Fairchild Cinemas - Southgate 10
2823 S Quillan St, Kennewick, WA 99337, United States

Review №1

Cost to high for seniors! No break for non alcohol patrons! Nice seating! Enjoyed the movie. Wont spend $5 for a soda again!

Review №2

Wonderful place to take the family to go see a movie. We saw the new star wars movie. The lobby is nice and open, no big lines. They have plenty of snacks and yummy popcorn to choose from. We bought tickets for the bigger screen which had awesome sound and reclining seats with cup holders. Great place to go see a movie. Warning, will leave a little deaf, the movies are loud.

Review №3

Its great to go back to the movies it would be cool if they offer a monthly movie pass and that you are able to rent the movie theater for private parties and birthdays

Review №4

So happy that you are open again!! Safety precautions are in place for COVID . The theater is a safe place to be ! People are spaced apart and not talking .

Review №5

Best Movie Theater Experience in Kennewick! Actually its the best in all of Tri-Cities and surrounding areas! The sound was amazing and vibrated the seats! All seats are same price even though you reserve your spot. All spots are good. Every seat is comfy with plenty of arm space, good for big people, movable trays, electric lay back, and pop up foot recliners. ATM, Video Games, No Lines, Very Clean, Brand New Theater (November 2019). A lot of snacks to choose from such as popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, icecream, candy, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, soda, coffee, Italian Ice sodas, slushys, and seasonings, with so much variety. I recommend only buying the large popcorn and ask for sharing bags with a large fountain drink because both are free refills. They have ample parking and restroom stalls (no line). Handicap parking, bathroom stalls, and theater seating. Changing table for babies in restroom and sinks low enough to use. I also think this theater might serve alcohol like its sister theater in Richland but not sure.

Review №6

Strange that theaters are open but, librarys arent.I dont know where the logic is in that. But choosing to stay openDuring a pandemic seems, irresponsible. Shows how much youValue $$ over the health of your community.

Review №7

Seats are EXTREMELY comfortable. We did not order food or drink but I LOVE that it is offered and may take advantage at another time. DISCLOSURE:. I am hearing impaired. Hearing aids in both ears. Therefore, the closed caption device that theater offered was a welcome addition. did not work...always searching...never connected. Searching, searching, searching...Could have repeatedly left my seat to get the device to cooperate, but chose not to, to avoid disturbing other movie goers. With that said, I will be contacting theater owners and hope they can fix this issue. Left my husband to enjoy movie...I I said, the seats are VERY comfortable. Wish me luck on getting the closed caption devices fixed, because I love the big screen experience!!! Until then, Netflix it is.

Review №8

This place is great!! Brand new, so nice and clean. The recliner chairs are sooo comfortable for watching a movie. Lots of space so you dont feel like you are walking on feet and toes to get to your seat. Good popcorn.

Review №9

Had a great experience watching the new Star Wars movie. The sound system was very nice. The seats were pretty comfy. If you buy a large tub of pop corn you can ask for some clear bags from the staff and you can split your large popcorn with some others. You only get one refund for drinks and popcorn.

Review №10

I felt like I was at an IMax almost! Best sound, best customer service, everyone was so happy and ready to help! Merry Christmas! Oh best movie this year, Star Wars.

Review №11

Brand new! Reclining seats with foot rests. Bright clear screens and incredible sound! We will be visiting this theater again and again.

Review №12

Comfortable seats. Small theatres, concessions and clean bathroom facilities this movie house offers up the usual movies uninterrupted by Independent, foreign films, anything different or unusual.

Review №13

We had a great time. Out side and outside were clean. Really great sound in the big screen. I would recommend this theater to everyone.

Review №14

It was a clean, incredibly comfortable theater, but I was surprised by the blandness of the lobby. The theater itself was quality with plenty of space to move around the seats with the chair backs fully extended. I would definitely see another movie there if it werent being shown at the Fairchild in Richland.

Review №15

Their seats are so comfortable, it let me enjoy the movie. Its also very spacy, I didnt have to move to let people pass by. I just stayed cozy and enjoyed the movie!

Review №16

The arm rests do not fold back, so no love seat like chair/couches here. Kinda lame actually. Other than that its just another movie theater

Review №17

For a new theater you think it would be a little cleaner. Popcorn on the floor and seats. We had to clean our seat before we could set down. The picture and sound was great.

