kid loved this place. Price well laid to wear the energy out of a 10 year old!

Review №30

Love this Great Place for Kids and Adults to Enjoy while also getting great exercise!

Review №31

Go karts are shut down. No info about this on their site.

Review №32

Perfect place for kids ages 2+ to okay and parents to relax!

Review №33

I got hit in the head so many times it felt like I had a concussion

Review №34

Our family is always having fun and always grand kids birthday parties there.

Review №35

Been here for 2019 and 2020 on my brothers birthday, feb 15. Its a great place. BUT. 2019 i was pregnant and couldnt do much, so this year i try the obstacle course and fall straight onto my head on what i assume are cement floors covered in about 1/2 an inch of carpet. After regaining my balance, i walk to the bathroom and on my way see that the 2-7 year old area for itty bitty children has the same issue. Foam blocks all underneath the fall zone, but not far enough out for damage control. And no safety bumpers along the sides of the pits! Im 20, i can recover easily, but babies cant.

Review №36

Kids got to jump way longer than what we paid for, but the go karts are not available at this time.

Review №37

Fun time!! Varity of things to run, nounce, slide, jump & roll!!

Review №38

Fabulous set up and fun place@!!

Review №39

The staff was super helpful, it was a little crazy on a Saturday afternoon but very fun!

Review №40

The young man, Jordan, was very polite and engaged in his job. He interacted with the kids so good, and now they ask to go see jordan, not go to GForce. Great employee, keep him around.

Review №41

Loved it!!! We came here as a family before but also for a field trip. The prices are affordable. The place was clean. Loved the parents lounge. We had a blast.

Review №42

We had the best birthday party ever! Everyone has a wonderful time, grown ups were like kids again, and having a hostess was great. Have your party during the week and u pretty much have the place to yourself

Review №43

Great family fun. Kids loved it.

Review №44

We had alot of fun here and my son loves it!!

Review №45

Took my 9 yr old boy and 12 yr old girl here and they had a blast... but only for about 45 minutes. We paid for an hour and they were kind of over it before the hour was even up. Decided to do the go-carts which were extremely expensive and not at all worth it. Very boring. Probably more worth it for younger kids who have a lot of energy and find joy in just jumping on things.

Review №46

My daughter loves this place and it has comfortable seating for the parents while the kids jump. Way better than that other place with their plastic picnic tables.

Review №47

First time definitely will be going back

Review №48

Very fun place. My kids had a blast. However the go carts have been turned down. Dont even have to use the brake on turns.

Review №49

We love this place

Review №50

Staff members on the floor were to busy jumping with their friends to monitor the floor. There were a large group of teenage boys going from spot to spot trying to run off all the other jumpers practically running over little ones and the staff members were to busy with their friends to correct the situation. Thats a lot of money to pay for kids to be bullied.

Review №51

Very fun for the kids birthday party. Place was well kept and clean. Staff were super friendly and very helpful.

Review №52

When playing in the DodgeBall section the staff has to be more aware of the age groups that are in there and not let adults throw at kids(face) very disappointed to see that happen

Review №53

Will definitely not be returning. Their no refund policy is a joke. We had our end of the season party there and one of our parents accidentally payed for his child. They REFUSED to reimburse him the money even though he told them he was with the party. Also the staff and management was incredibly rude and there is NO customer service. I will not be returning or conducting business there again. If I could give them a 0 I would.

Review №54

Goo kartsss

Review №55

Had a birthday celebration here. The kids had a blast. The staff was friendly.

Review №56

Went there for my grandsons 2nd Birthday party! At first I was overwhelmed! It’s HUGE! But then when I found where we were I figured out how the big jump box is surrounded by separate areas to have little parties! What a phenomenal place for a party! The kids ( and dads too!) had a blast and the set up is great! Our big boy loved his party!

Review №57

Fun but to crowded and need more workers to watch the kids

Review №58

Overpriced racing at slow speeds. Better to just drive to Dallas and go to K1. Trampolines are dirty and will leave your feet black on the bottom. If you want to jump on trampolines, go to Air-U.

Review №59

Small crowd on a Saturday, yet the go karts were not available for two hours because of a birthday party(who was barely using them). So you go there to have fun and only half of their services are available.Then they forced us to buy their socks instead of wearing our own or you had to go barefoot in the jump area.

Review №60

Empty, which was fantastic! However, the music playing was definitely not child appropriate at all. And none but one gaming machine worked.

Review №61

All my kids had a blast! Ages 6 to 20!

Review №62

Good for family friendly. Good for the kids.

Review №63

It was fun! Nice establishment but a little pricey.

Review №64

Grandson loved it

Review №65


Review №66

Total lack of supervision and everything was EXTREMELY nasty. It was very obvious that nothing had been cleaned in months. They earned a second star because I dealt with an employee who was very kind and helpful.

