Marcus La Crosse Cinema
2032 Ward Ave, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States

Review №1

Nice to go to a movie again.. the seats are taped off where not to sit and sanitization is good here.. only one other couple in there.. for that movie...

Review №2

Recently remodeled, now offers not only great movies for everyone. Bathrooms have baby changers, new sinks have air dryers built into them, and are very clean. New seating offers electric recliners made of quality leather and are very comfortable. New snack area offers a bigger menu. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a movie theater in La Crosse WI.

Review №3

Marcus cinema is very nice. But it should be, movies are expensive and concessions are unaffordable. $4.50 for a hotdog? $4.00 for a ¢99 box of candy? Wow. Seats are comfortable but again, they should be. If youre going I suggest go on whichever day movies only cost $5, I think Tuesdays. However, I recommend sparta cinema 6. On Mondays they have $5 movies and you get popcorn with the movie.

Review №4

We are on vacation an decided to see downtown abbey in 10-1-19. I called ahead and didn’t receive an answer. Then I went to the theaters website and it was not working so we went ahead to the show. It was raining like crazy out side and this theater doesn’t have any parking in the front. So you have to park in back and then walk around the front with huge puddles of water that are being formed by all the rain gutters emptying off the roof into the parking lot. When we got in line I told the manager Tyler that his website was down, he didn’t seam to care. He then told me that my cloth bag was to big and that I had to take it back outside in the pouring rain. So I took my car keys, apple earbuds, coin purse, and wadded up the bag and put it in my coat pocket. That wasn’t allowed, he said that I had to take it to the car. I have never heard of or seen anyplace that you can’t have your small/purse with you. He knew what was in my purse because he saw me take everything out and put it in my coat pockets. My husband went back outside in the rain and put it in the car getting sopping wet again. This is so stupid and uncalled for with no reason given if what the are trying to prevent. I even asked if they could keep it in the office till after the show for me. NO! Glad this isn’t in my home town so I fount have to deal with this stupidity.

Review №5

Seat are comfy. But lets face it, it is the only choice in the area for first run movies. There is no competition.

Review №6

Stale popcorn. We always (used to) buy a large and get a refill. This was so gross we barely touched it. It must have come from a bag (not popped fresh that day, let alone that showtime) and that bag had been open for days. Don’t waste your money on it. Theater was clean and uncrowded. The bad popcorn detracted from the whole theater experience.

Review №7

Awesome people who work there. Even though not to many audience, but they focus on the few.

Review №8

Good theater with comfortable seats. Only thing I would say about them is that we drove by them a few times because we thought they were closed down looking from the outside. we had to actually physically enter the building before we realize that they were open and up and running, so if you think its closed, dont let the outside fool you.

Review №9

Plenty of parking available, great visual and sound, comfortable seats that recline. The ticket taker was pretty short with me and looked like she didnt want to be at work. Not very welcoming! Out of all the toilets only one was available, others were nasty. I think this place has great potential. They need to get some employees that care about the job. (increase pay or something)

Review №10

Outstanding performance and organization offering the most for your movie, giving the drive for prices on anything else besides the movie your suppose to be there for and support as a convenience. Great family comfort can be found here in comparison. A place this nice gets the attention of the penny pincher rude people acting stupid to ruin a smart experience or development.

Review №11

Tuesdays are the best day to go here! Its cheaper, and if youre a reward member (which is free), you get free popcorn! Reclining seats are awesome, too! I love our theater!

Review №12

Great. Friendly, clean.

Review №13

Love this theatre!! Staff has always been amazing. The food is good 95% of the time, only had stale popcorn once. The place is well kept. I also like the reclining seats and that they have a place you can print off preordered tickets. My first choice theatre 100%.

Review №14

We couldnt actually watch the movie. If we had bought the tickets online a few weeks earlier maybe. We were a group of 5. There were only 3 seats available, not together. We considered waiting for the next showing but there were only 4 seats available and not together. The prices were also higher. We ended up driving to the sparta Cinema, saving money, stress free, and sat together

Review №15

It was Fabulous. Tues is the cut price day & you get free popcorn. Comfy seats that recline and the leg rest comes out. 2 seats are together with single armrests between them and DOUBLE armrests on outside of them. Each seat is individually adjustable.

