Regal Maui Mall Megaplex
70 E Kaahumanu Ave # A, Kahului, HI 96732, United States

Review №1

Very nice place to go. Very clean. The cushions work well and they are comfortable. The service was very good, no problems at all. The projection of the images was high definition and the sound was very cool. I recommend it to those who want just to chill in a comfy couch and watch a good movie. The food was good, nothing exceptional. Was clean and the service was quick. Very recommended. Also it is placed on a nice shopping center so you can take advantage of that is you are visiting Hawaii.

Review №2

Just finished a movie and the chairs were awesome! They reclined back far, and have a table for food. Clean, and cool for a hot Hawaii day.

Review №3

Best movie theater on the island. Maui isnt really the place where visitors flock to for a cinematic experience, so dont expect too many bells and whistles. Do expect online ticket purchasing, reclining chairs, reserved seating, and a newly expanded menu (as of 2019) that goes a bit beyond the more familiar choices of popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and candy. If youre local, you know that this is the best place on Maui to watch movies on a regular basis. If youre visiting, this is a great place to escape the heat.

Review №4

This was the first place we went once we arrived in Maui because we arrived early and our lodgings were not available yet. We were so impressed with this theater that we go round another movie just so we could come back and enjoy it again!!! We still talk about That movie theater in Maui!! You know its a good theater when you come back from MAUI and its up there on some of your favorite memories!!

Review №5

We just came out of theater #8 front row. While the seats are comfortable, that doesnt matter when you leave the theater with your eyes burning and your neck stiff. Those seats should only be sold with a disclaimer that your view will be severely distorted.

Review №6

So. Many. Ads.Its a well appointed theater with clean facilities. The major issue I have with the place is that movies rarely start when advertised. Show up on time and prepare for 5-20 minutes of advertisements before your movie, more if they play previews. If they would play movies at the advertised time it would be a 5 star experience.

Review №7

So I give up theaters upgraded seating and ambiance a 5 but the rest of this is a joke. People that work here get about a 2 the prices are like a 2.I guess when you live in Maui you have a whole lot of options but I would expect more.Hopefully the movie will be good but Im stuck in the front row.... would have been nice if they had more people selling tickets. Might have been able to get my assigned seats sooner. Ugh... I hate the front row.

Review №8

Best theater experience I have ever had! The outside of the theater is gorgeous, and then inside it is absolutely top-notch! This is the cleanest, best-kept theater I have ever visited. The bathrooms were spotless, and had this super cool tiling with images from movies! I was fascinated. The reclining seats were cushiony, clean, not worn out at all, and so incredibly comfortable! Amazing experience.

Review №9

Best seats and more viewing options. Smaller theatre rooms but that just adds to the ambiance of this particular cinematic experience. I go to the late late showings when available.

Review №10

I didn’t know how to use the regal app to use my credits. The ticket taker Patty was very nice and got a manager to help me. The manager Alyssa was very helpful and sweet. She explain how we can purchase our tickets through the app without standing in a line and if we have enough credits for a movie ticket we can use it through app too! Alyssa showed me how to get a free popcorn and drink since I had a lot of credits to use before the year end. The concession line was a bit long but the cashier was fast and nice. I didn’t catch her name but she got all our order correct! The movie was great, the seats are comfy and overall the theater is very well kept clean! That’s awesome and very amazing customer service this movie theater has! Definitely coming back and telling all my friends and family.

Review №11

Been taking myself on solo dates to the movies lately. I love this movie theater along with the awesome seats.

Review №12

They had construction going on on 2 occasions that ive been there. Both times it was very disruptive and noisy couldnt hear the movie or relax. The second time a few of us complained and asked if possible to get a refund or credit they said no. Never apologized for the inconvenience or gave a warning before buying tickets. Another time there was audio problems with the movie and ppl had to keep getting up to tell them/remind them that we have little to no sound in here! Again no credit no apology. Other then that its a pretty good theater.

Review №13

Love the reclining seats! We saw a great movie and enjoyed ourselves. The mall is always interesting especially w that crazy kewl fountain that blasts up water in rhythmic patterns. Whole Foods snack options and dinner at numerous restaurants including Genko Sushi. And back to the Movie Theatre the colorful tile strip on the black floor in the womens rest room always delights me. Fab decor.

