Regency Theatres Directors Cut Cinema
25471 Rancho Niguel Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, United States

Review №1

Even though theaters are close Regency Theaters Directors Cut is open for Drive in must check out .

Review №2

What a Memory to go to a drive in movie, again. You forget that the windows fog and the car seats arent as comfortable as theater seats. But, I was glad to enjoy a movie after the dry spell the pandemic craziness has caused.

Review №3

First night out at the Drive In in decades and it was tons of fun! Staff was great, bathrooms were spotless and everything was set up to keep distancing at the required levels. Sound system worked flawlessly throughout the movie. The screen size and spacing of vehicles was perfect. Will return soon!

Review №4

Such a gorgeous and clean theater! My friend and I have been here many times because we live in Hollywood. It weighs on the more pricey end for tickets, but the open foyer gives it a grand feel and makes for a great movie experience.Parking validation is for 4 hours!

Review №5

They have beer, meals, and comfy reclining seats in the directors cut theatre.

Review №6

Thank God there is one theater open in South County! We have always liked this theater for the more independent and artsy movies it shows.

Review №7

The only dissatisfaction I have with anything right now is myself. What kind of LOSER schedules a band practice on the day they show a print of Bergmens 7th Seal? Certainly not any self respecting cineaste.Unlike myself, the Castro Theater has very few flaws. My most recent venture to see the ROAD WARRIOR was another pleasurable geek out. Sure, the theater doesnt have leather seats but you quickly forget this once people start getting run over by a semi at 80 mph.

Review №8

Very nice theatre. One of our favorite places to go.

Review №9

Excellent acoustics, comfy seats, impeccably clean and friendly staff. Add the deliciousness of buttery popcorn, and VOILÃ, you have the perfect conditions to enjoy the exquisitely crafted thriller INFIDEL!

Review №10

Our favorite theater! The people who work there are friendly and helpful; there is a bar and lounge in the lobby where you can have a glass of wine or pizza or salad or something and relax or they will deliver it to your seat in the theater. They have one brand new auditorium with the really comfortable reclining seats for very much less money than all the other theaters who have those. We always go there and our Regency club members.

Review №11

Great theatre. Surprisingly reasonably priced food. Supremely comfy seats and great service. Loving having a beer with a movie. Plus all the tickets are reasonably priced not like some crazy “premium” theaters.

Review №12

Very nice theater, great matinee pricing. Dont be intimidated by the name of the theater... it is not a high cost place; even though it has a great sit down area and snack bar.

Review №13

Was a great experience.

Review №14

Super comfy recliner seats. My mom is disabled and they had a lift to take her upstairs very courteous staff

Review №15

Theater was clean workers awesome food way over priced under prepared. Order bishotta there wasnt even a tea spoon of tomatoes. About 1/3 of a teaspoon for $14. My chicken mozzarella sauce ( the sauce description was why I bought it) there was very little pizza sauce. Movie was great seats great. Spent $80 for a poor experiance.

Review №16

There are many plus factor. No seat selection is required. The employees are helpful and extremely friendly. Food and drink selection is abundant and wait service is excellent. Their senior matinee price reductions is a big draw. Parking is a challenge

Review №17

Great theater overall, great staff, seats are comfy. Popcorn is great. They let you do the butter yourself. Huge variety of food to choose from if you are hungry. Provides a true luxury experience for a very low cost.

Review №18

Love this place. Clean, friendly, full bar, good food delivered to your seat, freshest popcorn. First run movies AND some indie stuff too!

Review №19

I have to preface this with the fact that the majority viewers of this theater are senior folks so take that as you will (*cough* some of them love to talk during the movie *cough*). I went there to see The Irishman (thank you to Regency for showing them, credit where its due). The seats are what you would expect for the smaller movie theater chains and to be honest, a little low, but Im here for the movie specifically so I dont think its realistic to expect them to be at the AMC level. The parking can be hectic so I advise to either do the earlier showings in the mornings, especially for weekends, or park far away in the lot.

