Regal The Loop & RPX
3232 N John Young Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34741, United States

Review №1

Theater very clean. Employees friendly and always at a safe distance. Feels like a safe environment during these times

Review №2

First come, first serve, it isn’t nice. Needless to say, family of five couldn’t find a place to sit. Had to do a refund and wait for the next show. Such a let-down with the expectation that the children had. Can’t understand why it works like this. Can’t be so difficult to implement seat bookings?In terms of the facilities, all good with nice clean bathrooms. Seats swivel were we sat, which is quite nice. The movie sound was perfect and actual screening was very enjoyable.

Review №3

Weird scenario...will be more useful...tell the people your new Covid schedule hours....

Review №4

Opened for business! Following CDC Guidelines!Not too crowded! Enjoy!

Review №5

Granted there was limited seating due to social distancing, it was still enjoyable. Customer service is still great and the wait to get snacks was short.

Review №6

Its kept decently clean, bathrooms are neat, ample seating inside the theaters, wide variety of choices in the concession station. Food is a little pricey, but for movie theater prices, its not bad at all. Location is fantastic, considering you can go to the neighboring stores to go shopping if your showing time hasnt started yet. Ticket prices are pretty good.

Review №7

The staff and place is great. Unfortunately the the people who attended the same movie as me,was horrible. Very ghetto,inconsiderate and ignorant.

Review №8

Very nice time with my boo. Sadly we knew theyre gonna close all cinemaa...very sad

Review №9

Went to this theater yesterday, 2/21/2020, and the service was horrible! Lines to get tickets were beyond long, we went inside and ordered tickets on line. The concession line was beyond long and slow, only two people serving the long line. I searched for a manager and found Corey. When I asked about getting some help with the line, he, very arrogantly, smirked and said” sure, I will work on that “( meaning he had no intention of doing that). I watched him go to the concession line 15 minutes later and got one order ready then promptly left. We waited a total of 30 minutes in concession. Will never go to this theater again. Seniors get a 10 cent discount for tickets, seats are uncomfortable, and popcorn was not good. Terrible experience!

Review №10

I love this theater with its state of the art stadium seats and Dolby sound. What I dont like is the way not only this theater, but all of them take advantage of unsuspecting people like myself who rarely go to the cinemas only to find they charge an exorbitant amount of money for refreshments. Take this writers advise, and anticipate your needs before you go and bring it with you; youll be that much richer and if everyone does it, just maybe it will get the owners attention and they will bring down the price of these snacks to make them more affordable to the general public. Happy movie watching and have a great day!

Review №11

Good theaters, traditional movie theater vibe

Review №12

Was kinda empty because of the emergency situation. Love the movie. We watch The Way Back great lesson aboy loss addition and hope. The only think was the carpet was kinda dirty or something that made me allergies. Sometimes was smelling humid. Enjoyed the evening.

Review №13

First time going to this movie theatre. The service at the concession stand was beyond slow. The employees there had no sense of urgency and they looked like they just wanted to get out, not some but all of them, which already gives me a bad impression of the place. Also, I hadn’t been to a movie theatre full of teenagers groups with no parent supervision which is none of my concern but if you prefer a more adult environment like me, you may want to choose another theatre.

Review №14

Always enjoy my trips to Regal. They have a few really good employees that truly make the theater experience what I expect it to be. I will return!

Review №15

We went to see Brian Banks movie which is a tear jerker by the way. Well, the theater is well kept and the staff is friendly. The seats are also comfortable.

Review №16

Great theater. Its my first time at the location and was pretty impressed. Great staff, clean facilities great regal theater sound. Will certainly return!

Review №17

I really like this movie theater because you can pick your seats the popcorn is really good but the issue is the long line to buy it. I have been late to movies because of it they just take so long. And is worst if you order food from their menu. If they changed that I would definitely give it 5 stars. Everything else it really good.

Review №18

The best theater in the world hands down I will be there every day when they reopen

Review №19

Comfortable theater seats, clean rest rooms, limited menu and ridiculous lines at the concession stand due to short staffing during busy Saturday hours. (Get some more staff on those refreshment stations, please! Only 3 were active.)