Review №14

A nice break from the megaplex, sure it isnt as nice but its always got seats available! It has had a recent make over so its not as old inside as youd think.

Review №15

Awesome theatre! If it werent for the scary homeless people talking to themselves and the stabbings in the mall, Id give them five stars. I acknowledge they dont have control over these things, but it seriously is a factor. Im scared to take my girlfriend here if the show lets out after dark. Maybe Regal could open a place in Kihei or somewhere else in Kahului that isnt in the Queen Kaahumanu Stabbed to Death and Dying in Front of a Foot Locker Oh the Humanity Mall?Also, the self-serve butter is a problem. I like my butter layered and thats impossible with this theatres setup.

Review №16

Comfy seats and environment, fair prices on new films.

Review №17

Reclining chairs did not work. But a manager came and fixed them. Bathroom could be cleaner

Review №18

Maleficent was wonderful! The seats are great... just lean back and enjoy the show.

Review №19

My how cinema has changed ! No wrapping your arm around your gal in these spaceage recliners ! Oh so comfortable ! On weekends reserve your seats early as this theatre sells out !In their response, the theatre suggests I become a frequent flyer ! Lol, when I see 2 flicks a year, at most ? Id rather they promise me good seats when I go to see Cats, something Ive been waiting 40 years for.

Review №20

My favorite on island! Those reclining chairs are a beautiful touch. Just wish they had the a/c running a little more. It always feels a little stuffy walking into the theater rooms. The popcorn and drinks are overpriced. I only drink water but it cost me at least $6 for a cup of water that isnt a free toddler cup.

Review №21

The new recliner seats are comfortable and plenty of space for people to walk by. The food is okay and the staff are really friendly. Our family loves coming here.

Review №22

Maui Mall theater has been a solid choice for ages! FYI its cold in there so bring a jacket, brah

Review №23

Love the theaters!! Dislike the long wait at the concession stand and the the super low kid height urinals..

Review №24

Nice people. Super outdated theater tho.... Remodeled outdoor mall is really nice.... They should demolish this theater and build a new one matching the nice outdoor mall.Although... This is really the only option for movies on Maui.

Review №25

Nice facility and theaters. Concessions offered good selection

Review №26

Three rows in 26 seat theater. 1st row youre so close you literally cannot watch the movie. the family in the second row behind us also got a refund because even the second row it was difficult.

Review №27

Its great other than my seat having a hole in it.

Review №28

Very nice theater. Friendly staff and great seats that recline. The popcorn could be better. I added butter, a lot of butter and it didnt add any flavor or salt to it. Other than that, very good theatre to see a movie.

Review №29

Recently went here and they really need to have working ticket kiosks or staff more than 1 person in the ticket booth. I almost missed the beginning of my movie because it took almost 20min to buy a ticket... at a 2pm show.They recently updated the theater with nicer seats that recline and have a little table... SUPER NICE!!!However they now allow you to choose your seats at the counter but they have to spin the monitor to show the open seats. That process alone makes everything super clunky. I saw the monitor flipped 6 times (to cust. and back as once) for 1 transaction. Oh and wait till the seat debate portion of the story starts. This is when either the customers debate amongst themselves about what seats to choose OR they debate the cashier about moving people to get seats together. FML!.So yeah either figure out staffing or improve the process, maybe fix the 1 ticket kiosk? Whatever works but this isnt it...

Review №30

Very clean and had comfortable seating but of course a bit expensive snacks paid 6 dollars for a soda pop

Review №31

Screen good, price good, seats great, but I had great difficulty finding the place!!!

Review №32

Popcorn was fresh. Spacious theater.

Review №33

Love this theater. Very comfortable seats and plenty of spaces.

Review №34

Theater is awesome, seats are comfortable! The only problem that I have is with the hotdogs that they sell. The buns are hard as if its old and the dog itself is small! Otherwise, no other negative comments!

Review №35

Wow, our best cinema experience, ever! Reclining leather seats, wide and lots of leg room. A great way to watch the captain marvel movie!