Review №20

Comfortable seats, fun movie and a tasty quesadilla. This was a good time with my mom.

Review №21

Super comfortable seats Big Scream Great Sound worth the extra dollar.

Review №22

Great theater! Very comfortable, clean, well done and a great staff to go along with. Ive been here several times now and each experience has met my standards. One time however, I went into the wrong theater and missed the movie I wanted! But luckily the manage named Daniel, was able to help! I told him my mess up and he totally understood and assured me I was going to see the movie! Thanks again Daniel!

Review №23

It was a really unique theater. Very artsy. Lots of good food. If we had known we would have come hungry. Very fun Theatres!

Review №24

Very nice place. Clean. With comfy seats. Good set of movies

Review №25

Has great independant movies. A lot of main line movies also. Wednesday is Senior day, movies are half price ($6.50) till 5:00pm. But get there early as the local one of the Senior Communities bus their residents to the Theater.

Review №26

My favorite hidden place. Not too busy, great seating, very affordable for a theater these days, they have movies & documentaries that you dont find elsewhere, even better - you can enjoy adult beverages and special treats ! Not too shabby of a hidden gem

Review №27

We saw Ford vs Ferrari and were absolutely mesmerised by the sound and the sight going on in front of us. Fantastic movie and a fantastic theater to watch it in. We will be back soon!

Review №28

A smaller theater which has recently been upgraded from its older decor. Lobby clean, concession stand easily accessible, prices decent, and friendly staff. The actual theater seats were comfortable and basically your typical movie theater. Buy a large popcorn and drink and receive free refill, even though portions are of good size. Overall great spot and plenty of parking to the side.

Review №29

Very nice theater, I always enjoy watching movies there. Less crowded than other theaters and they play more indies as well.

Review №30

I really like watching movies in this theater. It is clean, comfortable and quiet. Most of the lesser known or Indie films are playing here. You can purchase food at the counter and it will be delivered to your seat. Everything I can ask for in a theater.

Review №31

Overall its a great theater, everything youd expect at a movie theater. The only problem with it is the theater rooms are midsize or 100-120 max. Hard to see a movie opening weekend there.

Review №32

Great senior prices on Wednesdays before 5:15 pm. Lots of stalls in upstairs womens restroom very convenient.

Review №33

Love the Throw Back Tuesday, films, great to see some of the old classics on the Big screen!

Review №34

Bad movie, nice theatre

Review №35

My favorite movies theatre, best accessible parking, good concession stand, good seats, friendly staff. Convenient location, too. Easy reach and ample parking. Highly recommended for your next movie!

Review №36

Our favorite movie house. Nice people. They do a good job

Review №37

Employees do not help you.

Review №38

Love the Theater. They play some arthouse movies and old movies on Tuesdays. The seats dont recline, but they are softer and more reclining than a lot of seats at movies.

Review №39

Clean theater but not enough bathrooms. Enjoyed the wine and beer service at the bar

Review №40

Love this theatre as it caters to a more artsy, older crowd. If a movie isnt playing here, then I probably dont need to see it. Very comfortable seats and food/wine/beer available in the lobby, which they can deliver to your seat. We usually eat in the dining area so as to not interfere with the movie for others around us in the theatre, but you have that option.

Review №41

Great theater with comfortable seats and good food.

Review №42

I thought all of the employees were really friendly. My friends and I enjoyed our visit. The theatres were spacious and clean.

Review №43

Great movie theater especially on Wednesday discount tickets before 6pm

Review №44

Great seats and Dolby sound system.

Review №45

We consider this a hidden gem when compared to the larger movieplexes. Order your complete lunch or dinner and then go take a seat in your theater. Theyll deliver it to you as soon as its ready!

Review №46

Great place to see a movie. Concessions are pretty good with a varied selection beyond just popcorn and soda. They even have beer and wine when the movies dont quite measure up. The sound is pretty good and the screens are big enough. Totally worth the time and effort.