Review №20

Beautiful clean theater but almost $20 for a cheeseburger and medium coke?I may be old fashioned but I remember when the movie cost more than a coke and thats when movies were $2.00

Review №21

I came here to watch Starwars. My experience was horrible. Although it wasnt Regal theaters fault. I had bought my tickets for my boyfriend, my two brothers and I. They were great seats I saved money to buy them months in advance and I always use Fandango to buy tickets. Turns out that when I get there to sit in my seat it doesnt exist. Its an empty space for a wheelchair. I go to the front and I already know what my answer will be because most seats are bought in advance. Fandango apparently hasnt updated the seating chart for Regal when they updated their theater and I didnt know. So we had to sit separately. My seats sucked. It was an overall bad experience because I wanted us all to sit together since we never are able to spend time like this. I always work and barely get to see them. The movie was great but I wish it could have been different.

Review №22

I enjoy the theatres. But the concessions really need help, the cashiers do not understand urgency at all. Everyone at the theatre is on a time constraint to get to their movie...move with purpose.

Review №23

Concessions stand not on top bad service waited 45 minutes in line spent $80.00 on tikets $53.78 on snacks. Mist 30 min of movie time and did not even get somthing like a box to carry my snacks had to make 3 trips back and forth. Even do there was an empty box right in front of me the manager in the concessions stand she sed she cant help and that she cant give me the empty box. Were i ask is the regal cinema experience. Thanks you for a verry bad experience even do im a member of the regal cinema club you just lost a costemer

Review №24

Very nice clean theater. Will be going back

Review №25

Very disappointed! We arrived there and found out the seats don’t recline. Also both of our CC glasses didn’t work. We bought the food and drink for nothing because we left during the beginning of the film. Not able to understand the film without functional glasses. Wasted our time and driving. Will never come back again!!!

Review №26

It is small in comparison to other theaters but it has a great cozy feel to it and the seats are comfy. They have a food court with all usual fares including alcoholic beverages. They show recent movies as well as new and sometimes they have special engagements with classic movies from the past that are having anniversaries. There’s one theater for the RPX which is their top of the line super sound theater. It’s my go to movie theater

Review №27

Everything was good except the concessions stand way too slow not enough employees specially on opening nights.

Review №28

Cheaper prices for movies. Issue comes from concessions. Their fountain drink machines are so off. Tastes syrupy and with no carbonation. No one on able to check it

Review №29

Nice theater. A little older than the ones I go to at home but nice. Not sure if all of the seats are the same, but the ones I was in were rockers. Those were nice after watching a 3-hour movie as they kept my legs from going to sleep. Everything else was what I would expect from a Regal. I do like getting to choose your seat. That is one thing I only get at our local theater that has recliners.

Review №30

This is a nice place. The only thing about this place I dont like is that they NEVER have enough staff at the ticket window. Theres enough places for enough staff but they choose not to staff it.

Review №31

Paid extra for for 2d rdx didnt see the difference. Wasnt worth $15 per ticket. Other than that it was a nice place to watch a movie. Theatre was clean but bathrooms werent.

Review №32

Prices are ridiculous!!!! Staff good but they never seem to have enough of them. Only 1 line outside and 1 inside horrible

Review №33

Nice play to go see a flick. Its cosy, but a nice theatre

Review №34

First time at this theater with my family and it was a complete disappointment. Ill start off with customer service - the representatives at the concession stand displayed no enthusiasm and the individual ticketing you did not even greet us and made no effort in directing us to where the theater playing our movie was located. He was too busy having a conversation with the security guard who also was not doing his job. We finally made it to the theater only to find garbage all everywhere. It looked like a riot broke out - no exaggerations. It was disgusting! My wife and daughter went to use the rest room and returned immediately due to the uncleanliness and conditions of the restrooms. In addition, the seating furniture is uncomfortable. I dont ever give ratings but felt it was necessary due to the disappointment in this theater. I assumed Regal Cinemas would be a better quality theater as I am used to Going to the South Chase Touchstar theater, which by the way is a MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE! At Touchstar South Chase I get great customer service, the rest rooms are always well maintained, and the seating furniture is much more comfortable for their premium seats, which is almost half the ticket price of Regal. In conclusion, I do not recommend Regal cinemas and they will no longer get my business. Hope this was helpful.

