Cinemark Movie Bistro Lake Charles
3416 Derek Dr, Lake Charles, LA 70607, United States

Review №1

Not only were the prices realistic, but the seats were phenomenal! Power reclining with a lap tray and everything. My toddler and I are in love with the place! Super nice staff as well.

Review №2

A pretty cool lil movie grub spot. They have great prices too. Only thing I wish was the seats label to glow in the dark. I had my tickets given to me and didnt know where to sit because there is no alphabet labeling the isle.

Review №3

Great movie experience but dont plan on eating there because they only have a VERY limited menu and will NOT let you bring in any outside food. We called ahead of time and were told they had everything except coffee, alcohol, and ice cream but when we got there we found out that was a lie.

Review №4

Easy access, clean theater, bathrooms... enjoy the atmosphere

Review №5

Stopped by the theater to see Joker. The theater seems small compared to the one we have back home. Which I enjoy more anyways. We had to wait to get into the Joker theater and my husband and I got to hang out with Josh while we waited for it to be cleaned. He is a very nice, talkative and knowledgeable worker which makes any business more enjoyable. I especially loved that they take the food to you, we got there early so we got our food before going into the theater. And the food doesnt take long to get either. We got the fries, mac and cheese and sliders. All of which was very delicious especially the fries, those are a must have. My one complaint was the butter wasnt so flavorful. I love going to see movies for the popcorn mainly and was disappointed when the flavor of the popcorn wasnt so great. At our local Cinemark they offer you a gallon size zip lock bag so you can get the free refill of popcorn and this location doesnt do that. That would be nice if they did that aswell. Saves the customer a trip to the concession stand and you dont miss a part of the movie you paid to see.

Review №6

Comfy seats, kind staff, great environment

Review №7

Service is fast and the popcorn is amazing if fresh

Review №8

Movie great theater great. Bathrooms clean. Manager very helpful and friendly. Recliner seats extremely comfy. Other customers being courteous and respectful during the movie absolute zero. Please people dont bring your whiney toddler to the movies when other people paid money to enjoy a movie. Or at least be courteous enough to remove them from the theater instead of letting them scream. Of course this is no fault of the theater

Review №9

Very clean!!! And not crowded at all but we also went to the latest showing possible hoping for that!!!

Review №10

We love this movie theatre! The theatres are not too big and the seats are super comfortable - they recline and some have an arm rest that lifts up and is similar to a love seat. Since you reserve certain seats (not general admission) reserving online is very convenient. You can also order food here and they will bring it to your seat when ready. Usually clean inside and waits at counter/ticket booth are not too long.

Review №11

Its been awhile since Ive been to the bistro. Overall it was pretty clean. Took a long time to get the food today though(30 minutes). Apparently they were backed up guess there was a large influx of orders at the same time. Pulled pork nachos are still a good go to though. Audio was good and no problems with the video.

Review №12

Very clean, and enjoyed the movie.

Review №13

I went to watch the first viewing of the day and apparently received a good deal. cons: it was lunch time. i didn’t grab any food though. comfy recliner chairs. modern and apparently clean. pleasant experience. i would recommend. i liked the concept of picking my seat.

Review №14

Very accomondating and helpful

Review №15

Y’all always be taking out the movies i want

Review №16

Comfy and clean. Seats are cushioned and recline far back. It’s almost like a bed! Staff usually friendly, would definitely recommend!

Review №17

If you are new movie theaters in lake Charles I recommend this place to the fullest. The movie club member is cheap for 8.99 a month. Parking space is amazing and it has alcohol so even better. Plus with club member the concession stand is 20% off. I like it.

Review №18

My boys and I always enjoy the food. The chairs are very comfortable. The cinemas are always clean.

Review №19

Very comfortable, recliners and food delivery are nice. Very good service, friendly employees. Prices are a bit steep, would like to see more reasonable food options, but I suppose that should be expected with a movie theater. I recommend getting tickets for new or popular movies as far in advance as possible as they frequently sell out or have only seats in the first couple of rows where youre looking up.

Review №20

Easy ticket purchase online. Everything went smoothly getting into the movie theater. Friendly efficient staff. Great sound, temperature was just right. Recliners were clean and comfortable.

Review №21

Great place for a movie and bite to eat. Seats are so comfy. Food is good. Just the cashier that took our food order was basically a jerk. Person that brought our food was so nice though!

Review №22

Our favorite place - popcorn is always good and the theater itself is always clean; we havent really eaten too much off the menu, but the few times we did the food was fairly good. Overall experience is the best!