Review №67

Its over priced, and the staff members like to be racist. My son had some of his black friends with him for his birthday, the girl working the dodge ball area was so rude and wanted to blame the little black boys for everything

Review №68

This place has the right idea, but no thoughts about cleaning, or safety. This place does not have people watching and regulating the kids like keeping socks on kids, the place smells disgusting. All around poor experience. Wish it was better but its not and we will not be returning.

Review №69

Poor service all around. Waited forever in line, was told I needed to fill out a waiver before using the karts, no big deal. Asked if I could still pay, told I had to fill out the waiver first, ok. Asked if I can still get my Dr. Peppers, but they wont charge a card for less than $5, still understanding. Get kicked outta line, and while filling out waivers, 2 more customers start arguing over a spot in line. Get waivers filled, wait in line again, finally pay and then they tell us it will be an hour wait (now I see why they have a no refund policy). We really didnt want to spend that much time there but weve paid, so we wait. Took over an hour and a half to finally use the karts. Wont return here, will happily drive to Dallas to rent karts or stay in Tyler for their local trampoline park. I bet it doesnt smell bad either!

Review №70

Pretty awesome place for our first time!! The kids loved it and we did the race cars! It was worth it!! Will be going back!!

Review №71

Love this place. The kids had so much fun

Review №72

In the 3rd grade me and my bff went here as well as all the other 3rd gradersit was REALLY fun i loved the dodge ball and the foam cube pit

Review №73

Went up there 3 times. to race. and every time. go carts is booked. called up there and asked how do you book a party. they tell me you can’t. you have to walk in. called several times to asked if they were booked after i was on my way. no answers. walk in. see 6 workers at the front just on their phones. needs a change of employment.

Review №74

Great place for kids to play

Review №75

We paid our first visit to this facility on the Saturday following Thanksgiving and had a blast. The place is clean, roomy, and accommodates everyone in the family. We watched college football in their nice lounge while the kids enjoyed the jump area and then raced as a family on their go-kart track, which was a lot of fun. I loved the leader board and the printouts of data that we received following the race. The employees were friendly and helpful. We will be going back.Update: We paid another visit to G-Force while our family was all home for the holidays and had another great experience. The workers were helpful and friendly and the go-kart racing was still as fun as it was on our previous visits. Our kids spent hours in the jumping area as the adults got to relax and visit.

Review №76

Kinda slow. They control your speed, so if your headed for speed .. no go.If your going for fun and not competitive enjoy, its worth the money!

Review №77

Went to ride with my 4yr old and there are no 2 seat go karts.

Review №78

Lots of fun for the kids.

Review №79

Always great fun for the kids. Love the go-karts!

Review №80

Tried to reserve a birthday party and called every day for two weeks. All I got was a voicemail, I left my name and number and still couldnt get anyone to call me back!

Review №81

My kids love this place!!

Review №82

This is a great place to take your kids and let them wear themselves out

Review №83

Loved coming here with the family had a great time

Review №84

The place is not FAMILY-FRIENDLY at all, I waited in line 3 to 4 minutes before someone finally decided to help me. The party host was hovering over my shoulder the WHOLE party, no privacy whatsoever. The amount of money that was spent it wasnt worth it!!

Review №85

Not at all impressed. Very small and not much to choose from. Typical pricing. About 20 for all day including socks (best deal). Employees are kids with whistles. They are too busy playing than working. During a game of dodge ball an employee pegged my kid in the face hard. Parents dont watch their kids at all. They do have a great sitting area. Lots of places to take breaks when you get tired of jumping.

Review №86

I was going to book a birthday party but after all of these reviews I think Ill spend my cash somewhere less risky

Review №87

Love it so much fun my kids had a blast running around and jumping for 2 hours non stop great way to let the kids unleash and have at it

Review №88

Never went in

Review №89

Fun, only complaint is for the party we were stuffed in a room with 2 other parties going on at the same time. Couldn’t even see the kids playing without walking down the long hallway.

Review №90

I love going to g force. I am actually about to go. I know the people who own it. The workers are very nice. The Tittles are super nice and I just love this place over all

Review №91

Fun, clean, comfortable seats for the spectators (parents). We went for a birthday party and it was a great time for all involved.

Review №92

Kids had a blast. Guys road carts... super fun family time

Review №93

Its an ok place. They had a promotion today which they didnt offer $15.99 all day I notice it coming out.

Review №94

It was fun and decent

Review №95

Great place wish i could jump, but my knees wont let me.

Review №96

Really fun place to kill time with friends. It has been a few months since my last visit and it is nice to see they have changed the track up. It can get a little congested when There are birthday parties there, but tonight it was perfect for me and my friends. Went in paid for 3 races and raced all 3 back to back. Some of the carts are starting to show some wear so 1 race you might have a really fast car that slides around corners and the next you may have a cart with loose steering. Yea Im talking about you #14 car.

Review №97


Review №98

Its was awesome but make sure you store loose items because my boyfriend lost his ring there.

Review №99

My kids had a great time and the staff was uber friendly. Our local kids are awesome and respectful. They even let me play dodge ball with my kids. I never had a chance, but we all had a great time.

Review №100

Great trampoline park and a really good place for childrens parties

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