Review №36

Good, clean cinema with roomy, comfortable recliner seats. Current movies at fair prices.

Review №37

Havent been to the movies in a long time. I received free tickets from work and decided to go for my Sons birthday. The staff was very friendly and courteous. We entered the theater bay (3 to be exact) very nice and clean! We found our seats very easily due to them being very well marked and took our seats. OMG how comfortable, I noticed a lite blue ring on the side of the right armrest. I decided to take a press after scoping the area to ensure no one was watching just incase it was purely there for decoration and I didnt want to appear a fool. The seat began to sing and the seat majestically transformed into a reclined position. Just a little bit of heaven right there, I may have said aloud. The lights dimmed and the movie began to play as I desolved into the configuration of the chair with my legs up in just the right height for comfort. I looked to the left where my Son and Girlfriend were sitting. My girlfriend was already in a reclined position with a very satisfying look on her face while despite the darkness I could hear my Sons chair humming in a very spastic manner of which I stopped that nonsense immediately and helped him find the right angle for his seating pleasure. CRASH, BOOM, BANG, the movie was well on its way and the rumble from the action thumped in the chair like an overqualified masseuse. How relaxing, so much nicer than sitting at home. Mahalo, you guys just made me a hater of my own couch. So happy to finally experience a company who really goes the extra mile in every facet of the establishment. We will be making the theater more than just a birthday surprise.

Review №38

A/V rating, Audio was okay on sound, not to loud not much bass. Could hear the dialogue well. Seats recline with a push of a button and little tables on the arm rests to place snacks and food as well as cup holders. Seats were big enough my girlfriend could curl up with me. Downside is this movie theater is very warm inside, even with a tank top and shorts I was very warm. No need to bring a sweater or long sleeve like most theaters (I prefer cool). Overall the 2 movies I have seen here were not bad, and we plan on going back to this theater.

Review №39

Clean and comfortable theater. Make sure you get tickets early so you get a seat

Review №40

Wonderful, Customer service with Jullian was great....

Review №41

Its the best place on Maui to catch a movie. The seats are fully reclining! Maui moviegoers are officially spoiled.

Review №42

Normally Id say this is a decent theater on the island and I would prefer that me and my wife go here to see the movies, nice seats, good atmosphere, ect. However this time we stopped by after work to pick up tickets for a later showing for us and our friends to go to. Once we went to the show we quickly realized that we werent in the same section as our comrades and the show was now booked, so we were SOL when it came to sitting with our buddies. My friend went to the concession stand to speak to the manager about being booked in different seats then we were assigned and since the movie had already started the manager accommodated us with free tickets to our next show. A great way to keep our business indeed. Congrats regal, we got a great crew over here!

Review №43

How any movie theater could sell seats so close is beyond me. We got to our seats (which were front row, but we at least thought we could see the screen), and we couldn’t see the screen it was so close. Luckily we got a refund

Review №44

I dont go often but they are a good place. Clean. Love the reclining chairs. Only problem is the chairs are so comfortable you may fall asleep. AC is the bomb.

Review №45

This Theater Was AWESOME! Reclining Seats! Felt Like I was At Home in my Own Living Room!! 5*

Review №46

Enjoyed the upgraded seats and auditorium as well as reserved seating.

Review №47

Whoever designed the hallways at this place tried to be too inventive. Should have spent more on the sound and better food.

Review №48

Great recliner seats. Need an option for healthier snacks. Would also love to see kettle corn there.

Review №49

Aquaman movie in 3D...great movie, 20 minutes in line for 1 bag of popcorn, 2 diet cokes, they forgot to hand out 3d glasses. Ladies bathroom was a mess. Staff was cheerful!

Review №50

Great seats, great sound, clear picture! Lots of special movie events (Fathom).

Review №51

My daughter and I saw Black Panther in this awesome theater.Having lived on Maui for five years back in the 90s, I am always amazed by the changes I see whenever I return to visit. This theater is a major improvement over the old Maui Mall Theater where I saw the original Independence Day.We got two of the last seats for the showing...down in front. Two hours of craning our necks. But we were totally surprised to find that our seats were recliners!!! Made the movie that much more enjoyable!A movie here or at Kaahumanu are equally enjoyable, but the recliners give Maui Mall the slight edge.