Review №23

For as new as this movie theater is, they need to take care of the bathrooms. They only opened about 3 years ago. While it wasn’t a brand new building, they did update the building to make it Cinemark Standard. The bathrooms just need some serious TLC. Doors without locks, toilets appears as though they haven’t been properly cleaned, tiles on the floor were not clean. Other than that, the chairs are comfortable, old popcorn was left in my chair so once I put my chair up it wasn’t great to see that. But not bad.

Review №24

Place was clean and ticket prices were great. Nice recliner chairs. I found it a little warm and chair little narrow for a big guy.

Review №25

Favorite movie theater and the food is always good. And you can smell the Lysol which is always a good sign.

Review №26

I love the fact that I can pick and reserve my seats. The biggest downfall is that food is ridiculously overpriced and why cant they have simple foods like plain nachos, hotdogs and such on. Overall, its a fairly good place to watch and enjoy the movies. On a side note, the big recliners are a great thing to have.

Review №27

Recliners, food delivered to my seat, reserved seating, friendly staff! What not to like? I gave a 4 instead of 5 stars because the restrooms could use some help.

Review №28

Great seating, great food, and friendly staff. Pork sliders were great.

Review №29

Its nice to have assigned seating and a place to do dinner and a movie at the same time.

Review №30

Love this movie theater. The reclining seats are so comfortable I have a hard time keeping my husband awake through the movie. The 1/4 pound Angus hot dogs are delicious.

Review №31

The seats there are really comfortable... And the staff are really nice...

Review №32

Its a good movie theater with good reclining seats and good screens Ive never had a bad experience here I go here quite often

Review №33

It was cool. Havent been to the movies in a minute. But my client and I enjoyed watching Rambo. Even though I seen it on my firestick

Review №34

Weve gone here a few times in the last couple months. Seats are really comfy and food is surprisingly good. Even got to have a couple beers I havent tried before! Big win in my book!

Review №35

We love coming to this theater...the seating and the availability of the food is very convenient for us! But we went today and let me say the bathroom was absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! Im not sure how management oversees all of this but my advice would be to stay more on top of the cleanliness of your establishment even the lobby its self was messy, popcorn all over the place trash just lingering about on the floors!!! Multiple people were complaining!!! On another note Durning our movie audience members were being VERY disruptive....maybe there can be more employees walking about checking up on things during movie times??? Hmmm? Just a thought!!! Well be back but this visit was very unpleasant!!!!!!

Review №36

Its a nice place very clean,and the seats are comfortable, nice atmosphere. Would have given a five star I think the foods a little over priced ( but I guess they need to be to stay in business ) other than that it gets my internal 5 star. * its a five star * if you havent been Go Check this place out...Now !!! Youll enjoy yourself.

Review №37

Seats are comfortable.. Plenty of room to get cozy for a movie!

Review №38

My husband and I both went to the movie theatre here In la place, la. I am working out here and he came to visit me for the week. Amazing like the movies should be. The customer service was on point and there was no waiting in long lines or unhappy workers. The food was hot and greatly priced: The environment was inviting and explained very well of where we needed to go for our movie. Lighting and sound was phenomenal in Rambo the movie. No glitches or errors. Reclining seats, clean environment, and trays to hold your food with drink holder. Best movie place I have been to in years!!!! Every other movie theatre is terrible and shows they only want our money. Always have bad experiences and this one in years was top for me!!!! Thank you guys so much.

Review №39

Love this cinema. I received gift cards from family. The best gift ever. And, we are always given great seats.

Review №40

Clean, very good seating, staff is nice, not sure about the bistro part, very different than in Austin Texas

Review №41

Pretty nice place to see a movie and grab a nice cold alcohol beverage

Review №42

Great venue. Clean, well managed and very comfortable seats.

Review №43

Great place, actually cheaper than the other cinematic at the Mall. They have the couple loveseats which are GREAT for date nights. You can order food at the front and they will bring it to you when its done.Great overall expirience.

Review №44

Great experience! Loved reclining and food brought to me!

Review №45

Great staff, comfortable seating, good selection of snacks and drinks. Had a problem with recliner not working, staff member came immediately and fixed. Best theatre in Lake Charles

Review №46

We had a great time watching JUDY at a clean, comfortable movie/bistro theater. Recommended!