Review №16

This is our go to theater. The entire building is always exceptionally clean and inviting. The helpful staff are always very courteous. Dream Lounger seating is just that if youre not careful. The popcorn is always made to perfection. Great location!!

Review №17

Love the dreamloungers! Convenient ticket purchasing and great options for snacks. When its movie day, head to Marcus Theaters for a great time! Tuesday deals are the best!

Review №18

Was a little surprised thst I couldnt carry my bag in due to a new today size restriction. I guess I would have consented to a search and be able to take my bag in. Their loss was any money I would have spent there today. That aside, the door greeter, the cashier, the counter people all were nice and accommodating. The theater was clean and comfortable. We like this theater and will continue to see movies there.

Review №19

Dream loungers. $5 Tuesdays. Great sound. Just gotta make sure they turn off the overhead lights. And dont lose anything. Their lost and found is mostly lost.

Review №20

Great seating and popcorn

Review №21

I love this place. Love the recliners and early shows. Only if Hollywood would come up with more shows worthwhile of my time.

Review №22

Really nice theater. Tickets can be pricey, but with student and member discounts you can manage. Great seats, food is, as per usual, way overpriced.

Review №23

A great little place to watch a movie. Not long ago they upgraded their lobby and changed every auditorium to have lounge seats. It was a decent place before but this certainly boosted the experience to 5 *.

Review №24

I went to the theater last night and bought tickets on the machine I took my tickets to the front counter they took him him back when I got popcorn and drinks couldn’t find the theater asked someone who looked at our tickets could find the right theater and someone else helped us find the right room other guest. Just as the movie was about to start we were told we were in the wrong seats. They went and got staff who told us our tickets were for the 1030 show. How could that be I clicked the right show. We were asked to go out of the theater to select new seat. The movie was starting we would miss the beginning. My husband was furious and wanted a refund he didn’t want to watch a movie that he missed the beginning. Then after getting everything refunded today I find out instead of refunding my money they charged my account again!! And today I have been calling for hours and leaving messages and NO one will answer the phone or call me back. I live 45 minutes from the theater. I will only go back for my money if they can actually Manager to give me back.

Review №25

Would be 5 stars if the drinks didnt cost to much....dropped off my teenage daughter and her little sister with a $5 snack card and $1 cash so they could buy 1 Icee to share and they were told that it wasnt enough. If you are going to have such terrible prices at least post them on the website so people can plan ahead! Very frustrating when your kidscomehome so thirsty since they dont care much for pop could not get anything!

Review №26

Little Women movie was very good. The seating is excellent. Very comfortable.

Review №27

Great event to do with the grandchildren!! Need more affordable entertainment, to do with Grandkiddos☆☆

Review №28

Love this theater. And the reclining seats make the whole movie experience that much better.

Review №29

I havent been hear for years and apparently they did a remodel. Excellent. The recliners are super comfortable. Clean place. Courteous staff.

Review №30

Absolutely loved it!! Loved the dream lounger recliners!! Wont go to another movie theater. Were hooked!

Review №31

You can save time and reserve seats online. Amazing reclining seats. Saw Frozen 2. Almost as good as the 1 one.

Review №32

What do i have to say? The movies look good and sound like they should, they have popcorn and candy. Its a movie theater

Review №33

The theater was decent but the parking situation is odd to say the least. All parking is around back. Sort of like they didnt have a plan for parking when they laid the building out. In good weather it would not be too big of an issue. In inclimate weather it is just an unnecessary hassle and seems to be a recipie for a slip and fall. Not exactly a deal breaker but still pretty odd.

Review №34

Great time with my family today! My children decided to take me to the movies for Mothers Day. What a great surprise! Getting the tickets was so easy. They were even able to choose the seats they wanted. Concessions were a bit pricey but, worth the $ and the seats were amazing! But, what I really liked was the spacing in the isles. No one had to squeeze past and over other people and their snacks!

