Totem Lake Cinemas
12232 Totem Lake Way, Kirkland, WA 98034, United States
Review №1

Great movie theater. its small and does not get to packed so it is great and more fun. i just went and watched happy new year the other day and it was just great. the sound and the screen just perfect. Good Job

Review №2

Worst theatre ever! Service quality is as low as is humanly possible. The show often shuts down mid movie and then you are sent to the next hall to watch the remainder...on one instance the person running the theatre couldnt even complete playing the full movie and left us in the middle of the suspense.I wish theaters had health inspectors like restaurants, they would shut this place down in respect of the arts...since they are they only theatre that runs Bollywood movies they just dont care enough to do a good job.

Review №3

Older movie theater, but shows Indian movies, with samosas and mango lassi available at the concession stand. Awesome!

Review №4

Worst Theatre(Kirkland), Bathroom is disgusting, I never seen such a worst restroom in america.Seats are like 1960s Indian village Touring Talkies Seats(Just a wooden seats), You will get neck and back pain if you watch any movie for more than hour.I stopped watching india movies because of this theatre.Please watch movie at home once legal DVD version is released, even if you wait for 3-4 weeks, it;s worth than going to this theatre.At least Renton location is big relief compare to this.If you dont believe me experience this.....

Review №5

Love this place! Bollywood films galore ;-)

Review №6

Worst theater ever!

Review №7

Movie screen is damaged, blurry, worst interior, chairs are not comfortable.

Review №8

Not sure if this place is ever open....

2.3 Rating
  • Address:12232 Totem Lake Way, Kirkland, WA 98034, United States
  • Movie theater
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