Review №18

New, convenient, and comfortable with all the latest amenities. We enjoy the weekend matinees. Thank you

Review №19

Interesting that you to pick your own seats but how do you know what seat you want if youve never been there very much picked the wrong seats but still good Seems like a lot of wasted space interesting that everyone gets recliner Was disappointed there was no photo booth. But still say my experience was good and Staff was friendly

Review №20

Awesome theater experience! Loved the ATMOS sound experience for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. Watched Frozen 2 and Star Wars on two different screens and on different dates. Both were a little too loud for my comfort, and even my granddaughter complained. So the third time I visited I brought some earplugs to take the edge off, and it was perfect.

Review №21

Great theater comfy seats, sound will blow you out of your seatlove the food tray they added to hold your food

Review №22

The chairs are so comfy! The staff were helpful had a great first experience will go back

Review №23

Great picture, great sound. I would give 5 stars, but took one away for charging extra to buy tickets on-line.

Review №24

It’s open and nobody knows about it!! The seats are way more comfortable than Queensgate 12. The rows are farther apart by 12 inches and the front row is 9 feet farther back from the screen than at normal theaters. If you get stuck in the front, at least the seats recline so you won’t get too bad of a crick in your neck. The sound system is way better, especially in the big theaters. The projectors are laser projectors, and they have a crisper image than the projectors at AMC

Review №25

SUCH an amazing theater! So clean and very friendly staff. I will never go to another theater!!

Review №26

Great place to see a movie! Comfy seats, great selection of stuff to snack on, courteous staff!! Definitely recommend this place!

Review №27

I would give this place 0 stars. We were singled out for being on my phone because we were in the very front seats all the back seats were sold out. Staff too lazy to tell anybody else in the back! Mind you it was Christmas day. I was recording my toddler eating after buying food and tickets which is all already expensive enough. Tried to get a hold of a supervisor the next day and this tori which I doubt was it was the same all rude didnt care at all. Not family friendly at all.Never had this problem anywhere else. Waist of money and time here!!!

Review №28

Nice and clean. Quick service. Great relaxing way to watch a movie.

Review №29

Saw an excellent movie at a great movie theater. The reclining seats are so comfortable!

Review №30

My wife and I went and saw Star Wars episode 9. We not only loved the movie, but the experience of watching on the giant screen with soround sound. Our seats were rumbling as the action sequences were playing. The soround sound brings you closer to the action. We will definitely be watching more movies at the Southgate cinema.

Review №31

I just got back from seeing a new Mister Rogers movie at the new movie theater, I have to say that I love it! The employees are friendly and the seat was comfortable, and the sound and screen was awesome!This theater is worth visiting and plan to be back soon for Star Wars!

Review №32

Really great theater. Friendly staff and excellent experience.

Review №33

Immaculate and convenient. Great service, concessions, and amenities. Seating is fantastic.

Review №34

Great new cinema finally in Kennewick, good food and amazing reclining seats. Perfection.

Review №35

The front lobby was pretty empty looking, but Im sure this is just because of the fact that is is so new.

Review №36

This new theater has luxury comfort seating with wide aisles and the Atmos sound system delivers a riveting, 3D sound experience !!

Review №37

I really enjoy this theater compared to the Richland one. Sure the trays are smaller but the seats recline back even further! My one negative is that the movie was almost too loud in many parts.

Review №38

I love the power chairs and the way you chose your seats on a screen at the front counter,

Review №39

Everyone is so friendly and helpful! Will definitely be my theater of choice.

Review №40

Comfortable chairs, good sound system. Little pricey.

Review №41

This is a top.l notch theater. Offer all reserved seating so you will always get the seats you want. The leather recliners are very comfortable and recline very far. Alcoholic beverages are served in this theater and are allowed in most of the screens. The dolby atmos theaters are somuch better then the regular screens for an immersive experience. I would highly recommend this location and going here often.

Review №42

Seats were so comfortable. The staff was great. My only complaint was popcorn. Not very good.

Review №43

Love these theaters. I keep a neck pillow in the car for when I go!

Review №44

Seats are not as wide as queens gate, popcorn is not fluffy, stays in your teeth, price is good, and sound system is nice and loud

Review №45

Clean.Some problems with seating, butvery nice and comfortable seats.

Review №46

Super clean. Great service and great movie experience.

Review №47

New movie theater in 2019 owned by Fairchild another great theater amazing seats just a good experience in general.