Review №52

My favorite theater because of the unlimited regal app.

Review №53

Excellent venue, convenient location. Very comfortable seating

Review №54

The best all around movie theater on the island! Name E screens. Lots of selections. Great snack bar. Small lines. Very clean and well managed.

Review №55

Love this place especially the reclining seats. Very comfortable feeling.

Review №56

Great popcorn and great Movie.

Review №57

Lots of comfortable seats in a good location but the bathroom was too nasty for a movie theater.

Review №58

Very small theater. It is nice not having many people in each movie so it is quiet, but you are too close to the screen. It is one of the few places on the island that shows the newer movies. Not terrible, but if you can wait, go someplace else.

Review №59

Love how they have reclining chairs!!! I would take away a star but nahhh, only because I feel they could do better with the ticket checking area. Its usually Auntie Patty there at this check in pedistal thing lol

Review №60

Very comfy seats. Nice friendly service !

Review №61

Nice theater. Comfortable reclining seats. Weekends are very busy. Book tickets online, or get there very early.

Review №62

Awesome recliner chairs!!! Wish they served better food. It is comfortable and nice to see a movie that was. Highly recommend you check it out.

Review №63

The recently remodeled theater ( nice big recliners ) makes watching the movie a more enjoyable experience. Cudos to Henry, at the box office, and other staff at the food counter for their friendly assistance. Much appreciated.

Review №64

The new reclining chairs make the ticket price worth it. Just like sitting in my own easy chair. Perfect treat.

Review №65

The staff nice. The area in a whole was clean. The seating was comfortable with reclining chairs and a small table that you can swing toward you. We really liked our experience here.

Review №66

Great selection of movies but extremely slow selling tickets. They should have 2 Windows open at all times. They need to hire more personnel for the ticket window. Ridiculously wrong when you have 25 or more people lined up waiting to purchase tickets and only 1 person in the box office selling.

Review №67

UPDATED: With the new updates and fancy chairs its awesome! Just dont get the seats in the front row, especially in the small theaters. youre looking straight up.We love this theatre. Come multiple times a month. Best to see bigger movies here and earlier in their release. The have a couple theaters that are tiny and a bit smelly (musty basement smell). Like 15 chairs in three rows. Those are terrible. But the others a great. The new food menu is good too. Pretty spendy (as most are) but chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks are good!

Review №68

The seating at this location is great. Love being able to recline.

Review №69

When we got here I thought it was odd that we had to pick our seats ahead of time, and even worse that the show we wanted was quickly sold out. Now that we have entered the theater we now see that its no ordinary theater, each seat is its own leather seat that reclines. Along with the comfortable seats and roomy space a oscelating table top creates a great table for any snacks or even items that may fall out of your pockets.

Review №70

John Wick was awesome but I forgot how cold in there gets.

Review №71

Love the new seating upgrades. Food additions in concession fall a but short on quality but popcorn still great!

Review №72

Small, quiet theater with FULL SIZED RECLINERS!! The staff is fun and provide great customer service. Also, this place is clean... everywhere!

Review №73

Great experience with the cashiers at tickets and concessions, big spacious bathrooms, and very comfy reclining seats. I was only visiting town but would definitely return again if I had the opportunity.

Review №74

Best chairs for a movie theater on Maui (at the moment) and good food

Review №75

PROS: Great looking theatre, inside and out.Seats are the best on maui, as well as screens.CONS: Very terrible service at this location, customer service at the concession and ticket stand gave a very poor service and bad attitude.There is always only one person working the ticket stand. Why? There are over 20 people in the line waiting to buy their tickets, and when theres only one person selling, this causing them to be late for their movie. Theres about 5 people working the concession stand, whats so hard about putting another worker at the ticket stand?Overall: Theatre in general is nice, the theaters work ethic here is what ruins the experience. Hire friendly workers and add more people working the ticket stand.