Review №35

Enjoyed the movie. Seating was comfortable. Treats were good.

Review №36

Easy access. Lots of parking. Well lit at night.

Review №37

The movie experience is great. But you will need money if you want to buy any type of food. Its not cheap!!!

Review №38

To start off I wouldn’t even give this establishment a one star it should be no stars. My sister and I walked in the theater mind you it was snowing hard and it was cold outside and also we parked in the back lot. As we walked up to ticket booth we instantly got approached aggressively about how big our purses were. Then we got asked to take them back to our car mind you it’s snowing. I asked if she could just look in my bag so we didn’t have to walk back to my car which she did look through it but then told me next time I’ll have to leave in the car, so it was pointless for her to even go through my personal items. My sister had the same size purse and she told her it was a straight up no and that she would have to take it back to our car. We ended up walking out because that is not how they should be treating paying customers. I realize they are trying to eliminate bringing in snacks and drinks, but this is going above and beyond!!!

Review №39

Fantastic service, decent movie grub and they have the new lounger seats that are SUPER comfy and reserved so no one takes your seats. By far one of the best theatres in western Wisconsin, especially with the discount movie nights.

Review №40

Loved the upgraded chairs and select seating, makes paying a movie ticket price finally worth it!

Review №41

The recliner seats are very comfortable, also the room was small or at least felt that way. It was much more relaxing that way.

Review №42

The new Dreamlounger seating at Marcus is really very comfortable! The concessions are a bit pricey for what they are, but thats not really much different from most other theatres. All in all, I would say this is a great place to get together with a few friends and immerse yourselves in the other worlds presented on their enormous screens.The 3D in this theater is also very good. Some places I have been, it just doesnt seem to work right, or they dont have 3D available. Everything seems to work out great here at Marcus, and I love the 3D features!

Review №43

The seats are awesome!!! Legit full on leather seats that tilt fully back & let you throw your legs up. Perfect for couples. If the movie is bad you can easily take a nap too. Only wish they had a full bar and perhaps a food delivery order service. Do this & wed make the trip to see movies here every time!!

Review №44

Very clean. Friendly workers. Great price if you go to the matinee.

Review №45

Outstanding Movie Theater with a ton of options for Your Viewing Pleasure! Very clean with extremely helpful and pleasant Staff...Great way to spend some enjoyable time together

Review №46

We went tonight, to see Fantastic Beasts & The Crimes Of Grindelwald! First off, movie was amazing, and definitely a must see! (Dont wanna say any my h more) Soo as for the cinemas, tbh it was VERY different! Lol. More more upgraded than mine in Illinois, as just moved here in August 2018. I really loved the self-check system with ordering tickets, although they have a ticket booth as well if you wanna do that too. The self check was actually easy and quick! Liked you get to pick your OWN seats! Loved it. Concession was real nice, and lots of options for also food/drinks! Will say that the prices are a little high, but decent. Got a regular soda for $5.80 w/tax. Lol. The theater, was sooo nice and great quality! The Dream lounger seats are the BEST!!! they are comfortable, and also 2seaters soo perfect for also cuddling! (Just saying lol) Easy to use. Very relaxing. The theater is clean, and super more nicer to say the least than ours back in Illinois! Definitely a new place to go for sure... Thanks Marcus Cinemas for the experience!!!!

Review №47

Love the newer style seating; staff will provide paper sacks to help split up purchased popcorn

Review №48

One of the cleanest, most comfortable theaters Ive ever visited. The Marcus brand has a certain level of quality Ive come to expect via their other locations, and this theater is no exception.The seating in our movie was one of the main highlights, with reclining chairs throughout the room. Super comfy, almost too comfy at times, but a very welcome flair. Makes the experience feel a little more home-y.Yes, ticket and concession prices fall into the price range that is, unfortunately, modern cinema. But for what youre getting via picture quality, seating and the general environment its a fair price to pay.

Review №49

Love the dream loungers and assigned seating so I could sit with my whole family

Review №50

We dont go to many movies anymore, and this is one of the few theaters left. Typically very nice but this time the theater had a musty smell and my wife is extremely allergic to molds. She was forced to leave or pay the price of being sick for a while.I would guess its a problem with just one of the rooms, as we have been there before and not had the issue.