Review №47

Good films and convenient scheduling.Easy parking. Great pizza delivered to our seats. Very helpful staff, assistance with elevator for my friend using a walker. Our go to cinema.

Review №48

After all the years of living in the area I finally went to see a movie at Regency Theatre.Super nice theatre similar to Cinepolis.

Review №49

Its a great Theatres very comfortable very clean and not a lot of previews before the actual movie.

Review №50

Nice arthouse feel, staff is very nice.

Review №51

New show room. Seats nice but need a pillow for seniors comfort.Movie awful!

Review №52

Love supporting the local and the unusual. Love the healthier food options, full menu, pretty good selection, even wine w dinner, lest youre one of those that tends to snooze after a good cab. Decent free parking. Fun popcorn condiments bar. Only gripe here was a random chg of movie w no notice so 3 if us went specifically to see the Queen? movie and it was subbed for the day. We expressed our displeasure and left as thst was all we were searching for. Call ahead.

Review №53

Best selection of Art House movies.

Review №54

All you need in a modern movie theater. Friendly staff, concessions, bar, comfy clean seats and good picture/sound.

Review №55

Cool spot mostly older crowd. Try not to sit in the back three rows on either side because the doors have windows in them and the light can be distracting. And always let them know if subtitles get cut off ! Theyll fix it really quickly and you wont miss a thing.

Review №56

I love that they show films the other complexes avoid. Awesome place for independent movies.

Review №57

Always has the Artsy movies, which we like & the only theater in the area to do so. The food is not too expensive & good to boot.

Review №58

I like to go to the movies. When I lived in los Angeles I used to go often

Review №59

Saw a terrific movie. Temperature in the theater was too warm.

Review №60

Very Comfortable. Lots of food and drink options

Review №61

A smaller theater than Im used to, but it is very clean and cozy. Good food selection! A restaurant inside a theater. Very different from Edwards theaters. Wished there were recliners!

Review №62

It was a nice theatre, seats were updated, staff was friendly!

Review №63

Exelent service and staff. Good selection of foods and beverages. BAR HAS NO LEMON OR LIME. Other than that - a solid 4 star experience. I just can’t give higher than 4 stars to a place with a bar that has no lemon or lime. Bartender is awesome without it tho.

Review №64

Well trained staff who seem happy to work there. Young guy behind the concession stand offered to get us a food order before the bar was open to serve. Good popcorn! Love the theater renovation, big seats, lots of leg room, clean, comfy. Our go to theater from now on.

Review №65

The new directors cut Cinema is super nice

Review №66

Comfy seating! Great amenities!

Review №67

Incredible movies like Boy Erased and Ben is Back were only being shown in very few theaters. Im glad we can just go down the street and enjoy these kind of movies.

Review №68

Love this theater. Movie selection favors limited releases vs. Blockbusters and favors the eclectic. Nice venue.

Review №69

Nice place favorite place to go to the movies

Review №70

Clean and comfortable with a friendly staff.

Review №71

The best movies here.

Review №72

We love this theater. It’s comfortable, classy, books the best films, and the staff members are helpful a cheery. We usually arrive early enough to have a glass of wine and a flatbread or salad before the movie starts. It’s so nice!

Review №73

This is our local neighborhood theater and we love it! my Mom needs wheelchair access and we get the most comfy recliner seats right in the front row. They play a wonderful variety of movies that are not the mainstream fare that is out there.

Review №74

Nice seats, rather cozy, clean. Sound and video equipment are okay, probably not the best or the latest. Overall a better experience than a megaplex.

Review №75

They have the best documentaries and art film around. Great atmosphere, nice wine and people

Review №76

Best people working here!!! Always accommodating

Review №77

Cute little theater with some food for order.

Review №78

This place is a lot of fun. Its kind of old school by offering you a mint after your movie and they offer real food to eat and then deliver it to you. The movies they show range from indie to blockbuster. Im a fan of this theater.