Review №35

Time to upgrade the seats, to stay competitive. Too many young kids hang out here, so if you want a quiet theater. Definitely not the place

Review №36

Worse experience I ever had at a movie theater. First and last time I will ever go to this theater me and my wife get there our seats were occupied by another couple then we try to change our seats for another section by that time those were taken so we ended up getting our original seats as soon the movie started people who had children with them started to yell and scream which cause me to drop my drink and popcorn at this point I had enough and left the movie spoke to management and got a refund. Before going to theater I saw two reviews I didnt think it was going to be bad I was surprised seats are out dated and people have no respect for others who are trying to enjoy a movie.

Review №37

Non professional staff. Google doesnt communicate with this theatre according to the young manager... Nothing I can do about a movie that shows a time but when you arrive isnt playing. Not even a free pass to watch another show after getting dressed and getting there. This had been my familys local movie theater, guess what... NOT ANY MORE!

Review №38

There was no indication that they were closed

Review №39

I go to south chase all the time. Not only are the tickets cheaper, the place is cleaner and the customer service is so much better. I can not for the life of me figure out how they can charge almost double per ticket and cant afford staff to clean the bathrooms, the gas station was cleaner . They also do not clean the theater between movies. It was disgusting to sit by the food left behind by previous visitors. I do not mean a little bit of food, I mean piles of popcorn, drinks and sticky food. The worst family night experience by far, so disappointed. I can only imagine what their concession stand kitchen looks like. Someone should come and evaluate it.

Review №40

I enjoy y the loop I always think be a parking spot its always clean the staff is always polite and cheery was the me as I am with them on not going get 4 stars because the concession stand in s way way wayyyyy too expensive makes me wanna stop at Dollar tree on my way

Review №41

Nice place to go see a movie, as a local who have been coming here for years Im always satisfied.Movie theaters are clean, lobby could be better. Only issue I have is that theres always popcorn litter at the lobby. Bathrooms are somewhat clean, this is a guest problem though.Price for the movie ticket is fair. I like the RPX theaters. The seat are leather and it is always clean, at least whenever I go into it.Reserve seating is always good so you can buy your tickets in fandango and just avoid the lines for tickets.The concession stand is always packed. They try their best to serve each customer as fast as possible.Overall a good theater to go to. Not the best but its good enough.

Review №42

Need to update there seats. Everytime someone walks behind you they hold on to the back of the seat or bumps into. Needs more room to walk in the theater.

Review №43

Never any issues when we go here, its nice since they have assign seats you pick when you buy

Review №44

The worker are very bad they take for ever to serve a popcorn 10 to 15 minuts. Absurb ridiculous beside that they working slow and singing having a long line of almost 40 ppl

Review №45

Buying tickets was fast. Good prices. They had good variety on drinks and food. Prices were not bad. Nice staff

Review №46

They need more reliable concession staff that can multi task .compared to alot of theater around that have updated seating and experience this regal is falling a bit behind .Aside that its a normal experience

Review №47

One of my favorite places... Now, if only ritual combat was a real thing...

Review №48

Breakthrough a True Story is one of the better ones I have seen at Regal Cinemas. Thank U for showing it long enough for me to get to see it. Its here till at least Thurs May 9th. Now my family can see it too!! Awesome Movie. Thanks again Regal.

Review №49

I personally think the touch star in South Chase is better. When you get hot food such as cheese sticks or chicken strips they are served at your movie seats.

Review №50

Regal at the Loop is consistently one of the busiest movie theaters in Central Florida, and for good reason. The theaters are always comfortable, the employees always provide service with a smile, and it is located in a popular shopping location, plus its got 3D and RPX showings daily. Beware of watching movies at popular times like weekends and evenings because it may be hard to get a seat, and prices are higher. Overall a great theater with great service.

Review №51

Everything was good, very slow at the concession counter though and its time to upgrade the seats to leather recliner seats.

Review №52

I dont give this theater a five star just because it doesn’t have recliners and if they did i would go more often to it. From a person that goes casually to the movies i prefer to go farther to see a movie where i can sit more comfortable than siting on a chair that i have to change position every five minutes

Review №53

If I could give a ZERO star I would. We were in line for half hour at the concession line only two people were attended in that half hour, each coming out w only soda and popcorn! At the theater the aisles floors were sticky and filled w Popcorn! Nasty dirty theater worst I have seen!