Review №51

Reasonable prices, nice seats, friendly staff

Review №52

Always an amazing movie experience. Even if it turns out to be a bad movie, you can fall asleep in the reclining leather seats.

Review №53

Awesome seating and great quality picture and sound . All around a great place .

Review №54

ProsComfortable seats.Assigned seating.ConsCan only handle sitting in these for so long, Im more of a sit up with perfect posture type person.Less seats means harder to find times during high demands.

Review №55

Movie experience was great. However, if you are going to charge an arm and a leg for tickets and snacks then please pay someone to clean your very messy bathrooms and lobby area.

Review №56

Went here with the wife and 2 kids to see an animated film. Good picture, great sound, superb seating! The seats electronically reclined after their foot rest reaches its max, and are nice and roomy! The aisles have huge space between to accommodate this, as well. Keep in mind, it has been a while since I have been to a cinema, so maybe this is the new norm, but talk about comfort. They had deals on their popcorn if you were a frequent visitor, collector edition soda cups to compliment the movie! There was automated ticket vending spots, and you digitally select your seats (like I said earlier, this could be the new norm). Expensive, but expected. The only downside is the front access vs the parking on the back, you have t ok walk around nearly the entire building. Would come back to see the 3d version!

Review №57

Love the reclining seats and smaller theatres. Also have great member and student soecials. Only problem Ive ever had is movie hoppers taking your seats from time to time....

Review №58

Great date this Tuesday morning with some affordable tickets and popcorn :)

Review №59

I love going to Marcus.. especially on their $5 Tuesdays. Their seats are so relaxing and they always have free popcorn for you. The staff are exceptionally courteous and always love talking about what we thought of the movies.

Review №60

We went on the $5 special night. Theater is great and has the recliners. Bathrooms are clean and staff is very helpful.

Review №61

The movie was clear and the chairs were extremely comfortable

Review №62

I love the new seats. The other movie goers we polite and quiet during the movie.

Review №63

Great staff, always kind and accommodating. Ladies remember to watch your purse sizes. I forgot to do it.

Review №64

Food is really yummy, but some pretty high prices for snacks, although they usually have a deal on certain days. Really comfy seats and great sound and picture too. I love that you can now pick where you want to sit! When you have a free membership you get a free popcorn on Tuesdays. PLUS $5 movie Tuesdays are the best. That makes it really affordable to go see any new movie. I will forever be coming here, always have a great experience!

Review №65

They own the market in LaCrosse for movies! But with the DreamLounger seating, its a great place to see a movie, and spend a fortune! :)

Review №66

Overall I have typically had nothing but great experiences at this movie theater. However after tonight I have become aware that the movie theater needs to do more checks to ensure people are not on their phones the ENTIRE MOVIE. We asked the people next to us politely multiple times to shut their phone off and it continued. We did not want to miss the movie more by having to take the time to go find a staff member who would then have to find a manager to come and deal with the issue. So instead we were stuck watching a movie with the most disrespectful lady and her kid next to us because we did not want to miss the movie we paid for. We typically go to this theater very frequently however After tonight I think it will be a long time till we return due to our horrible experience.

Review №67

Great seats, good movies, nice place overall, a little unclean but thats to be expected from movie theaters

Review №68

The staff are always super nice. Popcorn is always top notch. Theater is always clean.

Review №69

New to Lacrosse so first time in 20 years my husband went to a theater he couldnt believe the recliners movie Peppermint was go good he didnt fall asleep so i think I can get him to go again. We ordered tickets and got seating before we left house so it was very easy getting tickets. See ya soon

Review №70

In La Crosse, Marcus is a 5-star theater but it really doesnt have much for competition. The theater is nice, the seats are comfortable, and the snacks are overpriced like most theaters. They do have some nice perks that allow for discounted movie nights and reward programs. Notice how this review doesnt touch on the customer service - thats because it is subpar at best. I truly believe if they hired and trained exceptional customer service team members, this would be one of the best theaters out there. But Marcus is able to get by because its not like there is another theater nearby pushing them to be better.