Review №76

Awesome theater! The popcorn is never stale and neither are the movies. Great seating in clean theaters with amazing sound quality.

Review №77

It was amazing experience with this Cinemas. I love theirs comfortable chairs. My husband fall asleep during the movie))) so I think it’s like a home ))))

Review №78

Huge comfy leather reclining seats with tray and cup holders! Awesome clean facility

Review №79

Best movie theater on Maui although the popcorn is better at Queen Kaahumanu Center theater.

Review №80

Although this theater has the most comfortable seats, and its relatively clean, I was very disappointed to find out that the ticket counter didnt open until 11:30am, when on the web shows operating hours from 11am. There were at least 30 people lining up to buy tickets, and we all had to wait an extra 30 min than planned. When some of us approached the staff that were inside to ask about it, that was little to none apologies, instead they took a defense approach. Theaters everywhere are struggling nowadays to stay in business, so you would expect a better customer service from them!

Review №81

Cute movie Dumbo use your what makes u different to fly in your gifts.

Review №82

Ever since they have upgraded their seats! I simply love this Movie Theater! Always had a good experience going here.I love the lie down flat chairs/recliners. Big cup holders. Great, comfortable leather seating. Oh yes please! I will pay top dollar for this!I will pay expensive movie tickets and expensive pop corn and soda combo deals to enjoy the next great Marvel/Disney Movie Experience with great surround sound and nice cold A/C for a great movie experience!Now, the matinees still have some deals, and they have lots of movie screens too, 3-D. And 2-D. I believe they have maybe 12-13 screens at Maui Mall Megaex. Compared to QKC and Kihei/Kukui and/or Lahaina/Wharf. They only have few in between. QKC is #2 largest movies compared to Maui Mega Plex.The Maui Mega Plex staff has great friendly customer service and the management is also courteous and professional.Its not lik a Warrens Movie Theater with personal Butlers from Oklahoma City. But For Maui, this is probably the next closest thing, movie theater type experience on Maui has to offer.

Review №83

Good movies, great seats, close to good food.

Review №84

Staff are friendly and the food is good but expensive. Theatre is cleanly kept and the chairs are comfy. Best theatre on Maui.

Review №85

They renovated all screen rooms. So the chairs are are roomier and much more comfortable. And i like that they have food tray for ur popcorn and drinks.

Review №86

Regal Cinemas Maui Mall is easily the best theater on Maui and has the most movies available. It has great electric reclining chairs and reserved seating.

Review №87

By far the best theater on the Island. Amazing seats that allow for complete laid back position. Cup holders and foot rest. Clean theater and big screen !

Review №88

Love this place since they went with reserved seating, reclining seats, and expanded the menu. We usually book on Fandango and skip the lines!

Review №89

They have these amazing lounge chairs there. Just use Fandango to reserve your seat and you are set. Clean, A/C not too cold.

Review №90

Great theater! Comfy reclining seats.

Review №91

Beware front row are almost looking straight up.

Review №92

Very clean and, the chairs are the most relaxing. I recommend taking a sweatshirt, little chilly inside.

Review №93

Nice place to chill and lay back in a nice comfy chair and watch a great movie

Review №94

The new seats are awesome. Note: $25 for a popcorn and small water is a ripoff. Regal charges a fee for booking on their website. Pay per view on cable is looking good. $35 to see a movie is ridiculous.

Review №95

They have very nice recliner seats now and better food offering than before. Its close to the cruise ship harbor and airport.

Review №96

Great theatre, only if they didnt put the air conditioner on full blast. Was freezing.

Review №97

Huge reclining seats, very comfortable - the ticket guy was real chill with the annoying customer in front of me, good on that guy

Review №98

Nice recliner seats and good clean theaters. Good job regal Maui!

Review №99

Nice, clean theater that didnt fill up more than 25% for the last 2 movies that I watched. Unlike on the mainland, most movies here have one showing only daily, newer movies may have 2 showings daily. All the showtimes are in the midday or early afternoon. It was $9 (7/2017), even for first showtime for the new WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Review №100

Comfortable recliners and a good selection

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  • Address:70 E Kaahumanu Ave # A, Kahului, HI 96732, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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