Review №54

Close enough to the house to catch a movie while the family tours the parks. Only four stars because the pricing is outrageous!!

Review №55

Very expensive for the quality of food and the staff need to be trained on courtesy. However, the chairs were very comfortable.

Review №56

Love this place. Comfortable seats. Picture and sound quality is good

Review №57

I hated this place,First, they don’t have recliner la-z-boy chairs although they charge for premium seats, I order food and the lady told me to not order too much food because i would have to wait more time for it, because they cook one plate at a time. The popcorn gave me, my wife and son stomachache. It was a total awful experience. The only good thing I can say is that you can buy tickets online, and skip the line by getting them from a kiosk inside. But everything else, was a nightmare, if you never been to a better theater then I guess you won’t know, but this place needs better management to speed up the concessions line and update the seats.Second and last, the screen in room 9 has a pixel that is broken and you can see a blue dot through the whole movie, is a little detail, but is annoying.Don’t offer me a refund until you fix all those things, because I won’t go until my concerns are heard and fixed.

Review №58


Review №59

Love movies so will continue to go but management is clueless about being efficient and getting lines moving. Takes very very very long to move up the line to order anything.

Review №60

It was clean. Staff was quick, friendly and knowledgable. Enjoyed the movie there. People were great. It was quite so you could actually hear the movie.

Review №61

Good cinema... I feel the seats need a cleaning.

Review №62

Leaving 1 star because of bad service. I called the theater twice and was met with a message saying the operator was not available. I then drove to the theater (I just had a quick question which is why I didnt want to drive 13 miles to begin with) to see no line at the box office. I called again, from a considerable distance, just to see if theyd pick up. Maybe they were busy the last couple of times? I watched this lady look at the phone ring, and ignore it. There was no one in line. Customer service these days... Ill be driving the few extra miles to AMC from now on.Edit: for those wondering, calling again and again is not really a feasible option. Getting to the box office requires going through a few automated systems first. It takes like 2-3 minutes before you get it to ring at the box office.

Review №63

I went to go see Shazam here and I had a pleasant experience. The staff was nice and the theater was clean. Which I know can be hard with everyone dropping popcorn. Concession prices are a little high but their medium soda is the size of what I would consider a large.I will probably return to this location for the next movie I want to see.

Review №64

The place is clean and the staff provides excellent customer service. I highly recommend.

Review №65

This spot is perfect for families. Popcorn is definitely addictive. We watch our movie in the RPX theater, and we love it, we were able to purchase tickets and reserve our seats via the Regal app, we picked up our tickets at the Kiosk. So going in is pretty quick, but the lines to concession was pretty long, but the wait time wasnt that bad, just go earlier just in case. I highly recommend this is always clean and the space inside the theater is great.

Review №66

Im visiting from Chicago. Movie started at 335. Got in line at 345pm. Didnt receive my 3pc tenders until 402pm, then the fries were ice cold. I then received my next order at 420pm. I asked for Manager and that was a problem. Finally I talked to manager about poor service from his staff and he refunded my order and replaced my tickets.

Review №67

Great location! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. We had a fantastic time!

Review №68

I love this theater! My fiance and I go to the movies at least 3 times a month, and have drove out here from Winter Haven because its the second closest regal theater. We only drive out to this one because the other one doesnt seem well kept up. The seats are comfortable, the theaters are huge, and the staff is friendly.

Review №69

We enjoyed this location. The kids had fun. I did not find the prices to be to high

Review №70

We missed our theater!!!!

Review №71

Always has the seating area that I love!!..and great snack options

Review №72

We visited while we were in vacation to kill some time before our flight home, prices were reasonable, portion sizes of drinks and popcorn were HUGE. I love that you picked your seat also.

Review №73

They need to update this theater. Would be nice to have luxury style seating, maybe add 4DX as an option. Very understaffed at the concessions stand. Food takes a while at this location all the time.

Review №74

We love visiting Regal The Loop & RPX. We always purchase our tickets online and walk right in. Very family oriented and clean.

Review №75

Favorite place for a newly released film. Comfy, reserved seats. Nice menu, with some great options. Popcorn is among the best tasting in this area. Served with your choice of Coke product or beer and wine. Friendly staff make it a great visit. RPX is worth the up charge (depending on the movie).