Review №79

I have been in the San Clemente area twice & both times have went to this very quaint & homey feeling movie theater with velvet walls & great prices on food. Must try.

Review №80

Nice local movie theater. they offer wait staff service for food, beer and wine. The chairs arent very comfy. i pass on this location if movie is more than 100 minutes.

Review №81

I like this chain of theatres. They offer a bit more than some. They have a wine and beer bar with food that you can get in their or in the theatre as you watch your movie. You order and the deliver it to your seat. Wednesday is Senior day 5.50/all day. Stadium seating with nice chairs. People behind the counter always seem friendly and wanting to make sure you have a good viewing experience. Free refills on large popcorn and sodas. Monday is pizza night, not bad pizza either!

Review №82

Outstanding, artistic and independent award-winning films; with comfortable seating and extra amenities.

Review №83

This is a great theater to catch an art house/underground film. I started coming here more because of their good selection of movies and because the ticket price is fairly lower than pretty much every other theater in the area. $10 for a matinee or student at regular time. The seats are leather and have a lot of padding and more comfortable than the average theater chair. Theres a bar in the lobby so you can grab a drink before the show. Its usually a pretty dead theater but it can get busy around prime time, and be aware that the parking lot is kind of small. Also you wont find many annoying teenagers here who are on their phones and talking through the movie; Ive noticed the clientele here is consistently and surprisingly older.

Review №84

Clean, well run, good food, movies & pricing, and friendly.

Review №85

3 1/2 hour movie so seats were uncomfortable..Good service

Review №86

Conveniently located movie theater in South County, however parking can be difficult. There is a parking structure in the back but the access is a little bit strange since you need to go around the building form the back - tickets were quite cheap, seats are just ok comfort-wise

Review №87

I have never been here but its the nearest movie theather well actually its not bit I dont wanna go to kaleidoscope or the one in San Juan.

Review №88

Best place to meet for the movies. Theater is always friendly, clean & highlights the latest& best movies

Review №89

Good theater and has a lot of the unknown or lower budget nominated films.

Review №90

1st time going to this theater with a friend. Customer service is great. The food on the menu, ordered, is delivered to you inside the theater. Wonderful experience.

Review №91

Best indy films in OC!

Review №92

A great movie experience.

Review №93

This has been the local area, movie theatre of choice for my wife and I for a long time. The selection of films appeals to more mature, sophisticated audiences than other theatres that focus on younger, fantasy and action oriented ones, including comic book themed films which appeal to more juvenile sensibilities. One main problem may be retaining large enough ticket sales over time, when competing with other media outlets like cable TV and streaming video services. The more recent bar/loumge area is a nice feature, and the theatre seating is quite comfortable.

Review №94

Great theater- screens, speakers and seats! Fun bar and service excellent.

Review №95

I love this theater, and Regency is the best! There is always a great selection of movies, and many indy movies that you would not be able to find without going to L.A. The staff is friendly and the theater is immaculate.I try to go on Wednesdays, which is (now) $6.00, so many times I will see two movies since it is a real bargain. They are very good at marketing...most theaters are empty during the week, but Regency runs specials at many of their theaters during the week...I think they are very smart!

Review №96

This is a perfect example of a neighborhood movie theatre.

Review №97

I LOVE this theater. Comfortable rocking chairs, lots of leg room, stadium seating so can always see well. The chicken quesadilla is really good and reasonably priced.BUTThey lose a star over the nightmare parking situation. I had to park 2 blocks away and walk this week as there were NO parking places near the theater.

Review №98

Great theater near our home

Review №99

Love this little theater! Whats not to live? I can order a glass of wine and watch a movie!

Review №100

Clean, good prices. Seats are comfy but the aisles are a bit small for taller people

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  • Address:25471 Rancho Niguel Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, United States
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  • Phone:+1 949-831-0446
  • Movie theater
  • Lounge
  • New American restaurant
  • Wine bar
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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