Review №48

Very nice looking theater, and watching The Rise of Skywalker was awesome with their sound system!

Review №49

I loved it there was every thang you should expect of a 5 star ratting

Review №50

Fairchilds newest addition doesnt disappoint! Seats are amazing

Review №51

Not a bad theater, but to be honest it is a bit disappointing that the seats and trays are significantly smaller than the Queensgate location, and the seats are no longer in pairs with an armrest in the middle that can be lifted up. It seems odd that Fairchild would create such a fantastic premium moviegoing experience with their Queensgate location, only to go backwards with a reduction of seating size and comfort? I will most likely not be patronizing this new theater very much. Why bother when you can get a better experience for the exact same price?

Review №52

Seats are comfy, a bit pricey, but its brand new and clean.

Review №53

The seats were the most comfortable seats Ive ever sat in. The audio was amazing. You wont want to watch a movie anywhere else.

Review №54

Comfy seats. Great sound. Friendly staff.

Review №55

Very nice theater with extremely comfortable seats and great sound. Could use more couch seats in the hall.

Review №56

Beautiful place, nice atmosphere its a good family place highly recommend it.... the staff very friendly....

Review №57

Okay, whoever gave this new Kennewick cinema a bad review, they want this place all to themselves.... the semi-negative reviews made me think twice about spending the extra cash to see Frozen 2 here....Man were they wrong, the reclining seats are absolutely amazing .... push button recline, a nice large tray that sits in front of you to hold multiple drinks and snacks, with nice soft double arm rests. The ATMOS DOLBY is sooooo worth it- best theater sound/visual experience in the Tricities - hands down. HIGHLY recommend this cinema, and the popcorn was great- hot and lots of butter just how we like it, and that was on Monday night .... I cant wait to come back for Star Wars! 10 stars if I could!!!!

Review №58

Great theater!! The seats were amazing.

Review №59

Best in town

Review №60

Went there 1st the ticket salesman said all but 4 seats were sold out. After the show there were tons of seats opened. The girl at the register for snacks could not count my change right.and shorted me 4 dollars I showed her how to count change back. She said no one had ever showed her how to make change. I hope it helps her to do her job

Review №61

Still has that brand new smell. Nice theater just a little spendy.

Review №62

Reclining seats, reserved seating and a great Dolby atmos theater.

Review №63

Awesome seats!!

Review №64

The service was outstanding, and very friendly 5☆ experience DTM

Review №65

I went to this movie theater for the first time with a date I purchased my tickets using my phone and got there got my popcorn and drinks walk to the the show room and there was popcorn all over the seats drink holders and ground so I had to go find someone to let them know 10 minutes later someone came in and swept the popcorn off the seat onto the ground and got a little off the floor and left.

Review №66

You get the best education and make the best friends.

Review №67

New, clean, really comfy seats. Wine and beer coming in January.

Review №68

Comfortable seating with good food for a cinema.

Review №69

Love the location and the popcorn is always delicious!

Review №70

Theater is new and clean with lean back chairs and trays built in. It also has Atmos in the main large theater room.

Review №71

New and confortable reclining seats

Review №72

Amazing amenities, puts other theatres to shame

Review №73

Best theater in kennewick..

Review №74

Worst experience ever!! We are a two mom family who was harassed from the moment we walked in by the staff. We will NEVER return!

Review №75

Love the theater and its close to home

Review №76

Amazing new theaters love the seats

Review №77

Great service and amazing sound!

Review №78

Loved it and will go every weekend

Review №79

I love going here

Review №80

We have come twice for your matinees. How about a senior rate?

Review №81

Very nice and comfortable seating

Review №82

Excellent!! Clean, friendly, and a pleasure to visit!

Review №83

Popcorn was spongy & old and dry, the butter was cold not hot.

Review №84

Good people.

Review №85

Very nice and comfortable

Review №86

Great theatre!

Review №87

Very nice theater

Review №88

A bit pricy, but worth it

Review №89

Some theaters restrict alcohol beverages

Review №90

Great theater!

Review №91

Nice facility

Review №92

Always good

Review №93

Nice chairs

Review №94

A lot of choices to watch.

Review №95

Awesome place

Review №96


Review №97

Very comfortable

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  • Address:2823 S Quillan St, Kennewick, WA 99337, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 509-581-3200
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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