Review №76

It was a nice theater, clean and comfortable, the seats were clean the rows were clean but the floors out in the lobby and the bathroom made my shoes stick as if there was soda spilled and they didnt clean up the floors or mop well. They didnt look dirty just sticky every time you stepped

Review №77

Just cause I miss this place!

Review №78

The place is nice, when we do go we go to the big theater more seats. They need covers for bathrooms and to get rid of dryers since dryers spread more germs yes they do.They have a wide selection of movies which is cool but we dont gi since movies so expensive. It is nice to have a theater that is close by. Management is nice too and welcoming. So yes 4 stars. 5 stars are reserved for excellent.Nice clean theater which is nice.

Review №79

My go to movie theater. I love that I do not have to make a huge line. I can buy my tickets online and just scan it with the Usher and keep it moving. Bathroom are clean which is a big thing for me. The staff is very nice always with a smile. Its in a very good mall lots of options to go eat or shop. Lots of parking.

Review №80

I love this theater! Highly recommended location. I love their $1 regal summer movies for the kids. The guys at the box office were very nice. We weren’t harassed by someone checking bags and the staff was very helpful. They even have a whole section for handicapped people in the middle which gives a great view. They have movie preview games, but you have to download the app to play which makes previews painless to sit through! I have been twice already even though it’s about a 45 min drive it’s totally worth it.

Review №81

Had to wait in the concession line for almost 30 minutes for them to tell me and my family that they had no popcorn because the machines were not working properly. They had been out for a while and if they would have let customers know before hand I wouldnt have missed the beginning of my movie. Then the theater was nasty when I did get to my seat. The bathrooms were nice but not cleaned. All around not a good experience.

Review №82

Great place to watch movies, but I think they purposely jam internet signal so you wont be able to use your mobile device.

Review №83

Great workers at concession stand and kitchen as well as ticket takers!!

Review №84

Always a great theater to go too! Great service, clean, and modern! Definitely recommend!

Review №85

There are a lot fewer people talking during the movie than the theater on OBT, as far as I can tell, so thats nice. The staff is friendly too.

Review №86

It was a great experience. Great customer service.

Review №87

Good variety in films (you have options). The price is a bit higher than others, especially for regular sets.

Review №88

It was the best the food was great the service was amazing good job

Review №89

The movie theater has the best staff! Always helpful and friendly

Review №90

I love this movie theater. Right at the Loop Mall. So convenient. Lots of food choices. Clean theaters. Excellent employees. Nice location. One of my favorite places to see movies.

Review №91

The theater was awesome. Very clean. I wanted to use my reward points to redeem a small popcorn and I used 2,000 rewards points and it cost me the price of a medium popcorn with tax $7.41. REGAL CROWN CLUB SUCKS.THE LADY behind the counter said theres no such thing as FREE POPCORN! SO WHY DUD MY APP SAY ITS FREE? I GUESS I WILL START GOING TO COBB THEATERS

Review №92

Close to my Orlando home. Safe and clean. Crowded on weekends.

Review №93

Hardly ever any parking on weekend. Movie tickets way too expensive. Confession stand prices ridiculous. Lately, somethings going on wrong with the popcorn! Its not as good as it used to be. I like Southchase Cinema a lot better. You can drown your popcorn in lovely butter flavored oil, lol!

Review №94

They really need to learn to staff accordingly. Only 2 registers open for the opening day of end game, really?? Movies cost a fortune now a days, so the last thing I want when spending good money is to sit 30 mins in line for popcorn and a soda. Other than this, nice theater.

Review №95

This theater is just AMAZING it has perfect sound and view even kids can clearly see the screen. If I could I would go there EVERYDAY

Review №96

Didn’t mean to review this place. Phone is ultra sensitive. Great place since we are just a couple minutes away. I really don’t have any complaints.

Review №97

Busy without being too crowded, bathrooms and lobby are always clean.

Review №98

Clean. Bathrooms are clean. Thats a biggy for me. Staff members are friendly. The movie theater doesnt smell musty and has no odor. It was a great and pleasant day

Review №99

We love this theater we are here at least 2 times a month

Review №100

Staff is always upset and has an attitude. its not my fault you guys had to work at a movie theater

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