Review №71

As most theaters, its very expensive. Reclining chairs are awesome!!!

Review №72

Great seats, expensive and i hate buying tickets online

Review №73

Awesome seats! It was very comfortable.

Review №74

Awesome employees very nice. Great environment and always a good family night!

Review №75

Saw the new Harley Quinn movie and it was amazing.

Review №76

Comfy seats, quick check in buying tickets ahead

Review №77

I guess the new bag size restriction means they only allow you to sneak in small guns and knives now? Pointless. know it wasnt intended to stop people from bringing their own tub of popcorn. Aint nobody trying to sneak a tub.

Review №78

Good variety and super comfy seats but very costly

Review №79

Please offer more healthy choices for snacks and drinks

Review №80

Comfortable seating. Good selection of movie titles.

Review №81

Havent been since the dream lounger feature was added. Very comfy seats and plenty of room between the person next to you. Loved it

Review №82

Good seats, great sound, clean. No complaints whatsoever.

Review №83

Very clean. Nice young man cleaning up after the movie?

Review №84

Great service and welcoming place to watch a movie

Review №85

Nice and clean. Quality in all aspects

Review №86

Great Experience. Even offer Pizza now they will bring to seat.

Review №87

Marcus theaters is a really cool place. being able to purchase receipts ahead time is a game-changer, and the dream loungers are really nice. Also they now serve more food and have a brand new facility. And rewards members get free popcorn

Review №88

This is the best theater in La Crosse. In fact the only option for first showing movies. That being said they have a good number of theaters for variety and all have dreamloungers that are super comfortable. My S.O. always brings a blanket to snuggle up in. Which the arms fold up to get cozy for a scary movie or touching movie all the same.

Review №89

Very nice seating. Very nice sound system.

Review №90

5$ movie tickets is an awesome option and idea

Review №91

Leather overstuffed lounge chairs that lay back.sound and picture quality the best.most comfortable theatre ever.clean lobby friendly staff.little pricey but Tuesdays and other special discount days worth every penny I go least once a month if not more

Review №92

Tonight I took my 60yr old mother and my two children under the age of 10. Usually we are very happy with our experience at Marcus Cinemas. Unfortunately tonight was a VERY different experience it started at the door as we walked in I quickly started to open my Cinema app for the ticket as we approached the employee she very shortly said shake it out. I was very confused and had her repeat herself which she said very sternly shake out the blanket . Ok as im shaking out the blanket she starts demanding to see my ticket which im still trying to get up as im shaking the blanket. At this point Im starting to fell a wee bit like im entering a high security site. We finally get through and into the snack line as we get to the register the employee was rude to my mother who was trying to pay for our snacks with a giftcard. I am very dissatisfied with our experience tonight will definitely question going back for awhile.

Review №93

Comfortable seats but high prices due to being the only non discounted theatre in the area. If you can wait, I’d recommend going to the Rivoli.

Review №94

They need more machines to print tickets as there was a long line and 2 machines were out of paper with no one changing them even though they knew they were out. Long line for consetion almost made me late for my movie when we were 30 minutes early

Review №95

Nice seats even front row.

Review №96

I have been here for many films, including major release days like The Last Jedi and Infinity War. Its a well managed theater with reserved seats. Concessions are expensive even by theater standards. Good service.

Review №97

Love the recliners. Love picking out the seats you want online.

Review №98

Loved the opera, thanks for making it available.

Review №99

This place is okay I would like to say its great I love the seats some of the theaters were pretty small though and I could barely hear the previews I wish they would have put the some of the theaters were pretty small though and I could barely hear the previews I wish they would have put the volume up people tend to talk more during the previews I personally like to see the previews so it was kind of annoying for me but other than that I guess it depends on the movie youre going to see on how big your theater is

Review №100

We always have a wonderful experience here. Everything always looks nice, is clean, the lines can be long, but the workers get through people very fast and are always very friendly.

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:2032 Ward Ave, La Crosse, WI 54601, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 608-788-1212
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Stadium seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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