Review №47

Went to see the Avengers kick Thanos butt. This theater was the place to do it. The AC was nice and cool, the popcorn was really good - salty and had a nice crunch to it - it wasnt stale, I hate stale popcorn. The chairs were so comfy, it was like getting a three hour hug, and the sound wasnt over-powering. It was a great experience.The bathrooms were disgusting. It looked like there was a wasp nest in the roof of the mens room. There was piss everywhere, and it smelled like a port-a-potty. I didnt want to wash may hands in there because it was better than touching anything in there.

Review №48

This is an above comfort theatre. I just got the popcorn and a Coke. But I saw there is a lot going on at the Bistro. People were ordering meals and there was waiters. There were reclining chairs and just sheer comfort. The best theatre in town.

Review №49

Nice theater with a expanded food selection. Smaller fountain drink selection than other Cinemark I have been to. Friendly staff. One annoying thing is the fire exit sign in theater 3. I know they have to comply with fire code. But it lights up the bottom left corner of the screen. Once you notice it it hard to ignore.

Review №50

Times must be tough, 3rd visit that it was too warm in the theater making us sleepy & odors intensified. The guy a couple seats over from us had a putrid smelling order of nachos! Usually I love this place so still giving 3 stars, just wish they wouldnt be so greedy with the AC.

Review №51

Very nice place to watch a movie, you kick feet up in enjoy

Review №52

Love the reclining seats they are so comfortable. Always greeted by smiling faces. Chicken tenders and fries are good, pizza under cooked and never sliced through, popcorn is usually too salty!

Review №53

Love this place... spacious service considering the long lines for concessions...clean bathrooms... friendly people...check this place out and enjoy a couple hours of your life

Review №54

Loved the show (Call of the wild) and the recliners.

Review №55

Staff is nice. Place is clean. Comfy chairs to. Great food.

Review №56

Always great. Seats are so comfy and you have so much room.

Review №57

Love the chairs and food isnt to bad!

Review №58

Comfortable seatingExpensive FoodGr8 eye candy

Review №59

Food and snack prices are outrageous but NICE THEATER!

Review №60

I absolutely love there upgrades! Your able to pre pick your seats and they are comfortable! They have a menu to order small meals that will be delivered to your seat if order is made before your movie starts and they also provide your traditional movie snacks!

Review №61

Clean, good seats, but the bistro part hmmm but of a stretch that.

Review №62

Comfortable, clean theaters, clean bathrooms, good parking. Great food. Great service! They have luxury loungers if you’re not careful, you may fall asleep. Spacious and not cramped.. even isle B is still not too close. I’ve never sat in A.

Review №63

Seats are clean and comfortable staff very friendly. Food is 8.5-9.5 taste excellent burgers fish tacos chicken fingers even the layered butter popcorn was very well done. Would definately come back and eat and watch movie in the great seats.

Review №64

I love going to the movie here, but they should definitely clean in the cracks of their chairs here and there. Last time I went my hand touched it and it was sticky and gross. However, the service is great. The food is okay.

Review №65

This theater is always clean. You dont have to worry about sticky floors or nasty seats. Of course the reclining seats area nice relaxing feature.

Review №66

This place has the best chairs! You can order food which is of course over priced and not the best. They sell beer that you can enjoy while you watch a film. They may sell liquor and wine as well, but I am not sure. For me, the beer and the chairs make it 5 stars despite the shortcomings with the food.

Review №67

Exceptional theater, love the leather recliners!! Food is very good, a little pricey for me. Always get the large popcorn and soda combo!

Review №68

Your typical movie bistro chain. The food is alright, but not necessarily worth the price. The price of the movies is the same as a normal theater, but the seats are much better (they recline!).

Review №69

Great for a brunch movie date. They have good besides just the regular popcorn and nachos. Sending seats that recline nd arm rest goes up so you can cuddle

Review №70

Great place, havent been there in awhile though

Review №71

Movie was good. Too cold in theater, bathroom needed cleaning and menu is overpriced!

Review №72

Service at the food counters can be improved. They are very slow and seems like they dont want any orders to come in. Stood there for 10 minutes and nobody wants to take my order and I left without taking anything as my movie is about to start.

Review №73

This place is great, recliners and they bring your food to your seat!

Review №74

I love this place Im a member of the movie club but the only complaint I had was today I went to go get extra ranch and when I asked the lady working the counter told me I had to go in the kitchen to get it..... I work in a restaurant and guests normally dont go in the kitchen...

Review №75

It was clean and comfortable. The food is reasonably priced (comparable to any other restaurant). I love it every time I go!

Review №76

The food is so expensive but the nachos are so good! It’s comfortable and the online ticket purchasing option is easy.

Review №77

Nice comfort chairs, great food. Bathroom smells of urine

Review №78

The only place to see a movie in comfort also really good food which was a pleasant surprise

Review №79

It made my movie experience better

Review №80

This place cool you order your food when you come in and then go sit and hes comfy chairs that recline and you got a armrest that you can pick up if you want to sit next to your friend and then they come out and they bring you the food while the movie is going on and they bring you napkins and everything and its a very luxurious experience my only complaint however is that when you order a ticket ahead of time online you still have to wait in the line to receive your physical ticket there should be some kind of automated kiosk otherwise a great place of business

Review №81

We came just in time for acquiring snacks before the film for which we we reserved seats. They were pricey, but I imagine thats partly because they actually pay to clean up after the show. It was clean; there were swing out trays with cup holders, and the seats were quite comfortable and roomy.The sound system was very impressive, crisp, and clear. One could feel the rumble of crashes, explosions, cars, jets, etc.It was cool without freezing ones fingers, toes, and nose.It was, over all, a most pleasant experience with a delightful movie as well.

Review №82

It was great. The movie we saw was The Overcomer... I just love the reclining chairs...

Review №83

Great place to watch a movie!! Comfy seats!!

Review №84

Very comfortable seating, love the adult beverages, and the variety at the concession, and very clean facilities.

Review №85

Prices of tickets are the same as other theater in Lake Charles. Pick your seats ahead of time and dont worry about trying to beat a crowd. Nice roomy reclining seats with food tray attached. You dont feel right up on the next row; space for people to walk without you having to move to let them by. You can order food to have brought to you; the food is okay. I prefer eating at a nice restaurant before or after; about the same price but worse quality. There is also a bar to order adult beverages. Friendly staff.

Review №86

I thought the workers were extremely good. They were working hard behind the counter with smiles, sweeping up with a smile, directing to movie houses with a smile, pouring drinks smiling. There were so many people in lines. We sat in the first row, but we had a wonderful time at the 7pm showing of CREEDII. Thanks for the professionalism.

Review №87

It was kept up well and had a good service.

Review №88

Great atmosphere. Clean and efficient.

Review №89

Brought my grandchildren and the movie was excellent. The seats were comfortable and relaxing. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because of the food experience. Bought $44 worth of food and when they brought it to us they only had 1/3 of our order and when I asked where is the rest of the food, the young man said that is it. When I gave him my receipt he said well you will have to go correct the mistake. I was not happy about that. Then they brought the wrong order to the people sitting next to us. All I can say is keep your receipt!

Review №90

Great.I went to see IT and enjoyed watching the film from the comfort of a recliner.

Review №91

Comfortable seats and good food.

Review №92

Love the seats! They are so comfortable! I love the trays over the seats! My only complaint is they need more help at concessions. There has been times Ive waited for 10-15 minutes in line. I dont think its fair to the customer or to the employee that is going as fast as they can and cant keep up. They are all friendly, even though they are being rushed

Review №93

Super nice. Great seating and the media quality was tops. Could not have a bad seat unless you draw some unruly neighbors.

Review №94

Comfy, good sound, friendly staff, food is not cheap.

Review №95

Dinner and a movie at the same time! Need I say more... love!

Review №96

The chairs here are insanely comfortable! The staff is helpful & friendly. I go to matinees. Despite the comfy chairs, the cost is the same as other theaters. A nice experience with ample parking. Their website is not reliable, though. Ive not had good luck with buying tickets ahead of time; when we got there, they were sold out, even though wed bought our tickets online ahead of time and even selected seats. Another time they had a record of our purchases, but had given our seats to someone else. I think theres a time lag or confusion w/the way their website works with the actual theater. Another couple of times when we got there, the movie had an earlier start time than was shown online. If not for that, Id rate it a 5.

Review №97

I loved this movie theater. I think its my new favorite spot. Love the fact that you can order food and a waiter or waitress bring the food out to you. Love the relaxed atmosphere and the seats recline back. Comfortable seating is awesome. Also 1st place Ive seen that you can order and drink a beer at the movies. Awesomeness place. Loved every bit of this place.

Review №98

A Nice Movie Theater, Love The Reclining Chairs.

Review №99

Amazing place to go see a movie. Nice and comfortable seats, great food and snacks. Its all around a nice place.

Review №100

The comfy recliners & reserved seating make this our far & away top choice! Plus the yummy rosemary fries with the chipotle mayo have become as much a part of our movie-watching experiences as a bucket of popcorn.

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  • Address:3416 Derek Dr, Lake Charles, LA 70607, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 337-477-3913
  • Movie theater
  • Snack bar
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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